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– I’m watching for Terminators. Terminator 6: Dark Fate,
coming to theaters soon. And you know what? I got to make a movie trailer
for it on a competition that Adobe and James
Cameron, the producer, did, and I gotta tell you, maybe the coolest thing I’ve ever done. And I’m gonna show it to you right now. (upbeat music) Okay, so how cool is this? James Cameron got together with Adobe, and they put together a
challenge for guys like me. The challenge was to remake the Terminator 6: Dark Fate trailer. How awesome does that sound? So, let’s talk about what my ideas were, show you what they gave, and then I’ll show you what I produced. Let’s do it So here is what they gave us, and it’s two and a half minutes, more importantly than just
watching, I want you to listen, ’cause there’s something missing, I think you’re gonna catch it, and it makes it super, super awkward. But, it gave me a great opportunity to put my own spin on things. So, let’s check this out. – Talk. Talk fast My name is Sarah Connor. August 29, 1997 – (whispering) It’s kinda weird, right? – Was supposed to be Judgment Day. – [Grace] You may have changed the future, but you didn’t change our fate. – (whispering) Some really
cool stuff happening, but it’s still really kinda awkward. – I know you’re scared, but
I’m here to protect you. (Grace grunts) – I’ll be back. – Okay, so first things
first, how cheesy was, “I’ll be back?” Really? Second thing, how awkward
was it to listen to that? Just a little bit of dialogue. No background music,
no sound effects, no– No feel, right? That is really what the
challenge is all about. So here’s the guidelines of the challenge. That was two and a half
minutes of video clips, but I had to create a one-minute trailer, which means I had a lot to cut out. And then, I had to add
my own sound effects and background music,
so where do you start? So first things first, I wanted
to pick out a couple clips I thought would be
really good for an intro to come set the scene. And then after that, I wanted
to start grouping clips together so I could kind of
formulate this story in my mind that I could tell in one minute. And I wanted Arnold Schwarzenegger
to kinda come at the end, but I also knew I wanted something
else to happen after that so that you kinda felt like, well, does he actually help them? Does he not? Like, what happens? So, in my mind I had this– I had to put this thing together and I wasn’t sure how to do
it so I started just kind of putting clips together where
it made sense, and well, you’ll see– You’ll see how it goes. (engine rumble) (foreboding music) Okay, so I also added a few sound effects. Now, I wanted to figure out, okay, how I could group these
clips in a one-minute fashion and go from there. So, that’s what we worked on. So here is the second sequence where I started grouping
everything together. Okay, so I still have my entry clips, but now I’ve been able to stitch some of the other clips together in a sequence that I think
makes a lot of sense. But you can kinda see how
I mashed them together. I really just wanted to show you how I was starting to break things up. Now, I really wanna show you
some of the sound effects. And before I can do that, let
me show you where I got them. I use Epidemic Sound, I use Artlist, I’ve used Soundstripe, and
one other one, Musicbed, and by far, the best
one for sound effects, and for music clips is Epidemic Sound, by a wide, wide, wide range if you ask me. Now there are certain things
you can and can’t do with it, full disclosure, totally not sponsored, if I’m going to be
putting any sort of video on my own YouTube
channel, then I love this. If I’m using sound for client work, then I typically don’t
use this because then I have to relicense everything, where in something like in
Artlist, I can just license it one time through a monthly subscription and we’re good to go. But, for this, sound effects are just that much easier to find, and quite honestly, I think the quality is that much better. I went through a couple iterations, I tested it out with some
friends, and I came up with something I was
really, really proud of. So let’s listen. And watch. (engine rumble) (foreboding music) August 29, 1997, was supposed to be Judgment Day. (gunshot) – [Grace] I am human, just enhanced. (strikes landing) (electrical hum) – My whole body’s a weapon. (cars crashing) – I know you’re scared, but
I’m here to protect you. (Grace grunts) – I am going to help you. (automatic gunfire) (handgun fires) (eerie music) (deeply laughing) – How good is that? Oh man, how good was that? I don’t care if it’s mine
or not, that was just good! I gotta tell you, so much fun. Thank you for listening and
watching all the way through. I hope two things happened. One, you have a really good appreciation for what goes into making a movie trailer. And two, a really,
really good appreciation into how sound design works
in conjunction with video and how you can use a
really good sound design to make good commercials
for your business, for whatever you’re doing, just to involve the audience and kind of create that emotional effect. Without further ado–
(record scratches) Oh wait! How about that? Everybody see that right there? Yes, it’s the very first
copy, hard copy, of the book. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I wrote a book! That’s all I’m gonna say, link down below. Other than that, thank you for watching. Subscribe if you like it,
or like it if you like it, then subscribe to it if you want. Either way, it’s your life. Go do what you do, and
then watch the movie, I’m gonna watch it. See you, bye!

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