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One would not expect dawn deliberately after being in the darkness
for a long time Although everything has been condensed into frost as long as having been together with you my soul would never die Uncle, Gu Jia has an accident and is at the hospital right now There is no matched blood type
in the blood bank of the hospital and you’re the only person whose blood
could match with that of Gu Jia I beg you. Please help him Don’t be afraid. I’m coming If I transfuse your blood you will get old, and your youth will be gone forever,
right? As long as you are fine enjoy your life lightheartedly I would have no regrets about my youth Swinging Blossom Hey, stop Where is the money, bro No money I have told you to bring some over here
last time Hey, give me Ah a shameless evil I will kill you Uncle, please don’t beat him And I’m talking about you! I will kill you
if you encounter me again You you have lost my face Dad! Dad! Please don’t hit him. Please! Dad! Dad! Hey Gu what are you going for Take a walk Come here. We need one more player. You always need one more player I have played Majiang with you guys
for over half of my lifetime I have to hang out today Ah! you must go to the old woman Wei. Ok, come on We dare not to make you join us
because of the old woman Wei You, such a dirty old man It’s you, the dirty old man Wei Mengyun has been waiting for you wholeheartedly for over half a lifetime and she follows you wherever you are Come on. You are wrong Oh, Sijun it would impair your stomach
to eat water ice in such a cold day It doesn’t matter I have accustomed to it Come on You are no longer young
and should stop doing that Um. Yeah You would regret
if you have any stomach trouble It doesn’t matter. I’m no longer young We are coming, uncle Gu Jia -Aunt Wei is also here Hello, Aunt Wei Hello, guys How long haven’t you come here About over two months. Rare visitors Uncle, I have been busy in working Gu Jia is in the Senior Grade Three now Ok, let’s go ahead. Ok come here Gu Jia Good bye Aunt Wei I could have come early Hey, Ziyu is coming Come on, we need one more player Ok you can play with them I am accompanied by Gu Jia Alright uncle. I will play with you go Oh, why do they play Majiang every day,
grandpa The several old men too boring Fortunately I have you guys come to visit me
for several times a year while they can only see each other
for the rest of their life They need one more player. Why don’t you join them It’s too boring with annoying noisy Ah, why don’t you move home with me,
grandpa Move home -Hum Hum Hum What are you planning? Well, I think you are boring here alone and I want to accompany you every day Hey, you must have a plan, little boy Alright,
I will tell you the truth, grandpa The college entrance examination
is coming and my mother madly forces me
to study every day Which has made me crazy Oh Please help me, grandpa If this goes on, I would be exhausted
before going to university Ok Ok Let your father come here Ok Please come in, uncle You haven’t come for a long time What’s going on My uncle wants to live in our house
/for several days No, it’s not a good idea He is so lonely
and helpless living in the nursing home So let him stay here for several days, ok? He can also help you to take care of Gu Jia Help me? Who cook dinners? Who do the laundry? And who help him to clean Now, his pension has increased
over RMB 2, 000 per month. Gu Jia come and help your grandpa
to take the luggage in Ok Now that you have come,
you can live here longer Gu Jia is going to take
the college entrance examination which is very critical Please help me to supervise him together Ok Uncle, if you need anything please tell me That’s all right But I’m a little hungry now Ok, I go to cook immediately Xiaowei I heard that Gu Jia’s English
is not very well so I have decided to let him attend
English classes at a cram school I will pay for that I’m going to take him there tomorrow,
ok? Well, it’s great It really bothers you a lot.
