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97 thoughts on “Film Theory: ENDING The Salad Fingers Mystery

  1. I came back because my school actually preformed the miracle worker and I worked as they're sound engineer so I thought it was cool to hear it again.

  2. I think after all of this and everything this poor green boy has been through salad fingers needs both a hug and a therapist T-T

  3. Actually those guys at the party are zombies so is salad fingers except he is smarter and doesn’t cannibalize like a real zombie he’s got a real mind not a dead one

  4. Either his family abandoned him and sent him to a wasteland to live for the rest of his life until they decided to come back spiritually, or this is all a state of mind that he is in, traumatized by his family, causing them to look decayed and ugly when they actually don’t look like that

  5. I think it’s time for us, as a society, to buck up and admit what we’ve known for years, salad fingers is a lady

  6. Well I live in England and we learnt about a king who was just like that Charles (can’t remember number lol)

  7. I’m I the only one that finds Salad Fingers’s voice relaxing?

    No? K… I’m weird lol

  8. This was uploaded on my birthday and I didn’t watch it because I was gonna be scared to sleep for MONTHS still think I am right I regret EVERYTHING but I ALWAYS finish things mommy I need you now

  9. The five people there sitting on the table look like if they had all time plastic surgery ends on the 30 people that I’ve talked to that they’ve actually have one of his friends that visit David face surgery and it look like he’s eating human body parts definitely you know like the stomach sometimes to bring because we got to connect you to grow because that sometimes the plane down in around 10 right by the fees that were tour of their face

  10. Hey, MatPat. You should make a theory on an animation called Cream. It's made by the same creator of Salad Fingers and you should go check it out.

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