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Why does your face
only show on my “Eat Jin”? Why is it your “Eat Jin”? – This is my “Eat Jin”.
– Do your “Mandaggo” thing. “Mandaggo”?
No more of that. I’ll do “Mandaggo” when I want. We’re getting viewers. – You…
– I’ll log in, too. – How many viewers before
I show you? – Oh, it’s on. “Eat Jin + Chimchim”.
Why are you Chimchim? I’m tapping hearts. Heart, heart, heart, heart. I’ll show you when
we get 3,000 viewers. Why do you only show
on my broadcast? I said this is mine. – Collaboration.
– Collaboration. – Right. This isn’t a guest thing. – Collaboration.
– Collaboration. – Yes, man. Long way to go until 3,000.
I should air on my own. – Today is very…
– Jimin, can I sneeze? – Yeah? – We got 3,000 viewers.
– Not yet. Uh? – 4,900 viewers.
– I didn’t want to show you. Can’t you turn that off?
It’s too loud. Oh man. I’ll show your face now. Say hi. 2, 3! BTS! Hi there.
I’m BTS’s… smooch. Hi, I’m Jimin. We’re here today for “Eat Jin”. Right.
Who’s broadcast is “Eat Jin”? Look, “Eat Jin”.
The name says Jin. It’s my broadcast,
so don’t cut me out. Explain why I didn’t
come out from the start. – Hey.
– Explain your reason, okay? – Thanks. – You’re the star.
His first ever mop top hairstyle. – I was like… – J-Hope suggested.
– I was sitting still and said, “I’ll do whatever
J-Hope tells me to do”. He said, “Give Jin a mop top hair”. So I got a mop top haircut. How many viewers now? – 67,000 are watching.
– Then let’s start “Eat Jin”. Actually, we just came from our fan meeting. Today was our last
fan meeting in Osaka, Japan. – The last one on this tour.
– Right, our tour’s last one. We had dinner afterwards.
So we’re full right now. We’d like to do “Eat Jin,”
but we can’t. So we got a special menu ready. Tell them about our menu. We have different menus. Really? You got your own? – Tell them about yours.
– I can eat mine. I got gum that I can
chew for a long time. – My menu is gum.
– Mine is… I can savor it longer. It’s like… So I got candy ready. – Candy. – That’s right.
– I’ll give you some gum. This is for you.
Hold this for me. – Then…
– I… – I’ll take a bite of gum.
– For you… So tasty. Look. I got you… Tell them how it tastes first. – 7 different…
– This has 7 flavors. First, grape flavor. Second, peach.
Third, orange. Fourth, lemon.
Fifth, green grapes. Sixth, blueberry.
And seventh, Army’s love. Laugh, so I won’t feel bad. – So fun.
– It’d hurt my pride to laugh. I got 3 flavors ready today. I like strawberry flavor. I like strawberry candy.
So strawberry and milk strawberry. – Strawberry.
– Strawberry. And this…
I don’t know what this is. BTS’s flavor of love? This is… What flavor is this?
You try it. – Tasty.
– Why do that? – Don’t do that on air.
– What? – Tasty.
– Don’t do that. – A bite of my second gum.
– Reserve that for us. Since this is “Eat Jin,”
I got old man’s jokes ready. Do you know what
sesame is when dead? I think you told me.
Isn’t it dead sesame (freckles)? – Sorry, I didn’t mean to guess.
But that came to mind. – Really? – It’s okay. I have more.
– What else? You! Do you know what
color hamburgers are? – Hamburgers?
– Yeah. Burgundy! Burgundy! There’s more. – You’re real shabby now.
– Why? Taste this first.
I took it out of the wrap. – What taste…
– You’re not on screen. Delicious carrot flavor. – Really? – Yeah.
– Carrot flavor? That can’t be. No, it’s not.
How can this be carrot? Hang on, hold this. I like candy flavors, so… Isn’t that strawberry flavor? Oh, not candy flavor.
I like strawberry, so it’s for me. – I won’t give you.
– Let go! Is that strawberry flavor?
What’s a runaway strawberry? – Wild berry.
– Strawberry jam. – My pride hurts to laugh.
– Why? – So embarrassing.
– No need to get your pride hurt. My “Eat Jin” menu is gum,
so why am I eating this? – I’ll hold the camera like this.
– I’ll eat another gum. Today, to be honest… Only the name is “Eat Jin”. We wanted to shoot
“Eat Jin” since yesterday. But we didn’t expect
to have dinner and get full. So we can’t talk while eating. To be honest, what I wanted
to see on “Eat Jin” is… Bang! What was that?
I played along, but what was that? I wanted to see this. – What’s this?
– I thought of it for days. Bang! – I’m embarrassed.
– What is it? – It came to mind. I wanted to see this
while we’re on “Eat Jin”. But we ate dinner… We came after eating, so…
It should of been while eating. – Then it’d be funnier.
