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Patil committed suicide on
the railway tracks. What? I can’t bring back your
dead mother or brother, but I promise to
conduct your marriage. Take this Rs.10 lakhs. I
know Patil is mad about me, but I really didn’t know this
madness will affect so many lives. I am very happy to see you adore us so much
inspite of having not having any relationship.. We can understand weíre
just because of you. Knowingly or unknowingly we are
living in a false world of prestige. Your adoration has taken us to that extent,
if any director suggests something, …we donít heed them, saying
our fans will not accept it. Directors are making films to
satisfy our ego & stardom. They are getting
bombed at box office. and you all stake your
life to make it a hit. We as stars are fine,
audience are fine, but you guys are ruining
yourselves as our fans. lf you love cinema so
much, enter the industry, let’s all work
together and live. But please don’t ruin
your lives for records. Please for God sake! Films made now aren’t
worth running 100 days, It’s impossible . Come out of it. when you see us, shake
hands with us, ask for an autograph, we’ll be happy, Please don’t ruin your lives. Cinema industry
is deteriorating. No Hindiu hero is working hard.
May be because of it. There are just 10 top heroes, Atleast 10 films must release,
but no, only 5 releases, if every hero does 3 films,
turnover will be in billions, but they will not do. All the veteran actors
did, didnít they? But now they donít do it. No sir, thatís not the matter. We don’t do have good stories, if good stories
are there we can do 4 films in a year. Where can I get the stories? Have to kill
25 people for hero’s introduction scene. 50 people for interval. Again 100 people for the climax. Have to write stories
keeping this in mind. We make for low class
audience, B and C class. They want fight, item song. They
can’t digest a clean movie. They don’t have any
taste for films. What? Don’t we have
a taste for films? We see what you all make. Because we watched Sholay
became such a hit, isnít it? Don’t push us as C-class
and tasteless audience, If you’ve guts make
films on new themes. Go get lost. What’s your opinion as
a debutante director? Iím a new boy, as a senior journalist, what’s
your opinion about Hindi film industry? Cinema functioning is very bad, It’s either in hero’s
hands or the director’s, Production values must
improve like in Hollywood, everything must be under
company’s control, Corporate style, money
transactions must be very clear. Film making should also be
the status of industry. You said it very, right. By the way, who is
your film’s heroine? Is Sandhya at home? Who are you? – My name is Ravi. New film director,
madam is in a meeting. It’ll take half an hour, Iíll
inform her, you wait here. Are you doing fine? – Fine. With you help Sandhya has
become a top heroine, …my family is well off today, Our lives took a good turn
when you forced us that day, Feeling it all had happened because
of you, donít taking advantage of it, Don’t ruin Sandhya’s life by
rekindling your old flame of love. Just narrate the story only. There were people to stop if Iíd
would have beaten you at home. You’re alone here,
Iíll bury you alive, you were going out? – Yes. Madam, you mustn’t rush
to meet like that. Have you gone mad? Who
do you think he is? You mustn’t give
appointments so easily. Madam cancelled the
meeting for you. Will you please go out? Iím going, you all talk. How are you doing?
– I must ask that. How are you doing? -superb! Iím so excited to see you. Iím
here to narrate the story, You want it briefly
or full narration. This is full script. Did you come to narrate this story?
– Yes. You’ve narrated this to me 1000 times.
Have you come to tell me the scenes? You didn’t make one call also but
I called you hundreds of times. You’ve come to meet me professionally,
not to see me personally. Not like that, you’ll be
busy with your schedules, That’s the reason,
please don’t mistake me. Tell me what’s the matter? Are you in the mood to hear story? – I
know the story. Iíll come for the shoot. Sorry to hurt you. Thanks but now I shall leave. This is your madness
and my madness is you. Mad! I missed you… First you do what you wish
and later we get disturbed, I too have goals
and aims like you, You may please leave now, go. Greetings sir. – Greetings. Sir, Inderjeet is here. Let him come, you do your work. Who are you? How
did you come here? Come on go out. Ahhhhh what are you doing?
