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Hands up. Oh.. hey who are you? We are young superman’s
of our loving father. Oh so good superman. Daddy, why don’t you become superman
too and finish the dacoits and thieves. My dear, your daddy is not superman. He’s just a man. And that too a policeman. Hey Mr. Inspector..
why don’t you leave your job. We have so much that father has given us. Why don’t you give up your job.. Nita, like this if every
policeman gives up his job. Then people like KK and
Bichhu will rule the world. Gentlemen like you know..
every government.. the world is at
war with the killing powder. And in many countries
they have been successful.. curbing that to some extent. But in our country after so many raids.. ..and catching them
this business is increasing. Sir.. if we want to clean
the dirt in the Ganges. Then we will have to
clean it at Gangotri itself. And you know very well who
is the leader of illegal business. This s true that KK is
behind this business, Sinha. But we have no proof against it. And to attack KK without
it will not only gives us a loss. But you could also lose your job. A soldier is not afraid
to lay his life, sir. And then it’s just a job.
I take up this responsibility, sir. And now whether I lose my
life or job the law will have KK. Anything else sir..
– No thanks. Call for one or two more.. KK. The prisons in India
haven’t become so generous.. ..that they will give such
food to criminals like you. And you don’t forget
that no criminal is above law. And that he can’t be punished ever. Either today or tomorrow,
the blind eyes of law.. ..will surely get that light of proof. One that will unmask you before the world. Drink..
– And then.. all those people. The parents,
kids who buy from you as a hobby. And then they pay for it with their lives. Then they will not
ask for you death from law. They will ask for a life worse than death. From an ordinary inspector like you.. ..I can’t expect the manners
of a 5 Star hotel employee. But I didn’t know that
defeat makes a man so confused. Anyway.. I’ll tell you
two things from experience. Remember them. The first one is.. That small fish is caught
in the trap laid by police and law. And the second thing is
you don’t come in without asking. Understand? You know the way outside. KK in your hotel there are so many doors.. ..that a man can leave
from any one of them. But the jail cell has just one door that ..if closed once will
open after many years. This is amazing.. ..that ordinary inspector
has such audacity. That he came to your hotel,
without any proofs.. ..challenged you and went out alive too. A frog can keep jumping
but he can’t climb a tree. Hello Pukhraj Seth.
– Hello KK. Have a seat.
– Thank you. Tell me.
– Sir.. Why did you increase the price suddenly. In our business the more
tighter police rules become. The supply goes down. And when supply is
down the price will rise. This is amazing.. this is clear cheating. This is not business.
I don’t want to do business with you. You give back the advance I gave you. My name is Bichhu. And a person bitten by
him won’t die but feel tortured. So remember one thing.. ..neither do we return
the money once taken. And nor do we like to
raised voices in our house. Get out.. out. Seth Bichhu..
this man was spying in our area. I killed him after shooting
him and brought him here. You did a very bad thing..
A very bad thing. Did you forget.. The one Bichhu bites doesn’t
die but feels tortured. Did you kill him without torturing him. For the first time a
policeman came to Bichhu’s den. And you killed him without torturing him. If you feel so bad then
I’ll become alive again. Why do you need to worry for that. Hey fool.. give me a hand.. C’mon. Hey, you…
– Hey quiet. Don’t shake, dance and don’t talk. Hey hold this. Did you see..
did you see inspector Dasu’s style. Hey get out now.. I said leave.
Or I’ll give you one slap. Where no policeman dares to go. There inspector Dasu dares to go. And by just whistling he troubles them. What do you mean.. a whistle. Yes.. this is not just a whistle..
it’s a signal. It’s my order. If I blow it the police force.. ..standing outside will come in. And then you the lord
of crime will be in jail. Is the police force outside?
– Yes. Do you want me to whistle.
– No. See you’re scared too.
– Hey no. So you are inspect5or Dasu.
– Yes. That’s nice. You are great.
– I know I am great. I was so eager to me you, you know. I wanted to meet you very soon. Yes, but you must have been very busy. Hey get a box of sweets for the inspector. Sweets. Why do I need sweets?
– For your kids and family. You want to feed my kids.
Then go to Kolhapur. And even if you go
there they won’t have it. But this is such a sweet that the old,
young and kids.. ..too have it with great relish. Bribe.. that means ‘hafta’. You want to bribe, inspector Dasu. Hey traitor of this country,
and king of smugglers. Inspector Dasu can’t
be bought not just for a box.. ..but also the whole store of sweets. But if you talk about friendship then
I’ll think about it or I’ll blow this. Hey Mr. Inspector..
I am trying to be friends with you. I don’t do friendship
for this one box of sweets. Bring one box more. You are a very good friend. Now that you.. Hey.
– What happened? Now that we have become friends..
just like that. And I mean just like
that I want to ask a question. What work do you do? Oh something here and there. Is this watch Indian from here or foreign?
– There. Then give it here. Then.. There will be a raid at your home. Yes like that.
It looks good on me, doesn’t it? Hey what is that?
– You come here. I ask you what is that?
– It’s glucose. I will eat glucose too.
– No, it’s very bad quality. I’ll do one thing I’ll send
the box quality to your house. You don’t have the address to my home.. ..then how will you send it to me. What if you give it to me right here?
– No, I’ll have to think. No think now. Then you won’t have any
trouble and neither will I. Ok, I’ll get high quality glucose for you. You are a very good friend..
a very good friend. But I am not a very good friend. Did you think you could fool me? Who are you?
Hey Kannu. What have you done to? Now that you have recognised me..
why did you say it. In Bombay only two things are famous. One is the common man
and the other is his slap. Hey will you go Kamaathipura.
– Yes sir, sit down. Come on. Hey drunkard, get lost.
Hey Anwar.. keep this bag. And it’s a promise don’t
tell anyone the bag is with you. I will come and take it tomorrow. And I have to move quickly.
Give me a change of clothes. Surround this building. “Why did you fall in this fight..” Hey man. So kid. Son Kannu, if you want
to save yourself from the goons. Then get into jail,
but how will I do that. Yes formula, 44. Where.. where did my monkey go. Hey who are you?
– Bring my monkey. Or I will break everything here. Arrest me otherwise I will do like this. Don’t beat me.
– Put him in jail. Thank you.
Yes put me in jail or I’ll die. Thank you. Lighter. Bichhu sir.. my money is over. But my cards are heavy. See yourself. Fool, you come to my club and you cheat. No sir, I didn’t cheat.
– Then what is this? 3 Aces. No.. no. Throw him out. Who are you? Mannu.