I’m going to cook dinner for you Which kind of English classes
do you want me to attend, grandpa Trust me. It’s great Gu Sijun, you such a son of a bitch son of a bitch Why do you marry me? -Cuifang You have ruined all my life -I’m sorry I have to go to class Ok. Study hard, son Gu Jia, Gu Jia your mother has left Let’s hang out Hang out? Oh Quickly Where do you want to go I want to participate in this activity Ma Mingjin,
opening reception of versatile art Yeah, this Ma Mingjin is my idol He is legendary He became the well-known
domestic designer at the age of 16 18 he gave up
the college entrance examination and went to America was called Chinese child prodigy
in New York Really? Of course Oh, I’m a little hungry So let s go to eat some delicious food. Great The meals your mother cooked
are really terrible. Hahahaha Do you dislike the meals I cooked for you have bought junk food Uncle,
how could you so ignorant like a child that instigate Gu Jia to drop classes If the cram school
doesn’t have my phone number I still could not know what happened Gu Jia I will accompany you
to go to class from now on and you are not allowed to go anywhere except cram school, or you stay at home. Ding Wei, your coercion policy would
bury child’s nature If you live in my house,
please follow my family’s rules Otherwise, I would send you back
to the nursing home Hello, can I help you, uncle Is it here to enroll
for this opening reception? This is only for inside invitation So could you tell me
how can I buy the ticket Oh, it’s not a matter of money Please stop being a starchaser
at your age Hahaha, you’ve misunderstood me It’s my grandson my grandson who likes the Ma…jin Oh How about that you pay me RMB 8, 800 for an invitation 8, 800RMB It’s too expensive It worth that much, you know I would not sell it If you did not ask me to help you Why does it cost so much for just seeing a person If President Ma learns this,
I would be criticized badly This is the first exchange meeting
of domestic YK vision which is worth participating in Hey, uncle If you could not afford this,
please don’t add trouble to us Dancing with the aunts on the square
is a good idea for you Swipe card Ma Mingjin is so handsome today Yeah -Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry Oh, look, what did you do I’m really sorry for that When did we employ old models Old uncle, at your age You should stay at home, watching birds,
basking and having some tea Why are you here adding trouble
to our young people How could you say that, little girl Using my mouth Alright, here we go keep away from the old man
who tends to blackmail young people How could you treat the aged
in this rude way Oh, don’t be angry. Don’t be angry. Be careful of your little heart. Hey, is it little Oh, yeah yeah yeah, it’s old You You the generation
after 90s are too unruly Hello, Mr. Ma Please clear up here Ok, I’ll do it right now Hello, Mr. Ma do you need me to make any adjustments Oh, no. Thank you Ok. If you need anything, please tell me Comrade You… Do you have any questions? I… You must be the model Why haven’t you change clothes Stylist yeah please make up
and change clothes for him You are? Ah Hey, what are you doing Why are you dragging me what are you doing Make up for you Make up?Why? What’s going on with my face Your face is too dry You should have made a facial mask
before leaving home in order to make up easily Change clothes first Handsome boy Eh I’m sorry that
I don’t know there is anyone here It doesn’t matter I need to change clothes Go ahead Thank you Eh why are you still here Go ahead Are you embarrassed Let me help you hey hey hey hey hey hey No. How could you do this Such a young boy Why are you so slow to change slow Excuse me. Please go ahead, Mr. Wu I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to Hello, Manager Ma Handcuffs You are a police Ok. Ok. Stop. Stop Wu Ling, I don’t care about
what you are doing but please don’t let this kind of stuff
appear in my company, ok? No problem, I’m sorry Yeah. Yeah. Yeah this kind of stuff could
cause a panic easily Put it away You should leave with me Only staying in this place
could cause a panic easily Ah. Let’s go Hey,
why do you always like to drag others I want have a popsicle, aunt Ok, wait a minute Ok, thank you Hey, little boy it costs RMB 1.5 each RMB 1.5? Is it RMB 0.5? Ah, this was the price of ten years ago I sell it at the lowest price Ok RMB 1.5. Thanks Who are you? Hey, you are such an old guy oh What’s happen? There is a new guest in Gu’s home This guy is very handsome Eh Ah I’m the most handsome guy in the world Hey Ah… Do you have that kind of relationship
with Wu Ling Who? Wu Ling, the guy that yesterday you Oh, turn out that he is Wu Ling You even don’t know his name. And you… I don’t discriminate against this, so please don’t misunderstand me Ah, you’ve really misunderstood me We just knew each other yesterday I just took his bag for mine Oh, really Yeah, there is nothing
between him and me I advise you to not have
any improper relation with him He has as many lovers as there are
fishes in the sea The more, the better. Will you come
to the opening reception tonight? I already have no money It doesn’t matter. I invite you I think you are an excellent model So could my friend come here with me? It is up to you President Ma!
