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Oh! Cuuute! How do I use this…? Oh! What? It just took a photo *laughs*(Street next to my office) Now that I’ m sitting down to vlog there’s construction work I really like the vibe of a film camera So I like taking my photos on my iPhone, and then editing my them to look like film photos This time I wanted to try an actual film camera So I got a disposable Kodak film camera Yes this is the cheap one *chuckles* It was only around 10,000KRW It’s my first time using these instant film cameras So I had to look up how to use these cameras And on average, to get used to these cameras, *Construction restarts* For me to get used to these, Takes about two film rolls I heard you learn as you throw away your first two So, on a sunny day like today, I’m going to practice outside But it’s so hot! (I need to get out of here!) (After contemplating where to go, I’m walking towards the nearby Mecenatpolis) I’m taking a photo of the reflection on that glass wall Took them with the flash on, it looks good!!! Oh! Look at this! First try on the fountain shot I want to take photos here but Olive Young’s in my shot.. (A vibe-destroyer) Second try on the fountain shot Third try on the fountain shot Should we go somewhere else? (Here we now have cicada sounds…) Testing how my photos will look like if it’s shaky (But only that equipment is shaky, not you!) (You gotta do this) (Trying to look all sentimental) (Haha don’t know why but I look happy here) (I only have a few films left) (Hi finger?) Can I have one iced lemon tea please? AAH! One left! Only one left!! (Apparently I used up all the films… Is it supposed to be finished when it says “1”? Is it done? Did it end before? or just now? (I didn’t know then, but it did end earlier. I gotta learn..) For film cameras, you don’t know how the photos will turn out until you develop the films Because you can’t check the outcome right away It might be more inconvenient But I guess that’s the charm of film cameras I’m going to cool down here a bit And then go develop these films and scan them as well Thankfully there’s a developer/scanner near my office So I’m gonna go! ( Looking for the developer on the map) Gonna chug in one go AAH! Let’s get going? Second floor! Should we walk up? Look at him! It’s only the second floor.. (Confident for no reason) I’m here to develop the photos! (So excited) Do I have to develop to scan the photos? (An amateur question) Do you only sell the films too? Shopowner: Selling the refills? Yes How much are the refills? Ah really? Should I get one? Shopowner: You need to take this part out (Asking if I can recycle the camera) Is it difficult to recycle? Shopowner: Yes.. Kind of Ah really? (Now that I think about it, it’s “disposable” so it’s obviously not for recycle..) (But thanks to the shopowner who even opened up the camera to explain thoroughly) This is so cool Wow this is amazing! It’s only been 30 minutes since I asked for a scan Not even 30 minutes, and it’s done already And he sent me this by mail! Woow!! Tada! (The results after walking around so hard) Ha, OMG Wow film cameras are so fascinating I’m sold If I get a chance to shoot with a film camera I’m going to take every opportunity to do so! Epilogue: Film camera mini tutorial + my excitement This is the flash… They said it lights up here Oh the number changes! Oh it lights up here! Oooh I think this is saying the flash is on Is there an on/off button? (there isn’t) How do I use this? (Step 1. Scroll the roller on the right to the very end) And then… (Step 2. Press the flash button in the front until the red light appears) If you press this it lights up like this.. Tada! (Step 3. Take a photo while looking carefully into the viewfinder, then you’re set!) Ah it’s so cute (Time to take some photos) God It’s cute! Tada! Woohooo!

100 thoughts on “ENG) FILM VLOG • 필름카메라 첫 도전 📸

  1. 언니 분위기 오져버려요,,,,❤ 근데 혹시 언니한테 너무 잘어울리는 저 상의 구매처가 어딘지 알 수 있을까요? 너무 예쁩니다ㅜㅜ

  2. 일회용 카메라 재활용돼요! 물론 다른 카메라에 비해 어렵지만 유투브에 튜토리얼 같은거 많아요

  3. 이 카메라는 사면 필름이 들어있나용..?
    그리고 만약 들어있다면 들어있는필름응 다쓰면 버려야 겠죠..?

  4. 필름카메라는 필름이 나오는건 아니죠오 ?? 사진 지잉 하고 나오는거는 아닌죠오 … 그랬으면 젛겠지만 아닐거 같아서요

  5. May I know what camera you use to film this and which software you use to edit the video? The video is so niceee 😍😍😍

  6. 이 영상 최애영상이예요ㅠㅠ 이걸 보고 필름카메라 사고 싶어졌다는,,, 계절별로 올려주셨으면,, 나의 소망 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 영상에서 사진 찍을때 사진 바로 보여주는게 너무 좋아요

  7. 정말 오래되엇긴 하지만 혹시 이날 입으신 옷들 정보 알 수 잇을까요?? 너무 예뻐요!!

  8. Hello, everybody 🖤
    Thank you for loving my film camera vlog. I put in English subtitles that many of you requested. I hope you enjoy it more ! 🥰

  9. 일회용 필름카메라도 재활요용이 가능합니다! 다만 그 과정이 번거롭고 일반인이 하기엔 어려움이 있어 스스로 다시 필름을 끼워서 사용하긴 어렵구요.
    필름로그 라는 현상소겸 필름 판매하는곳이 있는데 거기서는 일회용필름카메라로 버려지는 제품을 다시 재활용해 쓸수있게 다시제품을 만든다고하더라구요.!
    혹시 재활용 일회용카메라가 궁금하시다면 필름로그라는데를 추천드려요!!

  10. 근데 필름카메라로 찍은 결과물을 pc나 모바일로 파일로 옮길 수 있어요? 현상만 하는게 아닌가요?

  11. 오잉 뜬금없이 추천에 떠서 봤는데 영상이 너무 예쁘네요 -!!! 사진수업 듣는 학생으로서 재밌게 잘봤어요 :3

  12. These cameras remind me of my childhood. My uncle always took photographs as I grew up with my cousins and sisters and I have a lot of photo albums with photographs taken from film cameras. It's very nostalgic

  13. 혹시 이 영상에서 입고계신 까만 나시탑이랑 바지정보좀 알 수 있을까요..? 우연히 발견했는데 입고 계신 옷이 너무 예뻐서 영상을 끝까지 다 봐버렸네요….❤️ 옷 입는 센스가 너무 너무 좋으신 거 같아요!

  14. Hi hi, can you recommend some shops you develop your film in Korea? I would like to learn more about the film photography scene in Korea~
    Also, I tried searching shop you mentioned, but I couldn't find it.

  15. Waaaait, you NEVER used a film camera before?!?!
    I was born in 1999 and here in Spain at least, when we went to camp or school trips our parents usually bought us a disposable film camera (like the ones you used) to take pictures of the trips. Also, most of my childhood photos were taken on film (until 2007 or so, I guess?)
    I suppose you are either younger than me or film cameras weren't as popular in Korea hehe (cultural shock)

  16. 에이프롬님..넘나 제 취저를….에플님을 이제 알게돼어 통탄스러울 따름입니다. 오늘 하루는 에플님을 알게 된 것만으로도 성공적이고 행복한 하루였다 생각이 드네요🥳🥳헤헿 오늘 하루 행복하게 마무리 지을 수 있었어요❤️ 감사드리구 에플님 행복하세요🥰🥰

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