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My name is Karla Ferenčak
and in this film, I will present to you my
media habits and idols. My favorite social media is Instagram. It’s my favorite because
of the many photos that give me inspiration for
my fashion combinations. I’m a user of Instagram
since the 6th grade. I follow Kierra Johnston the most. She’s a UK n Instagram celebrity. She has around 30 000 followers. I follow her daily because I like
her fashion sense and makeup looks. She’s the reason I bought mom jeans. I would like to get a pair
of ankle length black chunky boots, similar
to the ones she wears. However, I still haven’t bought
them yet because I’m still trying to convince my
parents to buy them for me. As a child, I had blonde hair. After a while, it darkened,
that’s why I dyed my hair this summer because I
wanted to be blonde again. My media idols are mostly
pop stars: Blackbear, Panic! At The Disco,
Billie Eillish etc. Out of the musicians on Instagram, I follow
BTS and Panic!At The Disco the most. BTS is a K-pop group. I love listening to their songs because
they have a nice beat to them. Brendon Urie (from P!ATD) is
currently my favorite singer. I follow him on Instagram too. His songs are very popular. Besides the good rhythm, they have
interesting and catchy lyrics too. I like him because of his
humor and fun personality. I often watch his live streams. I don’t really watch TV. I’m currently watching a
show called Riverdale. It’s an American crime/love drama. My favorite actor is Cole Sprouse. I loved watching him on Disney
Channel as a little kid. My favorite actress is Madeleine Petsch. I like her fashion style
and her ginger hair. I rarely listen to the
radio, except for when I’m eating or making
myself tea in the kitchen. Then I listen to Radio Antena
because I like the songs they play. On YouTube, I usually watch David Dobrik. He’s a vlogger. I find it entertaining to watch him because
he pranks his friends with animals a lot. His laugh is very contagious
which is why I love watching his videos
when I’m in a bad mood. He always brightens up my day.

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