Come in, please. Come in, please Ah, where is your invitation? I… It’s not accessible
without the invitation Get out. Get out. Get out Two invitations Let’s go Hey, dude, thanks for your invitations Dude You are welcome. It’s just a little gift Thank you, dude Hello, Mr. Ma Are you ok? I… He is a big strong man and he is fine. Are you ok? This is the friend you’ve mentioned Oh, he is Gu Jia, my ne dear friend Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve known each other
for over twenty minutes Oh, twenty minutes is a long time Mingjin,
is this our company’s new model? Oh, he is not yet because the contract hasn’t been signed The contract is just a paper
and means nothing He is excellent and he can attend
our company’s youth project Really? Can I attend the project? Of course we welcome the young people
to participate in our company’s activity yes Hey, dude, you are almost my lucky star. Everything goes well with your help. Yeah So can you do me a favor? Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. Can I move to your house? No may my mother would kill me How about other requests Can I rent your house? Don’t you have home? I don’t want to go home because they play Majiang every day the noise of which makes me
could not fall asleep at all You are as poor as my grandpa Good evening. Ladies and gentlemen Let’s get into next part Let’s look at this photo Shoulder is the widest part
of human body the optic center of the photo the foundation of the head Do you understand? OK Now welcome our model Gu Jun I’m going to take him as an example and explain to you Let’s welcome our model Gu Jun Please take off your clothes Well, generally speaking the leaning shoulders could balance the picture slightly When the model is not in the center
of the picture his shoulder will extend
out of the picture Can you understand in this way? Thanks our model Gu Jun Hey! Handsome Excellent performance.
Can we make friends Well, I know you Really? Where? I couldn’t remember.
How could you remember Of course, I remember. You are so beautiful and so graceful with murderous hearts You! Are you serious? Even the most expensive perfume could not cover the smell
of cheap nicotine from you What are you talking about? You!!! And you must have so much night life that your pores are big enough to plug sesame You go too far Why are you bitches pretend to be so graceful Are you still a gentleman
to bully a girl The two individuals who even insult
an old man are not worth my respect -You
-It is the Chinese traditional virtues that respecting the old
and cherishing the young Afterwards,
clean yourself first before leaving home You are so rampant Hey it’s kind of a karma meeting How do you thank me Thank you? Yeah, because of my being late you get the chance to show yourself
because of my being late Oh, haha…Ah you are praising yourself immodestly Well, I’m going to join
a birthday party this weekend Will you come with me Oh…a birthday party Well, I’m not so energetic
that join a birthday party with you young people It is a good chance
to communicate with each other for the company’s high-level leaders
will come Alright, alright I’ll go. I’ll go. handsome boy -Oh Remember to be well dressed Oh…OKOK Dad Gu Jia is back Hello, uncle, aunt This is? Oh…This is my classmate classmate? Yeah, he is my classmate
from the English tutorial class His parents has gone abroad, and there is not anybody at home
taking care of him So he wants to live in our house
for a while during the winter holiday Is that ok? It’s hard for me to concentrate
on study at home alone so I want to study with Gu Jia
in order to supervise each other make progress together Your parents often go to America so your English should also be very well we only have one guest room And Gu Jia’s grandpa is uncle have returned to the nursing home I think Gu Jun can live in our home
for a while Uncle is Uncle has called you and said that he wouldn’t come back By the way he has really taken our home
as a hotel for he comes and goes whenever he wants to If you don’t agree with me, you can go to the nursing home
living with your uncle together Yeah, of course welcome to our home You and Gu Jia should work hard
and make progress together Yeah, of course I’m hungry, Mom Why haven’t you had a meal
for it is late now Well, I’ll go cooking for you Oh, where is the kitchen, uncle and aunt Oh, it’s over there Ok, I’ll go Such a diligent child -Um… Gu Jia, come and help me
to scramble an egg You You Hello, Gu Jia This is You You, the intern of YK Hello, I’m You You, the new intern Hello, hello No wonder Gu Jia asked me
to come together with him so that’s it No, no Well, I go through the formalities
for you first Ok Hey hey tell me that you like him, right? It’s none of your business I tell you -Oh, Mr. Ma, Mr. Ma Hello, you guys Hello, Mr. Ma.
