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When the universe gave birth
to the galaxy. A hazy comet was moving around. This was to bring a structure for it. There bloomed a sacred power
which started the destruction. This power gave birth to the planets,
asteroids and others in the universe. Among these planets is the Earth. The Earth is almost filled with ocean. Sri Krishna’s Dwaraka village was formed. The land after the power’s destruction. lt is the witness were Kauravas were
abolished and Yadhavas then bloomed. A worthy life was led. A light was being lit where there was
no difference between the day and night. This is the Dwaraka region. During a lunar eclipse… There was a tremendous change
in the universe. All the planets were disturbed. A power of light was formed for
destructing everything. lt was coming for destructing the Earth. lt destructed the Earth badly. Dwaraka region was buried in
the ocean 5000 years before. A new Dwaraka is formed in
the Gujarat state. The atmosphere is filled with the
music of Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna’s sound of the chains
in the leg is heard through the waves. Archeologist are trying to invade the
old Dwaraka region. The old one being buried. A holy religious spot is the Dwaraka. There is something in it, extraordinary. Another destruction. To prevent this destruction
a power is being born. Deviputhrudu
God’s Son. Victory Venkatesh. Soundarya. Anjala Javeri. Suresh. Baby Cherry. Editing
Thatha Suresh. Photography
S. Gopalreddy. Music
Manisharma. My three aces. – lt is my money. Then you show the cards. First show your cards. This first King, the second King. Show the third King.
– lt’s with me. Show it. l am the third King. Oh Gold ! My ring… golden ring… Thief… Thief… Thief has come and he will
steal everything. He is a man from Mumbai,
who also does magic. He always dashes me in the center. He spots me often in the junction. He loots everything and will
cause trouble to it. He will come to rob,
finishes and will disappear. l can say the amount in your purse
by testing your pulse. l can guess what is it that you
are having by how you breathe. l can also guess the change
found in your bag. l can find out the serial number
of the notes you have. He also does program
who can conduct a big show. He can even shake hands with
the James Bond. l can steal eggs which are laid
in the nest. l can even confuse them
by applying tricks to it. l can loot the rich and can
live happily. l will give half to the poor
and very needy people. No one can catch me on this Earth. My inspiration is the God
Lord Sri Krishna. Thief has come and will
steal everything. He is a man from Mumbai who can
even do Magic. He dashed me at the center. He loots everything and will not
be in trouble. He will come to rob,
finishes his job and disappear fast. This is my palace. l am alone. Alone. There is no one with me. l am the King. l am alone,
having no one with me. Sister ! Didn’t Karuna sister come.
– No. What about grandpa?
– No. Why didn’t they come?
– l don’t know madam. Sister… Karuna sister… Where did sister go? Why didn’t
she come to the airport. Why didn’t you come? By the time l got into the car,
the driver went away. l followed the car up to the gate. Where did sister go? After a long time you have come,
is you sister more important than us? Whenever l come,
my sister will receive me. Why didn’t she come? She would have come, if she was here. They have found the ancient Mathura
in the ocean at Gujarat. Your sister Meerabai, insisted in
going to Mathura. My partner Naidu
is a big contractor there. l sent her with their family. When will she return?
– You go and relax. l have brought this statue
for my sister. lt is very good. l have bought these sarees
and bangles for her. Are all these available in America? This letter has came from Dwaraka. Sister has written a letter to you. Respected Grandpa … l am going to give birth to a child. At this time you all
should be with me. The first delivery is
a rebirth for any lady. l want to see all of you. l don’t know the address and
phone number of my sister to convey it. Please come. l am eager to see you. lt is true that Karuna
has gone to Dwaraka. There she loved an archeology officer. He is not from our caste. Your parents didn’t agree for
their marriage. Because she got married they have
expelled her from our family. Should we keep quite if
she gets married like that? Will you also send me out,
if l marry against your wish. How will they do it?
You are their own daughter. Being an adopted daughter,
they have not cared for her. They were finding a good reason
for a long time to get rid of her. With this reason, they have
fulfilled their wish. You have no sympathy even if
she is going to become a mother. No injustices to her. l love her. l will go and bring her back. Also bring her child and husband. lndia will loose. lndia will win definitely.
– What is the bet? Where is my purse… Thief… Close all the doors. What you are thinking?
How can it happen in my presence? Check everybody carefully. Don’t leave anyone. What? – What?
– lt’s nothing, look there. What? – Nothing.
– What is that you are doing? Go. lt’s not him. What’s it? What are you doing? – Polishing. You also need it. There is no money in it. A message from Hyderabad that
there is a necklace worth 20 lakhs. Mr P’son and his grand daughter
are coming in the evening flight. They are coming with the necklace.
lt’s a very good news. We shouldn’t leave this opportunity,
we must own that necklace. What? – They are not coming. They are not coming today? My friend. What is it? Grandfather and grand daughter are there.
l hope they are the ones. Let us check, are they
the particular people. What grandpa? – We have booked
a vehicle in the Diamond travels. He must be the driver for it. Why should he show a signal like that. ln Bombay,
beggars will show off like this. See how this van driver will show off! From which area are you from?
– West Godavari – Ours is East Godavari. We both joined together, we will be
covering the whole Godavari district. Where? – Anywhere here
or even in the toilet. What is it you are joking? Are you a driver, how can you
keep it in a toilet and roam? Are you the driver from
Diamond cabs? Why are you in a hurry?
– l’ve a vehicle. Come. l should get my baggage. We will bring our baggage.