You know he is my master. He is our director. Hold on..hold on…Iíve
seen you somewhere. Iíve not seen you anywhere. Here everyone is new.
-Yeah, he is new here. Donít feel bad. Will
you have coffee? Set is very nice. -Thank you. Think that Iím not
here then you direct. Donít worry, Iím sitting here. I said all this purposely.
-I know it very well. Serve him coffee. Greetings sir. She
is Sandhya madam. She wants to seek
your blessings. Sit..sit down. She is very fan of yours. She
remembers you every day. She always keeps
talking about you. She is very fortunate that she
met you here. Look she is happy. Since she has come here,
she is so glad to see you. Itís my wish that you
make a film with her. Iím planning to begin a
film, what is your number? Whenever you want
you can call her. Shot is ready, we shall leave. Did I say anything wrong? Why did you give your number?
-Would I give your number? He doesnít have any film in his hand,
producers are running away from him. Iíll only deal with him. Sir, Mumaith madam is waiting
for you in the make up van. Every magazine wrote about
your every day in America, everyone here knows who
you were going out there. All this wrong. Why would they write
without anything? Atleast one could be true. You donít love ,me,
you donít trust me. My friends are laughing at
me when I said I love you. Iím starting to hate myself. We are not meeting
from tomorrow. Hero wants to pack up.
-What happened? There is some tension
in the make up room. Please stop the car
sir…please sir… Madam took sleeping pills. Car
broke down, I beg you sir. I’ve to take to
hospital urgently. Please help us sir… Madam means film star Mumaith Khan?
– Yes sir. -Please do something
or she will die. We must help, give me a hand. Hold her carefully. Shut the door. Get lost from here. -Why
are you beating me sir? Where are you taking her?
Stop the car…stop… Get up…get up…
– Got her luckily. She is very beautiful. I can recognise them but
Iíve never seen them before. Film star Mumaith Khan who rules
over hearts, was raped last night. Driver says two men
kidnapped her. It’s till not known if she was
raped by two, four or ten men. What? When? Heroes save women from
such incidents in films, but there are no heroes in
real life, so she got raped. Whatever it may be Mumaith’s
life is in doldrums now, and look like films she’s
doing now will be stopped. Aparna with cameraman
Srivastav for MTV. Please listen to me…
-I need to talk to them Like this you canít go
in front of the press. Listen to me…-I said I
need to talk to them. They hurt me where I
canít show you all also. Reason for my suicide
attempt or my rape is… Just because of print media, Iím
not talking about the channels. They wrote about me having affairs, it
leads to a fight with my boy friend, I attempted to commit suicide, …those wastrel raped me
when I was unconscious. You don’t know how much trouble we
face for the gossips you write, you don’t know how many times
we fight in our homes over it, you don’t know, I was unconscious, they needn’t
have to beat before raping me, but they did it, you morph nude bodies to our
faces and post it on websites, you can find nude photos
of every film heroine, there’s a magazine which
is read by entire family, they write only about film people’s
extra marital relationships, they put a heroine’s photo, this girl
was seen yesterday with Shahrukh Khan, she’s going out with
Aamir Khan today, tomorrow with someone else. It’s like two women
neighbors gossiping. Looking at some girls
scarf fallen down… …what all nuisance you all
write, I know it very well. Just for your paperís publicity
you appoint a model… …look for a heavy breast girl… ëwe
cover both the sides of the storyí …and write this caption, Iím telling
you all this, not to blame you all. But you all are doing
the same mistake. Filmy heroines have just
become mere public property. Donít project them
like prostitutes. Write anything, write
your own made up affairs, whenever you write gossips about
us, remember one thing clearly, you all are living writing about
film star’s affairs only. Come. I know it’ll take a some time
for Mumaith to return to sets, we practically lost
the artisteís dates, when will we get such a
good combination again? We don’t know. The lone financier
too walked out. Previous films backlogs, Mumaith
incident, all these disturbances, I am very disturbed. Due to name in the market, no chance
of getting new financier also, Ravi, we are stopping this film. Isn’t there any alternative? Only alternative is money and
without it we canít do anything. Is your film stopped, son?