– What is it? What you did to me last time. What I did to you? – While on “Eat Jin”.
– Not that. What I did at
our fan meeting today. I forgot and washed
my hands with wet tissue. You might not know it,
but I’ll show you. He… He staged an event. An event. I posted it. This was our encore outfit. Can they see it? This was our encore outfit.
Without me knowing, he drew that on
the back of my outfit. So I went on stage with it.
He took my raincoat off on stage, and that was on my back. For events, there’s no foes or allies.
Wait, not foes. Not foes. – Someone you need to trick…
– No one should know. 5 hours before this stage, I discussed this with
all our concert staff. Today is our last day,
so what we should do. We first talked about drinking coke to do the event.
Drinking coke from thirst and when it’s all gone, to make “Army Heart” appear.
We planned that at first. – Wouldn’t you burp?
– That’s why it was scrapped. – I…
– You say, “I’m thirsty” and… Everyone… burp… – That’d be an ugly sight.
– I don’t actually burp though. I haven’t burped since I debuted. Anyhow, that’s how it was. That idea was rejected. The second idea was writing “Army heart” on
Jungkook’s shirt in secret. But he said it’s too hot and refused to wear his raincoat. So Jungkook was out of the picture. Someone suggested you.
We feared you might catch on, but you were slow
like we expected. – So you didn’t catch on.
– I usually catch on quick. I’m more quick-witted
than you think. Then why didn’t you today? I was too tired,
so I didn’t take a look. I checked everything…
Who’s that? Should I make a guess? – I can think of two.
– Let’s each say one person. I’ll say the younger guy. – I think one of them is V.
– I think it’s Jungkook. – Do you know why? He never usually comes,
but only since we’re on air. – Right.
– I’m certain about this. Let’s go. [Singing] Who is it? [Singing] – Jungkook.
– Yeah? Did you ever come
when I called you before? – No.
– Then why visit now? What? What? – What? – You’re on air!
– So why come now? “Eat Jin”?
Want to be on “Eat Jin”? – Yeah. – Why all of a sudden?
– Say you love me thrice. I love you, I love you, I love you. Hang on. Go away.
Why do you get to decide? – It’s my room!
– But this show is mine. “Eat Jin” is mine,
so why say it’s yours? I turned it on, so it’s mine. I’ll decide when he enters.
No, go away! Wait. I’m going to open it. No! – Jungkook!
– I’ll open the door. Quiet down.
You open it, but let me talk. Jungkook. – Jungkook! – Oh man.
– Hey, get lost. – Say I love you Jin thrice.
– Don’t let him in like that. Did I say I’m letting him in?
I just told him to say it. You don’t do it
when I usually tell you to. Say I love you, Jimin. – See? Only in front of fans.
– Say this. – I don’t need Jimin.
– I don’t need Jimin. – Jimin is 173 cm. – Jimin is 173 cm.
– Why did you do that? – All right.
– It’s the truth though. – Hey!
– 173,5 cm. – No, it’s 173,6 cm.
– 176 cm? No, 173,6 cm.
He was off by 0,1 cm. Hey! Dance for us. – Dance?
– Do what you usually won’t. You won’t if we ask you to
off camera, so dance! Right on spot. Dance that one thing. Hey! Dance to “N.O”. – I don’t even remember that.
– What? What did you do? We didn’t see it. We really didn’t see. – Hurry, open the door.
– No. All right. Who’s crazy photo? – Or I’d post it on Twitter.
– All right, come in. – Who’s photo? – Post it.
– No, don’t do that! What nonsense is that? Jungkook. Didn’t you post it yet?
– JK, listen to me. JK, listen to me. Hey! Jungkook, calm down. – Calm down.
– You can post it. Come on in. It’s so hard to enter. – Why did you come?
– I saw you on air. – You got a flavor I like.
– No, that’s mine. This is my “Eat Jin” gum. – This is my candy!
– No, it’s mine. – How absurd.
– You have your own candy. Candy… Bang! I can’t respond to that. You’ve been doing that
for this long, huh? – No. – What? No.
– We were talking serious. Why does your laugh
sound like washing windows? – What?
– It sounds like washing windows. When Jin laughs. He’s trying it out. – It sounds different.
– Because you used your hands. – Put on some talent since you’re here.
– My talent? What should I do? Why are you here? – To watch you shoot.
– To watch us? – To see us in person? Come visit when I call you. – No.
– He never listens. – Yeah.
– But he obeys when on air. – Yeah. Jungkook, you’re like.. Right? You weren’t like this before. – What happened, Jungkook?
– I take it from you. Let’s talk more serious. Want to see Jungkook? – Nothing to say though.
– Want to see Jungkook? Want to see him? – Many gum flavors.
