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What I’m holding in my hands is a bottle of
T-max developer. Now Kodak makes T-max developer a great, and Kodak also makes T-max black
and white films. Now all this kind of gets a little complicated when you talk about film,
paper, developers. All these ingredients floating around out there and believe it or not it
really does make a difference. So this is Kodak T-max and it should be used with Kodak
T-max film, and when you make a print with this it the blacks, they call it a tow and
a curve and your blacks are just so, they’re very nice. When you shoot T-max film and you
don’t use this developer it tends to kind of make things not look as good. One thing
that’s very interesting to know about Kodak is that Kodak really pretty much no longer
makes black and white paper. As of a few years ago their paper, you know they just decided
for you know reasons, company reasons that they weren’t going to make it. It wasn’t profitable
anymore. So again, back to what I was saying before that there are still some Kodak papers
out there that people bought bulks of and are frozen because they like using them with
certain developer combinations. So this is T-max developer.

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