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welcome to noisefilm
we are hosting a photowalk today there is a photo contest and quite a few.. film photographers has shown up for this let’s move on and see what happens Cheers! we found some beers, yeah! yea, finally indeed!
All the guys are walking around shooting it was supposed to be a meet-up where film photographer could talk gear and film but it quickly turned into people wanting to go hear jazz and shoot photos the turn up is amazing! maybe that is why people has spread out in smaller groups we are running a contest, or local film shop are running the contest Paw and I are supposed to pick a “winner” later later today, Silkefoto is developing all our film a film which Silkefoto provided and we will pick the best photo of the day, later. the winner will get a prize, which we don’t know what is yet
yea. i am only here to drink beers today yea, I am too, we can’t win so why bother? we are only “judges”
– B-roll of all the awesome cameras of today! GO – HEY
-YEAH we have had some beers a lot a lot? i have had some big beers aah yea, we had a pretty tall one that is what noisefilm is all about
BIG BEERS – Silkefoto is in here it actually says Silkefoto right here, if you can see it. now people have had some time to shoot their roll and errrrr’ and right in here the guys at Silkefoto are developing, scanning and printing all the photos prints are maybe,, errrrr 10×15 cm roughly?.. but.. what is up next?
– We are gonna find todays best photo aahhh fuck and there is a prize
– which we don’t know what I, yep soooo let’s get to it yees photos has been printed these are all the photos from all photographers 21 photographers! that Is pretty cool!
– and they have all.. shot an entire roll of film and picked their favourite for us to choose from now we have to pick the winner
– it’s fucking hard there is a lot of great photos but I will definitely pick this one aaaanddd errrr this one and this one I think it’s worth saying that.. that errr, that errrr, you have.. you have picked 3 photos, I have seen all 3. and errr none of the are in my top 3.
– okay, then you pick 3 yeah now I will pick 3 and let’s take it from there then we will decide from our total of 6 photos it seems to me we are looking for totally different things in a photo which is pretty funny..
i will definitely pick this one yeah
– and yeah eeeeh this one – okay
we had 21 photos those have been reduced to – 3
– 6, Paw can’t count no, I only know I have had 3 beers. we found a winner and now let’s go announce it The winner photo is insanely good really cool shot it is…. This one! gratz! the way you have captured the kid, and he looks at you and the dad in the back Kiosk owner I think yea yeah, Kiosk dad maybe? the cola sign out of focus… exactly! I think it’s an amazing photo and I can’t see that it has been shot here in my hometown …which is a good thing Congratulations! thanks! we found a winner at our meet-up / photowalk all the guys have got some awesome shots and all the support .. for at niche like this
we couldn’t be happier! I wan’t to end this one quickly i am thirsty the sun is out in Silkeborg if you are into our videos
drop a like and consider subscribing I say it every-time I end a film, so noisefilm outta here, see you next time! “every time I end a film”

4 thoughts on “FILM CAMERA MEETUP (subtitles)

  1. Hvis jeg ikke var på arbejde på Rampelys den dag, ville jeg så gerne være med! Synd jeg ikke så jer. Men det må jeg ha' til næste år! 😉

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