– There are 7. When I first came to Japan… – Show more of him?
– Then today… – Let’s do arm wrestling.
– You’re strong and also my left. – Then with left hand.
– I’d beat you then. – Then beat me.
– Okay then. – Beat me. – Hey, I…
– Do you know win in English? – Win. – More, more, more?
– Really? I thought of victory. That’s victory. You! Don’t you remember
when you were 15? Want me to say it here? – No matter.
– No matter? I… Shoot us. I… When Jungkook first came
to the practice studio… – Are you shooting me? Self-mode?
– No, it’s not on self-mode. Let me check. – Hurry, shoot me.
– All right. When he was 15…
That’s still self-mode, right? – I’ll shoot you for real.
– Really? – Am I on screen?
– Yeah. – For real.
– Okay. When I…
Keep your hand still. – Don’t turn it back. I’m talking.
– All right. I was 20 year old then.
Don’t switch it back. – I won’t. It’s something else.
– Want to see my wrath? – No, it’s for real.
– Angry… – It’s this. I’ll shoot you. It was back when…
5 years ago, so it was 2012. No… Oh, you’re right. Yeah. When you first came
to the practice studio. – You and I… – It was 2011.
– Sorry, I’m no math genius. But I still got rank 3 on math.
Anyways. I’m shooting you. – This.
– What was that sound? Keep still. Say ah. – This also moves.
– Can’t you do it on my eyes? – Your eyes… Keep talking.
– 2011. – 2011. Jungkook and I… What was it? It was a week after I met him. I came first and Jungkook
came a day or two later. Right? No, it was on the same day. No, I was a day or two early. – I signed the contract before.
– Yeah, but I was at the studio. I saw Rap Monster
for a day or two more. Anyways. Back in 2011… Jungkook and I went to eat. So we left the studio.
But then… There was an English… What was that thing? We saw an electronics shop. – You’re too close.
– I’ll shoot from further back. We saw an electronics shop.
I got bored, so I asked Jungkook to read what it said. He said, “Hi Mart”. – No difference.
– How is that same as Hi Mart? – Hey.
– It could be the same. Hey, hang on. I was busy shooting myself. Sorry, I was shooting myself. But that’s not important.
Why is our talk like this? We’re in front of fans.
So what’s up with Hi Mart? Do you like teasing him? – I can tease Jimin to the end.
– Me too. – Hang on. Since the three of us are here… – Want to arm wrestle?
– No. – The loser can…
– I’m the weakest here. Yeah. The loser can become
a slave for the others. – Oh man. That’s like a command.
– In English, it’s called slave. No? – How would I know?
– Then… – Let’s just… Don’t say that.
– Okay. Since it’s the three of us… – There’s nothing to do.
– There is. – We… – Arm wrestling. – Hey.
– We’ve nothing to do. So let’s answer questions from fans. – Let’s do that.
– My skin shows when I unzip this. – All right.
– If you have questions, post them for us to answer.
Ask us three here – or about other members.
– We’ll reveal – all their secrets.
– All of them. – I’ll pick what we can answer.
– Here’s one question. You miss Suga? He’s washing up now.
Maybe a bath. I can’t show him.
Next question. I tried shooting V LIVE – and it airs 11 seconds later.
– Yeah. This just came to mind. Door upside down is bear. Please. – You…
– All right, I’ll be more serious. – Don’t cut the flow.
– All right. – You cut us off. So irritating. How can you say I’m irritating? – Hey. – No.
– I’ll pick a question. – No. “Before you sleep…” What would be the best? My hair split 5:5 today. Let’s do syllable poems.
Starting letter of our names. J, J, J. Let’s do that.
You go first. – Syllable poem with J, J, J.
– Syllable poem? – Continue from mine.
– Okay. Why do I go last? You’re the youngest.
How old are you? Then I will… – Good for your old age.
– Don’t fight. – Yeah, I love it! I’m so happy I’m old. – Ecstatic, right?
– Yeah, old age is real good. So irritating.
I’ll just do it alone. I should of done this alone. – You guys are so loud.
– No, we’re quiet as a lamb. – Continue what I say.
– Sure. – Here I go. J, J, J? Jimin was walking down a street. Is that all? Jimin was looking beautiful
walking down the street. – I said that already.
– Can’t I repeat? – Go ahead.
– Why do you keep hitting me? – Jimin… – was looking really
beautiful walking down the street. – No. Mine wasn’t that.
– Hurry. – I was going to say, “I love you, Army”.
– That’s nothing to do with it. – Keep it going.
– It’s up to me. – Again. – I’ll go again.
– What rank was your language skills. I don’t know what rank. – Stop that or I’ll turn this off.
– Hey, stop it! He said stop it. – How do you spell that?
– S.T.O.P. – I.T!
– I.T! – Okay.
– I study these days. – You do? – Know what vocab I learned?