We are coming for enrollment I hope you achieve good results Only the top ten
are eligible to sign with YK We will absolutely have no problem
with your strong support I’m afraid that you are even not
eligible to enroll it If you rely on me Ah we need a manikin
for the temporary photographing later Do you want to have a try? I’ll go. I’ll go Come to the photostudio later OK Hey, what are you wondering? Let’s go His chest muscles are so sexy. Ah, I have to go to make up Ok -see you later Why haven’t you change clothes I have changed.
These are my best clothes Don’t they look beautiful too ugly They are really Ugly Are you kidding it’s ok. it’s ok I bring about a suit. Have a try Come Fine You are shy Well you are in a hurry. But I really appreciate it Ah, why do you take off your clothes? An, wait a minute I will not let you go this time Hey, hey, wait a minute Hey, hey There will be so much fun later Are you fear of pain. Pain? Wu Ling. You will get into trouble. why do you like to make fun of the uncle Uncle, I like challenging. What’s the big deal. Ha ha ha Don’t depress your desire and listen to your own heart I refuse it Oh -The stuff I bought will be useless Ah, are these clothes Of course, they are What is the ball used for Plug the mouth Plug the mouth? Tell me the truth Are you a police? What? You should have arranged
a sting operation for me I was almost tricked by you What’s wrong with you?
These are just props I’m not a police You are so unromantic Um, don’t be so mad at me The props are so gaudy? What is it used for I know this is used
for repelling mosquitoes and this is an eye mask used for sleeping Oh what’s wrong with you? You really don’t know this Well, let me tell you, ok? Tell me what? You have to experience it to really understand the fun Experience? Hey, come here Ah, what are you going to do? Keep quiet. You will enjoy it Ah, ah, wait a minute Hey -Ah Hey Um. Ah. Ah. Ah Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah Hey. Please. Ah. Um Ah Mr. Ma Amy Help yourself please -Thank you Why don’t you talk to me at home,
but outside I really lost my face today Ah, what’s going on? Tell me On the party today I was mistaken for having an affair
with Wu Ling by Ma Mingjin Ah That’s terrible Ma Mingjin hates bitterly
the style of Wu Ling Maybe you could not come back He is strict with model’s private life Yeah, he is developing YK vision in order to sign the mannered models who are good for photographing Are you listening to me Yeah Ah ah ah. That’s all I will go hiking with You tomorrow so I have to go Your relationship
is getting closer Well, I just want to tell you that
you must be aware of what you are doing I know. Ah, alright. Let’s go Where have you gone tonight? We have absolutely gone
to the cram school right You are still cheating on me I have learned from your teacher Aunt, Gu Jia lied to you because of me You? What’s going on I’m sorry, aunt Actually, I have been cheating on you on you that my parents parents have divorced
because of disharmony Gu Jia learns that I’m in a bad mood so he comes to me. l’m sorry. I’m sorry tell me your mother’s telephone number and I help you to persuade them. Oh, no. they have divorced Well,
your mother must be extremely sad now Oh so I think you should pack up and go home to accompany your mother Mom Go in and study Excuse me. Your information doesn’t conform
to that on the ID card so we can’t provide you with a room Why are you here? Gu Jia called me here Wow, your house is too big have a seat I go upstairs and get you a quilt Ah You sleep in this room tonight. Great. Which master has drawn this picture? The one in front of you You should paint so well When I was living abroad before I tried to create something casually using watercolor and clay
in order to kill time Casually If was really valuable in our age Hum, your age Which age? You’ve travelled the time I mean that talents are scarce
in the age of my grandpa I would be criticized to die
if I was born in the age of your grandpa That age I’m sorry for what happened today The innocent person is always innocent so you need not to explain
and apologize to me I have to go to bed Good night Good night Ah Ah Morning So early. Where are you going to Go to the gym have a drink It’s good for health to have a drink
