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100 thoughts on “Film Theory: DEATH NOTE–How Deadly Was it?

  1. Well, it's not true that it's the greatest instrument of mass murder of all time. Unless the series takes place in a world where nazi germany never happened, I'd say that title goes to Zyklon B.

  2. The death note would have no effect on Goku since Goku is a super Saiyan and the first rule of the death note and I quote is "the human whose name is written in this not will die" notice how it says human.

  3. Killing is killing, no matter what. If it was a situation where someone was threatening and attacking you I’d understand completely if you accidentally killed them in self-defense or if it was truly an accident. But if you are killing people who have no evidence of guilt or killing convicted criminals, you’re taking away the chances of them changing and making yourself the Law, and no one is above the law.

  4. The death note movie SUCKS. I just watched it and it is nothing like the anime. L don't die and uses the death note. IT IS NOT IN JAPAN. Misa amane don't exist. And the storyline is just awful. I thought that the anime was already bad but this… its a whole other level. DO NOT WATCH IT IT WILL MAKE YOU HATE ANYTHING NETFLIX. So I hope I helped you out. Your welcome 😉

  5. I’ve reviewed the official rules quite a bit. If a name is written with no intention of killing the person, the person who’s name is written will not die. Or at least should not die. Also, when writing a name you must have the persons face in mind when writing their name. If the name does not match the face you’re thinking of, nobody dies from it.

  6. "No, it's not a racist way of saying 'killer'…" Wait, it isn't? Even light said "I think that they derived it from the English word 'killer'." Or something.

    Oh well who cares

  7. The thing with scenarios like death note is that they are unrealistic in my opinion. If Kira really existed people would just figure out how to get arround the face thing (like masks) and commit crimes. Or they would work harder to not get caught thus avoiding Kira, silly to imagine (why not just do so now) but if Kira were to "become justice" you know police force funding is going down the drain, and even the threat of death is certainly not gonna stop those rel8gious extremists who think they are going to heaven anyway. I'm real skeptical that in a world with Kira there would be a sustained lowering of 70% of crime, maybe it would for a bit but eventually its gonna go up and maybe even higher due to how destabalizing an influence like Kira would be for world governments.

  8. HOOLLD up, is a death note magical or something because apparently light filled out around 1.5 thousand pages in any given death note. Considering that a normal notebook page count is around 250 pages, does that mean light filled up more death notes than there were death notes in play?

  9. “The human whose name is written in this note shall die”

    “The human..”

    Thus wouldn’t work on Goku, he himself being saiyan, thus alien, thus no go

  10. I think that L is the cutest anime character ever. Also the live action Netflix death note sucked for a lot of reasons. My main ones were that L went in public instead of staying hidden, and Ryuks face moved to much instead of only his mouth moving

  11. You can literally dethrone any leader in the world and make all of them say "the US have declared war against us" before they died

  12. I have a theory. So I asked myself when watching how are shinigami created? and I started thinking about it and I remember when ryuk said "a human who uses the note will neither go to hell or heaven" so my theory is if a human uses a deathnote they become a shinigami and the shinigami realm doesn't look like heaven nor hell because in Asian culture hell is depicted as a fiery place but the shinigami realm doesn't look like that so where is it? Its neither hell nor heaven therefore is in the middle like purgatory where you get judged whether you go to hell or heaven but what if you dont go to either you would go to the shinigami realm and become a shinigami so In summary the theory was how are shinigami created my answer is humans who use the note will become shinigami

  13. hey ya get results ya gets results. so what a couple inocent people died. if people are too scared to rape and murder anymore because theyre going to drop dead from a heart attack? i say thats a win.

  14. Funny thing about Judgment the video game and Death Note:
    Both have a protagonist called Yagami. But one will prove you innocent in court while the other will kill you if you're convicted.

  15. When you watching this in 2019, at 22 without a kid and you get a random pull-up ad in the middle of a YouTube video about death counts in a anime/manga that isn’t child friendly at ALL

  16. Who else’s hated the ending of death note spoilers ahead it is so stupid that some random whight haird kid showed up and deafeted Kira the kid should have actually bin fulled and bib like what but the book did not work then L should have come out and bin like ha I fooled you and you killed another double and then what n did L would have done boom a good ending then the people would harass all of the detectives boom good ending also some of the final episodes sucked but 1 threw 20 was amazing

  17. When I first watched this I never watched the anime but coming back I watched the entire series and now I understand everything he is saying

  18. He can’t kill goku because he isn’t human(idk if matters though) and also it takes 40 seconds for goku to be killed. In that time goku could easily destroy light

  19. To answer the Kira goku thing it depends does goku know where he is because If so then he’s even if he’s on the opposite side of the world that’s not even a millisecond for goku if he doesn’t maybe Kira wins

  20. 1:13 well youd have to think about there face so unless you think of someone's face who in reality is called MatPatt you're fine

  21. Me and my brother who I normally hate, just SCREAMED the intro to this vid. Literally the best moment of my life 😂

  22. Kira kill criminais with help of the news television and make a culto of adept on his cause, the Misa Amane case are the murder case whiteout evidence where the police can't arrest, and kira make be criminal and be register your name the same to be kill by his hand, the fear himself make prevent some of the crimes, and he say he kill innocent people to get away of investigation, No for entertainment or money.

  23. Let's just all be glad that none of the kiras had access to a photo printer 600 DPI plus an 8 dot by 8 dot font from an old dot matrix printer could probably exterminate humamity pretty quickly.

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