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Don’t worry about anything, Viji. Visit the mosque on Friday. Everything will be fine. Your uncle is telling something. What happened, Viji? You’ve told everyone. Have you come to ask again? Not that, we can’t believe. Hey, you want the ghost
to hit him again… …just for the sake
of your belief. We found the reason for this. Yes, Viji. Maya! With whom you’re in love.
It’s her father. Yes, only he do this
black magic and witch craft. Our Viji will thrash even
fifty henchmen. He has sent a ghost. Is he pompous though
a magical plaintiff? He is also a human. Anyhow, his daughter will
be married to someone. Why that shouldn’t be
our beloved Viji? Absolutely. It’s easy to manage,
if her father dwells here. What can we do,
when he is in Kerala? Guys go from continent to
continent for the sake of love. Kerala is a nearby state. We’ll accompany you,
if you are afraid. Hey, how dare you ask him
whether he is afraid? He thrashed his senior
in school days. He has seen many hooligans. Let’s leave, dude. We aren’t afraid of anyone. We have made others
to be afraid of us. Don’t think
Come Uncle, why have we come here?
inquire them? I’ve asked for chicken and egg.
It’ll come now. If I slap you,
your ears will rove. How? It’ll rove. Now, did you understand
what to ask for? I’ll ask. Wait. Hi all, There is a strap thief,
a bear king here… Where is his house? What happened, uncle? Everyone is shocked as if they’re
trapped in actress Sri Reddy’s leaks? Yes, dude. Hey, where is the magician’s house? Are you new to this place? Which place? Tell… Hey, How’ll he tell if you close
his mouth? Yes, we are new to this place. Do you know that Bhattadhri’s house? You aren’t aware of that
Garudaraja Bhattadhri! He is an expert in
blackmagic and witchcraft. What did he have as side dish?
Lentil snack or dry fish pickle. Dude, don’t talk to him. He might ask egg for credit. The great black magician,
Garudaraja Bhattadhri… Take your hands off.
No one will drink. Tell. Everyone is afraid of him. No one can sleep in peace,
if you oppose him. Why, will he snore lying
beside us? Stop praising him. Give us his address. Mukkanni graveyard. Now the great magician, great friend
of evil souls is going into trance. Soul of the
dead-demon-devil… Uncle, I’ve seen people
feeding dogs. But, here they feed the ghost. Dude, it’s beetroot rice. I don’t need side dish.
You eat. If the evil spirits create
any trouble here? Oh no! It stinks. It might be the food
mixed with blood. Take this and rinse your mouth. You all should not get panicked
or become afraid. Who are you being drunk and
creating troubles here? My guru is ‘Lord of the Lords’! Will you witness…? What are you blabbering? Did you see the lord? Hey sister, Even the kids won’t get
afraid of this. Don’t do these
gimmicks to me. Hey… – Everyone stay calm.
– If you touch my dude, I’ll lynch you. Sister, I know he is
a big shot. It’s the problem between
me and my father-in-law. It’s the family issue. No one must interfere. Understood? Sister, If anyone interferes, They’ll be thrashed. Uncle. Uncle, relax. Uncle, relax.
See here for a minute. Uncle, Sorry. This should be discussed by
the elders. You come and talk. Not that, dude. I’m feeling hungry.
Give me that egg. Egg…Here it is. – Take it.
– Thanks. If we love the daughter of a cop,
they cuff us with police. If we love a politician’s daughter,
they pound with henchmen. If we love a black magician’s daughter,
you whip with ghost. How the world will survive without love?
What’s this? I don’t understand.
Tell me. Dude. – What happened, uncle?
– Stomach upset. It might because of
the black magic egg you had. I brought you here to talk with him,
thinking you’re an elder. Go…
Hurry up. Come fast. If he accepts for engagement,
as an elder, you need to be here. – Go and hurry up.
– Don’t get angry. I’ll hurry up. Uncle, I’ll tell you an information. – Your daughter…
– Dude. What’s your problem? What about the water? Here it is, take that. Dude, I can’t use this with one hand. – Take this.
– Okay dude. – Leave that.
– That is guru’s dome water. – I need water urgently.
– It’s very important. – Without water, how can I wash?
– Don’t take that. This is some sacred water. Get the leftover for him.
That’s not what I asked for. – Oh, my goddess, it’s dome water.