– Who is Mannu? Your leader. The one Bichhu bites
doesn’t die but is tortured. And the one a snake bites
he feels the pain and dies too. After coming to Bichhu’s
den you can’t go back alive. A vulture is afraid
of threats not a tiger. Here take your money.
And don’t come back here. Understand.
– Thank you. Hello police station. Inspector he is that goon. Arrest him. Give me hi-five. But.. Ma…
– Mannu. But Mannu, I like your story. But Ka… Kannu.
– Kannu, I liked your style. Is that so.
– No booze so no food. Yes.. But ma.. ma.
– Mannubhai. Yes Mannubhai, you brought booze in jail. Yes I did.
– It’s a loan. Hey what are you saying..
I brought liquor for you in jail. You buy liquor for me outside.
So that will settle it. Mannubhai.. now that you are my friend. I’ll tell you.. I have such a bag. That once you press it.
– What will you press? Hey buttons.
– Yes button. You press that and make the world dance.. intoxication I
have that much merchandise. Look you are being
released after bearing.. ..punishment for small offences. But if you don’t leave this path of crime. Then remember this same
jail term could be so long. That you will live
your youth in this jail. Mr. Inspector, I have seen so many jails. But I have seen an honest
and sincere officer like you. Mr. Inspector,
we will respect your advice. And see to it that the
two of us don’t see a jail again. God bless you.
– Thank you sir. Keep it.. keep it or I’ll give you one. Live Seth Pukhraj.. he earned so much. Luck has started. Come on I am going. We have become very rich. Hey.. brother.. friend.. Mannu. The goods I was telling you about. I will give this to Pukhraj
and he will pay me 5 lakhs. And then I will become a rich man. And then what I promised you..
about that drink. Hey inspector Dasu, do you recognise him. One Bichhu bites doesn’t
die bit is tortured. Did you see Kannu..
taking Bichhu’s stock isn’t easy. Mannu.. are you his man? Yes.. like you are his man.. ..I am Bichhu’s man. You made a fool out
of Bichhu and I fooled you. And I am a friend of just money. You cheat. What do you think..
one who loses behave s like this. Take this and drink whisky.
You’ll be fine. Now go. Get lost. Fine. I became your
friend and you cheated me. That’s all right. But remember. By acting to be Kannu’s
friend you asked for a low price. But you’ll have to pay a
heavy price by becoming my enemy. Remember this. I swear on my business there
is no girl that I don’t know. But I swear that I haven’t
seen this girl before. If you want I can present someone to you. A man’s toy doesn’t look
good in a gigolo’s hand. Tell me where Nilo is.
– I don’t know where Nilo is. You don’t know. Tell me where is my sister,
the one you lured.. ..saying you’ll give her a job.
– I don’t know. You scoundrel..
tell me where is my sister? She ran away as soon as
she got to know my intentions. Hey run.. run.. he beat me so much. Wow dude, wow. I have been in fights too. But such a style of fighting
I have seen for the first time. My name is Mannu..
and it’s my hobby to befriend the brave. Prem Singh..
here you get air for 24 hours. Sunlight for 12 hours
and water for 6 hours. Such facility you’ll never
get in the whole of Bombay. I wouldn’t get a friend
like you in Bombay too. One who makes a stranger
his friend and brings him home. Look Prem Singh..
to make a friend I don’t count chances. I see the heart.
And look at your heart and.. ..hearing your sad story
I had become emotional. Anyway you stay here
and look for your sister. No man, here people
cope to find a job, a girl. And you’re asking the sardar-ji
to look for his sister. My name is Fife. What is your name. Prem Singh.
– Oh wow.. how sweet. That means you must
be an expert at loving. I stay beside you.
Call me whenever you want to. I’ll come beside you.
– What? What is your sister’s name, by the way?
– Nilu. What are you saying the
price of gold doesn’t change. Gold has a price and it’s a gold chain. Won’t you give me something for it? Aunt.. aunt.
– Aunt. Yes aunt, I am your niece Basanti. I don’t have a niece. What happened?
– My aunt died too. But as soon as I saw you,
you reminded me of her. Don’t cry my dear. Don’t cry. Don’t cry my dear. Ok.. Aunt I’ll meet you again.
– Ok. Poor girl. Mrs. Gupta, your necklace.
– Hey thief.. thief. Thief.. what thief.. Hi Aunt.
– Thief. Catch her.
– Thief. My necklace.. my gold necklace. That was so expensive.. I am ruined. With you I have lost too.
But aunty.. don’t be scared. You will get your necklace. How will I get it that
girl must have run away already. How can she run away,
is it her property to do that. When I am here,
there can’t be another this. When I am here no theft can take place. Like two women at home can’t keep quiet. In the same way there can’t
be two swords in it’s case. Everyone will be checked. Aunt, do you remember that girl’s face. No my son, I don’t know anything. You do something. Ok if you don’t know anything
then it’s fine. But I know everything. I’ll catch her right now. Hey India has progressed so much. Even a mannequin looks real. I like you very much. I’ll take you home. And give you life, what do you say. Now the thing is you’re my
friend so I have a query. Yes.. After drinking why do you have
to search in someone else’s pocket. I have this habit since childhood. Child hood habit.
That is a very bad thing you know. If someone’s pocket is torn then what. And hiding another’s
chain is also a bad habit. Tell me where is the necklace.
– A knife. You asked for the necklace
by showing a knife. If you want to ask then ask for my heart. If you want to ask then
ask for a part of my life. You ask for my life, my loyalty anything. And when you asked
you asked for the necklace. This jewellery is a woman’s weakness. You rascal.
– Hey not rascal, but Pascal. Leave me. Help.
– Who is that? Hey police.. police.. run. Teases a girl.
Hey he ran away. Come on get up. He ran away.. but I am here. He didn’t harm you, did he? Come with me. Hey she beat me. Escape. Great. “Take my heart..” “But don’t run away with it.” “Take my heart..” “But don’t run away with it.” “What will happen then?” “What will happen then?” “There she goes.
She stole my heart..” “She just snapped her finger.
And took my heart away.” “There she goes.
She stole my heart..” “She just snapped her finger.
And took my heart away.” “Look Ms. Cruel..
It’s not a piece of glass.” “It is my heart..
And that is a real diamond.” “There he goes.
He stole my heart..” “He just snapped his finger.
And took my heart away.” “Don’t crush and throw it.” “It is as delicate..
As a rosebud.” “There she goes.
She stole my heart..” “There he goes.
He stole my heart..” “Your pearls and diamonds.
I don’t want them.” “Not just once..
