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Yes, I know it’s not gonna make
the front page, thank you… Take notes instead of talking. “A man was found on the road, “floating in his own blood.” That’s how you begin. What? Too gory? Well, I don’t know then,
would you prefer “lying”? Man, that’s just terrible. “Lying in his own blood”, there are too many alliterations. “Floating” is perfect. “The man, probably drunk, “would have hit a dog,
before getting out of the car…” Too discriminating?
Fuck! Have you looked around? Seriously, man,
did you have a look around? They are all bloody alcoholics here,
have you seen their mugs? They are doing a very good job
at discriminating themselves! What? Hello? Hello? For fuck’s sake… That was my dog! I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t see it. It was a good dog! Listen, maybe we can still save it. I’m in a rush, but if you want we put it in the car and… What are you doing? Do you have an insurance? For the dog… A what? A life insurance, to be… compensated in case of accident. To get a refund? Yeah if you want. How much do you think
a dog like this is worth? Well, i don’t know… 300… 400…? …500 Euros? You have it? No, not on me… Fuck, I’m sorry! Oh I’m sorry !
What are you doing?! Lower your gun! It jumped on the road,
it’s not my fault! – I didn’t want to kill it!
– It was called Joël. Joël? You, what’s your name? Joël. – That’s good…
– What are you doing? I’m really called Joël!
What are you doing?! You’re quick! Go on Joël. – Get on!
– What? You serious? Get on! Fuck! There’s something there! What is it? Looks like a woman’s shoe. Stay! I said stay. Get on! They want a picture with Joël. That’s it? Yeah… They wanted to know
if we don’t mind. It won’t take long. Allright. Move! Come on! What’s that? Can’t you read? It looks like reports. Some sort of families’ evaluations. We have her, I’m sure,
we’re not far. What the hell are you looking for? This is not a manhunt, right? And whose shoes are these then?
A rabbit’s? Oh yeah? Well I refuse to take any part in it,
then. Go fuck yourselves! Come on! Let me go! Let me go! Please… help me! No! No, no, no! How did you manage? Are you lost? Can be dangerous to leave the road
if you don’t know where you’re going. Where are you coming from? You know it very well.
Stop playing with me. Well, no, we know nothing. Right, Frédo? Right. You see, we’re just here to hunt. Don’t treat me like an idiot! You’re all in cahoots!
You live like pigs, in the same pigsty. You all know what’s going on!
So stop it… Spare me that at least. You hate me, right? You hate me
because of the guardianship? They would have taken the girls away. Don’t you know that? I don’t have a choice. I’m trying to help you. There you go then. We’re also here to help you. So we’re even. Steady. Heel, Joël! Joël! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Is anybody here? Is anybody here? Help me, help me! What the hell is this? No clue. – What do you mean “no clue”?
– First time I see him. Put your hands up. Help me… Put your hands up
and shut your mouth! Wanna tell me what’s going on, boys? Well, it’s the girls. I can see it’s the girls.
But what the hell are they doing there? They’re waiting. Till we don’t know better,
they stay there. Get out. Get out! Let me go! let me go! Hey girls! Joël! Jeannot, you know him? Yep, he’s Joël. He killed Joël. Oh shit… Get out! Allright… Stop it! But… is she dead? Ok… I’m gonna call the captain. Maréchal des Logis to Captain! Maréchal des Logis to Captain! Captain here, go ahead. We need you to the Chastaing place. Is it serious? Well… we need you here. Roger, I’m on my way.
Over. Captain! What’s going on? What were you going to do? Gotta get rid of her! You still have her car? Yep. What about him? Let’s go! Ordo ab chao… Order comes from chaos. And we are all a fraction of this order. I’m a journalist… – I can cover you…
– Yes… “A man was found on the road
floating in his own blood…” Behold… Ouroboros. The accomplishment of The Great Work, the Primordial Unity. The start and the arrival, the beginning and the end. All this has a meaning. Ready Maréchal des Logis? Yes, sir. Ouroboros. Move her. Come on, bitch. Subtitling TITRAFILM

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