in the morning I come to drink water I spent the whole day yesterday
without water which made me thirsty Your health would break down if you continue Ah, ah Well, come with me. I’ll give you a gym card Do you have many gym cards Yeah change your clothes, and let’s go Fine So that is what the gym looks like What are you looking at! Stand aside Oh…oh… -You deserve it I’m sorry. I’m sorry Haven’t you ever been to the gym before Well, I saw it on the TV before and this is my first time to the gym I promise you are the most
unfashionable model I have ever met What’s this? This is running machine. Do you want to have a try? Come here oh…It moves It can move Ah.. -hahahaha. Ah Why is it moving faster and taster? Oh… stop, stop, stop, stop Oh, dude, I thought you were kidding I don’t expect that
you really don’t know how to use it Ah…ah…Oh my God. Come on Hey Look here. Look up Oh! I don’t expect that
the master takes photo like this Hey Don’t be so rude. You are so naughty Stretch your body Ah What’s up Don’t move. Don’t move Oh, oh. I don’t move What’s going on There is a spider Ah What a shame such a strong man, is scared by a spider The spider is really terrible Fine. Where is it? Ah. It’s here just now Ah ah. Don’t move Why The spider is on your ass Ah. Take it off Well, it’s dead Dead How could you beat it to death on my underpants Anyway, you have to wash my underpants I have to wash your underpants Hey, are you serious Yeah, of course, you deserve it Hey, are you drinking wine
to get over the shock I like to drink some wine at night Men should drink liquor No wonder a spider could scare you To prove your gender by drinking wine
is really not a good idea Hey, pour some for me I’ll try the feminine wine Ah, it’s not bad Well, want more oh Yeah, of course Hey, cheers Ah Shake up Smell and taste Ah Music and wine are the best choice Cheers Great Ah How does it taste Great want more Please fill Don’t be so stingy, and fill me a bumper Stop shooting Hey, have a look Ah. It’s so ugly. Stop shooting Let me have a look Ah don’t be so disappointed That I take photos is either for art or for the most beautiful moment There is only art
instead of ugliness in my world Haha. Come here. I take photos for you Ah Ah It’s Ah Hahaha -Foolish It would be great if I have this stuff when I was young At least I can take it as a souvenir When The seventies of the 20th century The seventies of the 20th century? Are you Du Minjun? Haha He has become the indispensable part
in my life ah Ah…what are you doing? Getting up Why are you in my room? How could I know What did we do last night? Nothing I want to go running Do you want to go? Ah Lift your arm Don’t sit on my face I will not Ah ah Ah…ah no no Ah no no ah What’s up? Why are you so depressed Alas, you can tell me what happened and as your grandpa I can help you Ah, how could you insult me No, I don’t. I just worry about you My parents and You You’s parents
have perceived the relationship between You You and me I once encountered the same question
when I was young When you are young Gu Jia to tell you the truth I’m your grandpa Oh, are you still kidding me No, I’m not. I’m serious You asked me to move to your home because your mother forced you
to study hard under her coercion policy, right? Yeah You once told me that you wanted to go
to Ma Mingjin’s fans party, right? Yeah I assisted you
in dropping the first class from that cram school
which I applied for you At last, we were positioned
and found by your mother, right? Ah, did you kidnap my grandpa? Ah, Gu Jia when you are young at my home you once knocked over the boiled water scalding your hands with bubbles When you were a junior high school freshman you untied the bra of the girl
in front of you Instead of your mother,
I went to your head teacher -And when you are in senior middle school
-Ahahah, stop I believe you, I believe you Ah… I’m sure it’s painful you are not dreaming No, I know that you are wondering
why you have become like this I could not explain
to you clearly for this moment because I don’t know, either Now the problem that needs
