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You are in the frame ! Stop Okay come on… Hi everyone and welcome to this new episode of FILM CAMERA BATTLE ! In this episode we are going to challenge the Yashica T4 vs the Olympus AF10 super Yashica T4 was born in 1990 and it has a Carl Zeiss 35 mm f3.5 lens! The Olympus was born a year later, in 1991, and it has a fixed 35 mm f3.5 lens too. Two cameras really similar but with a difference: the price! Yashica T4 is easily findable from 200 to 400 euros ! The Olympus is purchasable for only 10 euros ! We have tested the cameras for almost two days, trying to find out their strengths and weaknesses ! Yashica 4 really worth 300 euros more than the Olympus ? Let’s find out it together! Hi guys, shooting day number 1! We are here in Turin to make the point and shoot challenge, the yashica t4 vs Olympus af10 super ! Today we are going to shoot architecture and street photography to find out the differences between a camera that costs 300 euros and one that costs only 10 euros! Hi guys, shooting day number 2 ! We are here in darkroom to develop the films we shot yesterday ! Welcome back ! Second day ! Today we are going to make some portraits with Yen, our model. Thanks to him! We have reached conclusions! What can we say?! These are obviously outstanding cameras and they give a lot of satisfaction! Well, despite these are very similar cameras there are some differences that came out while you use them first of all the flash that on the Olympus is really performing and is more powerful than the Yashica one and the autofocus that on the Olympus is a 5 zones af while on the Yashica is only a 3 zones af A sore note about the noise, in fact the Olympus is really noisy so is not recommend for street photography. Contrarwise both are really recommended to start shooting film especially for travel photography because the cameras are really small and portable and the image quality is superb ! The image quality of the two cameras is practically the same for this reason we declared the Olympus af 10 super the winner of this FILM CAMERA BATTLE ! We wanted to thank Yen our model ! Hi Yen! And Luca which helped us with the footage! See you in the next episode!

10 thoughts on “Film Camera Battle #2 | Yashica T4 vs Olympus AF 10 Super

  1. Bilanciate un po' il sonoro: il parlato è un po' troppo basso rispetto alle parti con sola musica, costringendo ad alzare ed abbassare il volume. Buon lavoro!

  2. ciao ragazzi! in bocca al lupo per il canale! ho iniziato a scattare in analogico da 2 mesi e mi si è aperto un mondo!

  3. Sarebbe carino che ci fosse l’indicazione del tipo di macchina mentre visualizzate le varie foto , giusto per capire cosa fa una o l’altra .

  4. Maybe Olympus AF 10 is the new mju 2, after this video the price will explode 😉 Great video guys!

  5. Non pensavo fosse un video italiano quando l'ho fatto partire. Sto organizzando un viaggio in Croazia dove mi porterò dietro la Olympus AF-10 Super e una Canon Snappy 20.

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