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Now this, this is a sacred image. If you’re new this to this channel, I basically have been obsessed with Sonic’s design over
the past two years. It started with a very authentic best design retrospective I made,
it was just my way of expressing my love for the character (specifically in the intro of
Sonic CD) and as I knew a movie was eventually coming, I thought it might be a topic that
gained some traction in the future… My prediction was most definitely correct, this still astounds
me. Following these videos I couldn’t predict how much of a turn Sonic would take for the
worst. He literally took a supersonic plummet into the deep fires of social media.
That’s no good. The movie leaks followed and they weren’t
looking too fresh, these were followed by an even bigger shock and one of the most horrific
reveals of a character redesign since well, Sonic Boom.
The movie looked horrendous straight off the bat purely because of Sonic’s ugly, humanoid,
teethy, gerbil, rat, Alvin the chipmunk’s style monstrosity of a character design, and
the internet did its thing, it exploded. MEMES, anger, redesigns, memes, anger, memes,
anger, redesigns, confusion, memes, anger, anger, anger, did I mention anger? Journalists
and YouTubers all over had a field day with this design… Me included. I’ve since had
a redesign myself as my head looked a bit like a rodent.
One film delay and an apology from the Film’s director later… And we had a promise of
a redesign on our hands… All Sonic fans rejoiced with a level of positivity that could
quite easily turn the other direction. Nobody wanted any more mistakes. Nobody wanted THIS.
Now it’s been quiet, but over the past month or so, leaks have started to come into the
public eye yet again. Two images appeared, both appearing to be
from promotional posters and press material in a similar way to the original leaks of
the bad design. I posted one of them on my community page and that was going to be as
far as I went. I thought these were massive improvements to the original and I was happy
to leave it there and wait for the trailer. But today whilst browsing twitter I saw this
new leak and it’s blown my mind. I simply have to talk about it straight away. I believe
it was discovered originally by the user @SnideyMcCoolGuy. This looks like another leaked bit of press
material, potentially it’s the design of a standee that you’d find at a cinema, there’s
no surrounding graphic and the picture and hashtag that supports it I think pretty much
confirms that. I’ve taken the liberties to make this render look a little bit more accurate
for the purpose of this video. Though forgive me as it’s not my er… fortay. Gonna cut
that bit out. Sonic has been returned to a much more traditional
look and key changes include: A shorter physique, his chest is the right
colour, he’s wearing gloves, thank god. His Trainers have been made incredibly Authentic
to the classic. And his eyes! While they are still separate entities… As opposed to classic
Sonic’s plate head of pupils, they are much bigger and far less harrowing than the previous
look that horrified us all. Overall his form is much more similar to his
classic look and feel, you can see the attitude and there is no doubt in my mind, that this
is Sonic the Hedgehog, presented in a semi realistic toon like way.
Also, the spines actually look really really good.
If this is real… And I really think it is… This design is absolutely excellent and I
can’t wait to see it in motion in a new trailer… I really hope it lives up to my new expectations.
In a way it really fuels the fire in this crazed fan theory that the original design
was a publicity stunt… Bad for the sake of being bad, because the amount of traction
that original trailer caused, negative or not, spread a massive amount of word about
the movie… But I still don’t personally believe that was intentional.
When I’ve mentioned this topic before, I’ve mentioned Tyson Hesse on many occasions. His
redesigns for the character have been great, and following the movie redesign announcement
it seems obvious that he’s had some kind of involvement.
I’m just gonna stick this side by side and if that’s not confirmation that he’s helped
on this movie… I don’t know what is. So that’s it from me… But what do you think
of the redesign? I’m sure many of you will still hate the blue arms… But let me know
in the comments below! Thanks for watching this video, it’s much
appreciated, check back soon for a Best character design retrospective on none other than Crash
Bandicoot! There are lots of other characters represented on the channel too as well as
videos on a number of other topics. As always, a big shout out to my Patrons who
help make these character design videos happen. With a special thank you to Top Hat Gaming
Man and Michael Douglas Slade. If you’d like to help support the channel too, please just
head on over to my Patreon. It’s much appreciated!

