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What I have right here in front of me is two
different types of liquid fix, this is Edwal, this is Hy-ko, there’s another brand that
is very popular and that’s called Sprint. And these are a little bit easier to make
if you have a darkroom, what you would call like a gang darkroom, a couple of people are
using, or maybe you’re teaching school and you need a chemistry that you can make fast,
immediately, and don’t want to mess around with powder. These liquid, now these are fixers,
are actually, they’re expensive, but they are a little bit easier for people to use.
Now I’m going to kind of talk about why some people like liquid, and some people like a
powdered fix, or a powdered chemistry even. When you’re making powder, it’s really important
to wear a mask because when you’re stirring it, there’s a potential for, they call it
“misting”, where those chemistry, you may not even see the particles in the air. When
they’re powder, you could potentially breathe them in, so I always try to wear a mask. And
these are not that hard, when it’s liquid, you just pour the right dilution in, you fill
it up with your water and you’re done, it’s easy, no fuss, no mess. But again, it’s more
expensive and the chemistry tends to go bad faster. So that’s kind of the differences
and certain brands.

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