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Wait, we’re talking about Frozen again? Ugh, can’t we just “let it go”? *Holiday Intro Starts (Holiday Music Theme)* Hello, Internet! Welcome to Film Theory! The icy cold heart bringing a chill to the Disney canon. Case and point today, Frozen. You know those movies you love to watch over the holidays? For Steph and I, it’s always “The Nightmare Before Christmas” around Thanksgiving. And then “Lord of the Rings” and Disney leading up to Christmas. And with my tryptophan induced napping and Black Friday shopping behind me, It meant that it was time for my yearly viewing of “Frozen.” And you know what? It’s still a really good movie. I know it’s easy to hate on it because of all the over-exposure it got, but in all honestly the characters are great, the songs are great, it’s really funny. So, Dear Internet, stop hating on popular things just to be all edgy and anti-culture. Ok? You know, I say that, but then you gotta consider that a huge part of this movie’s success was Disney’s own willingness to hate on it’s own established tropes. No one is saved by true love’s kiss, Everyone dismisses the idea of love at first sight, And the dreamy “Prince Charming” turns out to be the villain. But ever since I watched the movie the first time, it’s always been that last point that bothered me the most. Because for as much as I loved Prince Hans’ turn to the dark side in the final moments of the movie, It just felt like it… came out of nowhere. And of course, part of that is the point of the twist, it’s a surprise, like that ream of printer paper your Aunt got you as a Christmas present that one time… Man, you think reacting with enthusiasm to an ugly Christmas sweater is hard, try that one. But, if you actually stopped to watch Hans’ behavior and the flow of his plan throughout the movie… Nothing adds up… Which means either, A. Disney writers knew they wanted a big twist and used Hans to shuffle pieces around without much concern over how it played into his larger character arc. Or B. There’s something much more sinister going on in this world… And while A. is probably the factually correct choice, B. is the more fun choice, and to me that means… it’s the right choice. So let’s dedicate an episode to unearthing the secret conspiracy that clears Hans’ name… Once and for all. So let’s first look at his motive for this big murder plot He says himself, “As 13th in line in my own Kingdom, I didn’t stand a chance, I knew I’d have to marry into the throne somewhere” Which on the surface would seem to make sense. He wants to rule the kingdom and he sees an opportunity with Arendal. Marry one of the two princesses and boom! He’s in the running to be wearing the crown. And he gives us a little bit more detail in his next line: “As heir, Elsa was preferable, of course, but no one was getting anywhere with her. But you, you were so desperate for love, you were willing to marry me just like that.” So option one is marry Elsa and fast-track your way up to the royal throne, but since she tends to give people a bit of the old “COLD SHOULDER”… *comic rimshot* I don’t hear your raucous laughter, so let me shout it louder… COLD SHOULDER BA DUM TS He went for the next best thing: Anna, next in line to be queen, should Elsa die. And he knows this. “I figured after we married, I’d have to stage a little accident for Elsa…” Which anyone who’s ever heard an evil monologue before those means Giving her the old stab and a half, Throwing her in front of a rogue snowplow Or the classic bloodless Disney death of just throwing her off a tall cliff, she’s gone, and Anna with Hans in tow ascent to the throne. “All that’s left now is to kill Elsa and bring back summer.” This is the moment where things start to go off the rails. So his plan involves killing Elsa. He is so enthusiastic about it, He mentions it TWICE in that little monologue we just went over. And yet, when he and the guards come to Elsa’s ice palace, looking for Anna, Hans expresses his intention to do the exact opposite: Protect Elsa. “We’re here to find Princess Anna, be on guard… …but no harm is to come to the Queen.” Later in a scene where a guard literally has Elsa is his crosshairs, Hans runs over and diverts the shot. If he truly wants Elsa dead, Why not let the guard kill her right then and there? I mean, maybe he just really liked that snowplow idea, But seriously, when life hands you lemons, You shoot a crossbow bolt through the heart of the woman standing between you and the throne! Hans’ hands would be clean, and to the rest of the world, Including Anna, who just got herself ice blasted by dear ol’ sis, Elsa is a threat. A MONSTER. But not only does he divert the shot, He also offers her a nice bit of #MondayMotivation. “Don’t be the monster they fear you are!” HANS! Is