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Either you agree or not but I don’t know I feel like Gaiti is tensed about something. Sister you are being worried for no reason. There is nothing like that. I think Iqbal’s assumption is right. What assumption? That Gaiti is not happy with Badar. How can this be possible? Haven’t you seen them how much they both love eachother? And Badar is good man. He takes care of her. He does but I don’t know. You are being worried for no reason. Whatever will happen, will happen for the best. Okay! Love for a child makes you do anything. Take it. Next time do not ask me anything. This is the last time I did something for you. I’m not going alone. I’m also taking you with me. Now sell these two plots and buy a small house. Whatever money is left, do some business with it. Okay! Give it to me. What was the need of saying it infront of Ayesha that I’m engaged. So? I told her the truth. To hell with the truth.
So? I told her the truth. To hell with the truth. Stay behind. Are you fine now? I belong to nowhere now. Is it a way to talk to your sister. It is your mistake. Who asked you to be involved with so many girls? They must be cursing you now. Mother be quiet! I’m not in a mood to listen to your advice right now. You don’t have to speak too much. Go to your room and do not come out of the room. Otherwise I will strangle you. Now go! Where is he going? Stop! Catch him. Where are you going? Come here. Where are you taking my son? Listen to me lady, You are an old woman so stay away from this matter. What is his mistake? His mistake? Do you know what does your son do? He blackmails and threatens girls. I will tell him in the prison that what are the charges against harassment? Come. Now you will know. Leave him. Enough! Enough! There is no need to misbehave, I’m going with you. Come! Yes? What happened? Where were you? There was something important. You tell? Umm. Munawar! What Munawar? What is the matter that you have to think so much? Speak up! What are you saying? Have you gone mad? This is your misconception. Why would sister Firdous do this? I wish it was but I saw it with my own eyes that sister Firdous took out a file from brother Iqbal’s cupboard. She and Zafar were talking about it also. O no! This can’t be possible. I and brother have given so much love to sister Firdous. and she knows it. Why would she do anything like this? And you know very well that brother loves her so much. He considers her as a mother. Then why would she do this? Keep all this aside and think that how would we tell about what has happened? Gaiti I can not stop loving you. It is not me but Badar. Infact it is Badar who has ruined us both. If my return to your house is linked with my explanation then listen to me, I will not give any explanation to you. Why don’t you say anything? Speak up. Tell me that he is lying. Sameer is telling the truth, Gaiti. Mother, I did tell everything to Sameer. But mother, I told Sameer everything wrong. I put a false allegation on her. After brother Aziz’s death, I took responsibility of you and Zafar And my God knows this sister that I never failed to fulfill your responsibilities. I always took care of you and respect you. You talked against Jahanara and made me send her away from this house. You always had complaints against Nafeesa and Nasreen but I never said anything to you sister. Not because you are elder and respectful to me but because I never wanted to distress you. Sister, I could never think that this is what I would get in return of my love and care. I can not even think to say anything infront of you, sister. Honestly, I have no words. Sister Firdous, we have decided that you and Zafar would have to leave this house now. We have done everything that we could for you but we can not tolerate this anymore. But where would I go? I have nowhere to go. Do not take me wrong sister Firdous but you should have thought about this before doing a sin. I do agree that it is my fault. I did everything for my son’s love. Sister, you can take anything that you want from this house. I will not stop you. But sister we can not live together under the same roof now. Hassaan how is mother now? She is better. I have given her medicine. she is sleeping. Mother has taken alot of stress. And Sameer? I’m very angry at him. Sameer is mad but we have to be intelligent here. What do you mean? I’m going to brother’s place. We can not sit quietly and wait for anything disastrous to happen, Hassaan. I will straight away talk to brother. Gaiti has to spend her life with Badar and no one can tell her this better than brother himself. Sister Firdous was my strength and my pride. I used to trust her more than myself. I never thought that what is right and wrong. And today when I’m pondering on it, I can only see loss. Iqbal, don’t distress yourself. What is done is done. Don’t be so upset. You are sitting here disappointed and there Gaiti has locked her room since yesterday. I don’t know who has put an evil eye on our house? I have done so much wrong with my own daughter. But Nafeesa you will see, I will give my daughter all the happiness that she wished for. Everything will be fine. I will not care about the world. Everything will be fine. Have you talked to Gaiti? She isn’t picking up my call. This is what had to happen after what you did with her. Mother, whatever I did was to win Gaiti, I swear Do you insult someone to win them? And you call this love? It seems to me that it was the consequence of your actions that your sister was going to face We were about to be disgraced in front of the entire world. God know’s what god deed we had done that he protected us Mother, I know I made a mistake, I’m already quite worried and you’re making it worse There’s a big difference between making a mistake and accusing someone I don’t know if this can even be forgiven or not Mother I don’t think she would be able to forgive me. Today she lost the last hope she had left She learnt about that truth. I don’t think she will forgive me I made a huge mistake. She should have at least listened to what I had to say, I wanted to tell her Mother, I did all this for her love I will go with you. I will ask her for forgiveness No, this was my mistake. I will face the consequences myself What should I do? So much happened and you did not even bother to tell me? You’re telling me now? Oh when did I get the chance to tell you. It hadn’t been two hours that Munawar