– Yes mother. Will it start again? I don’t know mother. Please don’t cry mother. Iím not crying son, Il can
imagine how you must be feeling. I can understand your pain, Please don’t cry mother.
Iíll handle everything. Iíll look after everything. Mumbai city buddy… Cinema is life, buddy…
Life is cinema, buddy… Its stories everywhere, buddy…
Unfulfilled dreams, buddy… Life is up when you work, buddy…
No work no food, buddy… Cinema is life, buddy…
Life is cinema, buddy… Whomever this filmy insect has
bitten, have never returned home. Even weíll do some magic, one
day we will also be a hit. Mumbai city buddy… Cinema is life, buddy…
Life is cinema, buddy… As many desires…
so many wishes… Weíre confident,
weíll never lose. We left home, hometown, parents
to be the part of film industry. Jumped into the world films with
sheer madness, we can do anything. Donít think us less. Test us. We’ll not cheat… We’ll
not commit crimes… Weíll not leave film industry, will
win every heart with our acting. Weíll do what we have to do,
weíll face all the problems. Mumbai city buddy… Cinema is life, buddy…
Life is cinema, buddy… When shooting is there,
there is only fun. Weíre happy when the
shooting is on. Film is our life, whatever may come,
we ready to do anything for film. Because of acting weíll
rule every heart. Weíll not let our talent go waste,
one day weíll prove ourselves. In lanes of Oscar all
will talk about us.. Mumbai city buddy… Cinema is life, buddy…
Life is cinema, buddy… Ravi…what happened..sister get up.
-Mother. Mother..mother..what happened?
Open your eyes. Mother..mother. Mother. Mother is dead. Film stopped.
I can understand your pain. You’ll be alone, so I came. Canít cry? Please
cry your heart out. Hold me and cry. If want to cry, Iíll cry alone. But I donít know to cry also. Perhaps Iíve never
learned to cry in life. Iím ready to face all the
difficulties of the life. You just leave me alone. But when I see you,
I feel like crying. Please share your grief with me. Hello..Sandhya. -Who is this? Itís me. Director sir, I didn’t
expect a call from you, getting a call from you is my
life’s biggest achievement. What do you think
about me, Sandhya? What to say, Iím feeling
very shy, dear. Me too, I strongly desire
to meet you Sandhya. I want to go out with you. One minute sir, another
incoming call. Okay no problem, carry on. Hrithik Roshan is trying,
you carry on sir. Hrithik? You carry on. Why sir? He’s big bore. He is hotter than you. He is an attitude,
very egoistic. His muscular body, I hate it, You’re dark and sweet. You’re short and
fluffy, and very soft. I want to meet you immediately. Where will you meet me? You write a story for me, then
we shall meet where you say. Producer is here. Is Ravi there? -Greetings sir. Ravi lives upstairs,
Iíll call him. You all live here only.
-Greetings sir. Shall we start the film shoot? I found a financier, shall
we start the film shoot? Really sir? When shall we start? Tomorrow
or day after tomorrow? If you say yes, right now here. I want two biryanis for
madam’s lunch from Bawarchi. At 4 pm, I want non-vegetarian
salads from Subway. And two chicken item too. Stock few liters of fresh juices,
madam may ask at anytime. Did you hear madam’s orders?
– I did sir. They suck blood of
producers in film shoots. Add motion tablets to the
non-vegetarian salads, …will keep running to the toilet.
Then she will understand. Shot will end after the
close up dialogue. Good, you started the
film shoot again. Our film will not stop anymore,
financier is very strong. He’s coming, he
wants to meet you. He’s coming. Please come. Greetings sir.
– Greetings Yadav sir. Yadav is your big fan. Hello brother, your acting is great.
Excellent. I watch all your films 4 times. He’s our director Ravi. Greetings sir. Are
you doing fine, sir? Direct the film well, film
must be a super duper hit. Isn’t there any heroine in the film?