– Listen. To study Japanese, I signed up for classes. There are 137 lessons and I paid a lot of money. But I only took 8
and the service ended. Do you know what vocab
I recently learned? I want to leave them. – What? – Luckily.
– Luckily? What’s that? – Meaning lucky.
– Luckily. – Luckily. I thought you said Berkeley. Okay, let’s do the
syllable poem over. – Then…
– With each other’s names. You first start with J. I’ll do K and you…
Why only shoot your face? Only you’re on screen. – Sorry.
– You do J, I’ll do K. I’ll go first. – You do J. Why only shoot you?
– I was unwrapping gum… I was unwrapping gum. – I go first?
– Yeah. J(z)irconium. – What’s that?
– Didn’t you learn science? – No. – I got 4 points on an hour test.
– Do you know how I know this? – How would I know that?
– To beat you on word games. – Yttrium.
– Yttrium. – Lithium. – Sodium dioxide.
– Natrium peroxide. – What? There’s nothing like that.
– Zirconium, Einsteinium. – What’s Einsteinium?
– There is a thing like that. – Yeah? That’s a great nium.
Okay, go ahead. – J.
– J. – I know a great word with J.
– I’ll hit you after. – Jirisan valley. Jirisan ttukbaegi, want some? – Go ahead.
– J. Jirisan ttukbaegi, want some? Korn to go with that? Oh man. Jjajangmyeon. Not this.
Let’s do it the right way. Jirisan ttukbaegi, want some?
What’s that? We need it to go on. – That’s why we’re doing this.
– Okay, go ahead. Jirisan fighter (pa-i-tuh). – Turet (tuh-let).
– K, K, K. – This is word relay.
– Word relay. When did it change? – When did it change?
– Any word. – Turet? Let’s go. – Can I say this?
– Yeah. – Elk (Go-ra-ni). Ni. Ni. Where are you going? (Uh-di-ga-ni). Let’s not do this.
I’ll just turn this off. This is no fun.
I don’t know why we’re doing it. Was our laughter fake? – I’m hurt.
– Lying on TV. – Yeah. – Hey.
– I didn’t think Jimin was like this. So mean. If you’re like that… That’s why your hair turned white. – Already white.
– Such a mean guy. Jungkook, can you handle this? – What do you want to do?
– I’ll go first. Banana. – Na.
– Butterfly (na-bi). – Only in nouns.
– Okay. – Scale (bi-neul).
– Neul. Nothing like, “I thought of you
(neul saeng-gak-haet-ji)”. In nouns. – Blue fish (Neul-pu-reun saeng-seon).
– I know this. – Seon. Fan (seon-poong-gi). – It was a nickname.
– Fan (seon-poong-gi). Gi. [Singing about trains] Noodles (myeon-bal). – Bal. – Bal.
– Bal? – Yeah. – Toes (bal-ga-rak).
– Rak? – Rak? – Lox (rak-seu).
– Seu? Sri Lanka (seu-ri-lan-ka). Ka? Car center (ka-sen-ta). – Ta.
– Tarzan. – Zan. I don’t get what show this is. – What am I doing?
– This is “Eat Jin”. – We’re eating. – We’re having candy.
– Zan. – Zan.
– When I finish this, I’ll turn it off. – I still have more.
– I have gum. – I’ll turn it off after. Really?
I should get more candy. – What starts with zan?
– Tricks (zan-meo-ri). Ri? Ri? Ri… Ri… – Handcart (ri-eo-ka).
– Wow, he stooped so low. – Car center (ka-sen-ta).
– Ostrich egg (ta-jo-al). Kernel (al-maeng-i). Iridium. This ends the game. Diumba diumba diumba… Jimin. Keep going? – Carrot song!
– Carrot song! [Singing the carrot song] I don’t know what show this is. – This is “Eat Jin”.
– This is “Eat Jin”. [Singing] Ramen. – Ramen on “Eat Jin”.
– I’ll shoot alone next time. – Yeah, next time.
– Sure. – We’ll visit when he does.
– Great. What is your show called? – Isn’t it “Eat Jin”?
– “Eat Jin”? – “Eat Jimin”. – “Eat Jimin”
– I won’t let you in. It’s okay. I’d even kneel
in front of your door. – Can I go to my room on air?
– No. I borrowed this phone for V LIVE. Everyone. Where are you running off to? Why hold me back? – Where are you off to?
– Bathroom. – Leave that here. – I took a good selfie.
– I won’t go then. – I took a good selfie.
– All right. – I won’t show you. – I won’t go.
– See how I shoot this in my mouth. He ate it. – Really?
– Jungkook, you try. – Why won’t you?
– You threw it to yourself. You wasted food. – You…
– Such a mean guy. – Later… Later… After you die… You have to eat
all your wasted food. I will then.

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