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Jordy here for And
welcome to Copy Cat Friday. This is the series where we break down
the effect from a music video or film. In the music video Humble
from Kendrick Lamar there’s a part where you see a motion controlled
robot arm controlling a camera, which creates these absolutely
amazing results. We don’t have that unfortunately, so we’re going to try and recreate it
with some basic tools. This right here is my favorite
spot in the office. It’s a beautiful view. -Jordy! Let’s get to work! -Let’s get to work, guys!
Let’s get to work! -Damn it! It’s cold! -Back upstairs! The heating in the studio doesn’t
work yet, so it’s pretty cold. But it’s all coming together though.
Yesterday we painted all the walls black, so we had to find our film equipment
underneath a plastic cover. [Upbeat music] -It’s Justine! Look at this!
-I really missed her. -Don’t look. You wanna bring your camera from point A
to point B, just like in the music video. You can use a slider for that or a jib
if you would like to go in any direction. So, while Yannick is setting up
the jib behind me… …I wanna take a brief moment to thank Videoblocks
who is sponsoring today’s video. It’s a huge library where you can download
stock footage, templates, video effects, backgrounds and tons more. We’ve been using it for almost a year now,
and we’ve been loving it so far. It’s definitely something that
we can recommend to anyone. On top of that they’re actually giving
$50 off a year subscription. With that you can download
unlimited files from their library. And if you don’t believe me yet, just start your 7-day trial
completely for free, you can do so by following the
first link in the description below. We first tried it on Justine,
our stand-in. As you can see I make
slow movements, because I wanna keep my subject at all time
in the middle of the frame. You can use any display guides
to help you with that. Once I’m on the end of my move,
I let go of the camera. Make sure that it stays
in the same place. [Upbeat music] In Adobe Premiere Pro we speeded up
the part where the camera crane moves. The only problem we where running into
was adding some natural motion blur, but Yannick found a great solution
for that, which we’ll dive in later. Since the test went great, we took
our setup to a next level. -Hey Yannick! What you’re doing? -Making the light setup! [Upbeat music] Since we’ll be speeding up
the part of the camera movement, Yannick, who insisted playing
Kendrick’s role, had to play his part
in slow motion. That way it seems like the camera crane was
actually moving at super fast speed. Now, it was definitely not easy. The timing of the camera
starts moving… …and Yannick going in slow motion
had to be perfectly synced. So, we tried it a couple of times
to get it right. But once we got it right, the
effect looked pretty cool. Here’s what we did inside Premiere. First up, we add a cut a little after
the camera starts moving and a cut a little before
the camera stops moving. Then on the first clip, we’ll add
a time remapping keyframe, which goes to the maximum. Drag that keyframe open, so that it smoothly goes from
normal speed to fast motion. We do the exact same thing
for the third clip, but here we let it start fast and then
gradually go to normal speed. And if this went too fast, we actually have
a dedicated video about time remapping, to which you can find a link to
in the description below. The middle clip probably has to go
a little faster than 1000%, which is why we can’t lift up
the keyframe line on the clip. That is why I’m taking the Rate/Stretch tool
and push the clip smaller, which will make it fast forward. You probably wanna playback your clip a couple
of times and adjust your speed remapping… …on the outer clips and the speed
of the middle clip. After a little time we got
this out of it. It looks pretty cool, but… …we’re going to need some motion blur
on the parts that have been speeded up. We wanna create the impression that the
camera was actually moving at that speed, so that’s why you wanna see
some blurry background. I’m adding an adjustment layer over the clips
on which I’ll add the Directional blur effect. Just as the camera movement starts,
I create a keyframe for the blur length. When I’m at full speed,
I increase that value. I create that same keyframe again a little
before the end of the camera movement… …and then I would make a last keyframe
back to zero on the final end. Now, you might wanna ease out the first
keyframe and ease in the last keyframe… …for a smoother transition. And now is also important that you adjust
the angle of the blur. If your camera goes into a fix direction,
you can leave this at one certain value, but if your camera is going up and down, you
might wanna adjust this as well with keyframes. The motion blur is applied
on the entire image, so… …under the Directional blur effect itself I click on the Pen tool
to create a new mask. Around Yannick I would draw
a very rough mask. First I invert the mask and then
I increase the feather a bunch. From the beginning, I created a keyframe
for the mask path. Then I adjust my mask over time
so that it stays on Yannick. Important here is that the dashed line is
somehow touching the edge of your subject. If it would come to far, you will see
this ghosting, which you need to avoid. And that’s all there is to it. The result is of course
not the same, but… …considering we did this
on a mini-jib, it’s pretty dope. Thanks for watching, guys! This
Sunday it’ll be Christmas eve, so… …happy Christmas to everyone
who will celebrate that. Those who don’t… …well, happy Christmas too. And stay creative! -So, Yannick. What’s the plan? -Creating a cool light set… [babbling sounds] [babbling sounds] Follow me, guys. -Yannick, what are you doing? -I’m making a thumbnail for “rewind”.

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