Not even a hundred times.” “Your pearls and diamonds.
I don’t want them.” “Not just once..
Not even a hundred times.” “I want to change my heart.
Come change it.” “This deal of love..
Sign it between us.” “If you don’t agree then..
Look, here I go..” “There he goes.
He stole my heart..” “He just snapped his finger.
And took my heart away.” “Hey wait.. wait..
Let me think..” “If this deal of love..
Is a good or bad one.” “Hey wait.. wait..
Let me think..” “If this deal of love..
Is a good or bad one.” “O’ fair maiden your talks.
Are like the first night.” “With just talks..
Baby, what will I get.” “I can find many like you..
In every lane.” “There she goes.
She stole my heart..” “She just snapped her finger.
And took my heart away.” “If I meet him in a hotel.
Or someone goes in a car..” “I have really liked you.” “If I meet him in a hotel.
Or someone goes in a car..” “I have really liked you.” “Now that both have met.” “Like we’re made from a dye.” “Very good people..
Couldn’t get me.” “There she goes.
She stole my heart..” “She just snapped her finger.
And took my heart away.” “Look Ms. Cruel..
It’s not a piece of glass.” “It is my heart..
And that is a real diamond.” “There he goes.
He stole my heart..” “He just snapped his finger.
And took my heart away.” “Don’t crush and throw it.” “It is as delicate..
As a rosebud.” “There she goes.
She stole my heart..” “There he goes.
He stole my heart..” Mother.. mother.
– You are here, my son. Mother, this is Nilu. Greetings.
– Greetings. She works with me at office. Yes our export import business. Yes mother.. export import. Oh let that kind of an office be. One that keep a son away at nights.
And sometimes, even months. Oh mother..
my business is export and import. Going in and coming out. You know to take money I have to go
to Kandivali, Borivali, Chandivali, etc. And sometimes I have to
become a guest of the state. And mother,
the law respects your son so much.. ..that it doesn’t get tired of me. And then it tells me
to stay for a month or two. In those days do they know
what happens to your mother. Do you have to go and
become guests of the state? No mother, I am new to this business. So I haven’t got a chance to do that. It’s better if you don’t get it. Don’t do such jobs, my dear. Where do you stay?
– That… Mother she has no one in Bombay. She is new and has come today. Now she will have to live alone.
– Why? Why does she need to stay alone. She will stay here from today. She will stay with me, with her mother. You go and get fresh. I’ll prepare dinner. Wow.. everyone says
that have food at the Taj. Or have food made by your wife. But I say not only in Bombay,
but whole of India. If you want to eat then eat
food made by my friend Prem Singh. I am telling the truth, Premi.
If you were a girl. Then you would have been
the mother of my children. Who is it? Sardar-ji please save me.
Some people are after me. Look they are here.
Please hide me somewhere. Open the door. Did a girl come here.
– No. She is a pick pocketer, she is a thief. There is no one here,
if you want you can check. Whose blood is this? That is my blood. Oh sorry. Nilu. This is Bombay, Prem Singh. And it turns people in to many things. You should be thankful she’s just a thief. And now it’s ok, watch you’ll find
your sister here if Gods wants you to. It was fortunate Kannu,
that the ‘sardar’ saved me. Otherwise Kannu, this Nilu, would have
been separated from you for three months. And I can’t live away for even a day. That is why I tell
you not to do such things. If you want to do that
then why stay in my house. Look, I don’t like you doing such things. Look Kannu,
I eat food at your place without paying. But for my mother and sister
I have to send something. And for that I can’t ask you for money. For that I have to do something. Why do you think like that. When my mother said that
you are her daughter-in-law. Then what? Your mother is my mother.
And mine is yours. But.
– No ifs and buts. Look, after today if you do anything
like that then connections with Kannu. No. “Allah.. Allah..” “Allah.. Allah..” “Allah, how did this happen.” “Allah, how did this happen.” “That in my youth..
my days to die are here.” “Allah.. Allah..” “Allah.. Allah..” “Allah, how did this happen.” “Allah, how did this happen.” “My days to fear..
The youngsters are here.” “Allah.. Allah..” “Allah.. Allah..” “These cold drafts..
Let it blow this way.” “These cold drafts..
Let it blow this way.” “My fair cheeks..
Will glows better.” “Who knows how many..
There are lovers in the world.” “Who knows how many..
There are lovers in the world.” “Who will fall for you..
In just one look.” “Oh why do I care.
Whether they live or die.” “To deck and get ready..
Such days are here now.” “Allah.. Allah..” “Allah.. Allah..” “Allah, how did this happen.” “Allah, how did this happen.” “Oh your swaying, walk.” “Oh your swaying, walk.” “And the rains on top.” “Hey lover, don’t say that.” “Hey lover, don’t say that.” “Even if you eye me.” “The emotions of my heart.
Have been aroused so..” “To do something..
Such days are here.” “Allah.. Allah..” “Allah, how did this happen.” “Allah, how did this happen.” “That in my youth..
My days to die are here.” “Allah.. Allah..” “Allah, how did this happen.” “Allah, how did this happen.” “My days to fear..
The youngsters are here.” “Allah.. Allah..” “Allah.. Allah..” “Allah.. Allah..” “Allah.. Allah..” Hey be careful.. that old lady. Is she your mother? Yes, she is my mother. Go and get these medicines.
Don’t delay. Otherwise. Doctor she is not my mother. But I know a son’s duty well. Look, let me go today. It’s very urgent. What are you trying to fool me. No Kannu, it’s a matter of someone’s life. Someone’s mother is dying.
But it’s not my mother. And that’s enough of your acting. Now you will keep quiet and
what will work is Kannu’s hand. Let me go now you can
settle your score later. Are you mouthing a dialogue. Let me go today, Kannu. Uncle.. aunt had an accident.
– What. Aunt had an accident. Please side. Mother! Mother! Mother! Doctor my mother..
– If you don’t get medicines quickly. I won’t be able to save her.
– No. Here doctor.. take your medicines. Now, there is no need to worry. Look, Mannu let me go it’s
a matter of my mother’s life. What are you trying to fool me. Acting emotional. Look you are right and I am wrong. But my mother will die.
– It’s not my mother. It’s your mother who is dying. Hey!
– Get lost! Don’t do this. Look Mannu. Mannu, this is enough.
For my mother I am requesting you. I am also begging you let me go. Look, it’s a matter of my mother’s life. Hey Mannu, that’s enough. Whenever you fight with Mannu,
be prepared. This time you just fell..
next time you’ll be dead. What should we do? Hey look Mannu’s friend
is coming this way. Oh wow. Hey sardar, greetings.
