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Hi guys, I’m erik bosse, and I think we can all agree that Dr. Strange was just pure ridiculous [cumber] fun But a lot of you guys been asking about the movies ending and yeah the whole movie can be a bit of a mine good [times], but the [Endian] is an especially aggressive [mind] like Dr. Strange enough my brain has to work in the morning, [so] in this video I’m Gonna Explain exactly what went down in that final dark dimension Sequence of the movie and why it was so brilliant when he put it all together with a bunch of little clues that came up throughout the film I’m also Gonna explain Why [wang] revealing the eye of Agamotto as an infinity stone is so important and by the way if you want to know what happens In the post-credits scenes I did another video that covers all [of] that this video is like a pre credit scene Breakdown I know it’s crazy someone actually wants to talk about what happens before the credits of a marvel movie What world are we living in here [ok] bear with me as I take a step back, but in order to understand Dr. Strange’s ending you have to accept that this entire movie is about time, and yeah, sure it’s about a lot of other things, too Broken position trying to heal himself so that he can heal and save others letting go of pride and ego mind over matter hands, but above all this is a story about a man struggling with time controlling his life and that by freeing himself from [time] he Can use time to his advantage so that basically as the beatles put it time? Is a yellow submarine I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes throughout the film this idea of time is Represented in the recurring symbol of a clock so like in the early scene doctor strange is operating on a gunshot victim racing against time to remove a bullet from his brain and notice how when he tries to focus he’s Distracted by the ticking of Dr. West’s Wristwatch And then he snaps at him to cover it up to block the sound now why does this ticking derail strange like this see at This moment strange is at the Peak of his pride He’s a brilliant surgeon Nailing this miraculous surgery that only he can do and the best of all he’s rubbing it in the face of his rival he feels invincible but the ticking of the watch Reminds him that he’s not invincible [he’s] mortal his own time is running out strange is kind of like a reverse Captain hook like he’s driven mad by a ticking sound that will soon Foreshadow a life changing hand injury strange hates to be reminded how time is controlling his life another clock that keeps showing up throughout doctor strange is the watch given to him by Christine Palmer and remember that shatters when the muggers in Katmandu tried to steal it now notice How [that] break happens right before he meets carl [mordo] and the ancient one and he begins his training and [Kamar] tosh That’s a symbolic moment of character growth for strange He’s literally breaking time diverging from his old [timeline]. Which was trying to heal his hands and [continue] His [life] the Surgeon and now he’s going to this new [timeline] outside of time breaking the laws of Nature and learning the mystic arts Okay
now [fast-forwarding] a bit here at the end of his training strange uses the book of cagliostro in the eye of [a] [komodo] to manipulate time which is represented by this apple going back and Forth between Eaten and uneaten and when wang and [mordo] catch them in the Act mordo [warned] strange about paradoxes and time loops with this foreshadowing line Do you want to get stuck reliving the [same] moment over and over forever and then strange is like, huh? You don’t say that could [be] useful okay fast-forward him again here while battling Kycilia strange learns that the [dark] [dimension] is a place Beyond time Cai sillies opera strange what he thinks he wants the freedom from Mortality to no longer worry about his time ticking away notice How strange seems to consider this guy sillies tries to drive the point home by saying time and slaves us time as an insult death? Is an insult but then later strange? realizes the truth while talking with the ancient one in the astral plane at the moment of her death her philosophy is the opposite of Cai silius she says death is what gives life meaning? To know your days are numbered [your] time is short so finally arriving at the end here in this final showdown in Hong Kong Strange puts all of this knowledge about time together [he] sees that the sanctum has already fallen and Kycilia says opened the gate [of] the dark dimension How strange knows that he can reverse time to save the city using spells in the eye of agamotto? But he knows that Kycilia is stronger than him and he probably can’t feed him so he remembers two things one the [dark] [dimension] is A realm where time does not exist, [so] by introducing time into it that would give strange a huge advantage and then to Tampering with time can result in creating a loop reliving the same moment over and over forever So that’s what happens when strange floats up into the dark dimension he creates a time loop starting with him proposing the bargain to dormammu and ending with his [debt] and because Dormammu has no understanding of time. He’s trapped in this until strange decides to stop it So just like in movies like groundhog day Or edge of tomorrow [doctor] strange dies and resets over and over I personally counted 12 times and he does this until dormammu goes crazy and strange eventually breaks him and convinces him to leave this room and take high silius and his followers with him and what I love about the sequence is just like bill murray and groundhog day and Tom cruise and edge of Tomorrow it’s implied that doctor strange could have died hundreds thousands maybe an infinite number of times Notice how strange invited death regardless of how painful it would be saying pain is an old friend and you gotta imagine that like dormammu would have enjoyed finding new ways to kill him for at least the First couple hundred times until he got bored And then maybe another thousand before it became like Mildly annoying and then thousands infinite number of times more before it became legit torture And it’s really satisfying to see doctor strange show that he understands the ancient ones words that death is what gives life meaning? Literally [doctor] strange’s death or rather his infinite number of Deaths saves all the lives on Earth Ultimately giving his life meaning once again And then in these final moments wong of course reveals that the eye of agamotto is an infinity stone specifically the time stone and that makes sense given the Godly level power gives strange over time so that makes five out of six infinity stones revealed an McU so far and this officially ties Doctor strange [to] the upcoming Avengers infinity war movies where thanos will try to assemble all of these stones in his infinity gauntlet Basically making him ruler of all the universe we’re just gonna have [to] imagine how powerful [Danice] is going to become if he combines the [power] of the tesseract and the ether and [the] mind stone ambitions head and the orb That Ronan used and now this time stone [good] luck avengers But now let’s talk about this final shot which connects back to this idea of time strange puts back on [his] broken watch from Christine If you look closely the way the glass is broken on the watch Matches up with the lines in the seal of Vishanti in the Sanctum window also this watch wraps around the wrist Just like the green time spell that we saw so we’re seeing that through this broken watch that time is something that no longer in Slave strange now real quick this video was brought to you by the great people at Warby Parker They have a selection of really cool frames for your glasses now if you ever catch me like squinting at the camera it’s because I wear And they get super dried out from these hot lights or you know I run out and I have to wear glasses like that one Humiliating time a couple [videos] back [now] I wasn’t a huge fan of those frames And it’s always hard to shop [for] new ones because the woman at the store is just like standing right there And she’s like those make you look cool and they [really] don’t you just you know wants to make a sale? 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And you’ll be entered to win a $50 gift card to warby Parker will shoot it randomly, but you have to comment I need your advice [I’m] an indecisive idiot help me new Rock Star Subscribers. You’re my only hope [alright] if you [liked] this video please hit like and subscribe to new Rock stars For more of these videos and remember to check out my breakdown of the doctor strange Post-Credit scenes if you haven’t already you can also contribute to new Rock stars on Patreon big Thanks to all of our current patrons. We love you guys, and you aren’t currently contributing to us You can start right [now] for as little as $1 a month every little bit helps and getting these videos out faster So thank you guys again [hit] me up on Twitter a ta boss with any thoughts you have on doctor strange [or] any cruel jokes you have about [mandating] classes you also go [in] new Rock stars on Twitter at New Rock Stars And bother them about when our videos are coming out alright. Thanks for watching bye you