– Yes, there is. Greetings sir. – Greetings. Are you doing fine? – Fine. I know him very well. I’ve some work with
him, come with me sir. Bloody! Will you ask
who am I on phone? When did you call me? You may
have called a wrong number. Don’t act smart, tell
me where is Sandhya? In the van. Is he a financier? He is a goon.
I know him. I know it, he has occupied many
lands, rates have shot up, …recently he sold a
land for Rs.100 crores, …that’s his range, he
volunteered to finance, I said okay. Let him be anything,
our film mustn’t stop. Sandhya top heroine. How many hopes I had on you? Why did you leave me alone? That’s why l came searching you. Just say yes, Iíll
finance all your films. No need to finance the films,
you produce the films, you and Sandhya together must
rule the Hindi film industry. Sandhya is the heroine of
all Yadav productions. What do you say dear? No false promises, if you don’t
make her to agree this time, Iíll hack you. Iíll be here only from tomorrow. Director is coming, you
smile and wish him. You must fold hands and stand.
– Okay sir. Who are you? Who
allowed you inside? I’ve a good subject for you. You want a producer?
Iíll introduce you one. Who is the producer I don’t know?
-I will introduce him to you, sir. He is new producer sir.
He’s right here only. Sir, he’s famous director Indrajit.
he wants to make a film with you. What film? Heroine oriented
film with Sandhya. Who is the hero? -Hero,
will be Am ir or Shahrukh. Sandhya is the heroine
and two heroes, Okay? Why you need Shahrukh for this film?
Cast me as the hero. You? I want to make a film. Don’t you know to make a film? Can’t make a film? If not you l can make
a film with dog also. I want to tell you
a small story. Is it necessary now?
– lndeed sir. Tell me. A small sparrow sir, was flying
over snow clad mountains, it fell down unable
to bear the cold, it’s shivering in the cold, a buffalo going that
side dropped dung on it, sparrow felt already Iím shivering
in cold and now this dung on me, but realisation
dawned immediately, it felt the warmth of the
dung and started enjoying it, sparrow raised it’s head from
the dung and sang a song, a cat that was passing there
had a close look at it, it picked the sparrow, washed
it in water and ate it. What happened next? – The
story is over sir. Moral of the story
is rule number one, never consider anyone who pushes
us into sludge as an enemy, rule number two, never consider anyone helping
us out of sludge as a friend, we don’t know his intentions. Number three when
you’re in deep shit, shut your gob and sit
tight, never sing any song. l think you got it. You’re a flop director, no
producer is coming to you, at such time don’t
use any bad words, Venu! Coming sir. Shot is ready. You can’t do anything
other than kill me. It’s okay to me. It’s okay to me. Why are you torturing her?
She did give a good shot. Who is talking here? You can’t do anything
other than kill me. Why is he interfering
in everything? Where is the producer? – You
relax, Iíll talk to him. How are you? You know Iím financing this film, right?
– I know. When are you coming then? Will you come now? Greetings brother. When did
you come back from Goa? What else? Film shoot with Sandhya? -Yes. Very nice, brother. -Hey
Cameraman, come here. Come. Sandhya, get up. Our heroine, take
and get her ready, drape her in a white sari,
show her navel in close up, and pan the camera closely
on her like this. Brother is directing now, do it. Sir, I want to tell you something.
– What is it? They are the two rogues
who raped madam. If you blow a fan, it must fly. Get a black stallion,
make her lie on it, when you place camera down,
entire sky must be visible, Okay, you go. Iíll
take care of them. Who are you taking my helmet?
Hey stop! Helmet is mine, can’t you hear me?
Stop. Who are you? Bash him up boys! Who are you? Why are
you beating us? What are you doing? Why are
you pulling down the pant? How did their bothís
asses got cut? He beat us too much. Hey who beat you? What happened, elder one? Brother…
Iím dying brother. Who cut my brothers’ asses? Cut the same place
to both of them. Keep some patience, brother.