– Greetings. Yes tell me what is the matter? Hey Mannu’s friend.. we’ll kill you today. And send a parcel to him. You fools. Mannu is not just my friend. He is everything to me. Before you send me to Mannu,
you’ll reach there. Dogs just bark in their territory. And this is our territory. You know yourself quite well. But I am not a dog like you.
I am God’s own tiger. If my friend Mannu comes here. Then he will grind you
like chillies and coriander. Shut up. Not just my tongue even my hands work. “Hey mother is a drunk..” “And father is a drunk too.” “Who’s girl is this?” “Looking so beautiful.” “Who’s girl is this?” Hey what are you doing? Wow, a blue pant, a blue shirt. And a blue turban. And if I give you one slap,
your face will turn blue too. Go and tell Mannu,
to be prepared for his death. Kannu, is coming to him..
with anger in his eyes. Now go.. get lost. Mannu is here. That’s good, or I would have you here. No one has been born
yet who can kidnap Mannu. And there is no one who
can cheat Kannu and live. Life and death are not decided by talking. The power of the hand decides that. And you have seen the
power of this hand, Kannu. Not power.. say cheating. And don’t worry Kannu
plays fair in a fight too. He doesn’t cheat and
gives the rival a fair chance. We’ll decide now,
either you or me will be alive. “Ding dong, O Kannu, sing a song.” “Ding dong, O Mannu, sing a song.” “In the name of friendship.” “In the name of love.” “Ding dong, O Kannu, sing a song.” “Ding dong, O Mannu, sing a song.” “In the name of friendship.” “In the name of love.” “Ding dong, O Kannu, sing a song.” Silent! What are you doing? “I love Mr. Kannu.” “I want to meet Mr. Kannu hundred times.” “I love Mr. Kannu.” “I want to meet Mr. Kannu hundred times.” “How can I break the friendship?” “I will not leave Mannu.” “It’s useless to fight with Mr. Mannu.” “I love Mr. Kannu.”
– “With Kannu?” “I want to meet Mr. Kannu hundred times.”
– “Kannu?” “I love Mr. Kannu.” “I want to meet Mr. Kannu hundred times.” “Should I put them inside?” “Should I leave them?” “Tell how should be they treated.” “Tell how should be they treated.” “Should I leave them?” “Should I put them inside?” “Tell how should be they treated.” “Tell how should be they treated.” “Help! Help! Help!” “Syed Ali is the enemy of the love.” “He is the enemy of my friend.” “Syed Ali is the enemy of the love.” “He is the enemy of my friend.” “He is showing the stick.”
– “Yes.” “He is very egoistic.”
– “Yes.” “He doesn’t listen.” “And would be taking
to the police station.” “The friends can’t
meet because of Syed Ali.” “Syed Ali is the enemy of the love.” “He is the enemy of my friend.” All right, all right, get lost from here. “Come let’s go somewhere.” “Come let’s go somewhere.” “This is not the right place for us.” “Friends, let’s go somewhere.” “This is not the right place for us.” “Friends, let’s go somewhere.” “This is not the right place for us.” “I am your enemy.” “You are my enemy.” “I will see your strength.” “I will see your strength.” “We are old enemy.” “Save yourself.” “I am your enemy.” “You are my enemy.” “I will see your strength.” “I will see your strength.” “We will make the
impossible into possible.” “And the possible into impossible.” “We will make the
impossible into possible.” “And the possible into impossible.” “If both of them are at the same place.” “Kannu.”
– “Mannu.” “Kannu.”
– “Mannu.” “Kannu.”
– “Mannu.” “Kannu.”
– “Mannu.” “We are made for each other.” “We are made for each other.” “I don’t know what you say.” “I don’t know don’t know what you say.” “I don’t know what you say.” “But I want to go away, go away.” “Go away.” “Kannu, come let’s go.” “Mannu, come let’s go.” “When will we meet.”
– “Whenever you say.” “Where?” “Where these people don’t come.” “Where these people don’t come.” “Where these people don’t come.” “Where these people don’t come.” Welcome to my country, Mr. John. KK and all his friends
are waiting anxiously for you. I am also very anxious to meet them. So tell what’s going on in India? Just think that from a
small shop to a five star hotel.. ..from a school to a university.
– Right. The beautiful intoxication of Mr. KK.. becoming the necessity of live. And law?
– Law? In Hindustan the one
who has money in their safe.. is in their pocket. And the knot of the
death on the neck, hands up! We were waiting for the
day when KK’s men are caught. handed so that
KK and you all are hanged. Gentlemen, it’s very regretful
that we couldn’t succeed.. providing the
drugs to the people which.. ..the law call it as cocaine,
intoxication and poison. We are white snakes of this dark world. The snakes too fill in
the body with poison, we too. But the snake bites. We don’t. Our intoxication is getting
slowly and steadily.. ..into the blood of the coming generation. And as the human can’t live
without blood the same will.. the condition of
those who uses our drugs. But the police are on high alert. In the last six months they caught.. ..our cocaine suppliers
like the street dogs. That’s is the reason why the cocaine
is not available in the market. But I assure you. Very soon these will be
made available in your locality. We have arranged people
who not only can fool.. ..the police but also
the God of the death. But Sir, who are they? The same cunning goons, Mannu and Kannu. What are you saying, dad? I can’t trust them. They would join together
and can double cross us anytime. Dear Bichhu, don’t try to become my father. Go, go and contact them. We the poor people have a bad habit. The habit of dreaming. Till yesterday I wished to
have a dream girl like you in my life. And today when a lovely
dream girl has come into my life.. I am thinking..
to give her the happiness.. ..which I had dreamt whole life. Today not to myself,
but I am promising you. That for this dream,
I would sacrifice my life. And I will make you
my wife when in my life.. my dream girl, you fits in.
You understand, isn’t it? Mannu, the one who
is in love surely dreams. But their dreams are not
the happiness of the world. But the companionship of their love. Now just promise me..
that you never leave me. If you had to leave,
then leave the job that separates us. True? What do you want?
– You. You want to buy?
– May be. If I say that.. this shop is closed, then? If you say like that..
then I will assume that.. want to increase your price.
