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Hi there! And welcome to episode four of
This Guy Edits, where you get to see this guy edit. So, today we’re finally going to
start to do some real editing. A nd I’m going to just take you long as I’m
cutting my first scene of the movie. I’m actually working with a different
software today, I’m cutting the scene and Final Cut Pro X. Originally I was cutting the movie in
DaVinci Resolve, but there are some problems with the multicam where I can’t
really access the original audio, the original six mics and I want to be able
to have their control, that I can really determine which microphone I’m going to
listen to at what point. To do a test I’m switching over to Final Cut X, and when I
to cut the scene here. What I’ve done with this scene is that I’ve already
selected all my shots, I sync them up and I created multi cams. So I’m showing you
the other side here and as you can see, I have all my different shots here and I
can actually view them. And as I’m scrolling through the shots, you can
actually see that different camera angles showing up. What I’m going to do
right now for use I’m just going to play a little bit of the scene so you get an
idea of what kind of coverage we have in the scene and also if you just sort of
get an idea of what the linear action is that’s being recorded. So I’m going to
start off with the single-shot, wide shot, which is the master, and I’m going
to play a little bit for you. (Mark)Oh my God, this is so fu* good. Looks like my first real meal, in a long time. (Guillermo) Why, you didn’t like what they served in prison? (Mark) No, its was disgusting. It was like eating slop. (Sven) So that’s what the master shot looks like. I’m gonna move on to some other shots. So
here we have a medium shot over the shoulder. (Guillermo)Why don’t like what they served in prison? (Mark) No, it was disgusting, it was like eating slop. (Sven) So that same shot we actually have kind of an insert of the pizza, we have a profile shot of Mark here, we have a medium close-up shot
here of Mark, we have the
corresponding over the shoulder and medium close-up of the Guillermo. (Guillermo) That person
would, could of go insane just from all the new knowledge and experiences from
that. (Sven) So you have a little bit of an idea what kind of coverage we have, so I’m
just going to start cutting away Traditionally, the scene you could start
off in a master or in a wide shot and then you work your way closer and closer as
the scene unfold, you want to emphasize certain moments. There’s many ways you can
kind of scene, you can already start off with me insert right from the beginning
or somebody picks up the pizza, you could stay close all the way, it’s just sort of
depends on how you want to play out the scene. For this very first cut I’ll start
off with a master. (Mark)Oh my God, this is so fu* good. It looks like my first real meal. (Sven) So, I’ll cut that in. That’s my first shot and the one thing that I
already noticed is he’s talking about what this pizza means to him. And he’s
giving us context to understand he’s been in prison, he hasn’t had a pizza in
five years, this is really special to him. I feel like that makes sense in the
script but I want to try and have them show us what it’s like to experience
this pizza and not tell us. And that’s one part of editing, is you kind of want
people to feel what’s going on is scene. As opposed to the audience is being told
to, so let’s play that scene one more time. (Mark)Oh my God, this is so fu* good. (Sven) I’m
just going to cut before he speaks. Right here. Now, I’ll take the rest out,
and I’m gonna to punch into the scene. Maybe that shot here on top, that medium
over the shoulder, get us close enough. Right here. Cut that in. So let’s see those two
shots together. (Mark) Oh God… (Sven) Lets even take out the “oh my God”. Although I guess it’s okay. It’s not
really telling us anything. A nd I’m already seeing there’s an insert shot
here the pizza, so maybe I want to cut to that as well. And I’ll just put it on the second layer
for now, okay, there we go. (Mark) Oh, God… This look like my first meal, first real meal tha i’m eating. (Sven) So now I’m actually going to tell tell the audience, after they’ve experienced it. (Mark) This look like my first meal, first real meal tha I’m eating. (Sven) And he has a little bit of a
stumble there, he repeats the line and I can clean that up. (Mark)This look like my first meal, first real meal tha I’m eating. He’s saying this is like the first meal, first
real meal, I want him to say: “this is like the first real meal”. So, right here, take that part out. (Mark) This look like the first real meal that I’m eating. This look like the first real meal that I’m eating. (Sven) So now you obviously see there’s a jump cut there. (Mark) This look like the first real meal that I’m eating. I’m just gonna to cut that, I’m going to hide
that with the b-roll shot that I have here by either making it a little bit
longer, (Mark) This look like the first real meal that I’m eating. And then the next line is from Gui saying: “what, you didn’t like the food in prison?” (Guillermo) Why, you didn’t the stuff they served in prison? (Mark) No.
(Sven) So and I want to see him, I want to see Gui for that, so I’m gonna look for an
angle that’s sort of it’s in the same vein, not that I could cut closer, if I wanted
to your wider, but I usually want to match your shot unless I really want to
make a certain point, I want to point something out. So I’m going to see how he
says it in this shot. (Guillermo) Why, you didn’t like the slop in prison? (Mark)No, I didn’t. That’s exactly what it was, it was slop
man, was like eating dog food. (Sven)okay, so we can use that. One thing I noticed this Gui actually says “slop in prison”, and the
line and the scriptures “food in prison”. “What, you didn’t like the food in prison?”
and then Mark response was supposed to be: “no, I didn’t, it’s like slop.” So Guillermo
already, sort of pre anticipated that and subconsciously, use the word “slop” and
then Mark has to change up his performance, because now he can say to “hey, why, you didn’t like the slop in prison?” “No I didn’t, it was like slop.” doesn’t
make sense anymore. So, he actually improvises here and it creates what I
think actually a really interesting moments. Lets play it.