-What do you mean? I think they got cut as a
punishment, he cut their asses, the gash is deep because
it’s very soft there, I put sutures with
great difficulty, but sutures will come off
tomorrow morning on the pot, Iíll put again and
It’ll come off again, It’s long process, the man should’ve cut their
necks instead of their asses. They are in such pain, sir. They can neither sleep
on their backs, nor sit, if they bend to do something,
sutures will come off again. Will you stop it? – Okay sir. I got you. Your behaviour is
always a mystery to me. I don’t know what makes
you angry or vice versa. You beat Yadav’s brothers.
I know. Yes. I did it. -Why
did you do so? Why did you react like
that in her matter? I won’t mind if people
talk bad about me. But if my profession is
insulted, I can’t tolerate it. Do you treat me as one of
the film personalities. Donít I am much more
then that for you? You’re the down pour…
You’re the beacon of light… You’re smile is like flowers
dancing to the breeze… Anything l paint
resembles you… When dreams come true, it’s you…
You’re the moon in daylight… O sweetheart! O sweetheart! Those little pleasures
and delights are ours… You keep biting my lips… and
leave a mark of your teeth… I sense something
unusual inside me… Iím gaining weight
with you inside me… You’re my dream…
…my dream girl… …my heart beat .
..O my darling! You’re the color of my lips… …you’re the color of my tresses, .
..come to me, O darling… You soft caresses sparked
a huge fire in me… Filled me with
uncontrollable desires… O my love! You squeezed
out love from me… O sweetheart! O sweetheart! You ward off evil
eyes with my help… You never stop coming to me…
You crush my heart… You are in my eyes…
You are in my heart… You’re everywhere, darling…
Shall l fall in your embrace… Feel shy, turn you
little mad, darling… You pulled me in to your
love a while ago… Made me melt like ice
in your warmth… Shall l fall in your embrace… Feel
shy, turn you little mad, darling… Made me melt like ice
in your warmth… You’re my life… You’re
the reason of my live… O sweetheart! O sweetheart! O my love! You squeezed
out love from me… You’re the down pour…
You’re the beacon of light… Film shooting is over, sir.
Breaking the pumpkin is next. Don’t present the cheques now. Iíll
tell you when. Bye. Thank you sir. Where is the pumpkin? Get ready. Let’s
go for the take. Turn that box this side. What’s happening, Ravi? What are you doing nonsense?
How dare you say ”Action”. Are you the director
of this film? I’ve been patient till now. You’re crossing the limits.
Leave me. It’s my film. Iím
financing this film. Your film! It’s my film. Your film…? Today is last day of film shoot.
Do what you can do. Last day? – Leave me. – I
financed the project. Ravi, you keep quite. Iíll talk to him.
Listen to me. What bloody finance! Advice your financier.
He is doing too much. This is not good. Ravi you go there.
Iíll talk to him. Shall we go for the take? There’s no relationship
between us. I admire… Cut, cut, cut. Listen sir. Lower
your voice when you say that. Can we check the background
of the first reel? Just two minutes,
I’ve a new tape. Ramesh, PRO call him,
and call him here. Sir, reel is on, you check it.
-Yes okay. Stop it… Stop it…
-What’s that? Story, screenplay, direction Yadav.
-Why the title is changed? Even Iím seeing it now only.
I don’t know. Even I saw it for first time.
-My name should be there. Was it a mistake or has someone…
-I don’t know. I don’t understand. How is it? You got angry when I Said
”Action” just once. You challenged me, didn’t you?
So, l removed your name. Now, this is my film. Director
of this film is Yadav. Who the hell are you? What are you doing in my studio?
Get out. Throw everyone out. Get out. I will break bones.
Get out. Get out. You think you’re the only director.
How is my direction? Throw him out. Out. Iím badly in deep debts. I
have to sell my house too. At the time of crises, he
paid money & bought the film. I never thought that
you’ll be the victim. What should l do now? -Yadav,
what you did is not right. This has never occurred in
this industry till now. Don’t commit that wrong now.
-Listen why Iím telling you this. You’re a hero only in movies.
Not in real life. Iím the real life hero. Shut up & take rest at home.
