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So I was saying… you’ll clip the film
with a clipper or a clothespin at the top and then one at the bottom and then
it will go inside the drying cabinet. You’ll see if there are some places for
it to hang. Close the drying cabinet and turn it on. So with the heat going it
takes about ten minutes. Without the heat usually around an hour or two. You can
allow it to dry without turning the dryer on… leave it overnight if you need
to and come back the next day …so while that’s drying there’s one important step
for you to make sure you don’t forget about and that is cleaning up your tank.
What you need to do for that is to make sure that all parts of the tank are
well rinsed with water then you’re going to use your hand towel and make
them as dry as you can just with your hand towel. After that they’re going
to go back up on the bookshelf for the film processing tanks and reels
other things you want to make sure you do is rinse out your canisters your
measuring containers and turn off all the water. The end.

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