this what you say to the person you have a murder plot against? He’s helping her to become a better person. Seriously! She is on the verge of murdering people! And that’s no exaggeration. Look at this guard being shoved off the balcony by her ice wall. Had it not been for Hans, She would have literally killed this man! Disney’s most beloved princess be killing some peeps up in this icy hizzouse! The script even confirms it. Hans’ line causes her to “snap out of her rage”. So WHY? Why would you help the woman you plan to eventually bump off, When the problem solves itself right then and there in that moment? And then again when they bring Elsa back to Arendelle and put her in prison he says once more- (Elsa): “why did you bring me here?” (Hans): “I couldn’t just let them kill you” “He’s doing it to win on his trust” I hear you say, but that’s not it either! She’s already convinced she’s in love with him. In just a few scenes, she’ll be begging for Hans to kiss her. Anna: “Hans you have to kiss me. Now!” And all through the troll song both Christoph and Anna continually assert that she’s already a taken woman; rejecting the idea that there’s any sort of romance there. And here’s the other thing, Hans is already in charge of arendelle throughout most of the movie. When Anna decides to run off and bring back Elsa she puts him in charge. Hans: “I’m coming with you.” Anna: “No I need you here, to take care of Arendelle. I leave Prince Hans in charge.” And let’s face it Anna is just a few days away from rising to the throne. Based on the sisters talk, the ice castle, Elsa has zero intention of returning to the city. Elsa : “Anna, please go back home, your life awaits. Go enjoy the sun and open up the gates.” “Yes I’m alone, but I’m alone and free!” She’s willingly abdicated the throne. She’s saying that Anna now has the power to keep the gates open because she’s the new decision-maker. Anna is going to be the Queen. Elsa’s happier alone at the top of the mountain in her fortress of solitude. Even when she escapes prison, where’s she running to? Her safe space, the ice castle. So all Hans has to do to accomplish his goal is to not suck for the few days that Anna is away, comfort her a bit when she returns home depressed that Elsa is now ruling a private snowman kingdom, and, you know make sure that his future wife doesn’t die. That’s all he has to do in order to achieve the goal that he has set out to achieve; literally do nothing. All the murder plots, all the bringing Elsa back from the ice castle, none of it matters! But that last task is important because let’s actually talk about his refusal to kiss Anna. So to recap: Anna’s heart has been frozen over by Elsa’s ice powers. She’s about to die and needs an act of true love in order to save her. She thinks that this will be a kiss from Hans because she’s a Disney character who was raised on Disney movies apparently. But he refuses, making it clear that he never loved her at all. All he wanted to do was marry her for a kingdom. He puts out the candle so she’ll freeze to death faster and then leaves prematurely because every villain always leaves prematurely, except it makes zero sense. There is literally no reason not to kiss her in this situation. If she lives, great! He’s able to be married to her and rise to power at her side like his plan always intended in the first place. If the kiss doesn’t work, well she dies and he can still play the whole marriage charade off. Just like he does in the actual movie, except with someone who is literally dead and can’t show up a few seconds later to disprove everything that he just said. In fact if he truly cares about his goal, well then he chose the riskiest move he could have because letting Anna die puts it in serious jeopardy. If she doesn’t make it, his whole plan literally falls apart. To really understand why, though, we have to quickly talk about monarchies. I’ve been binge-watching the crown on netflix and doing a bunch of research on royal succession. You know, since my chances of being elected president here in the United States getting pretty slim these days -and hey why rule a united states when you can rule a united kingdom? Anyway if Arendelle is like most monarchies, Hans would have to keep Anna alive in order to help her rule the kingdom. You see in a typical monarchy, like having Great Britain, the crown gets passed around based on the royal blood running through your veins. So if a king or queen dies, the new ruler is the oldest child. That’s why Elsa becomes Queen. Her parents died, (maybe), but more on that later…. So when she’s of age, she ascends to the throne; she’s now the oldest blood relative. If Elsa abandons the throne, or gets herself thrown in front of that snowplow and has no little Olafs of her own, it goes to the next in line: Anna. And