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100 thoughts on “Film Panel – SNL

  1. Leslie Jones does look beautiful in that dress. She still shouldn't be on the show. At all. The basic qualification is being funny and she doesn't meet it.

  2. My God, I know the past was even more absolutely disgusting, I’m EXTREMELY glad I wasn’t born before the 2000s

  3. 1:20 “When’s polio comin’ back this’ll be fun.” Well Debette, there’s these people called anti-vaxers so… It’s really anybody’s guess. 😅

  4. Damn Leslie Jones looks fabulous! I'd love to see her stand in those 6 inch heels. She'd be tall enough to dunk a basketball. She is an Amazon! Love her!

  5. i think the audience was supposed to cheer at the "whose with me" and the end but no one did so kate improvised the rest. you can see the panic in her face

  6. I've watched this a few times, and I still don't understand the story of using phones to knock her shirt off. Makes absolutely no sense.

  7. Macaroni Copacabana – the "tiny, French, and peest off" – almost died laughing at that one!
    True to life line: "Women being harassed IS Hollywood, all right?"

  8. The sad part about this is all these jokes happen. The jokes about " where do I start?" could actually something an actress said. it's funny until you realize it's true.

  9. "Pandora's box is open now, and PANDORA'S PISSED!"

    How right they were. The #metoo movement reminds me of the French Revolution. It starts with a big powerful man getting knocked down and then every other remotely powerful man tumbles down with him. I'm not saying these men didn't deserve to get put in jail or get called out, but we must be careful that we don't just take women's word as law. Everyone deserves the ability to plead their case in front of a jury, for example, Aziz Ansari.

  10. President Obama gave Weinstein STILL classified information to make a movie and “documentary” about the bin laden raid…Weinstein is a life long Democrat and raised as well as donated millions to every Democrat presidential campaign since he was in Hollywood as well as every Democrat campaign for house and senate seats representing Los Angeles and New York City… and they all knew what he did….the entire time…

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