Hang the phone. It’s unfair. This is cheating. What
should we do now? Let’s take this issue to
directors association. What can they do? Let’s take this issue to producers council
or let’s talk with the film federation. Before we complaint and
arrange for a meeting, the prints would be ready and
film would’ve been released. His name is on the posters
we have printed earlier. The public doesn’t know
the film title till now. He will print his name
all over the state. What shall we do now? Iím Sandhya speaking. I never thought you’d call me. What made you feel pity on me? Don’t spoil Ravi’s life. I know how hard he has
struggled to come this far. Please don’t remove his name. Are you in love
with the director? Then, what about me? Iím after you like a
dog all these days. But you never cared for me. Today you called
me for his sake. Okay. What do you want now? I want Ravi’s name
on the screen. To get something, you have
to lose something, right? I never desired any woman
like I desire you. Iím getting burnt
in desires here. Come. Sleep. Get his
name on screen. Will you come, madam?
-Iím coming. We called up the producers council,
they Said they’re helpless. I called the directors
association. He threatened to kill me
if l call them again. Tomorrow is the film’s release. The printing is on. What now? Today, ours is not
direction dept. Today, we are into goons dept. He is the director.
Let’s keep it this way. We are goons. Somebody hit me! Beat me. Oh I am being beaten.
Oh! Pick them up. Which area? – Nizam sir. Keep the balance. There.
-I have kept it there. Iím from East & West. Do I
have to pay you the money? The cinema is ours. Who else
will you pay the money? Hello! -How are you, director? I think you’re in a romantic mood.
-Who is this? Iím Ravi brother. Ravi Brother! If a goon
can become a director, what’s wrong if a director
turns into a goon? What can you do? Your
Sandhya is with me now. I know… Do you know something? Your brothers are with me. What? -Don’t you trust me? Talk to them. -He kidnapped
us from the hospital. Talk to your first younger brother.
Talk. He removed our clothes and made
us lie on a stretcher. Come fast. Don’t show your anger. Show
your pain while talking. Heard their cries.
-I will kill you. Listen. Not even one print will go
out of Prasad Lab today. Do what you can. Come. Shall l tell you something which
will make you more angry? I beat your brother,
and cut their asses. Come. I will do it for you too. Come.
Come, you scoundrel. Come. Iím waiting for you. Come. Which area? Pay the
money correctly. Not even one print
will leave this place. What? ñWho are you? -Do you
have the guts to stop us? Forget about printing of climax reels.
Climax is happening here. You’re this film’s director. Why are you
stopping the prints from going out? Iím not the director. Director
is on the way, He is coming. He is coming. I told you that day itself. If it goes by wiping it away, Iím
ready to wipe it 1000 times. But if my life is in
danger, you will die. Today, only one of
us should be alive. There are two directors here.
Only if one of them will die,… …the prints will go out.
Hang the phone. Never mind if you
die, but kill him. Ravi, kill him. Don’t leave him. Did you write the story?
Will you write the story? Screen play? You
wrote screen play? Do you know what direction is? He has written dialogues, Ravi.
-Really? Did you write the dialogues too? Ravi! We have changed the name.
Reel has been printed just now. It has your name on it. Let him do anything he can.
You go to theater, Ravi! Come. Today, only one of will live.
It’s either you or me. Come. Hello, can l talk to Commissioner?
– Iím Commissioner, tell me. When he was about to
kill my director… You know Yadav, right?
I shot him with a gun. Is he alive or dead?
– I don’t know. He has been taken
to the hospital. He didn’t try to
kill the director. Say that he tried to kill
you, so you shot him. Okay. You go home. I will
take care of the rest. There is no one to take money here.
Iíll bring the prints first. We will pay money later. Do you know something. Tell me something new. Ravi! All prints
are on their way. Midnight show will be
on in an hour’s time. It will release
in next one hour. Film will be a hit for sure.
Don’t get tensed. Don’t move. Slowly. What did you say?
Will film release? Will we go home? Will
film becomes a super hit? Will we stop making films? Be it a flop or a hit, we
must take another film. We know nothing
other than films. We are fit for nothing
else other than this. We know only one thing. Cinema!
Cinema! Cinema!

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