that is what Hans should be counting on. But if Anna dies like she’s literally minutes away from doing when Hans decides to go all rogue, he doesn’t just remain on the throne and get to rule because of blood. Let me explain. Although many people consider every King to have a queen and vice versa, that’s not really the way it works. The one who possesses the royal blood is called the monarch; that’s the one who’s in charge. Their sexy Sven in the sheets then is known as their royal consort and are in no way in line for the throne. For example, just look at the British line of succession. The Queen’s husband, Phillip, isn’t even in the top 50 when it comes to waiting in line for the throne. Mrs. Irina Walker Kruger who lives in the U.S. is more likely to become the next British monarch and she is currently on probation for being associated with illegal gambling and cockfighting. That is no joke. That person is more likely to become the queen of England than Phillip, the current Queen’s husband. And based on how we see the monarchy handoffs happening in Frozen Arendelle would operate the same way. Hans wouldn’t even get the title of king in his plan. Just like a deck of cards, the royal consort can’t have a title that beats the actual monarch. So if Anna is the Queen Hans can’t be the king. It’s the higher title. So instead Hans would always have to remain Prince Hans: royal consort to Queen Anna .It’s actually the same thing in Britain right now. Queen Elizabeth is the reigning monarch and her husband is Prince Philip, even though he’s a prince who is currently 95 years old. So you see, the crowd would go to literally anyone with a drop of blood related to these two and Hans has zero Arenedellian blood blood. Get this, when it comes down to it, Tarzan would be next in line. It sounds like a joke, but interviews with the creators of Frozen have confirmed that Anna and Elsa’s parents do survive their shipwreck and give birth to Tarzan, before of course they die from that grizzly leopard attack. Man! First a shipwreck, then mauled by a leopard. Ho ho ho! (Christmas and all 🙂 )Guess that’s what you get for stifling your child ice magic. Karma is BRUTAL! if not Tarzan, then based on the other theories about the movie, including my last film theory about it, Rapunzel could also be up for ruler of Arendelle. Regardless, if Hans has any hope of preserving a royal title and ruling the kingdom in any way, he needs Anna alive; making his evil turn here in the final minutes of the movie make ZERO sense. But lastly let’s just dial it back and look at how this guy behaves. When Anna leaves him in charge of the kingdom, he spends his time giving cloaks out to people who are cold Hans: “The castle is open, there is soup and hot glog in the Great Hall.” He threatens to throw the Duke of Weaseltown- Duke:”Weselton”- in jail on the charge of treason against Anna and Elsa Hans:”I will not hesitate to protect Arendelle from treason!” When the Duke complains about dangerous Elsa is, Hans corrects him saying: “You slipped on ice.” Even at the very beginning of the movie, look at them look at each other, that’s genuine affection. And when Hans gets knocked into the water a few seconds later and is hidden under the boat, smiles to himself. Not an evil grin or sinister sneer it’s just one of those lovestruck goofy grins. In short, if this is the guy who wants to rule Arendell and kill Elsa, he’s just not doing a good job of it. What’s even stranger is that if there is a Frozen II the writers intend on giving Hans a redemption arc. No joke! Santonio: “They’re like, no no no, we have an idea. We wanna bring you back, we wanna redeem you.” No other Disney villain has ever gotten that sort of treatment. So what gives here? Well what if Hans was just a pawn in someone else’s game, collateral damage for another’s agenda? What if there’s another villain in Frozen? No not Sven, not even the Duke of Weaseltown. It’s Olaf. Nope! No, it’s not Olaf, that would be stupid. The true villains and Frozen are… the Trolls? You heard me, those cuddly little rocks that are just randomly shoved into the movie may just be the ones with the evil intent. now that may seem like a stretch, but hear me out here. Let’s start with their song “Fixer-Upper”, which at first seems like a light-hearted comedy song, but when you actually bothered to pay attention to the lyrics, they contain some really disturbing lines. Like i mentioned earlier, Christoph is VERY upfront about Anna already being engaged to Hans. Christoph: “She’s engaged to someone else, okay?!” And yet despite this, the trolls steamroll past that little detail saying her “engagement is a flex arrangement..” and “get the fiancé out of the way and the whole thing will be fixed.” By the end of the song, the Trolls are literally trying to trick Anna into