100 thoughts on “Did they FIX the Sonic Movie Design?

  1. Why are people angry about the blue arms?? Classic Sonic had non-blue arms, Modern Sonic (clearly the one appearing in the movie) has BLUE arms!

  2. It’s too bad this CGI obsession has killed any potential for animated movies of classic characters who are not fit to be brought to life like this. Look at Disney… 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Sonic’s redesign is undeniably great, and Paramount’s decision to change it is commendable, but the trailer looks too much like a kids film with the same cheesy gags and recycled comedy tropes that don’t simply work in live action. You can get away with it all in a cartoon, but not here.

  3. I still don't like the blue arms & I don't see why they are so adamant on that but I also still stand by my statement of the fact that a live action Sonic is still a bit of a mistake but at least I'm more interested now in the fact that they tried as apposed to before when there was no way in hell I ever giving them my money. In fact I wouldn't even have bothered watching the film but at least now, I'm more open to the idea of giving it a go cause this is definitely an improvement

  4. I, for me, can say I absolutely ADORE this design <3 THIS is how I actually imagined a live-action Sonic all along, and I personally am glad that this dream of mine finally came true :.)

  5. This has legit become one of my favorite Sonic designs. Seeing it in action in the new trailer only reinforced that. I'm honestly impressed. The people that worked in this new design deserve a raise.

  6. Sonic looking like Tyson's design is probably what I like the mos of it. His was what I would have wanted over a literal exact design from the games. His game proportions just wouldn't look right in real life.

  7. When I clicked I thought you had at least 111k subscribers BUT I WAS WRONG! ONLY 11k?? You TRULY deserve way way more for such quality content you create!

  8. Here from the future year of 5 days later….

    Yes, this is the real deal, and even the STORY got a bit of a revamp!
    The new Trailer shows it all. Am willing to go see the movie, if only because Paramount listened and answered our cries for change, stunt or not.

  9. Paramount made the Sonic design so bad so that everyone would lower their expectations so that the new design would be loved worldwide. Change my mind.

  10. Yes they fix the design cause the first was like if sonic was on crack ahaha now it will be great at the end after or during the credits we see shadow the hedgehog

  11. They kept the blue arms on purpose just to bait people and will use Chris-Chan to defend the stupid decision, just watch. Sonic fans are also generally retarded(that's not getting into many of them being pedos who draw porn of the child rabbit character) and were so desperate to get anything different, they're afraid to call out the arms because A) they're SO HAPPY to get anything and B) they don't want to be compared to Chris-Chan, even though most of them are far worse off than him. I'm not going to pat them on the ass for doing it half-assed. They may as well have not bothered, honestly.

    I think they look weird, not to mention this "inaccurate on purpose" shit Hollywood has a fetish for. But we were already fucked when they hired a skinny man to play Eggman(Carrey is an anti-vaxxer who ruined his cred, it's probably the only work he can get now) so blue arms is just more shit on the pile. I expect this to be as shitty as Max Payne was.

    Right-wing jagoff TheQuartering also likes this, go figure a Trumptard has bad taste and will eat up whatever corporate America hands him.

  12. I think you should react to the new Sonic trailer! They fixed it!and it says the new Sonic movie since they fixed it it coming out in August at 2020

  13. honestly, this is probably the first company that listened to their fans. In this case i dont mind separated eyes at all, he finally looks like sonic, not that weird blue humanoid thing lol, i love the changes and this time i cant wait to see the movie!
    Also… it took me a while to realize that youre not saying "anga" but anger lol

  14. The blue arms still annoy me but that’s as far as I will go criticizing it. I’m definitely satisfied and will watch it in the theatre

  15. this makes me question why people don't like sonic boom? sonic boom is a actually good cartoon, i watched it a lot when i was younger

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