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You’re back!
You know, I… I really shouldn’t be here. I should be upstairs. With my family, with
my wife. But I just had to see you, camera.
I knew you were downstairs here, in my basement. When I stare at you, there’s something there.
There’s almost… there’s a connection. There’s, like, a piece of me that you fit.
I don’t know what it is. You know, I’ve been doing some thinking.
And, this is VLOG number three. I don’t know when you take things up a notch.
When you say “I’m going to commit to this.” Welcome to VLOG Number Three. If you don’t know, I’m a commercial photographer. And my nephew wanted to shoot some film so
I loaned him my Olympus. I got this from a very generous coworker.
He gave me this, his old Olympus, just because I liked photography. Thanks Tony!
You know, it ends up sitting on a shelf for a while… you get caught up in this digital
world. And then my nephew came by and he was interested
in trying film, so I loaned it to him and was immediately jealous. So while my young, dashing nephew was out galavanting with my camera… You know, I was ok. It was fine. It was nothing. I took out my Yashica.
Isn’t this cool? I got this at an estate sale.
To make myself feel better, I ran a roll through this. First film I had shot in years.
And developed it myself. I like that center frame there.
Actually, these scans I just took with my iPhone.
On my sliding door window. I just took some shopping bag and stretched
it tight and taped it on the window. And it’s a super-smooth, texture-free light
table. So, I found him his own camera.
I got my son this cool, old Nikon FG. It’s plastic, but it’s cool. Yeah. It works
great. Oh man, I found this steal-of-a-deal.
$4.99? Come on! This is a really desirable point-and-shoot,
by the way. It fires. The auto-focus is definitely not
working. Major bummer.
So, to make myself feel better, I bought this Canon A35F. I’ll send it to you. For my daughter, I found this one at Value
Village, this cool old Minolta SRT-200. Pretty heavy-duty beast.
Yeah, we ended up replacing all of the seals, and why don’t I show you how we did that… Hold up!
Aren’t you never supposed to touch your focus screen?
Probably started with some old surly photographer who had his son out with him and told him
he’d get leprosy or something if he touches the…
Yeah. That’s the story. The Focus Screen Myth started with a photographer
in the 70s who told his son he’d get leprosy and lose whatever finger touched the focus
screen. When, in fact, you watch a video on YouTube and you see guys taking them out and
putting them in and jostling them around, so I don’t think it’s a big deal. So just clean it. Who cares? Screw ’em. Be your own person. Don’t listen to them. You don’t need to listen to those people. They’re just trying to tear you down. They want to keep from doing
what you love. From rebuilding a camera. From finding yourself through your art.
They just want to put roadblocks in front of you.
That’s all those people want to do. They don’t care about anything but themselves.
You know, they can’t do anything creative with their lives, so instead they dedicate
their lives to tearing other people down. You know, I’m sick and tired of those people.
Those are the same people who are saying “Don’t clean the focus screen.”
And you know what? I’m just not going to stand for it anymore.
I’m going to take a stand right here, right now, and say “This is it! I’m going to wipe
my focus screen on my SLR. I’m going to do it.
I’m going to do it with pride. I’m going to do it with conviction.
And there isn’t anyone who’s going to tell me otherwise.
So, you know what? You don’t want me touching a focus screen?
Then… then just don’t watch.”

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