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100 thoughts on “Film Theory: Exposing Deadpool’s SECRET Identity!

  1. You know, sometimes you click on these vids and think: "Okay MatPat, how are you gonna stretch your findings today?" and then you watch the video and you've eaten twelve bags of popcorn, finished a 6 pack of soda, and chewed off all your finger nails trying to find a way to prove that one of the most boring writers in American history is not actually an undead superhero but you can't and you are seriously questioning everything you once believed is true.

  2. Could Ernest Hemingway be deadpool? Don't think so.
    Could deadpool be modeled after Hemingway? Sure.

    HoTeL? tRiVaGo.

  3. Ernest Hemingway killed himself by putting a shotgun in his mouth and… GOT MAULED BY A PUPP- no, kidding, he pulled the trigger.

  4. Hey i got another part of this theory in an animated spider man tv show it had deadpool fish and caught a marlan

  5. Or, maybe deadpool is based on Hemingway and the old man and the sea, I mean there is a storyline where deadpool kills the literary classics to wipe out the marvel universe

  6. Deadpool's secret identity is Wade Wilson…..there film theory over THANKS FOR WATCHING AND…..CUT!

  7. There are some similarity's but maybe it mean something else than deadpool being hemmingway ps if he was alive in ww1 than how is he deadpool?

  8. My theory is the date of the trailer release and the date Hemingway completed his masterpiece just so happened to be the same day and Ryan Reynolds was just inflating his ego (w a comparative book report entry) at the end marking a shared date in history of completing an essential piece of his life's work as well.

  9. I think I’m The Old Man in the Sea, the man fights to get the fish just to end up with nothing. Deadpool is the man, and Vanessa is the fish. When she dies, he tries to get her back in ways, just to end up immortal once again.

  10. Um, maybe the fish parallel between The Old Man and the Sea and Logan is that Logan is tryna hold onto his healing powers, but 'sharks' keep coming and taking little pieces of him until he's dead…… Or the little girl is tryna hold onto Logan, but 'sharks' keep coming and taking little pieces of him until he's dead…..

  11. I know that it has been ages since this video was uploaded, so I know that many people will not see this comment. Still, I will post this just in case it catches someone’s eye and makes some difference. I think that the real reason behind the allusion to Hemingway in the trailer is different. When it was first published many people thought that The Old Man and the Sea tried to tell a broader story. People were convinced that the fish, the sharks and the boat were all symbols, referring to capitalism and the damages it does to working class people. Yet, when Hemingway was asked about this in an interview, he said this was not the case at all, and the story was simply about a fisherman going to fish. I believe that the trailer featured the story as a way of mocking people analysing every bit and piece of “evidence” to come up with theories. Sometimes an odd detail is just an odd detail and does not mean anything else. It is possible to theorise too much, and the trailer was mocking this in a fun Deadpool fashion.

  12. Tou watch flilm theory and ate all the popcorn and soda so you hope in your car and go to the store while watching film theory on the way to the store you get in a car crash in your dieing moments you watch the last bit of the film theory episode just to find out that there's going to be a part 2 your face face before you die 😱 and your last words WHY MATPAT

  13. that book summary took u 20 seconds, book itself takes a lot longer. Simple plot / bad book. More to it. Never read tho

  14. Um no MatPat it is the first theory Deadpool battles to get a kid and then he does and then he get taken/eaten and then he gets his respect


  16. WWI US Army: Sorry, but I can't join the army because ur poor eye sight

    Hemingway: Damnt!

    US Army: However, u can drive an ambulance truck for fallen soldiers

    Hemingway: …mmmmmm…OK!

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