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[—No audio—] [—No audio—] [—No audio—] [—No audio—] [—Sound of thunder—] [—Growling sound—] [—Sound of thunder—] [—Roaring sound—] Its very cold! Hey.. Hey..stop there. Where are you going? Where are you going with this dog? Show me your id card Show it man Eh..! [—Growling sound—] I did is it?
Hm? You.. [—Laughing—] Hey, you have got a new paint.
Carry on.. How is it? Did you like it?
Ya.. [—-Laughing—-] [—Laughing—] What’s the matter? I told you no?
Hey.. Very nice.. What? He has been doing this for sometime Shall I go and slap him? Hey, not necessary.
He is an idiot. Don’t think like that Come with me. From now onwards,
you should paint only a dog or a cat I need some fighters I think you came to the wrong place I am not training gundas here,
y ou know that? If you still remain here..I warn you,
you won’t go back alive. Subhash.. Keep it there.. Sorry master.. Sorry for the disobedience.. Oh! Oh no.. What ya! Oh god! Oh! Oh god!
Maya? Oh god! What happened? Is it break down? Uh..its ok.
You don’t worry. I will drop you Maya At this time you will not get an auto Don’t misunderstand.. We are classmates..
Just think like that you know one thing? I am a person who gets
10-20 proposals everyday That too from handsome boys In the middle don’t ever come behind me
with the dirty face and romantic dialogues Its really boring Uh..I never thought like that Maya When I saw you alone in the night
I thought of helping you Hey hey..
Hey..Maya.. [—Cartoon programme in TV—] Get up and go to school Missing from the city. Commissioner’s daughter Maya is
missing from the last night Along with her, her classmate
Vishnu is also missing Police got their vehicles from the road Police suspect Vishnu,
her classmate in this case Hey.. Who are you? What do you want? SShhh.. I said leave me You don’t know who I am! I know.. Vishnu… Hey..Vishnu… Vishnu..release me.. Ok.. [—TV programme—] [—TV programme—] [This is not a good time for.. ] [You have to do..]
TV programme [Future review] Have you come here to get defeated? You people don’t know
who I am..! I have not come here to introduce me I am here for him! I was searching him for the past few years. Now..I know that you are here Hey man… Now you should come out I have no time I will count ..three By that time… You should be.. in front of me.. One.. Two.. Three… You can’t hide from me.. I am going to start the game Its a…game to bring you before me This is a game for only two of us are not joining me So… I am going to play with this city [–People screaming—] These people are..under my custody! I can’t hide from me anymore So..I am starting the game I am waiting for you..
Ya. Hello..this is CM
Sir.. Who is he?
What is he doing? Don’t know sir..
He has hacked the channels. Before people get panic,
take him under custody..ok? Hey, hope you don’t have any problem We are hearing some news
Thats why I am asking. There is no problem [–Growling and roaring sound—] A stranger strikes in the city Including City Police Commissioner’s daughter
and district collector family 51 people were kidnapped by this gang. Very critical state Whats happening in the city?
Who is that guy? We are trying to track.
But he is very fast. Then apply more force. And arrest him immediately
Sure sir. Within no time city will be
under control sir Hello..connect to he naval base. Oh god! Tiger’s attack in the city..5 people are killed
4 are in critical stage People are panic and police are confused. There are explosions all over the town Brother… [—child weeping—] Why are you crying? I want to go to mommy. Show me..
Who is your mommy? There is tiger attack in the city..5 were killed
4 were seriously injured. Mommy…. Come on..
Smile… Ajesh..come close.. 42.. 43.. 51.. 89.. 100.. I will take care of him Welcome my boy.. I have warned you.. not to come in front of me.. Oh I am sorry… But I only need that ring. So give it to me Give me that Give me that No no no… Don’t remove it that. He has to remove it by himself Otherwise we have to remove
it from his dead body Then only the ring will have power Give it to me The beauty of your eyes when
death comes near I have seen this before in your
mother’s eyes I don’t think he will remove himself Finish him No.. You can’t hit me I will be back Who is he? He is my father Father? And who are you? What happened to our city for sometime? Who hold the city like wild fire? Who has stormed as a saviour? I think he is a mask man
I don’t know who he is, can’t make out No idea.. Superman? Really amazing Is he an alien? I don’t know Really he was very fast May be super hero Unbelievable! Amazing man
Who is he? I just can’t believe He saved my daughter Its an ‘Avatar’ who appears in the world to save
mankind in’ Kali Yuga'(name of this era
in Indian mythology)

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