– Leave me. – Something is going to happen.
– Relax, it’ll come. – Uncle, get the leftover water.
– Okay, dude. Uncle, you must understand one thing. Is your daughter so beauteous
to whip me with ghost? Nothing like that. But, she’ll do one thing. Uncle, she is an affectionate girl.
I fell for her. Your daughter’s forehead
glows like a blue label bottle. Her eyes turns red. Her lips turns pale
when touched. Very chubby. She is cute, uncle. I’m an orphan. If you accept me to marry
your daughter… …I’ll take care of her
in my heart. Uncle, open your eyes
and look at me Mic testing…
Uncle… Uncle… Uncle… Please, uncle. I won’t go from here, uncle. Uncle… Uncle… Why have you dressed badly,
when ladies are around you? Dude, why are you lying on
his lap as a feeding baby? Uncle…have you come back? Have you spoke to him? Didn’t he open
his eyes, still? No, uncle. He is sitting like
Lord Kubera’s doll. Hey, toad… Go away. How long, uncle? He doesn’t open either
his mouth or his eyes. Leave it, I’ll take care. In-law, behave like an elder. In-law, we have come down
to meet you. You’ve done and only talking. Keep quiet, dude,
Enough of making fun. In-law, tell us either you
like the groom or not. Uncle, he can’t say
that he doesn’t like. He ought to say
that he likes me. Though you whip me
with a ghost, I came to meet you, that’s because of
my love on your daughter. So, stop all these and think of
a good name to your grandson. Shall I leave? Chanda… Stop! Can I ask you a question? Why did you push that
Panicker’s workers? That is… The magical plaintiff’s daughter, And my son-in-law are in love. That’s why we came here. Hey, will it be Malayalam,
if you use that slang for tamil? It’s enough for me
suffering in your amity. Just shut your trap. Brother, it’s a love matter. Oh, is it love? Yes. See. No one from this place will help you
to go against the black magician. But, there is one. Brother, who is that? Kunjukuttan. Kunjukuttan. Where is he? You mean, where? He is here. I’m that Kunjukuttan. What’s the rationale to help us? There is a reason. Do you know what
happened between us? This is what happened. Mr. Kunju… Don’t waste the time
asking what happened? They both are rivals. We’ll use this opportunity
and stay with him. Brother, shall we…? Follow me. Come on. Kunju speaks english. What? Are you combing? Why do you make
fun of me? As the scalp is itchy,
I’m scratching. Kunju, what’s the feud between
you and the magical plaintiff? – Feud?
– Yes. This is what happened. I’ll never ask
about your flashback. I swear on you. Switch off the song. You play a song as soon as
the love onset. Think of what to do next. Brother, there is a balm
for headache. – A good for a bad.
– Okay. Similarly, there must be
someone to oppose him. Yes, only one person. Hey, won’t you tell
when you put the brake? Chakra Mahadevi! (Devotional song) (Devotional song) Tap on. (Song from ‘Velipadinte Pusthakam’) Hey, uncle. What’s that you do,
as if she performs a street dance? I thought it’s
‘Jimikki kammal’ song. Song? Hey, what do you say? Hey egghead, is she
dancing for ‘Jimkki kammal’? Do you know, who is she? Parasakthi! What’s the matter? She is my cousin,
who got many proposals. Nothing worked out.
You must give us a solution. Devi! Touch this coconut and pray
for your heart’s desires. You got a flower Within forty one days,
your desire will happen. Are you happy? Oh no, what’s this? Rudram. It means your time is not good. What to do for remedy? (Blessing) Ma… Ma… – God will bless you.
– Ma… Fall at her feet, egghead. Pray… Bless you.