marrying Christoph. Pastor Troll: “Do you, Anna, take Christoph to be your trollfully wedded-” Anna: “-Wait what?” Pastor Troll: “You’re getting married.” Willfully ignoring that she probably doesn’t want to kiss a guy who literally eats carrots that came out of his reindeers mouth. But why would they pushed so hard to see these two married? Well remember, Christoph was adopted by the trolls; he’s part of the clan. So having one of their own be a part of the noble family is a huge deal, especially when the nobles think you look like this. That’s some pretty sinister-looking imagery right there, just saying. also ask yourself this: who were the first ones to scare Elsa about her powers? The Trolls. Prior to visiting them, Elsa was confident in her abilities. The only reason Anna gets injured at the start of the movies is because she was reckless, leaving Elsa as the one who has to take all the blame. Dad: “Elsa, what have you done?!” And yet when Mom Frozen and Dad Frozen take their daughters to see good old grandpappy, what’s the solution? He does the following: “I recommend we remove all magic, even memories of magic, to be safe.” Remove all magic, he said. Huh Did Anna never have powers too? Strange. Anyway, let me put that one of the old list of potential theories to look into. Regardless what does erasing Anna’s memories do? NOTHING. Well, at least nothing GOOD. She becomes alone and alienated from a sister for reason she can’t fathom. Meanwhile, Elsa is pushed into a kingdom of isolation, where it looks like she’s the queen. Pappy blue ribbon over here also ensures that Elsa is terrified of herself. Grandpappy Troll: “You must learn to control it. Fear will be your enemy.” You sure about that Grandpappy? You’re gonna say that fear IS the ultimate enemy and then punctuate the moment by doing what now? SCARING her with a spooky vision. Alright Cool. Good on you. To quote the script, “The spikes turn into human form which then attack the silhouette of adult Elsa. This frightens Elsa.” Grandpappy (MatPat’s amazing impersination): “Fear is going to be your enemy- BOO! Gotcha!” Good one grandpappy. It’s like the worst jump-scare ever. Should put you into FNAF Sister Location custom night. All of this even though, once again, Elsa was fine and had perfect control of her powers before this visit. What else to the trolls do? Oh yeah! They willfully mislead Anna into thinking that she needs true love’s kiss to survive her frozen heart, despite them being love experts and also completely wrong. Woman Troll: “A true love’s kiss, perhaps?” But here’s the big problem: Grandpappy is really good at manipulating people’s minds, and he does it all the time. Sure in Frozen, we only see it done once to Anna, which as I said accomplishes nothing good. But then Once Upon a Time’s Frozen themed season, we see him do it again, and this time on a much larger and much more catastrophic scale. when Gerta(I thought it was Iduna?), eventual queen of Arendelle and mother of Anna and Elsa traps her sister in a magical urn, because that sister killed her other sister- WORST DAY EVER -she asks Grandpappy for help, requesting that he erase the memories of the ENTIRE kingdom of Arendelle to never remember her two sisters. And Pappy, he just does it. He puts up no resistance, requests no payment, he’s just like, “All right let’s create some fake memories in these peasants” And THEN he even lies to cover it up! When Anna asks him about the incident, he hides the fact that it was Ana’s mother who requested the memory wipe in the first place. He’s protecting a legacy of lies. So what’s to say that the trolls couldn’t – or wouldn’t – do some sort of memory magic on Hans, the fiancé who just happens to be in the way of their big plans for Christoph. Remember what the trolls say over and over again, Grandpappy: “The head can be persuaded, but the heart is not so easily changed.” Long story short, Hans’s plan makes zero sense, especially considering all the steps he makes counter to it earlier in the movie. All he needed was that final kiss, and he was locked in, making his turn to be the villain in that final moment of the movie the complete antithesis of what he was looking to accomplish. But it does make sense if you consider the Trolls wanted to throw that fiancé away and get Christoph inserted in his place. They’ve shown themselves to have the means to manipulate unsuspecting innocent minds, the cunning to conceal their deeds, and the motivations to trick people into getting what they want. Maybe the redemption arc the writers have planned for Hans in Frozen 2 is less about a bad guy turning good, but rather a good guy getting to reveal the true villains acting behind the scenes. But hey! that’s just a theory. A FILM THEORY! AAAAAAAAND CUT! (OUTRO) Thanks for reading my subtitles! 😉

