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100 thoughts on “Film Theory: Can You Speak Groot? (Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy)

  1. Did no one else see that when he was scrolling through the channel and videos he literally was saying he’s never made a guardians of the galaxy episode when he passes one saying why guardians of the galaxy is the best…

  2. But he has parents and not all groot species are called groot so his parents will be called something else like ( F u Film Theory)

  3. Also if Thor and Rocket knew how to speak groot then the would all just be saying I am groot and since the are speaking English to groot in the movie groot obviously understands English so technically groot can write something like ( F u Film Theory)

  4. THIS is what english teachers should be showing us!!

    yes ma'am I'm talking to YOU.

    N-no ma'am I'm not being rude



    runs away

  5. i want to point out that rocket mentioned in the first movie quote: "his vocabulary is limited to I and AM and GROOT specifically in that order"

  6. If Groot could speak another language, say, Spanish, would his 'I am Groot' be in English but actually mean words in Spanish. Or would he say 'Soy Groot'?

  7. I am groot 👍

    If you know what I say .. you actually did watch the vid like my but it rlly hard becuas you don't know how I say I will say I did talk with a smile and a thumb up

  8. Me: hey what’s the WiFi password

    Friend:it’s on the back of the router

    The back of the router:
    (Pause at 6:24)

  9. Am I the only one who wished matpat's captions in the video only said: "I am Groot."

    Just me?
    I am groot.

  10. 0:29 – 0:34 is is weird that you saying five words ACTUALLY WORKED? Anything

    why does that actually work 😵😵 HOWWWWW WHHHHYYYYY WHERE AM I?

  11. I AM GROOT!!!

    What do you mean I can never speak Groot?
    Apparently I'm supposed to be able to speak almost every language in the world!

  12. If you want a very very simplified Chinese tone explanation, just think of it as this _, this /, this /, and this . In Chinese, we usually write it like this _ / / .

    Think of the lines being your tone, _ is flat, / means it goes higher, / means it dips down but comes up again, and means it goes down. And when you say a character, each tone makes it mean something else completely.

  13. I myself have a bit of problem with my voice, and that is when I wake up, my voice is pretty much whispering, but after 10-15 minutes it comes back, it's been ~2 years now and nothing changed, every morning I wake up and my voice is just whisper in the hallway calling for my mom to ask where my towel is

  14. I am groot i am groot,i am groot.I AM GROOOT!I……am groot i am groot i am groot.I am groot i am groot i am groot i am groot,i am groot.I am groot,i am groot.I am groot?I am groot :/
    I AM GROOT >:V I AM GROOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Your kinda-final conclusion (when spoiler: you tell us it's possible) is only true if "I am groot" was one word, not a sentence…

  16. I’ve been learning Mandarin Chinese since kindergarten and am still not close to fluent btw the way the tones work is like a roller coaster if that makes any since.

  17. The only thing I know in Groot is a swear word.
    I AM GroOOOot
    When groot said it like that rocket raccoon man said "Whoa! Watch your language!"

  18. Also he doesnt HAVE to say I am Groot, if he can say that, it means he can make the sounds like i, a, u, etc., meaning he can speak more.

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