What’s your problem? I’m Kunju. He is… I know. You have come from Tamil Nadu. Your name starts with ‘V’. Your girlfriend name begins
with a letter ‘M’. Am I right? She is the daughter of
Garudaraja Bhattadhri. There is a hindrance
in the marriage. Goddess, Lalithambika! Come near. My mother’s blessings
will be with you. You must attend the
Sri chakra Pooja tonight. Okay. (Chanting verse) You can leave. Viji has gone to that
Chakra Mahadevi’s place. Dude, the hermitage itself is in furore. Did the poet Vairamuthu
has said anything? Is there any special pooja today? The plaintiff comes here. So only these arrangements are going on. See, by knowing she is doing
favour for us… …the black magician is
coming here to spoil it. What to do? Let him come. A climax awaits him. Hey, come here. Why do they close the doors like
it’s going to be their first night? Both Mahasakthis will can join A cataclysm will occur here. If you are sneaky,
then I’m stealthy. If you are stealthy,
then I’m crooked. Hey, it’s enough. First, think what to do
with that guy. What is happening? He has come to you,
in order to toss out me. If I chant mantra
and weed out you, He’ll go away in fear. Hey, Are you going to finish me
by chanting mantra? Just an acting. Can’t you do this for
sake of my daughter? I’ll do for you. How will I be benefited? Will you give me your
rubber plantation? What? Rubber plantation? He is thinking too much Will he give it? I’m okay with the deal. Call him, we’ll start the drama. Okay. Done. Viji. Come here. Jai jai Chakra Mahadevi. Mangalam Bhavathu. Why sir is grazing the goat
inside the hermitage? Don’t say that way. No. You don’t know. If I say ‘I love you’,
he’ll whip me with the ghost. Sir, don’t act. If I tell my love now… …will you whip me
with the ghost? Hello darling, Why did you call me, now? My dad may see. He is watching. He has a big face,
only half will be visible. See him now. Oh no, dad. Viji, what are you doing? Now, I’m going to propose
you before him. Oh no…please don’t do that. I love you What? It’s not me. Hey, boy. Oh, god. Don’t be a bait
for my anger. Bhattadhri, you can’t
harm him ahead of me. Did you witness the power
of our Rajamadha? Do whatever you want. Please Viji…don’t say. I love you, Maya… Don’t get frightened. I’m unable to understand
what’s happening? ‘If you dote this virgin,
you’re destined to die.’ When, where and how
I must do the ritual? Viji, the gate opens
on its own! Hey egghead, see well. That half pint is
opening the gate. Leave the vehicle inside.
I’ll close the gate and come. Yes. You’ll panic others,
at once said as ghost house. This is the place where
Yatchi is glorified. Uncle… It’s good to be a ghost
instead of being poor. All the ghosts reside
in bungalows, isn’t it? Yes, dude. I wish to be born as
ghost in next birth. What about now?
Are you looking like a hero? You’re like a ghost. You better stay here. Now, I’m going to perform,
Yatchi Samhara Pooja. The most important is
the palm script with mantras. Only, If you find that,
we can destroy the Yatchi. Guruji, won’t that Yatchi
harm us, till then? It won’t come near to you
till I complete the yagna. But, the other evil forces will hinder
you not to take the palm script. Be careful. They said as rituals
but now panic us… …saying as ghosts and demons. Why do you panic? The peak of black magic and
‘The mountain of witch craft’ is with us. Swamy, you start the pooja. We’ll search for the palm script. Let all be good. Hey… Don’t leave me. Are you going for
construction work? You accompany him
and search out. Go up and search. We’ll search inside. I’ll take care. Oh no, a bandicoot. I’ve come. It’s very dark. – What happened?
– Don’t be afraid. Why must I panic
when you’re with me? I’m not afraid. Why are the doors closing? Hey, It’s good to be a ghost
after death… …and taking the offerings on
new moon day as a crow. What attitude is this? If I nail down all the doors
with help of carpenter… …then you can’t panic anyone. You’ll be ashamed. I will get ashamed Then what, ma? Don’t you have respect on us? See, the respect shown now. Have you noted the respect
after snubbing. Hey, you must’ve that respect. Ma, you be seated. Won’t you swallow even
if numerous ghosts arrive? They don’t know your power. Guruji Oh no, it’s disrespect.
You get up. What are you playing
with so disrespectfully? Viji, I don’t want any respect. We have come for
an important matter. Oh no! You touched Mahadevi! See what happens now. He is teasing the ghost and in turn,
it might tear me apart. Viji, don’t go alone
you’ll be afraid Guruji If you get it,
stuff in a bottle… …I’ll keep it on the TV. He too… Guruji, isn’t there something? Just for fun. Hey, goof… You’re playing unusual. Why should I fear?
when Guruji is here. Why should I fear?
when Guruji is here. Are you mad? Don’t you know when to play? I’m not afraid.

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