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In the first few minutes of Drive, Jacqueline
Fernandez playing Tara, gets out of a car. You’ve seen this shot countless times before. It’s the standard-issue star entry. You first see the high heels
and shapely calf, and then the rest of her. For the next few seconds, she just stands
there, resting against the car, with the wind blowing her hair
like a shampoo model. The film is actually pausing to
let you take in how sexy she is. But Tarun Mansukhani
who’s written and directed Drive, thinks your IQ is perhaps
lower than that of his film, because right after, a character walks up
to Tara and says: yeh kehna mushkil hai ki
tum zyada sexy ho ya tumhari driving. Subtlety is not Drive’s forte. Neither is clarity, characterization, coherence
or anything else that any reasonable person requires
in their entertainment. There isn’t much entertainment either. As I watched, I wondered:
how did this film get made? Perhaps Tarun and producer Karan Johar
conceived it as Fast and Furious meets Ocean’s Eleven. Did Jacqueline, who is required here
to pose and pout, think this might make
for a solid popcorn movie? She also gets to do a song that has the lyrics,
“karma badi kamini hai” – helpfully subtitled on Netflix as
“Karma is a bitch.” And what was
Sushant Singh Rajput thinking? The usually reliable actor is doing odd things
with his lips and grinning a lot. I think this is supposed to play as cool,
but his smugness just comes off as silly. There’s also Boman Irani
and Pankaj Tripathi. All I can say is,
I hope they got paid well. Until now, my bar for bad heist movies
was Anubhav Sinha‘s Cash. I had forced my mother to see it,
and she kept asking, “Yeh kaun kiski chori kar raha hai?” But Drive sets a
new standard for absurdity. The plot centers on some 890 crores of cash
and gold, stored in the Rashtrapati Bhavan. The loot belongs to
a corrupt government official. An infamous thief, only known as King,
wants to steal it. This sounds like fun, right? Wrong. We get split screens, a countdown, lots of
slow-motion strutting and posturing and some terrible CGI. We also get some choice dialogue. In one scene, a character says, “Hamein rapid response team
ki zaroorat hai and really fast.” In another, someone instructs: ab chori ka
sabse important part, bahar nikalne ka rasta. It’s a cat-and-mouse game,
played out like a cartoon. The bummer is that it doesn’t even extend
to that delirious sort of cheesiness which makes it so bad
that it’s good. Or perhaps the platform doesn’t
let it achieve those heights. When you see a bad film in the theater,
you stay committed – at least I never walk out of films.
You’re trapped. So when a film is sufficiently bad,
you start to enjoy the awfulness. It becomes funny. But with Netflix,
you can simply switch it off. So, the opportunity for reveling
in the glorious foolishness that Hindi cinema throws up
just doesn’t arise. The moral of the story is that Netflix
needs to have better quality control. And Tarun, who gave us lots to enjoy
in his last film Dostana, should perhaps go back
to the drawing board.

100 thoughts on “Drive | Bollywood Movie Review By Anupama Chopra | Netflix | Film Companion

  1. Worst movie ever…. How can some legends can do movie like this๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.. for Jacqueline it's a good movie ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›

  2. These kinds of roles are not good for anyone, especially SSR. He thinks that heโ€™s cool and smooth, but heโ€™s not. It just comes off as trying too hard

  3. why is karan entering the world of fast furious & michael bay , they have already raise the bar so high above were it is very difficult to reach. CID VS CRIMINAL MINDS

  4. YOU KNOW ITS DHARMA when you fuck up even with the most capable actors ever(Yea yea,except Jaqueline) Its like if a star is doing good in their career theyโ€™ll sign a film with Dharma just to remove any evil eyes (nazar)
    Someone pls get Dharma a time machine,itโ€™s time for them to get out of 2000s.

  5. VFX was horrible. you can literally see masking/Roto issues for the rats scene, where they are escaping and on the steps, some rats have white borders clearly visible.
    then the car scene….physics was lost..sudden brakes…which were illogical and opposite to physics. cars were looking teribble CGI and 3D. Animations of the car running were lost its tracks…. overall looks like Karan Johar didn't invest much money on the post Production… which is really sad to the VFX industry in india…

  6. How come you even brought down yourself to even watch this I wonder !! After looking at the trailer itself could vouch this is crap….. Netflix having better quality control is just not the game I think they play well in india , but one thing we should talk about is karan Joharโ€™s quality control . How cleverly he is let the bug go away to a platform from his dharma platform & financial books after the quality control disaster they have had with Kalank this year !! There is a great case study somewhere here which could be made for b-school ….

  7. It is stooping to all time low with such a movie on Netflix. I wasted my 30 min trying to give it a chance to be better since it had Sushant and Pankaj Tripathi. I was dumbfounded during a scene where Boman and Pankaj are talking about Jacqueline and her gang behind a mesh wire as if know one would see them. Why would someone make such a product?

  8. Until you said itโ€™s a Karan Johar venture I was thinking some college kids have some short film with Jacqui and Sushant.
    Frankly will never bothered to click in Netflix amidst such great content.

  9. I am not sure what Sushant Singh Rajput is up to with his career. The last film of his I watched was Raabta. Enough said.

  10. Sushant Singh Rajpoot was smiling so creepyly the whole time it feels lik he didn't believe he got a Dharma Movie… can't believe he is the same guy in MS Dhoni

  11. Really waste of my time and was thinking why did they make this movie such a bad bad movie.. now I feel Kaal movie was better.. lolzzz

  12. Karan Johar aur Indian Industry Netflix aur Amazon ko bhi mediocrity seekha denge. Also the skill of copying scenes. The restroom action scene in Bard of Blood was taken from Mission Impossible's latest offering.

  13. Ok but can we talk about why Netflix said yes to this trash in the first place?! What she said about quality control is so true!!

  14. Worst movie!
    I have a request to make to all BIG productions housesย & investors
    If you have money- please spend on the right places
    lots of Indie Houses are creating good contents but because of lack of money, they've to compromises or they have to wait for funding.

  15. After Jacqueline's entry, I thought it might get better after few minutes.. After few minutes, there's Sushanth's entry.. Waited a few more minutes hearing his awful dialogues… Couldn't stand more & I closed Netflix app

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  17. Anupama ma'am, whenever you interview Boman Irani, Pankaj Tripathi and Sushant Singh Rajpoot next, please ask them a simple question.

    WHY ? Why did you do this to your fans ?

  18. When filmmakers hire talentless Actors like Jacqueline who have 0 acting skills let alone Hindi speaking or diction skills what can one expect? Sushant Singh Rajput has the capacity to take part in any and every film as long as he has these women as his leading ladies. Diversity in Bollywood is just an excuse to promote talentless foreigners who perhaps satisfy the carnal desires of frustrated middle aged men. They wouldnโ€™t hire locally or cast Indian women in these roles cus they wonโ€™t fit into this type.

  19. I want you to make a movie with your ideas and so all and the audience to review yours ..thts include me haha mm …

  20. Bollywood needs to understand it's not 90s anyone…..They need to produce quality contents.Otherwise Bollywood will be finished….

  21. Please can you review the movie โ€˜Parasiteโ€™…since itโ€™s your latest video I hope youโ€™ll read the comments, although I doubt Driveโ€™s comment might be worth reading.

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