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Viji, it won’t be in this room. Ma, it’s not in this room. That’s what I too said. Let’s go down. Come. Come… We’ll search in some other place.
Come. Oh, escaped. Viji, what are you doing? There is a saying, if dog barks,
ghost will go away. See, It’s gone… Listen here. We shouldn’t play
with the invisible souls. Always the time
won’t be favour. Do you know what happens
if it gets angry? Hold me. What sister,
you’re flying like a balloon? Chant the mantra. I’m in tailspin,
You ask me to chant now. Pull me down. It’s highly twirling! Jai mahishasuramarthini! Jai mahishasuramarthini! Jai mahishasuramarthini! Enough of it. Oh, my hand. You’ve become a mop head,
still you cheat me. Oh, my hand. Look Viji… Hey, change the modulation
and speak normal. Oh God! Greed of money,
I do this job. But, intend to save her,
I came along with you. If you’re fake,
then what about Bhattadhri? He too is fake. What’s the stance
of my uncle? Guruji Where did you go? You made me to tailspin
like a goat. Come… You are thrashing
the same person. Thrash the one who is
hiding there. Leave me. Leave me. Hey, bandicoot. I’m escaped. Is the bandicoot gone? It’s me! not the ghost.
get me down. (Chanting mantras) I know everything. You’re a cheating fellow. Sir, what do you do? Come, there is a ghost. It’s no ghost. It’s demon.
It’s well known to us. Come. Come and see. Is he? If I haven’t come,
both of you might look… -…through the door till dawn.
– Yes. Why did you sent me
along with him? He is panic stricken,
when looking at ghost. Better, you would’ve
sent me along with sister. If gone with her,
you would’ve flee. Is she also a fake? Yes, both of them are fake. Bandicoot. Oh, no! When everyone is feared of ghost,
Instead, he fears of bandicoot. See, it’s of no use
to believe them. Let’s search alone. Come. Come? They are big wigs. Who? They? She is a fake queen
and he is a fake top brass. You provoke me
to yell at them. You are damn cheap. Come. It’s a shame. We must do something. Wait. I have an idea. Don’t turn. It’s confirmed,
there is a ghost. What to do now? How will you go
if you see a creditor? I’ll go with my face closed. Uncle. You search in this room. – I’ll go this side.
– Okay. Is it conjuring ghost? Dude’s idea is right. I shouldn’t turn. Hey egghead Hey… Hey, the ghost!
A ghost is there! Hey, listen to me. A ghost is there! He didn’t listen to me.
Goof… (Chanting of mantras) – Who?
– It’s me. You afraid of your voice
than the ghost. What are you doing instead
searching for palm script? Come. Don’t go there.
There is a ghost. Nothing is seen. Not seen?
I’ll show you. It’s there! Seen? Not seen now. It’s there now! Not seen now.
This is the problem. Hey loony, ghost is not here
after switching on the light. Why do you play
hide and seek still? – Go.
– Keep quiet. The ghost was here. – It was here only, might do something.
– Why are you searching now? Come and search for the palm script. My stomach got upset feared
of the ghost. Have to rest somewhere. We have to take the palm script by cheating
the ghost dressed up similar to it. Yes. How about my dressing? Feel like biting you. Hey, why do you panic me? Don’t come close to me.
Go away. You go that way
and I’ll go this way Go. My hands aren’t wet. Then, how I cleaned up? Why do you come
like a thief? I’ll yell at you filthy
in malayalam. Go, be normal. Go. He is dead. Who upturned it on my head? Leave my head. Leave me. The vessel stuck on my head. Someone help me, please. Who is that? Seems like Bhattadhri. Bhattadhri… Dude! Dude! Dude! Why are you shouting? Uncle, are they ghosts
or basketball players? Playing with us vigorously Kiss me, close your eyes And Miss me Close your eyes And kiss me Come on…come on… I’m coming. Kiss me… Close the eyes… Kiss me… Uncle! Be careful, uncle. Uncle, blood is oozing. Better you take rest. I’ll search, uncle. Dude, what you say is right.
Go safe. – Will you take rest?
– I’ll stay safe, dude. I’ll hit you, haven’t you taken booze
with me earlier for free? Come. Wish to sit idle. I have got a knife,
not bothered about the ghost. Like cutting a cake
why did you do this? – It’s hurting, dude.
– Shall I leave, then? No…no…
take it slowly, dude. Hey, goof! what are you doing
stuck with a vessel? – Please take it out
– Bend now Turn and wait
Let me take it out Hang him upside down, dude. Lift his legs. Lift, dude. Get up. – What?
– Water. Water. No time for that. We have to search
for the palm script. I’m going to drink your blood. I’ll be drinking… I’m not a ghost.
Leave me. You’re falling here and there
and get hitting on your head. Get up… What’s this? Your head is like a
white washed pot. I thought of cheating the ghost
dressed up similar to that. Can’t you do anything
without cheating? You have a hefty body
even if the ghost… …chase, you can’t run. Why do you do this job? Where is the fake queen? She is coming with me
and stares at me… A group of ghosts
together here… I’ll manage. Dude, check whether it is? Viji, check whether it is? Viji, check whether it is? Don’t confuse me
with fake materials. It’s said as the palm script. It’s like a notebook.
Search for it. Simply showing off
as if you’re working. Don’t hit me. Didn’t take bath for
years together it seems. It’s a haunting smell. Turn that side. Step forward. Oh, no! It intruded into the door. Will it expect me to come
in a similar way? We will become ghost after we dead Are they breathing after they became ghost? I’m coming Me? I will come They don’t want entrance
then why do they need this fort? They can go and be in the forest I’ll open the door and come That is… I died only two days ago. So, I’m yet to get the power of
intruding into the door. I’ll get it in two or three days. Till then…

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