to be solved is you If you really like him I will fully support you Grand…pa If you are not used to it, you can call me dude Actually, I even don’t know why I like men. Am I sick? No, you are not sick. Don’t worry about that You just like men but your love is also pure I once liked a boy
when I was twenty years old I don’t know what
I should do at that time, just like you He opposed to us greatly
and tried to obstruct us all the time Finally,
I gave up this relationship and my lover which leave me stay in the shadow
all the time This is the greatest regret in my life Are people so intolerant at your age? If people knew that
I liked men at my age I would not live till now I tell you my past because I do not want you
to repeat my mistakes living lonely for the whole life Um, I know, grandpa Do you want to eat? You should like eating this Yeah,
I like eating this all the year round I don’t like it Gu Jun look at the photos I took just now How does your hand get hurt It doesn’t matter Is it painful? Yeah I’ll help you with it What did you do with that? Nothing You and I are the most suitable couple Ah? Do you know that Ma Mingjin
and Amy are going to be married? What? Gu Jun you have been cheated,
because he likes women instead of you I am the one who really like you and who really love you If you go on like this,
you will be the other woman. Do you know that? Wu Ling, what are you talking about I am talking about you Why do you fight me for Gu Jun since you are in a relationship with Amy Gu Jun is not yours. He is the model of the company Wu Ling,
I have stood you for a long time. You’d better behave today Well, Ma Mingjin if you like him you must speak out aboveboard Can you? Can you? Can you? Wu Ling, you are a bastard Well, well Ah… Wu Ling. Stand up I have to fight with you. You are crazy My face Wu Ling Hey, stop Get out, Wu Ling. You are fired No big deal Bah Gu Jun Ah, ah, stop gathering here and go to work It really hurts Gu Jun what are you doing? Gu Jun do you really want to go? Gu Jun Why are you coming? -President Ma
-What’s up? Amy wants to hold the wedding ceremony
in advance This is new site for it
and the whole wedding process Do you want to have a look? What happened? Amy has known the quarrel thing
in the company which makes her very angry Gu Jun Gu Jun Don’t leave You will be the bridegroom so I shall not stay here bothering you Gu Jun, listen to me There is nothing to explain I don’t have to stay here Amy is the one you want marry not me Wow, it’s amazing The plants
which my blood drops on can revive But the skin near the wounds shall
become what it used to be I think my blood has the function
of cure and rejuvenation Can your wound recover? This is the wound from last night and I think it could not recover You must be careful
and could not get hurt any more I know I don’t want to
turn into that old man again What are you going to do next? I intend to enjoy myself I think you are not enjoying yourself. You are escaping
and following the same old road Hey, you are instructing your grandpa Hey, are you still working, honey Amy You are so busy in working that you must have forgotten that
today is your birthday Yeah Amy thank you We are getting married. Please don’t be so polite to me The birthday party has been prepared and my parents are on the way. Let’s go Amy I have to talk with you What’s up Amy I am grateful to you
for being so good to me these years I don’t want to cheat on both myself I… I might not marry you Because of that Gu Jun Ma Mingjin,
do you know what you are doing? Amy I’m serious Ma Mingjin I haven’t blamed you for making trouble
in the company yesterday but you are still so insatiable I could not believe that
you should like men I would have wanted to forgive you get married with me
as soon as possible Ma Mingjin It is I who has paid the price
for you all these years Who has helped you
to hold the exhibitions abroad? Who has helped you to manage the company
since the founding of the company? You could not succeed without me. Without me,
you are just a loser who can do nothing except for photographing Amy, I’m sorry It’s all my faults. I have disappointed you But, if I don’t tell you my my true thoughts now it would do greater harm to you Aren’t you doing the greatest harm to me
right now? Amy sorry It’s all my faults I will compensate for you later Mingjin, don’t go I love you Ma Mingjin If you go.