– Good. But.. the deal may be fixed or may not be. I would surely like to know.. ..what is my price
these days in the market? Whatever your demand. Both the heart and the
pocket of Bichhu are big. In this business.. – Mannu
won’t work with a dirty man like you. It’s because a fairy has come..
into the life of Mannu, Bichhu. And if can’t become a God for her.. ..I will surely become a good man. Tell what is there in the truck? The same smuggled radio,
video and clothes. And if there is any problem, Bichhu.. will be a Bichhu,
but without poison, understand? What are the consignments? There are radio,
video and clothes in the truck. That’s why a man like you has been chosen. Our men will be waiting
for you behind Sohanpur church. What is the number of the truck? Hello, hello police station?
– Yes. A truck is passing through Sohanpur road. The truck contains smuggled goods. The number of the truck is CHW 6163. Are you sure? Very good. “Oh my helplessness and
this space with my Neelu..” “Her thought troubles me every moment..” “My beautiful girl will
go away because of this Job..” Didn’t I tell you? That if you both don’t
leave the path of crime.. ..the punishment will be so long that.. will have to
spent your youth in jail. Dad, I am sorry. I made such a fool proof plan, but… You know dad,
I made the police to go after Kannu.. that the way for Mannu
is clear and we get our stock! But dad, inspector
Sinha was cleverer than us. But Bichhu,
Mannu is cleverer than the inspector. See this. They could get only 300
grams of cocaine from him. That means dad?
That means he might have hidden.. ..the rest of the cocaine
before he was arrested. Dear, do one thing. Inform Mannu somehow
to escape from the jail.. ..and come to the Lal Kothi. What are you doing? Sorry Mr. Sinha, our men searched
every corner of the locality.. but couldn’t find Mannu and Kannu. Cover the jungle from all the four sides. So that they don’t escape anywhere. I heard it but I have seen today. That the donkeys don’t have horns. But.. they are stronger than the dogs. Mannu finds his way of his own,
understand? And Kannu doesn’t follow the paths.. ..shown by others, understand? But now you will have to come with me,
understand? Because unfortunately
your hand is tied with my hand. And yes, you can’t break
the handcuff with stones. You have to use the brain for that. I know a place where
we can break the handcuffs. And also the police will not know. Mannu, remember one thing. Kannu was cheated once in the friendship. But in enmity, Kannu will not spare.. ..the one who would cheat him. Now when Mannu will settle the accounts.. ..he will not discriminate
and will not cheat, understand? Mr. Verma, though we have tried our best.. ..we couldn’t find both the prisoners. It seems like they have crossed the river
and penetrated in to the dense jungle. So it has become very
difficult to find both of them. There is only one.
We must have a helicopter. Is it? I see. There is nothing to worry. I will provide the
force as much as you want. I will give you the helicopter too. But Kannu and Mannu
shouldn’t escape at any cost! All right, ok. Sinha, Kannu and Mannu
from whom we recovered.. ..300 grams of cocaine,
all the police force is behind them? I don’t understand anything. I didn’t catch 300 grams,
but I have caught 300 kg! 300 kg? Then where
is the rest of the cocaine? The rest of the cocaine
I have hidden safely. And have purposely
published in the newspaper.. ..that only 300 grams
of cocaine has been caught. But.. how do we benefit?
– There is, Naik. I am sure that the cocaine belongs to KK. And I am also sure that
right now KK is thinking that.. ..the rest of the cocaine
is with Kannu and Mannu. And so he will come
to meet Mannu and Kannu. And that time I will catch him red handed. So that’s the matter. The ordinary man of
the law has outplayed.. ..the king of the underworld! But Mr. Bichhu,
then too they will not win this game. Because I..
and Sinha are posted in your locality. Where is he right now? He has gone home to celebrate
the birthday of his daughter. Daughter’s birthday? “Keep on smiling.” “Keep on singing.” “Be happy even though there are sorrows.” “Keep on smiling.” “Keep on singing.” “Be happy even though there are sorrows.” “Walk on thorns.” “Walk on fire.” “Fight against the storm of the cruelty.” “Keep on smiling.” “Keep on singing.” “Be happy even though there are sorrows.” “Keep on smiling.” “In the journey of life.” “You will find many storms.” “The lighting may stop your way.” “You should not stop at any point.” “You should not lose and never bow down.” “Never bow down.” “You should go ahead.” “And never move back.” “Keep on smiling.” “Keep on singing.” “Be happy even though there are sorrows.” “Keep on smiling.” “I may be there or may not be.” “But shouldn’t worry.” “You should not be scared.
By the shadow of death.” “Come. Let’s swear and make promise.” “For the sake of duty.
We will live and die.” “We will live and die.” “Whatever may be the difficulty.” “You should not be scared of.” “Keep on smiling.” “Keep on singing.” “Be happy even though there are sorrows.” “Walk on thorns.” “Walk on fire.” “Fight against the storm of the cruelty.” “Keep on smiling.” “Keep on singing.” “Be happy even though there are sorrows.” “Keep on smiling.” Hello.
– Greetings sister-in-law. Greetings brother. What’s the matter?
You didn’t come for Guddu’s birthday? Sister-in-law,
you know the policemen well. I was on the way that..
anyway, call Sinha. Just a minute. Tell Naik.
– Sinha, there is an important information. Both KK and Bichhu are
there in the Lal Kothi. And they can be caught with evidence.
– All right. You come with the police force,
I will be there. You? Mr. Sinha, have you seen KK’s hand? It’s long and stronger than the law. Sinha, being a friend
I want to advise you. If you want to save your life.. ..then like me shake hands with him. The dog who betrays
for the sake of bones.. ..shouldn’t give advice. They only lick the feet of their master! And yes, for your master
too I have an advice. Many fools have tried to outplay the law. But what was the result? They were killed.
– Killed? But the one who is bitten.. scorpion doesn’t die,
they just suffer. Scoundrel, will you tell
where the cocaine is hidden.. ..or should I tear your chest
and take out the information? Tell!
– No dear Bichhu, no. It’s only when there
is sun we enjoy shadow. We enjoy eating when there is hunger. The same way when there
are men with principle like this.. ..then there is fun in breaking the laws. Sinha, now I will not ask anything to you. But will cut your body
into pieces till such time.. ..that you not only say
where the cocaine is hidden.. ..but you will also take the promise.. ..that you will lick my feet
and remain as a dog whole life. KK, you have the hobby
of keeping the pet dogs. But you don’t know to recognize them. The one who is standing
before you is not Naik! This is Sinha! Inspector Sinha! Even if you take out
the last drop of blood in me.. ..then too I will see that
there is no stain on the uniform. You can try and see who wins,
your cruelty or my aim! Didn’t I tell you.. ..I’d cut you into pieces
till the time you tell? The one who gives life
for the country doesn’t die.. ..they are martyrs, KK!
