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The paper I’m holding in my hand is made by
a company called Forte, or Fortesio. This paper is kind of hard to find nowadays but
an absolutely beautiful fiber based paper. And again, back to talking about papers, when
you look it will say Polywarmtone which means that you can use it with filters. Now when
you see certain papers of this caliber, they used to come graded. In a grade zero to five.
Nowadays it’s a lot more, you’re going to find a poly, which means that you can print
with these filters rather than a graded paper. There is some debate among photographers and
printers, whether graded paper is better or multi-grade, or poly-grade. Basically, I don’t
know I think that pretty much you’re going to save money when you print with a multi-grade
paper than buying numerous grades of paper, which are actually pretty hard to find anyway.
But this paper is a great combination with the Dectol that I talked about before and
it will have these very, incredibly subtle different looks that you almost have to experiment
but when you see them they make a huge difference.

One thought on “Film Developing: Advanced Paper & Chemicals : Film Developing: Forte Paper

  1. Is Forte still around?  I didn't like it because the max contrast was about #3 1/2!  Try Ilford MGFB, Ilford Warmtone, Adox MCC 110 or Fomabrom VC FB Variant 111.  All these are superior papers.

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