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Fate of the furious is the latest fast and furious movie It’s actually [the] best one in the series that doesn’t mean it’s a good movie pretty terrible I wouldn’t call any fast and furious movie a Good movie the acting and all of them is terrible the plots are shit the continuity makes no sense The action set pieces are ridiculous the music is straight from like a stock music website Bryan, that mustang would make a nice anchor Yeah, i’m on It; they’re so over the top and dumb, but we’re eight movies in at this point And if you aren’t expecting that why did you even click on this review fate of the furious? Such a dumb title fate of the furious so God damn entertaining the series basically has the logic of a cartoon And that’s how you have to watch it We’re at the point in the series now where the stuff they do is so ridiculous the filmmakers are self-aware They know how dumb it is so they really push the envelope and do things I’ve never seen any other movie do; the action sequences are Fantastic there’s a sequence in the middle of the movie Where Chalice Theron hacks into every car in New York City and tries to kill people with them; there’s thousands of cars in this city They’re all mine The movie ends with the main characters going to a russian base that was taken over by insurgents So they can stop Charlize theron from hacking into a submarine with nukes in it like how is that not the most amazing sentence ever? “This is Crazy!!” Vin diesel noise lose your mind This movie has some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen Natalie Emmanuelle from game of thrones is awful, and she has nothing to do other than be hot. No way. She’s dead oh she’s definitely a 10, heh heh heh sigh Michelle Rodriguez might have given the worst performance. I’ve ever seen you’re gonna turn your back on family Vin diesel delivers every line exactly the same what’s up I like it here give them a reason to stay we all got a weak spot Take it or leave it option are with a shop or I put them there I need to know for sure I fear right now The one bloody we could do bloody and then you just have to take on Faith You know you don’t have to go brother never told you never but in the man so you don’t think about combat my family? We’re family. I got no choice I love my family family the only decent performances were Jason Statham DWayne Johnson Charlize Theron Maybe Tyrese um Promise; nothing he said was funny But at least he could like deliver a line and make it sound natural, unlike the rest of the cast I don’t know why you’re doing this but I know one thing you love me there were just cast members just shoved into the movie that didn’t do anything, but they were just there It’s like if you aren’t expecting this to be bad Why are you even here the movies kind of exist in their own universe where you just have to give yourself up to them. they’re not like the transformers movies where they’re [just] pandering and bad there’s a lot [of] heart and Effort put into every one of them as dumb as this movie is it does have some genuinely emotional scenes in it? They’re not oscar-worthy I wouldn’t even call them that good because there’s like this blaring stock music playing over most of them Just telling the dumb people in the audience how they’re supposed to feel but again this movie’s dumb bottom line is the action is good And the movie has a great pace probably the best pacing in the entire series f6 and f7 Had lots of slow moments and Forgettable action every action teen in this movie was memorable and great It’s honestly such a fun time and if you’re a fan of the series I’d recommend you see it; I can’t even give it a rating because like what does it matter for this? there’s so much wrong with this movie, but if you’re this far into the series And you aren’t expecting terrible acting and bad comedy and just dumb shit Why even bother is it so much to ask for dialogue that doesn’t make you roll your eyes throughout F8 Or you know a story that adds up; the strangest darkest most outlandish late bizarre Entry in the series Everything blows up. Nothing is at stake and Dom’s team looks like the power rangers Except more cartoon like; the film finally tips the franchise over from modish be thoughtful Stupidity and too tedious loud in amity to buckle up knowing that this once gritty franchise has officially reached the point of no return How dare this man assume things about 11 year old boys this man’s blatant disrespect of the fabulousness of recess triggers me zoom, crash, Repeat with squealing burning and flaming tires It’s all predictably absurd and self-mocking and often a vehicle when not a total yawn the continuity is hopelessly Convoluted to the point that making sense of the character relationships And the team’s past missions requires a phd in fast and furious ology. I don’t know I guess what I’m trying to say is the movies credit proof if you watch the trailer And you say that looks cool then go watch it. If not, then don’t watch it

100 thoughts on “FATE OF THE FURIOUS Movie Review- REEL IT IN

  1. Fast and furious is really what the transformers movies should be, not annoying and make you want to rip your own head off to escape them….still gonna tf5 because I'll be bored af

  2. Where the hell is the Logan, Get Out, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 reviews? Get on point Ralph

  3. I don't know if you noticed how many times vin diesel had to let everyone know he was in Cuba in the beginning by adding Cuban before every noun

  4. If you have to watch it like a cartoon, make it a cartoon. If a live action movie is pushing to cartoon action, then it shouldn't be live-action.

  5. Eh, I don't think it's the best one in the series, but then I don't really know where to put it. I guess I really enjoyed the previous one, (which was it 6th, 7th? don't freakin know) but only because I think Statham played a great villain, a character which they ruined in this one for cheap crap, and because they payed one of the best homages to a fallen colleague in any movie. What I did like about this movie was Statham again, and I'm not even a fan of his, but he had the best moments in the movie. Vin Diesel tries, god bless him, but he just… can't. And Charlize Theron is fantastic as always, she doesn't care if she's in schlock or artsy-fartsy, she gives her 110. Always a delight to see Kurt Russell and Helen Mirren. The action was pumping, but I've seen better and it was dumb as all crap, you really need to shut your brain for that car-zombies scene. Oh, and then there's The Rock, the guy never gives a crap.