(Gee) Why, you didn’t like the slop in prison? (Mark) No, I didn’t. That’s exactly what it was, a
slop man. It was like eating dog food. (Sven) so he was suddenly, kind of amused by this and he spun it in a different way, and said: “Thats exactly what it was, slop”. And for me, how that reads now, in the
scene, it’s reads as if Guillermo was very perceptive, and Mark is appreciating
the intelligence of his little brother that he has the inside to call the slop.
It’s a little bit of a stretch, but I think it works, and I’m going to try for this
first cut. (Guillermo) Why, you didn’t like the slop in prison?
(Mark) No, Ididn’t. This is exactly what it was, it was slop man. (Sven) And then at this point I can go back
to the original line and cut to Mark. Lets see how he says it here in this closer shot.
(Mark) No, it was slop. It was literally like… It was literally like eating dog food. It was disgusting. (Sven) So, I hear train in the background, and
the shot feels a little close to me. Let’s see if I can find a different one.
Like this one. (Gee) Why, you didn’t like the stuff they served in prison? (Mark) No. It was disgusting, it was like eating slop. It was like dog food. Like literally dog…. blended
up dog, serve it to you. (Sven) That’s not bad, I’m going to put in for
now. (Mark)It was slop man… (Sven) Just take off that little bit of “it”. (Mark) was literally
like dog food. like it literally… … dog and serve it to you. (Sven) So, I hear the train in the background, and this, this shot doesn’t
have the train. (Mark) that’s exactly what it was a slop man. It was like dog
food, like literally dogs would like to blend it up dog serve it to you. (Sven) But I
can fix that by finding you not train and just cutting it over, and blending it. So the train would start somewhere, here just the
audio file and it would cover up that difference in sound. But I’ll worry about
that later. Let’s look at the beginning one more
time. (Mark) Oh, God, It looks like the first real meal that I eating. (Guillermo) Why, you didn’t like the slp in prison? (Mark) No, I didn’t. (Sven) So here’s something interesting happens,
Gui actually, I think he’s unaware of it, but he tends to look away and sometimes
it looks like he’s looking straight at the camera, so I want to minimize that as
much as possible, because every time he looked straight into the camera, it’s
sort of jars the audience in a way that they sort of get thrown for a loop.
Where … aware of what is called the fourth wall, and I’ve talked
about that in early episode. (Guillermo) Why, you didn’t like the slop in prison? (Sven) Right here, at that
point, it looks as if he’s looking straight into the lens. I’m going to come
into the shot a little bit later, if I can. And I’m gonna to stay on Mark, stay on
Mark until Gui is looking back at him right there. (Guillermo) Why, you didn’t like the slop in prison? (Mark) No, I didn’t. That’s exactly what it was, was a slop man,
was literally like dog food… (Sven) Okay, I think I fixed that. (Guillermo) Why, you didn’t like the slop in prison?
(Mark) No, I didn’t. That’s exactly what it was, was a slop man,
was literally like dog food… (Sven) Okay, so now let’s take care of this
train noise here. Already found another train and one of the takes that is
completely clean, they weren’t talking. Now, have the whole I can show you this
I’m just going to cut it here. And then I fade it out, and I can use that audio
to blend the two shots together, like, so. (Mark) No, I didn’t.That’s exactly what it was slop man. It was literally like dogs like a literally dog…. (Sven) And then here, I just
turned off a couple of those microphones, I think it’s Gui microphone as he’s
shifting I can hear sort of the rustling noise on his jacket. So, I’m gonna expand all the audio components, and I’m going to see which one of
the two it is. It’s actually is the other one. So, going to mute his microphone. So, now I don’t hear his microphone anymore, so it sounds much better. (Mark) That’s exactly what it was, was a slop, man. It was literaly little like dogs food. (Sven) Ok. So I’m just going to keep massaging
for a little bit and then I’ll come back and we’ll pick it up from there. So welcome back. For you it’s been like two seconds, for me, it’s been maybe a half
hour, and this is what I have so far in the scene, let me show you. (Mark) Oh God, This look like the first real meal that I’m eating. (Guillermo) Why, you didn’t like the slop in prison? (Mark) No, I didn’t. Tha’s exactly what was, was slop man. It was literally like dog food. Like literally dogs eat it, was like blended
up dog served it to you. (Guillermo) Great conversation to have while we’re eating. (Mark) Yeah, right, sorry. I stop talking about it. (Guillermo) What’s it like on the
outside? It feels weird. I don’t know, I kinda feels like I’ve been born
again, you know, like fresh, everything is fresh. New start, new life and then…. (Guillermo) You’re pretty metaphysical aren’t you? (Sven)So this is as far as I’ve gotten, and this whole scene outtakes a turn, where it actually turns
out that Gui is the one that has deep inside on metaphysical theories and
philosophy, and he shared some of those theories with his brother, it’s all about
reality, experiencing reality and turning insane, if somehow your world changes,
which sort of relates to Mark being in prison and now he’s out and he’s
experiencing only reality in the how brain is going to deal with this. And
that’s really the essence of the scene. I’m not going to show it to you here, for
the sake of this exercise, just about editing. So that’s where I’m going to
leave it off today. But I hope you did enjoy this episode and if you did, please
give it a like, ask a question, I’d love to hear your thoughts and please tune in
again. When we cut a new scene. Until then, have a good one.

30 thoughts on “Film Editing Techniques – How to Edit a Scene

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