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78 thoughts on “DSLR Camera Stabilizer for Under $5 (Part 1: PREP) – Homemade Film School

  1. They're there (at the end) but they don't link to anything. You may have skipped a step. I'm on Safari, BTW. They work in your other videos.

  2. You can still do that, you can barely notice a difference in the placement. I did an example shot like that in Part 3. I left it low to keep room for adding on a mic to the camera's hot shoe, but you could totally just extend that base pipe and use a longer bolt I bet.

  3. Why do people use SLR cameras to shoot video now in days? What happened to actual video cameras and SLR photo cameras?

  4. That's an extensive topic but the short answer is that you can add any standard lens you want and with the large sensor size (much larger than any prosumer video cam) you can get a very shallow and cinematic depth of field, something video cameras are noticeably lacking. And they cost less. I have 2 perfectly good video (and expensive!) video cameras that I haven't used in many years because they are practically obsolete now.

  5. I think your videos are great but can you do me a favor? The International System of Units is the modern form of the metric system and is the world's most widely used system of measurement. So, can you please add these lengths as centimeters via annotations? I can convert them by myself of course, but if you do it, I think many other watchers would appreciate.
    keep up the good work. Thanks from Italy!

  6. Fuck this shit, good tutorial but in real life I ended up with a wannabe-rectangle in which a piece of pvc is stuck in half-way with an elbow, so my rectangle is very wide on the bottom but tight on the top part. I'm so mad right now xD

  7. Could you guys please give us some insight into what gear you use. Camera models. Flash models. Backstage setup. Sound set up. I think many viewers would I appreciate this and spark more creativity thru inspiration and some knowhow.
    Personally I would be very glad. I love tour teams work and effort. It's amazing.
    I am interested and would love to see what equipment your team using and why?

    *if there already is such a video. excuse me and point the way

  8. Do you like my handheld electric steady?
    I could sell you the mechanical and electronics drawings and assembly instructions.

  9. bro I absolutely loved it but he said the wrong screw size and I realized that after I bought that. Thanks a lot.

  10. Im having difficulties finding the elbows, the T-joints and also the screws. All screws are too short, the elbows and the t-joints are always threaded. Even online i can't find the correct things.

  11. I made this and honestly, it doesn't work very well, there are much better diy options, it's nothing like the real thing. But, it's cheap and could be useful to am absolute beginner

  12. Cost me like 36$ but I’m not mad because it works I preferred not to cut the pipes because the extra length gives me more weight

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