came and took out the files from the cupboard and kept them in front of Iqbal I have been told to vacate this home. Just look how I have been disgraced in the eyes of my brothers, just for the love of my child Sister I am stuck in this weird situation. I had thought I would come and talk to brother Iqbal about Sameer’s problem But there seems to be another problem going on over here. Why did you have to do all that. You really crossed all the limits Now you’re also going to lecture me? I was wondering if we both could stay at your place till we arrange a place Sister what are you talking about? No this can not be. I will never do anything that would make me look bad in front of brother Iqbal Do you have any idea what a huge mistake you have made? Well done Fariha. Today when I am facing a difficult situation you’ve turned your back on me Don’t you remember the times when I supported you in every situation Whether be it your marriage with Hassaan or building mistrust between Sameer and Gaiti, don’t you remember? Remember all the accusations you made on your niece to remove Gaiti from Sameer’s heart And today I’m wrong because I’m facing a difficult situation? You did everything at your own will. You’re forgetting that even you didn’t like Gaiti, have you forgotten? But it was you who did not want her to become your sister-in-law and for that you ruined your brother-in-law’s life Sister, for God’s sake be quiet. You have already be kicked out of your home and now you want to ruin my house as well? It would be hell if Hassaan listens to all this Hassaan, I was going to explain everything to you You did not turn out to be the kind of person I thought you are What shortcoming was there in my love and affection, in this home or in your status, that you had to do all this? Hassaan I was afraid. I felt insecure. I felt as if I would lose eveything What would you have lost? I was yours. This house was yours. What would happen even if Gaiti came in this house? After all you were arranging Sameer’s marriage with Rameen weren’t you? Hassaan…. Didn’t you have these concerns then? The actual reason was that you had an issue with Gaiti and her love with my brother You did not do the right thing Hassaan, I know I made a mistake. Please forgive me once Do you think I will forgive you this easily? I made a huge mistake. I will accept whatever punishment you want to give me but please forgive me. I will do as you say Hassaan You will have to end the chaos which you have created. I will not forgive you till you return Sameer and Gaiti their share of happiness Hassaan? Yes father? Did you call me? Yes, I have something important to tell you. That’s why I have called Badar as well These are the divorce papers. Sign them right now Sir this….divorce? I don’t want to know what you have to say Badar. At first I had a doubt that Gaiti is not happy with this relation But now I’ve understood. I know what you did with Gaiti. SHe’s not happy with you. I want to give my daughter happiness I want to rectify the mistake I made by marrying her to you If she wants to live with Sameer then she has the right to live her life happily Father, how can you make decisions regarding my life? Because your father thinks that you will never speak up for yourself dear You will stay tied to an unwanted relation your entire life It’s extremely disappointed father that you still don’t know me. You still don’t understand me What do all of you want? What do you think I am? Anyone can go ahead and do whatever they want with my life? First you made my get in to a relation with someone. Then you want to end my relation with someone. Who am I? Where am I father? Tell me, where am I? Gaiti dear… Let me speak today, who am I? I’m not human but a robot? Or am I a lifeless thing who anyone can play with? Even I have a heart with emotions father, with which sometimes you, sometimes Badar and sometimes Sameer, play with at will Anyone can hurt it when they like. Enough father Don’t create any more drama with me father, I’m tired. I can not bear it any more No Gaiti, Mr. Iqbal is right I don’t want to force you, I want to return your happiness to you Badar, enough. Please all of you stop it. Don’t create a drama, enough! Gaiti? Gaiti? Everything will be alright Be strong But we will keep her under observation for the next twelve hours to ensure that she does not collapse again Doctor, can we go and see our daughter? Only one of you can go so that she doesn’t take a lot of stress Thank you. You go inside I’m your culprit Gaiti. I did very wrong. But it was all for one reason only Gaiti The love which I had grown in my heart for so long. I could not bear watching it go away from me You can call this my selfishness or the extent of my love for you Gaiti. There is nothing more selfish then love. People say that you can give away everything in love and be at peace, but no It doesn’t happen like that Gaiti. The thought of losing you used to worry me before. But now it’s going to kill me What should I do? I never questioned your character and neither did I accuse you of doing anything wrong I only told Sameer that the love you did not get from Mr. Iqbal, you found it in other people Gaiti I admit I was wrong but I know that you are a respectful person. It was just that I could not watch you go away from me Gaiti You’re right Badar Love is so selfish isn’t it Badar? You’re right. I could not hate you even though I tried Look, I got into this situation because I was scared to go away from you. Gaiti can not live with you. I would have died. I would have died, Badar. No Gaiti, I would have never let this happen. I know why doesn’t aunt let shop for wedding. Because she knows if i will get ready like this, everyone will keep staring at me. You have got my daughter ready like a princess. Thank-God! I got scared. Always stay happy. Gaiti, have you forgiven your father? “I heard people keep staring at her” I didn’t know that you are poetic also. How could you. Neither our situation let me show it nor you. Badar, these situations told me that how pure and strong your love is. Now it seems that we have got married. But we got married many months ago. But you got ready as my bride now. I remember everything how much you have annoyed me. I haven’t forgotten. I will take the revenge of everything. Are you scarring me? O this innocence. It will take my life someday, I’m telling you. Don’t talk about death. We have to live together now, forever. Forever!

