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How are you? Every leader, every senior teacher, I am LuHan I am an actor, also a singer. Today, I am honored to be here and share my feeling with you as a 90s art worker. I was born in 1990, so I am 27 years old this year, a typical of 90’s I debuted not long time, I did not act in many movies But every filming crew and every cooperating senior actor taught me one phrase “To be a man ahead of acting” Before making a good work You should become a actor with positive, right worldview, value and outlook on life I have heard and seen a lot of humble senior actors ,keeping a low profile They have devoted their mind to study the roles and parts of the shows I also keep the senior’s words in my mind and set them as my examples to learn I think as an actor, the most fortunate thing is to have chances to play in some excellent films and television shows And feel different life Some Reporters always asked me a few questions, Such as do you feel difficult while filming? What’s the most difficult experience of filming? Did you get hurt? In fact, I do not feel these are difficult; they were processes, experiences, and mature Since I have chosen this job I need to accept everything about this job, to feel the experiences of characters That’s the most valuable things about this job These things I should do as an actor, also are actor’s duties As a young man should be brave to go through ,to endure hardships, as well as go on fighting General Secretary Xi made clear guidelines for our young generation of cultural workers in the 19th CPC National Congress “Try best to achieve the creative transformation of the traditional cultures and the development of the innovate” As a generation growing up in the new era, we have received many cultural trends and cultural shocks from overseas I have seen more and more foreign singers and actors start to learn and use the elements of Chinese traditional culture Let me feel more deeply the profound culture of the motherland The reason why the Chinese culture can last for thousands of years is because it condenses the wisdom of the Chinese nation Our generation has the duty and the responsibility Through the innovative way, makes these excellent Chinese traditional cultures deeper and wider to inherit and carry forward This year, my team have planned “LuHanMakeAWish” And set the theme to ” Record the wonderful moments around you, pay attention to Chinese traditional cultures” Hope through this method to let more young people, more Chinese people pay attention to folk arts and craftsmen, as well as craftsmen spirits. Including a song in my album, I adapted about 6 or 7 versions that contain the elements of the Chinese style I hope the future album will continue to last So I think young people are brave to create and innovate Other than that, I think as a public figure, apart from spreading upward positive
energy ; right social values; doing my own jobs well Also need to take up the social responsibility This responsibility actually makes me require myself to refine my words and behavior with the highest standard, doing my jobs well involving charity actively, trying my best to lead and motivate This social responsibility not only reflect in my words and behavior, but also reflect in my drama and movie works Choosing what kind of character and what kind of works, the works can reflect what kind of values which are able to pass to every audience and fan directly, thus this makes me and my team very serious in choosing the roles This responsibility converts to motivation and encouragement which urges me never to forget where I started, do everything I can, encourage myself to be motivated and positively upward, being a role model for the youth generation. Youth is brave; I will keep working hard on my dream, never forget why I started, keep moving forward. Thank you everyone.

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