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One thing that you want to think about, and
this, it seems trivial, but it’s actually, I think, fairly important, is you have to
itemize your supplies and think what you need most compared to what you need least. When
I was starting, I bought a lot of paper all at once when I was in school, I mean a lot
of paper, a few thousand dollars worth of paper, and I didn’t think about buying the
film. So I bought a couple hundred rolls of film, but I had way more paper than I had
film, and actually I probably, definitely, should have did it the other way around. It’s
more important to have film than it is to have paper, because you want to remember,
doing darkroom black and white photography, the thing you want to keep pushing yourself
to do is to take pictures. I know when I was in school, we had to shoot thirty rolls of
film a week, and if you didn’t meet that thirty rolls of film, really, you were going to fail
the class. So basically you constantly had an amount of images to choose from to print,
and I’m just saying this because at that time I had tons of supplies to print with, but
really not enough film to shoot with. So you always want to think, “Well, what do I want
to do”?

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