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Dim Dim Light Song | Satellite Shankar | Mere Liye Dim Dim Light Bhi Tu Hai | Rahul Jain Interview They borrowed iit Me being a creator Kuja bronco sister, you know, it can connect to anyone or to Nancy Oh Joe Hardwick a sergei upitis I look better the Shire here s he doin here Joe so nigga bad clicker say so 48 ayah Quad simples are gonna burn and romantic banana banana Joke Huck. We relate curse again vanishing. So that was the vision behind this song. Nothing good bought this man Concept or was Amelia. It’s a very simple Beautiful cute Performing on this beautiful voice it’s a Pleasure it’s not honor because very few people are gifted And I’ve seen a lot of singers who can’t sing life but sound good and on tape, but he sounds good on tape And it’s in life, and I’m really happy that I’m working with him. Thank you. We want to do more songs together Inshallah that will happen a music video is for the youth the song is for everybody It’s a universal song for the old people for youngsters for the youth for college school in everywhere And it was a fun fun experience shooting the song see films take minimum 40 50 days There’s a lot of pressure while you’re making while you’re making that music videos maximum two three days Fun on set it’s dancing. It’s singing. It is light work. It is good to keep your practice on and Yeah, that is what music videos are about and it’s a really cute song and I hope people love it So did this song for us but he said sue rate up a dance Catnapper rock or dance in a he could not he said, you know I wanted to be very Carefully, well perfect steps in a JTA. It should be little relatable to everybody out there – Otaki our sorceress was my solid fighting year who he said Nene Nene Bragging energy, her looks hard local renewed cannot a logo correlate cannot see directly So that is how we shot it and it turned out to be very very cute. Oh No, no cheese is a but that’s a items. You have caused. Baku schooi many ghana he could sort skinny, man I think this will be a single or this will go in a film or anything else subsequently exactly by a good person Bala teller, he Ghana or escape ahjummas a second Russia Millie P. So this by is there in the video or today? I’m really happy the song is out and it’s sounding really wonderful and it’s giving justice to the audio. So it’s a complete package They were free men and again I Say this is our Slovak. Yeah, I have evil and Freaky couple Emily no frickin music we do Villa. So what’s better than that here Let’s be honest about it and have this beautiful song I have one more song to dance on so why would I not do it take a mess strong bun town? UK me with no strong, honey I’m human at the end of the day and I believe in God and I believe in the truth from my side and Rest is whatever it do like I have over that and I’m just looking forward to my future You

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