– I will make you martyr! The one who is martyr get medals too! Sinha, now the game is in their hands.
Obey them. Tell where is the cocaine? Tell! I will not tell. Tell!
– Won’t you tell? Mr. KK, police! Bichhu. Now police can’t harm us. They can’t do anything. He is gone! They.. It is a punishment to
be a wife of a police officer. They just keep us waiting.
He just comes and goes. Mr. Inspector, may be or may not be.. ..I am close to your heart,
but the sweater made by me.. ..will surely remain close to your heart. You look very good in this. But you will have to pay price for this. Sister-in-law. Brother, what’s the matter? Sister-in-law. Mr. Sinha. What happened to him? Mr. Sinha. Tell brother! What happened to him? Tell brother! What happened to him? Tell! Sister-in-law.
– Tell brother! Mr. Sinha is no more in this world.
– No! No!
– No sister-in-law. No! “I may be there or may not be.” “But shouldn’t worry.” “By the shadow of death.” “You should not be scared.” “Come. Let’s swear and make promise.” “For the sake of duty.” “We will live and die.” “We will live and die.” “Whatever may be the difficulty.” “You should not be scared of.” “Keep on smiling.” “Keep on singing.” “Be happy even though there are sorrows.” “Keep on smiling.” “Keep on singing.” “Be happy even though there are sorrows.” This was not the funeral of.. ..brave and loyal inspector Sinha But it was the funeral of the department. Crime has burned the funeral of the law. Sir, before it becomes the
hobby of the criminals to kill.. ..the loyal police,
I suggest to shoot both the prisoners. That means the police
commissioner is convinced.. ..that both the prisoners
are responsible for Sinha’s death. Bichhu, along with the
police send our men after them. And tell them to shoot. The two prisoners of Mumbai city,
Kannu and Mannu.. ..who were arrested
for smuggling cocaine.. ..ran from the police custody. They killed inspector
Sinha and are still absconding. Mother, I am very helpless. I lost my sister.
There was only a hope. You have snatched my hope,
Mannu too, mother. Mother, save my Mannu! Save him, mother! Sister! Where were you, Nilu? Sister! I searched you a lot,
I searched you a lot, Nilu. “Come, let’s pray to the God.” “Come, let’s pray to the God.” “Love is our God.” “Let us ask for our God.” “Let us ask for our God.” “Let us ask for our God.” “What else should we ask?” “What else should we ask?” “Pray our life is spend in love.” “Pray our life is spend in love.” “Let us ask for our God.” “To have a companion like you.” “I’ll be so obliged.” “To have a companion like you.” ”I’II be so obliged.” ”I’II be so obliged.” “We are crazy for love.” “We are crazy for love.” “For the want of love.” “We are unmarried since many births.” “We are unmarried since many births.” “We are unmarried since many births.” “This is the queen of the beauties.” “This is the queen of the beauties.” “It is like the pearl in the shell.” “It is like the pearl in the shell.” “When will they bring the palanquin.” “When will they bring the palanquin.” “When will they take the
pearl of the beauties home.” “She is my friend.” “She is my friend.” “Who is alone in the
path of love since childhood.” “She is alone since childhood.” “She is alone since childhood.” “He is my childhood friend.” “He is my childhood friend.” “He is crazy about your
friend since childhood.” “He is crazy since childhood.” “He is crazy since childhood.” “It’s like the festival
of the loved ones.” “It’s like the festival
of the loved ones.” “Though it’s not a festival.” “There are celebrations.” “The days of the happiness have come.” “The days of the happiness have come.” “By God’s grace.” “The separated hearts have united.” “The separated hearts have united.” “The separated hearts have united.” “The days of the happiness have come.” Teacher! Teacher! Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Uncle! Help! Uncle! Uncle! Uncle! Where are the two prisoners?
– They have gone that side. Goddess, why did you call our father? Look, mummy is crying. She is not even eating the food. We too miss papa a lot.
Please send him back. Goddess, if we have done any mistakes,
you may punish us. But send our papa back. Dear, what did you ask from God? That to punish the murderer of our papa. Somebody.. has killed your papa?
– Yes, two goons. Who was your papa?
– What was his name? Inspector Amar Sinha. And I am his wife Ms. Sinha. You know.. we are your husband’s.
– Killer. In the eyes of the police,
in the eyes of the world. But not in my eyes. Then who is the actual killer? KK, his son Bichhu and the dog Naik. This is a trap of cruelty
and betrayal which.. ..started of with your arrest.
My husband has been killed. And now it was become
the cause of your death. And reason for this is KK’s
cocaine worth crores of Rs… ..which Mr. Sinha has recovered from you. And you also don’t know where it is? But how do you know this? When Mr. Sinha came to Guddu’s birthday.. ..the cocaine was with him.
Only Naik knew about it. To get that, he along with KK
laid the trap to kill my husband. He telephoned and called
my husband to Lal Kothi. When I went out to see him of, I saw. Hello. ‘Hello brother.’
– ‘What’s the matter, sister-in-law?’ ‘I have seen KK and Bichhu following him.’ ‘Sister-in-law, you don’t worry at all.’ ‘Sinha is not alone,
the police force is there with him.’ ‘And I am also there with him.’ ‘And tomorrow’s headlines
will start with Inspector Sinha.’ That day all the headlines
started with his name. But it was with the news of his death. To bring out the truth to the world,
I went to every officer. But where the corrupted
officers like Naik are there.. ..the sacrifice of the officers like Mr.
Sinha is waste. Don’t worry sister, Mr. Sinha’s
sacrifice will not go waste. I swear by the each drop of his blood. And by the each drop
of tears of your eyes.. ..we will leave the murderers. Yes, we will not spare. Greetings sister-in-law. You are trying to recognize me, isn’t it? No. But I am seeing the uniform
has become very cheap. People take how much risk
to reach put this position. And you’ve become a big
officer at this very young age? That sister-in-law,
I was very intelligent since childhood. So I became a big officer directly. And so I am appointed to investigate Mr.
Sinha’s murder. And that.. I have come to
take charge of KK’s and Bichhu’s.. ..cocaine which was under
the custody of Mr. Sinha. Mr. Sinha.. was a very nice man! His principles were an
example for the policemen. See brother..
I will not leave the murderers. They will be…
– Killed! Come with me. Wait here. Sister-in-law.. where are you.. taking me? Police station. Bichhu, the son of KK,
your cheating is over! You cheated my husband and killed him. And Mannu and Kannu has
been held responsible for that. Today all the accounts will be settled. Come with me to the police station. And confess yours and your father’s crime. What.. are you doing? This is a real one.