100 thoughts on “Film Theory: Frozen: Elsa’s TRUE Fight For The Throne!

  1. Going on the quote you picked from the movie about how the mind can be persuaded but the heart is not so easy, wouldn't that raise questions about Hans initial feelings for Anna?

    Let's say he did truly like her at first, it would explain why he seemed genuinely interested in her for so long of the movie and why he never seemed malice.

    This would imply that they had to mess with his head sometime during the events of the movie but before he revealed his plan to Anna. Like they would've had to mess with his head when they found out about Anna's ice heart or after that fix it song.

    Or did they somehow put a time clock on it? like did they make it so he did initially love Anna and then made him remember why he was there or the other way around?

    I'm not too familiar with Once Upon a Time so idk if this is addressed on the extent of the trolls power. I assume from the clip hes able to change minds even from a great distance? If that is the case then It would only take him minutes to change Hans mindset in the time Kristoff takes Anna back to the castle.

    I found Hans random "evil" change a good twist but it just seemed WAY put of the blue like you did. I just thought I'd add to that one tidbit about the "heart" thing the troll himself mentioned.

  2. Why does the intro remind me of jazobell's universe island sound?

    Also subscribe to mantisboi he makes gud content

  3. Anna mite have fire powers!!!!!!! And I have theory in frozen 2 they are in the forest maybe they are looking for there brother. Tarzan! BUM BUM BUUUUUM

  4. No on the Tarzan thing.
    The creators made a joke about it, but it is not feasible.
    Frozen 1839 CE
    Tarzan 1912 CE

  5. This is completely right. I don't know why most people don't see that the one who caused all the real harm, intentionally or not, was Elsa and that the Trolls didn't do much and fixed nothing.

    Hans is not an villain because with Disney all the villains have their come-outs and their intentions are well played early on. Villains are often so into themselves and abilities that we would've seen flashes of his evil plans.

    (1) Hans doesn't know about Elsa's powers until the coronation party. Even then, when he sees what Elsa does…he is as shocked as everyone else. In the aftermath, he has little time to concoct a plan.

    (2) Coronation Day: During this time, the visitors had little information about Elsa or her Sister. The only suspecting something was up was the Duke. That means, that even if Hans had gone to the coronation intending to marry one of the sister for power, he would've chosen ELSA. He made no attempt to meet Elsa before or find a moment to belt out a tune for Elsa. He meets insignificant Anna and he is content with her and infatuated even and they even have a tune together. I just don't see how this awesome duet was not 100% real.

    (3) Why bring back Elsa? Anna? — His concern about Anna is genuine and his actions cannot be denied. Even after he brings Elsa back to Arandelle (after aiding her life and technically saving her), he goes to see her at the prison and there isn't a moment of evil. Why tell her "I'll see what I can do"? At the point, he is the best fit to command Arandelle because both Sisters are not doing a great job at it (Yeah! Anna and Elsa ARE NOT HEROES).

    (4) It's all the Troll's fault. From the beginning, telling Elsa that her powers could be dangerous instead of encouraging her to master her powers. At the end of the day we find that LOVE saves the day, that means that Elsa had to love or have feelings as strong as love in order to control her powers and make beautiful things.
    The Trolls should've known this if they are "love experts".

    (5) Hans was collateral damage for a point Disney wanted to make. Elsa, brings on a winter storm in the middle of the summer, she creates life and abandons them, she creates an ogre that chases her sister down a mountain and she ends up falling from the mountain top (sure she survives because it's Disney)…but IT IS ELSA WHO ENDANGERS ADULT ANNA DURING THE MOVIE. Anna should've been dead from frostbite long before meeting Kristoff.

    At the end of the movie: the Trolls get away with having erased Anna's childhood memories, Elsa doesn't apologize for having marginalized Anna and endangering her? Like, the storm- IT IS ELSA WHO MAKES IT, ELSA BLASTS ANNA…ELSA KICKS ANNA OUT OF HER ICE CASTLE DESPITE KNOWING THAT ARANDELLE IS FROZEN. How does Elsa kick her out? WITH VIOLENCE and she creates a monster to chase her down a mountain.