71 thoughts on “Do Bol | Last Episode | Part 2 | 5th May 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

  1. یقیناً یہ ڈراما پاکستان کا سب سے بہترین ڈراما میں سے ایک نمونہ ہے عف اس ڈرامے نے تو سچ مچ رولا دیا

  2. Mujje next episod ka intezar hai plzzz plzzz plzzz banayein aap
    Next episod
    geeti aur badar ke kirdar ne meri rooh ko chhuu liya

    maine serial pratigya. Ke bad se lekar apke episod dekhne se pahle tak kisi bhi serial ko nhi dekha
    Mujhe is serial me kafi dilchaspi hai
    Mai india se hu
    Mera naam Murtuza ansari hai

  3. I really like this episod
    Mujhe tab tak gum rhega jab tak dusra episod nhi aa jata
    I still waiting for next episod

  4. Masah Allah happy ending
    Next season zarur laye maine 2 Raaton me dekha ye serial
    Mujhe ek pal ke liye neend nhi ayi

  5. Jo bi sabse jayda es serial ko pasand krta h vo like kre aur jo bi esme kt aur badar ko pasand krta h vo like kre ☺☺

  6. Me Indian hu mere akhon main asshu agya 3 din me full dekha🥺 super duper excited………
    Waiting season 2💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

  7. Do bol ka season 2
    Teaser promotion hogaiya
    I'm Indian me bohat intejar karraha hoon?🙇🙉

  8. I'm indian mene pahli baar koi pakistani show dekha he mujhe ye show itna pasand aaya ke mene mahaz 4 dino me iske sare apisode dekh liye bohat hi accha show tha or bohat hi khubsurat story

  9. Mujhe is show me sabse accha kirdar "Rafiya, (Laiba khan) ka laga Uski masumiyat uske baat karne ka tariqa masha allah pahli baar mene kisi pakistani show ko itni shiddat se dekha he love you ~Rafia,❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. बहुत शुक्रिया आप सभी को दो बोल team one of the best serial whole words ,thank you so much a.r.y digital बहुत कुछ सीखने को मिला बदर और गेती आप दोनों हमेसा khus रहे Thank you so much I from India love u team do bol

  11. Many times I have doubted whether I should watch Do Bol. Now after watching this breathtaking tale of love serial, I don’t regret it one bit. Do Bol is one of favorite Pakistani dramas.

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  13. Iss Pore Darame Mein Agr Kisi ko "Best Character Award" Milna Chahiye, Tou,,
    Rafiya (Badar's Small Sister) Ko Milna Chahiye……
    Kya Bolte Ho Aap Log_🤔??

  14. Mindblowing …. nd heartchng infinite love. …. Allah harr ladke me badar ke jaisa role "zarf" ka paida krde .. nd the ending is incredible

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