– I know. This is not a new toy for
the wife of Inspector Sinha. I can use this better than you. Come to the police station. You talked a lot, you talked nicely! But.. now you will not talk. Because.. if bitten by the scorpion.. does not die, but suffers. But.. you will die. After knowing the secrets..
of Bichhu and his father.. one can’t escape alive. Like he.. your honest husband. Yes, I will send you to your husband. Bichhu, at least meet the brother! Brother?
– Yes brother. There is no one in this
world who can kill my sister. I have heard about
brothers who are thieves. But the goon’s sister
is the wife of an inspector? I am hearing this for the first time. The thing is..
to understand this one must have brain. You won’t understand this. I just understand one thing. If the sister is to be sent up, then.. ..why brother should be
spared unnecessarily to cry? No, no, the thing is..
for this also one needs brain. This is Mannu sister.. Mannu’s sister. What you thought she
would give you loaded pistol? Look there. Bichhu, did you remember what I said. If you create problems.. will remain as scorpion,
but without poison. Tell where is your father KK, tell! Tell! No! I was coming to you. You don’t have any problem, isn’t it? Whenever white clothes are to be worn.. ..then problem becomes a part of life. I understand your pain. In this age, your husband has died. Those dies.. who sacrifice
others to protect their life. The one who sacrifice
life for other doesn’t die. They are martyrs.
– Yes. Mr. Amar has really become a martyr. Mr. Amar has become
martyr after death, but you. But you are as good as dead.
– Sister-in-law. Don’t take the name of this relation! People don’t have faith in the police.. ..because of people like you! Now they won’t even trust the friendship! Scoundrel, if you were
so much interested in brokerage.. should have gone to the brothels. At least you wouldn’t have faced.. ..what you are going to face now. How long will you eat
the wealth for which you sold.. ..your self-respect and killed my husband! Sister-in-law, you may say whatever. You may blame me. But one day I will arrest
Kannu and Mannu and prove that… That you are a loyal
dog of your master KK. But no, you are not a dog.
Dogs are very loyal. Go and see the loyal dogs of the police. How they sacrifice their life
for the duty? And they never accept bribe. It would’ve been better if
your uniform were given to them. At least the respect of
the uniform would’ve been saved! Mr. Naik! Naik, when will you catch both the goons? I have searched them all over the city. Both the prisoners are
not there in this locality. What rubbish are you talking? Then who has beaten my son? Their ghost? If it is so Mr. KK,
you will get their dead bodies very soon. Where is KK?
– Who’s KK? The one for whom you have
sold your uniform and the law. What rubbish are you talking? You too have escaped from the law. I.. I can arrest you.
– Hey, you! Before that take permission. You’ve promised to send our
isn’t it? Before we send your dead body to him.. ..tell where KK is. Tell quickly..
or else the law will be in our hands. Tell! Where is KK?
– I don’t know! Where is KK?
– I don’t know. Where is KK? I will tell.. I will tell. Guddu! Guddu! Guddu! Guddu! You will have to tell. My name is KK. I will not tell even if
you ask for thousand times where.. ..the cocaine is hidden,
which would take thousands of lives. Fool, don’t be adamant. Coward, don’t test
the wives of the soldiers. The game of testing I
played with your husband too. And you have seen the result. I have seen. You have lost and he has won. You have killed him,
but couldn’t open his mouth. He was alone then. But with you..
there are two lovely children. Let me see how you will not tell! Children, you are very unfortunate.. ..that you have got a stonehearted mother. KK! – Not KK brother,
his full name is Modern Devil. You are right sister. Modern Devil, we are fortunate that.. ..we have a mother like this. Your mother might be unfortunate.. have a son like you. Very good. The wife is like the husband. And the children are like the parents. Ballu, it would be very
very interesting. Now see the fun. Ballu, even the stone breaks. The entertain will
be more with the screams. It would be great fun! Don’t beat my child.. I will tell you. At last the wife of the soldier..
is broken? Not a soldier’s wife, a mother is broken. I will tell you. The cocaine.
– No mother! Don’t tell! Tell! Tell! You are already a widow.
You will be childless too! “I may be there or may not be.” “But shouldn’t worry.” “But shouldn’t worry.” “I may be there or may not be.” “But shouldn’t worry.” “By the shadow of death.” “You should not be scared.” “Come. Let’s swear and make promise.” “For the sake of duty.” “We will live and die.” “We will live and die.” “Whatever may be the difficulty, mother.” “Whatever may be the difficulty, mother.” “You should not be
mother.” “You should not be
mother.” “You should not be
mother.” “Keep on smiling.” “Keep on singing.” “Keep on smiling.” “Keep on singing.” “Be happy even though there are sorrows.” “Walk on thorns.” “Walk on fire.” “Fight against the storm of the cruelty.” “Keep on smiling.” “Keep on singing.” “Be happy even though there are sorrows.” KK! KK! KK! The cocaine which you are searching..
I’ve brought! You have brought all the
isn’t it? KK, I have brought the cocaine. But there is one condition.
– Condition? What condition?
– If you want the cocaine.. ..then you will have to free..
Sinha’s wife and children. KK, what are you thinking? I am thinking since when the goons.. ..started putting the conditions? It’s because brokers like
you started taking children. But stupid,
you should put the condition first. And not after the deal is finalized. The deal has already been finalized. And you have brought the consignment. And you are at the gunpoint of my men. KK, I knew that.. you have less brain. But till now.. I didn’t knew that.. ..the batteries of your
eyes are not charged properly. The thing is.. you have seen this hand.. which the sample
your cocaine was held. But till now you didn’t
see the other hand.. ..where the sample of my brain is there. See this! Lantern?
– Yes lantern. For the people with brain, this is used.. show paths in the darkness. And for the brainless, in the daylight. There is fire on the top
and the kerosene at the bottom. And if it is kept on
the top of your consignment.. ..worth Rs.
5 crores, which is kept with petrol.. ..then only smoke will remain. Should I keep it? Tell?
– No stop! I agree with the conditions. Leave them! Uncle!
– Uncle! Uncle, uncle, he has beaten us cruelly. Yes, he beat me too. To save us, you have invited trouble Don’t worry sister,
we were already in trouble. But now it’s the devil’s turn. Take the children. I feel like.. to cut the hands.. ..which has raised on the
children and killed Mr. Sinha! But.. but I can’t
do that because the law.. ..doesn’t put the handcuffs
on the hands which are cut. The one who is playing
hide and seek with the law.. ..what is he saying? That you won’t understand. I just understand that today
I was defeated before my men.. my house because
the lantern costing Rs. 5.. ..was kept on the cocaine worth Rs.