I would never let you back again What’s going on between you and You You As long as we could be together now,
we, we are content. But, I don’t know what will happen
between us in the future If you really worry about him it proves that you love him You should deal with your feelings
in a correct way, which you teach me You have been escaping from
personal feelings for several decades. Is it long enough? Fine fine.
Taking care of yourself is enough I have to eat something I would eat all the stuff that
I could not afford when I was young. Wait for me Hello, are you Mr. Ma I know Gu Jun in where. Gu Jun Gu Jun Open the door. I have something to talk to you We have nothing to talk about Please don’t come to me again Gu Jun Can you give me a chance to explain At least, hear me out now Actually,
I have fallen in love with you long ago and you have always been in the depth
of my heart Gu Jun even I am not aware of this Gu Jun it is the most exciting love being together with you ever Hey, are you Gu Sijun Wei Mengyun is critical ill,
and she wants to see you. I want to give up this love I have told Amy my true thoughts I have cancelled the wedding ceremony Gu Jun I only want to be together with you Gu Jun Why don’t send her to the hospital? Aunt Wei was diagnosed with
advanced liver cancer half a year ago She only wants to stay
in the nursing home instead of the hospital She is so weak that
she might not have much time to live Please contact her families
as soon as possible She doesn’t have any families Ah, let’s go Mengyun, Mengyun You you are Gu Sijun It’s me Why are you, you so young I don’t expect that
you could recognize me How could I not recognize you Look You are as handsome as before. Mengyun I’m sorry I’m sorry These years I have brought you
so much psychological burden How can it be If l don’t know you I would not know where
to eat the fifty-cents popsicle. Promise me that
you would no longer eat popsicles It’s too cold
Which is not good for your health Now, you can live over again Something should be released Don’t be too stubborn young now Do what you want to do and don’t let yourself regret Hey I’m really jealous of you If If I can live over again, I would accompany you like now… like now It’s so nice to have you here when I am to go to the heaven Hey Uncle, Gu Jia has an accident
and is at the hospital right now There is no matched blood type
in the blood bank of the hospital and you’re the only person whose blood
could matchwith that of Gu Jia I beg you. Please help him I’ll right there What’s up My friend is sick I have to go to the hospital. Ah, Gu Jun I’ll accompany you. Where’s Gu Jia? Ah Inside What’s going on? Ah It’s all my faults that when I was climbing with Gu Jia today I have to compete with him I thought that I had left him behind It turned out to be that
his safety rope broke and he dropped into the mountain When I found him,
he had lost too much blood Gu Jia has the rare blood type Only his grandpa has the same blood type
with Gu Jia He hasn’t come till now What should we do I’ll go and see Gu Jia first Grandpa Don’t be afraid. I’m coming Thanks If I transfuse your blood, you will get old and your youth will be gone forever,
right As long as you are fine and enjoy your life lightheartedly I would have no regrets about my youth Nurse, do you see Gu Jun? No. Please go there and have a look Doctor -Sir do you see Gu Jun? I haven’t seen him You don’t worry. Slowly said Gu Jun, Gu Jun Gu Jun Gu Jun Mingjin When you read this letter I have gone to the other world You don’t have to look for me again Because I have gone to the other world. Maybe you could no longer see me. Don’t be sad Good times don’t last long and men will not be young
all the whole life Gu Jun Beautiful time is always fleeting Thank you for the happiness
you brought to me during this period Although the beautiful time
is transitory it makes me rebirth again I hope that you can encounter
a better person who loves you more than me I will bless you silently
in a corner of the world, goodbye (After 3 months) Kid This photo is for you Thank you You are welcome Boy The photo is great.

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