    4:33 "once-gritty franchise" What? Maybe she means Tokyo Drift or something, I don't know.

  6. Ive seen this movie two times now and I found it to be unrelentingly boring both times. The dialogue is so horrible that it violently rips me out of the movie. I agree the pacing was good but i came away both times feeling as though id wasted my time. I can usually enjoy dumbass movies but theres something about this one that just felt so irreparably broken that i just came away feeling depressed and irritated.

    Also, fuck Tyrese Gibson's character

  7. My mom say I can watch one video and I had to watch a guy who hates two things I love transformers and fast and furious

  8. Something tells me Ralph hats Brian Tyler, because he disses the soundtrack of every film he scored, even though personally I loved the fate of furious soundtrack.

  9. Out of all of the people I know, I thought I was the ONLY one who noticed Diesel delivering every line the same exact way! Why is he in movies….

  10. "this movie is self-aware so it automatically negates everything a movie requires to be good…but transformers flicks are bad okay"

  11. I find it strange that the very instant the video started, the first thing I noticed was Ghosts II (6) playing faintly in the background…

  12. As always I disagree with much of what you said. but I agree that they are at times too over the top, specially the sixth one which I believe is one of the weakest one in the series.

  13. Why is it easier to understand vin diseal when he plays a tree or a giant robot than when he plays a human?

  14. Even if I'm 11 years old, I watched this movie with my dad and it was pretty entertaining to me! Though I kind of cringed at some of the scenes I didn't want to see/scenes I didn't like.

  15. Is Rotten Tomato the best place to look for reviews though? They're the same retards who gave Furious 7 a 79%. I mean….

  16. nice vid, understood the problems you had with the film, but I thought you were a little to over critical

  17. Why would you composite the movie onto your phone, i really don't understand

    Did you do this in every review? am i just retarded

  18. I simply viewed the Fast and Furious franchise as car porn, but I can't even call the latest few movies car porn anymore considering it's all outshined by shit like the 9/11ing of 3 towers with a $4,000,000 hypercar and an everyman's nightmare: having their car hacked into and turned into a member of the vehicular equivalent of a zombie horde.

    That being said, it's mindless fun shit your eyes can feast on if there's nothing else to watch

  19. about halfway through this movie, i started breaking down laughing in the theatre, just because it was so outlandish. I agree with ya ralph, it was a fun, terrible, romp

  20. It was the dumbest movie i've seen in a while, but i can't deny that i had so much fun watching it. i had such a good time, oh man



  23. If you go into this movie knowing it's dumb and just accepting it and then saying it's good if you ignore the terrible shit, you might as well do that with every movie and just give transformers 5 an A+ bc "its good if you go into it with a different standard".

  24. I haven't seen any of these stupid movies and I've also never seen any episodes of games of thrones, or breaking bad or mad men or star trek, does that make me a bad person

  25. Wait what? how does the whole "who cares?" logic work? So if a movie is bad, you can apply that same logic. How do you know this movie isn't pandering. THEY HAVE 8 MOVIES! Your way of reviewing films is completely contradictory. I'm not asking for you to review movies objectively, but it's kind of ridiculous for you to condemn critics for basically not agreeing with you and just stating their opinion. I could comment on every one of your negative film reviews with who cares? but it doesn't mean I'm right. You're being demeaning to any one who disagrees with you and frankly just undermining them.

  26. I actually like the first ff movie because it was actually about racing and cars and underground stuff. I liked that. Now I only watch the movies to laugh at stupid action and because if The Rock and Jason Statham because those are 2 of my favourite actors.

  27. They got on the right track with Fast Five, but fell off with every film after. The series was actually fun again in Five when they had that heist theme to the story. Now it's just awkward and weird.

  28. Y are you shitting on these movies I mean it kinda sucks but the ones that aren't 1-4 are great movies I think that 7 has the most memberiol action senes ever in the entire franchise and I hope 9 will be at least better than this one and this was my expression while watching this video🙅😑😕😠😬😡😣😤😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  29. This was my first Fast and Furious movie… and wtf? It's so dumb and just… what? Maybe the charm of the movie is that it's dumb, but I don't get it. Also I don't know if it was just my TV, but the cars and helicopters and whatever when they're escaping the building just before driving on the ice around the nuke looks life awful CGI. I thought that was the appeal of this franchise??

  30. Lmao even the first one makes no sense
    Why would anyone be that serious over hijacking dvd players and fucking tv's 😂

  31. I love the fact that they fully swung the pendulum in the opposite direction from where the first movie was and it's basically a superhero movie now

  32. You say "generic trailer music," but the name you're looking for is Brian Tyler. You could do a whole video on his remake of the Universal theme. That man should be at the Haig for crimes against humanity.

  33. sometimes you make me question your expertise ralph. first fast and the furious was the best. This is GI Joes with fast cars

  34. I can’t watch these movies anymore, if u like it great and I’m glad you enjoyed it. But it really is trash.

  35. Tyrese? But he is such a bad actor. He wants the be the Black Green Lantern. I cringe at that idea. Like who wants to see him play John Stuart? One of the toughest Green Lanterns around. Not me

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