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100 thoughts on “Film Theory: Don’t Trust The Banks! (Disney’s Mary Poppins)

  1. Well, as they say in Belgium "If you don't honner the small, then don't expect anything bigger".

  2. matpat: "like making sure you step on other people's chalk drawings without paying em"
    me: "chalkzone anyone?"

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  4. Um, Matpat I hate to have a snort "ACTUALLY" moment but Bert made the chalk drawings and encouraged Mary Poppins to jump into it, let alone step on it.

  5. MatPat: 14:32–14:43
    Me: and please remember to give thanks to Mary Poppins for making you think of that decision.

    Great video MatPat.

  6. IF micheal had £2.11 you could by paper and string.
    if you get a news paper some only come up to £1
    and if you go to any cheap shop lets say poundland. you can get a roll of string for, you guessed it a £1

  7. I just watched Mary Poppins returns and it was amazing but some scenes literally gave me Harry Potter vibes and apparently its already a theory that she is connected to HP lore. I'd love to see you dive deeper into that theory and connect her role with the banks children and the wizarding world.

  8. I never liked the movie but I liked the play I loved sitting in theatre and watching it I didn’t like the movie that much I my country had a play 😛

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  10. Interesting no one in the comments seems to be making the very eerie connection to what Great Britian did in the early 1900's and what the US has been doing for several decades now… seeing after the war to end all wars ended the economy crashed… One might assume after the wars in the middle East end we might experience something quite similar…

  11. At 1:08 doesn't that pose look like Alex from A Clockwork Orange? Like the opening scene in the milk bar?

  12. Matpat u really should put ur videos more well not sooooooo long
    Like if u agree
    Dislike if u don't agree
    Reply if u agree

  13. Ah yes Mr. Matpat, we British were just bursting with excitement for you to make a theory, we just had to document it all so well for you my fellow.

  14. Mary Poppins Returns Spoiler if you haven't seen it

    Hmmm.. I feel like this could also apply for the new movie, as Michael is told that his investment had earned a lot of money, enough to pay off the loan.

  15. seeing on how spoiler Alert the money is used to save him in the new movie he should save it in the bank P.S he also invested it to make more

  16. Shillings are the name of money me and my family use for Lego money. In reality it's just a flat yellow 1×1.

  17. Remembered this when I watched #2. Whole time I was thinking the stock meant nothing and they’d lose the house.😭

  18. yeah so… halfway i got to interested in the pictures and kinda forgot what was happening 2 seconds later i realise the pineapple i was eating was dripping all over me…(my poor P.Js -_- )

  19. So if i had like 10 pounds in great britain in 1910 i will by paper and sold it like 100 years later for more money what sadly i am not in 1910 or neither that i am british

  20. Learning about shillings and farthings was the most stressful thing, we had these Stone Age text books that had half pennies, shillings, farthings etc and we had to figure out what the actual cost was before starting the actual equation!

  21. Mary Poppins returns misses their chance to use the original Mary Poppins as the baloon lady. Like, hide her face up til the end and have her sing the end song.

  22. Make Mine Music aged alright, The Whale Who Wanted To Sing At The Met was dark, but it's ok. Tetti-Tatti is a good villain and does what he is meant to do tho.

  23. I haven't even watched the new one yet… I kinda don't want to! Lol It sort of looked stupid, but Saving Mr.Banks was a good movie! It made me cry… cuz of the father parts! It gets you deep down!!

  24. Nah u can litteraly go to poundland(like dollar tree but for british people) and literally buy paper and string for £2 so he'd still have 80p👍✌️

  25. Ehhh I'm only 12 and I still like the original one and I know it came out when I wasn't born but I saw it when I was 7 and it was asom 😝

  26. Well….i watch this after i watch the sequel and much like you mat pat mary Poppins was my childhood, and I was…..VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THE SEQUEL!!THE PLOT AND SONGS WERE TERRIBLE AND DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE LOVE THING THEY HAD GOING ON

  27. spoiler…

    then what tuppence did he use to pay off the house?!?! nice of the bank to let him keep all of the profits off of it instead of just interest. Did he separately put more tuppence in the bank?

  28. Just finally watched the sequel. Not the best, but now it leaves more questions. Angela Lansbury surprised me at the end of the film especially since she spoke to Mary Poppins directly. For a moment I was excited because I thought it was an easter egg to Miss Price from Bedknobs and Broomsticks until the credits where only listed as 'Balloon Lady'. I still like to think they could be from the same school/coven that spans the Disney multiverse. It makes sense if you take the time to confirm that the father is the same actor(David Tomlinson) in both movies. It could be an alternate Banks family considering the family in Bedknobs and Broomsticks don't have a last name. Thought I'd give you something new to chew on. Keep theorizing, and thanks for reading!

  29. I'm honestly very proud of Dick Van Dyke for being both Burt and the bank owner in the first movie, but also being able to dance so well with his old age in the sequel! Except, this time the white beard was real lol
    Edit: In 1914, England went into war with Turkey and dragged Australia into it, who dragged New Zealand with them. After 100 years, Australia and New Zealand still have two days in the year where we remember the ANZACS (Australian & New Zealand Army Corps) who fought and fell in battle.

  30. When he was fired at 9:00 pm he gave the money to the boss and didn’t use it to buy kite materials. Literally watched the movie yesterday before I saw this video

  31. long story short the British government like to mess over people then and still like to mess over people just and just make more problems for the people…

  32. Sad story me and my family went to the movie theater to watch this movie but after 30 minutes there are so many songs and so boring we went home on half of the movie.

  33. Over 100 years later the common British fools (see Price's Law) are STILL voting that exact same Conservative Party into power, and it is STILL scamming them every single time – along with whatever other political party they choose to scam them for a bit of variety.

  34. Hey MatPat. I had a question that I haven’t been able to solve, a lore one. So Mary Poppins requires to have every second Tuesday off. Didn’t think much about it till I saw Topsy not being able to do her thing because she turns upside down. What happens to Mary on that Tuesday?

  35. Bro, some of us (Kenya and most East African countries) STILL use shillings. No offence taken, but our national currency is not silly . . .

  36. Did anyone know that MatPat was on a TV show?? I was so confused when I searched his name and episodes of “The Runner” came up

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