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going out shooting tonight a regular
spot was kind of occupied so we’re going to find an alternate location beautiful
Sunday night and the sun’s looking great it’s about to go down at about an hour
of sunlight left remaining so we’re gonna find a spot and set up the sticks and
get a good shot so we’re headed now west of Regina
probably about a half an hour we’re gonna go check out one of my other
favorite spots when these abandoned houses actually this is a spot I went to for
Expired Film Day so you might notice some of these familiar scenes one of my
favorite spots about half hour out of the city and real quick so go check it out all right so we made it just in time to
one of my other favorite spots it’s about a half hour out of Regina
Saskatchewan and there’s this cool house a couple other little buildings here oh look at the owl totally can’t see that with the wide-angle lens
there’s an owl that comes out here all the time actually there’s two of them
pair of them all right check out this abandoned house benson’s having a blast I think I found
where I might want to compose my shot I think I might go with this angle get
some nice Sun not really any clouds so not really gonna get a lot of color
play they’re facing the Sun doesn’t really not really that crucial so I’ll
give you two things so let me balance the exposure a little bit more easily
and I can compose a little bit different shot than I normally would
going for the clouds in the color in the sky so what do you think yeah that look
good ooh yeah that looks good so let’s let’s set up the sticks and we’ll take a
closer look it’s really great being able to level
your tripod with one hand alright now that I’ve changed spots –
oh hi Benson – now that I’ve changed spots I finally got my composition a little bit
later in the day a lot more contrast so I’m gonna put on the filter holder I’m
using the ‘Cokin P’ series so i’ve already focused a little bit of
tilt going on so to get a nice depth of field I’m gonna stop down to about not
about I’m gonna stop down to f-22 and then of course we’re gonna drop in the
filters one stop to stop three stop but first I’m gonna meter the scene to see what kind of
kind of exposure we are working with half a second in the
foreground everything else is gonna get filtered so it should be should be easy
to balance about half a second half second on the dark side quarter of a
second on the light side now we have about 15 minutes
or so maybe 10 minutes and the Sun is gonna get a little bit lower on the
horizon but the exposure may change so I’m gonna have to keep metering to find
out what the exposure is going to be as the light conditions continue to change

9 thoughts on “Faulty Film Log – Episode 2: Abandoned House and Intrepid Field Camera

  1. I am looking to get into large format and have come across this camera, what is it like to live with and use? Do you have any pro's and con's? As said would have been great to see the results, but like the ones shown. Was that door shot on the intrepid? 👍

  2. I like abandoned homes as well! How do you like your Intrepid? I'm looking to switch from my heavy Zone VI 8×10 to the 8×10 that Intrepid will be offering. Looking forward to the next video!

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