    Except for Hans who looks confused when all is over. He could've looked confused because Anna is supposed to be an ice statute, but his face was consistent with his face throughout the movie. There's confused evil and confused I don't know what is happening…He doesn't look confused evil.

    I am #teamhans all the way.

  6. Maybe he didn't want to let them kill Elsa so he could seem like the Queen's protector, so when she dies in an "accident" he could be all sad because he loved her and tried to protect her, and he could be like: I didn't want this to happen to the Queen, but i must inherit the throne so someone evil couldn't. Then he would seem so nice and good.

  7. Hans made her soft so it would be easier to kill her that's why that's why he he he's making her soft so she's an easier Target

  8. Hans actually tried to kill Elsa in the ice castle. Right before he runs to the man with the crossbow, he flicks his eyes up to the chandelier then runs to the man and averts the aim to the chandelier.

  9. Well if based on your other theories then Elsa should never have been Queen bc she’s not in the royal family since she’s not the king and queens daughter

  10. I saw an old Tumblr post about how Hans should have pulled off his gloves to reveal he had fire powers then get into an intense battler against Elsa. I feel that would be awesome, but it all would've depended if the writers for Frozen built up that plot twist in an intelligent way rather than all of sudden exposing his powers, basically like the way he was revealed to be the true villain like MatPat was explaining earlier in the video.

    I genuinely like Frozen, but some of the scenes seemed rushed and added either to lead up to a future plot twist/climax only for it to never come or just as a last-minute decision. And are we also going to ignore the fact that in the 1st trailer for Frozen there was a scene showed where Anna and Kristoff were stuck in the snow after jumping off the cliff to get away from Marshmallow during a harsh snowstorm Kristoff commented on which Anna then said: "That's no storm, that's my sister", or something along those lines while (if my memory serves me correctly) a scene then showed Elsa purposely creating a snowstorm on top of the mountain she sung "Let It Go" on while making her ice castle.

    It was very much expected Elsa was going to be the bad guy as I'm sure the original Snow Queen fairytale described her as but the creators changed it as soon as Frozen hit theaters, most likely to spread the message of sisterly love and whatnot.

  11. these Disney peeps do not make sense Anna and Elsa's parents are still dead unless they magically switched hair colors underwater

  12. I was cleaning my phone while rewatching this and the dots in the corners of the background when he's explaining looked like some shit stuck on my phone so I scrubbed real hard and even checked under the screen protector 🙄

  13. Disney never confirmed Tarzan being related to Anna and Elsa. There was ONE reference in an article from MTV and it wasn't even a true article.

  14. And one more thing about this theory…
    Why does he say
    “I’m coming with you”

  15. Not trying to promote but another interesting theory on Hans is the SuperCarlin Bros theory. It does have relation to the original story as well!

  16. Omg if your theory is right does that mean christoff technically stole Han‘s girl under the influence of the trolls? 🥺

  17. Anna is literally the person that you have protect in videogames. If she dies you have to start over. The only difference is that she doesn't run into death. Hans plan is like shooting the person he has to protect and not killing the enemies that are harming them

  18. One problem with this theory is that the trolls really didn't have much time to figure out who Anna's fiancé was, find him, and brainwash him between the scene where Anna meets them and the one in which Hans reveals his evil plan. You've established means and motive, but not opportunity. Are we saying they have telepathic and teleporting powers as well?

    Plus, if Anna dies she can't marry Kristoff either. Misleading her into pursuing Hans's kiss wasn't so smart of the trolls.

    Truthfully, I don't think Disney really decided to make Hans evil until they already had a lot of footage. And they either didn't have time to fix the earlier stuff so that it made sense, or they just thought their audience wasn't smart enough to notice the continuity errors. This movie was really a mess in terms of plot and characterization.