100 thoughts on “Doctor Strange ENDING EXPLAINED (Time Theory) – The Dark Dimension

  1. so Strange won't have the Eye during the Infinity War, Vision will die, Thor and all of his buddies too when there's the Ether in Jane and the Tesseract in Loki's (or Odin's?) possession. in the comics, once Thanos has the gauntlet he literally snaps his fingers and half of all terrestrial life is blinked out of existence. not dead, as if they never were. This is going to be epic.

  2. pretty sure this is there in interpretation of the 3000 years where he fought in the dark realm it's in the comics

  3. DCEU apologists be like "DCEU is so deep and multi layered, Marvel is for kids".

    They have their ups and downs. Deal with it.

  4. When I saw the movie, it was very confusing.Thanks to your Doctor Strange Breakdowns I understand it way better.

  5. Thanos I've come to bargain.

    Asking Sony and 20th Century Fox and all this other studios to give back their characters' rights to Marvel Studios so that they can connect the Fantastic Four and the X-Men to the MCU :Fox I've come to bargain

  6. What some people forget about is that according to the most popular image of Thanos with the infinity stones actually has Thanos with all 6 which means that it technically has been introduced to the MCU

  7. Interesting ending but I think the ending should be more about how he overcomes his ego since that is what the ancient one kept telling him what to do

  8. I'm not a fan of how they're attaching these infinity gems to individual characters' superpowers. So, if/when Thanos gets all the "infinity stones", then Vision and Strange are both unable to fight him. Those are some heavy-hitters taken out of the fight.

  9. For me it would have been great if somehow they would apply, that he did that for 100 years. And he became more and better skilled in those 100 yerars of fighting dormamu… image how deep that would have been 🙂

  10. Dr strange has his own style to "Beat" his enemy. He actually doesn't beat Dormammu, but he Trick him, and make Dormammu give up and deal with him. He actually smart, like tony stark.

    The only one hero who beat his enemy in annoyed ways. 😂

  11. Using third party movie content and then embed commercial ads into this content isn,t violating rules?

  12. I think the time paradox and parallels is going to be the most important reason why dr strange selected that universe. I think he required that the storm be destroyed and then have thanos use the time stone to put it back together

  13. Doctor Strange : Master Reality, Dimension, And Time
    When Is The Movie Doctor Strange 2 Aired?.
    I'm bored seeing other superheroes.

  14. Why couldn't strange just turn back time to before Thanos was scrambling to get the infinity stones and kill the Titan?

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