5 crores! Scoundrel! Beware, now my cocaine
is not in your custody. But your life is in my custody. KK.. too much zeal is
not good for your health. Because I am scared.. ..that after knowing the truth..
you will have heart attack. My blood is not that
bad to give you the cocaine.. ..which makes the blood
of others poisonous! The lantern costing Rs.
5 was not kept on the cocaine.. ..worth Rs. 5 crores,
but was kept on the lime to fool you! Lime?
– Yes lime! Scoundrel, I will kill.
– KK! You may do whatever. But everything happens
according to the God’s wish. So you too have come. To come and go, who am I and who are you? This job is done by the God himself. And yes. God has sent us to teach you a lesson. Did you understand?
No isn’t it? No problem. One must have brain for that.
Just a minute, I will explain. He has fooled you. I made friendship with him.
And I fooled him. You didn’t understand? I have brought your cocaine worth Rs.
5 crore in that truck. I have fooled everyone,
did you understand? Cheater! You have cheated
the friendship again? Why did you do this?
Why did you do this to me? Keep quiet! To cheat a cheater is cunningness.
It’s not cheating. And told you already,
my friend is money only money. And for KK I can cheat anyone. I have broken his son’s hands and legs.. ..then what are you? KK, don’t feel bad. I have smashed your son’s face..
and broke his leg. Shut your ears. The thing is.. I have done this.. gain the confidence
of the inspector’s wife. C’mon, c’mon,
take your consignment and pay me. Mannu, if you had really
brought my consignment.. ..I will make you rich. Or else. Check it, check it, you can check it. All right. Kalia. C’mon. You don’t believe me, isn’t it Sir? But I am not scared. Look KK, you may cheat me. But I.. I will never cheat
the one who gives me money. Because you are paying me.
The law doesn’t pay me. C’mon on check it. What is this? Grenade? Yes KK, grenade.
And that too better then your cocaine. It catches fire quickly. Why Kannu?
– Yes Mannu. Take Mannu. This is lantern, KK. And it’s still burning, so don’t move. Or else this will also
understand? And it will become the evening news.. ..that the businessman of the cocaine.. ..messed with grenade and got killed. So like a good boy, tell your boys.. behave themselves
till the police come. Mannu, what is this? You are my man. Keep quiet! Keep quiet! That’s why I didn’t throw
the lantern on the grenade. Or else by now the story would have ended.
Understand? No Mannu, the game won’t finish like that! Some of the cards of
the game are with me too. Look here! Both of yours girlfriends are with me! Unnecessarily I tried to become great.. That day if I had killed this rat.. ..he wouldn’t have come here today. Mannu, throw the lantern.
Or else I will shoot the girls! Throw! That’s good. You have just heard that. ..the one doesn’t die if
bitten by the scorpion but suffers. Today I will prove it. Bichhu, don’t try to be smart. It’s because they are in your custody. Or else I would have made
Ding Dong of you and your father. Shut up! Mr. Bichhu, kill them soon. Mr. KK, the police
will be reaching here soon. And they have come
to know that I am with you. Here we kill those people
whose work is finished. And not the work of these boys.. work has finished.
– Mr. KK! You gave the address of this place,
isn’t it? They would have killed me..
if the address were not given. That means for the money
if you can cheat the law.. ..for saving your life, you will cheat us! No! No! Mr. KK no! No! Dad, why did you do this? Both the boys are being held responsible.. ..for the murder of inspector Sinha. They will be held
responsible for this too. That means they will hanged for sure.
Understand? I understood dad. Disloyal guys, your girlfriends
will go with us in the truck. If you don’t get us the cocaine
within two hours in Lal Kothi.. ..your girlfriends will
be killed with the grenades. Listen, take everything. Nothing should go into
the hands of the police. Dad! Come Kannu and Mannu. And see the splendour of KK. And his lifestyle. KK, show all these things afterwards. First show those people for which.. ..we agreed to give you the poison. You are in a hurry
to meet your girlfriends? Won’t you meet our guests? They were waiting for you since long. Gentlemen, these are the dirty worms.. ..who tried to climb
the mountain called KK. Bichhu, tie them. Scoundrel, you have cheated us? You said that you would leave us? Bichhu never talks, it bites. And if bitten by Bichhu, you
but would suffer! Tie them!
– Stop! Come now. Dad, our consignment has come. But how would we take
the revenge for the insults? Son, KK doesn’t kill his enemy.. ..till all the accounts are settled. Gentlemen, in exchange of
KK has given.. the intoxication
of cocaine and heroin. But today along with that as bonus.. ..beautiful intoxication
will also be given. Leave! Leave!
– Help! Leave me! Help! Scoundrel! Dog! Leave!
Leave me! Leave me! Help! Leave me! For God’ sake leave! This is not the court
of Duryodhan of Mahabharat.. ..where Krishna came to rescue Draupadi. This is the court of KK. To save these girls.. ..neither Krishna nor
any God can come here! KK! To kill ordinary demons like you.. ..there is no need for the God to come! For that the wife
of the soldier is enough! KK, tell your men to drop the weapons. Or else I will kill you! Put the weapons down! I knew.. you will cheat
Kannu and Mannu even.. ..after getting the cocaine.
So I have come to kill you. Neelu, free Kannu and Mannu. I told you..
the pool of sin will drown us. You have committed
many sins to earn wealth. And you have pushed even your son.. ..into the world of crimes. Dad.. I request you dad.. ..we will surrender ourselves
dad. Now will not support you. I will surrender to the police!
I will surrender to the police! Sister, I am sinner! Sister, you can handover me to the police. I will give the witness against my father! Sister, I will be the witness! Sister.. you.. may shoot me! Shoot me! You thought your path is cleared.. ..after killing inspector Sinha? KK, the one who sacrifices
the life for their country.. ..never dies, they become martyrs. And thousands of soldiers are born.. ..with each drop of the
blood they have sacrificed. KK, the poison which you have spread.. ..I will spread the
same poison in your veins. Come, inspector. Mummy.. Mummy. Mummy.
– Mummy. “Keep on smiling.” “Keep on singing.” “Be happy even though there are sorrows.” “Keep on smiling.”

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  8. Sanjay dutt u r so handsome hero πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜

  9. Sanjay dutt govinda fans hit like


  10. Garreeettt movie Govinda or Sanjay u beauty
    Lakshmi Kant payare Lal ka lajwab music Ajay kashep director
    Amrish Puri gulshan

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