  19. That sounds SOOOOO RIGHT!!!!
    The trolls make Hans think that he's been wanting to commit royal genocide THE WHOLE TIME, making him "remember" scheming about all this!! Papatroll changed Ana's memory; so why not do it to Hans, too?
    Now to me I sound like you…😄

  20. I hate this but I love this? Frozen is my favorite Disney movie, and now every time I watch it I will just hate the trolls, but I love the trolls, and I’ve never liked Hans, but now I want him to be good, and this theory makes so much sense, and I- AAAH

    Basically, I want this to be true, and I hope it is

  21. I've rewatched Frozen thinking at this theory, and I definitly NOT AGREE with the "his actions are illogic"

    When he mets Anna, he's like "okay I will do all my best to make her fall in love with me" and he seems really enjoying her. When he is in the boat and nobody can see him, that smile he does (not a evil smile duh) is like "yeah Anna is the perfect choice because she's adorable"
    He didn't need to be an evil man to want to be king : that's not fair for Anna, who fall in love with someone who ACTS like her, but it's not what makes him evil.
    Since the beginning he wanted to kill Elsa, but after I've seen GOT and Olenna Tyrell who killed SPOILER so that her grandchild could be queen with SPOILER's little brother, andshe isn't a "evil" lady all the times : so Hans, even if he want to kill Elsa, don't have necessary ALWAYS to be smirking and muhahahaha-ing

    SO that explain why he smiled genuisely on the boat

    The whole "Love is an open door" scene is Hans acting like Anna, nothing more to say about it.

    When he discovers Elsa's power's, his whole plans are destroyed : he wants to rule a kingdom, not a cemetery… He thinks "okay I want Elsa dead. But Elsa's power may bring back summer ! So I have to find her and make summer again !"
    But Anna goes away to find Elsa, and gives him the kingdom (what he always dream of !)
    He understand that Anna will never change her mind about Elsa, and he think "maybe she can bring Elsa AND summer back ? So let her try, after that I will kill Elsa. That can wait."

    But when the horse come back without Anna, he thinks "All alone, she will die, and nobody except Elsa and her know that we're engaged… I have to find Anna or Elsa, and bring back summer so I would be the hero of Arendelle and become King)

    He thinks that Elsa can bring summer back : so when the evil men i forgot their names attempt to murder her, he protect her.
    He makes her a better person BECAUSE he wants summer back

    He wants summer back and that's more important that being king, because the kingdom is DYING without summer !

    Because they didn't find Anna, they return to Arendelle and he asks Elsa to bring back summer. And when she says that she CAN'T, we can see his face change : he understands that the only way to stop winter is to kill Elsa.

    But he's not engaged to Anna ! So he's thinking of how kill Elsa and become king without Anna when she arrives, waiting for a kiss.
    He didn't kiss her because he KNOWS that he don't love her !

    For Hans, everything is great : if he says that she dies because of Elsa and that their engaged, that's logic for the others to give him the kingdom and to kill Elsa.

    In the scene where the king and the queen are buried, Anna is the only one who stands near their graves, because she's the ONLY ONE left. If she had family, they would be with her and not with the other people who are servants or citizens of Arendelle !
    And someone says "If they're dead, Arendelle is yours"… The nobles are BEGGING Hans to take the trone because he's actually acting like a good king (giving supplies at the citizens,…) so who cares about the blood ?

    So he let her to die, and that's not stupid ! He locks the door and says that she's dead, and she will ! Without Olaf she would have died alone. And he couldn't kill here, because she had no other injuries that the ice in her heart when she arrived…

    But everything fails because Elsa escaped, Anna survives because of Olaf, she sacrificed herself, bla bla bla.

    All of this is extremely logic… What do you think ?
    I am not for of against this theory, but I don't think that Hans acted illogicaly.

    Here's the comment of @KaiRallison for the blood :

    "except you're going off of update modern rules of succession. older medieval rules demanded a male ruler no matter what, to the extent that the blood princess must be married before she can ascend and her husband would rule as king anyway and she would be lesser in power to him despite holding the title of queen and being the blood descendant of the royal line. so you need to look at the rules of succession for Norway of the time period. as they differ between both location and time period."

  22. Wait… If Elsa isn't actually related to the king and queen that doesn't that mean nether her or Rapunzle would be queen because they arnt related to the king and queen. Am I missing something here?

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