– Aren’t they very valuable. You get ready.
Why are you talking with him? l’ve to steal a van before they come. What a good van have l snatched. What? – ln Bombay snatched means
that he has bought it. This van is comfortable for passengers,
but dangerous for our enemies. How is it Fedrickson? – Fedrickson! What grandpa?
Why is he calling you Fedrikson Victoria. He would have been telling his
family names? Which hotel? What hotel?
– We have booked it for Dwaraka. Have you put the baggage inside.
– What, is he telling Dwaraka? Has he changed his mind.
No matter, we are in need of diamonds. Will sister think that
l will join hands with you? Why should she think?
She knows well about you. All these days
l didn’t care for her. How will she know that
l didn’t know about it? l will tell her.
You take me to her once. Why are you talking about your
sister only. l can understand her greatness
by listening to your talks. Look at me, there is no one
to take care of me. Your sister is lucky. Carrying valuables is dangerous,
l’ll put it in the safety locker. We can take care of our safety. You can take care, but there
are robbers along the highway. Look straight and drive,
accident may occur. How can an accident occur
to this vehicle with diamonds. You are being blabbering about diamonds,
are you mad of if? ln this van there are diamonds
from all over the world. What! Diamonds in this van? Her eyes are American Diamonds. lf she smiles, 32 Nigerian diamonds. lf she gets angry, 2 red China diamonds. She is like a Kohinoor diamond. Will you drive the van silently
or shall we get down. How can l leave you. l am tensed looking at this
foolish driver. Did you keep the things brought for
your sister carefully. lt doesn’t matter even if he
drives rashly. l have kept it safely in the big box. Why is it going like this? What has happened?
– Diamonds have gone in dynamo. lt is… lt is…
That the dynamo is weak. The van will start
if you both push the van. We will not push. You pass your time there. Please take us there, somehow. Tigers will come and
have a good dinner. Don’t go to that extent,
we will push it till Dwaraka. Come, let’s push, driver
you go and drive. ln America they will through the van
in sea and driver in the jail. That may be America.
But in lndia. Why is he going? How can l be with you?
What a beautiful cutting l gave. l’ve stolen the suitcase. Where? She might have
kept it there. Where have they kept it? Where did you go leaving us behind? l did go for a test ride. When did you
unload the luggage. We unloaded the baggage because
it will be easy to push. You told us that robbers are
found on this highway. Oh! What a tit for tat. You only told me not to
believe anybody. From now your baggage must be
in my custody. You are acting too much.
Let’s go in another vehicle. Why are you angry?
Let’s be friends hereafter. Even if you ask l will not
stop the vehicle. Let us take the baggage. lt seems there is a hotel here.
– What? – l am hungry, stop it. Stop the vehicle. l am terribly hungry.
Good flavours from the hotel. Shall we finish the dinner. You don’t have any work. Do you want me to stop,
the food will not be good in this Daba. Why are you worried? You must
stop the vehicle, when we say. lf you prefer, join us. Grandpa! Keep an eye on the luggage.
He may leave us behind. l have tied the luggage with chains.
He can’t do anything. l have the key of it.
– No problem. What? Can you hide one thing? A very costly one.
An important one. There’s life in it.
She will not accept it. Give it to me. l will have it.
This is my life. l’ll look after it. You can go. Oh! Cigarette. – l have given
it because she will not allow. l will keep it in your mouth. lf l just make then drink this gin,
it will be easier for me to complete the job. Give this gin for the party
and the plain one to me. Have this coconut water. No need of it. We will
both have a cool drink. That’s it! Coca Cola mixed
in coconut water. lf you drink one,
it will be fine. Without petrol the vehicles will not run. You also have one. – Ok. Give me a plain one. One more for me. l will also drink. One more. Give me one more. One two three, brake the coconut. A beauty in my dreams, another on my lap. A nice chick like a chocolate in Paris. Nothing wrong in looking here.
And she is in the race. Five six seven, brake the coconut. lf you touch the glass you can
create terror to all. Take this ! There is nothing
wrong in having it. Your heart cools, voice nice,
when you see the beauty. Eat everything and enjoy this
night and have some fun. ln this funny game of romance,
be the winner. Have the fame were he will
be stunned. Hey! don’t kill me with your
beauty sight. He droves to reach him.
This age is very funny. Catch this age and plan. The coconut cola is fine. Why are you coming with me?
– To take what l want. l will give you what you want
if you give me what l want. l want diamonds. l will get you more than that. l’m lucky because of my sister.
– l’m lucky because we are friends. Why did you come to my seat? You are talking too smart,
you have come to my seat. Why did the vehicle stop?
Where is my baby? Area has changed.
Why have you stopped it. What do l know about it? What is that lipstick on your cheek? Lipstick! l will tell you what happened
yesterday night? Grandpa, yesterday night
he kissed on my cheek. How can he kiss his own cheek? There is no logic, only magic. What is this area?
Why should We come here? We have wasted two days
because of that hour. Where is the diamond?
– Diamond! You are a real diamond. ln 4 hours last night we have
covered 700Km. What a journey! What? 700Km?
– Only 50Km are left to reach Dwaraka. What?! Did l drive 700Kms?
How is it possible? You have brought us here,
and why are you asking me… How can l?! What has happened? Yesterday’s coconut cola
effect there was a cyclone in my stomach. Where is the bathroom?
– Am l looking like a servant. For what have l come here?
What is happening? Get into the vehicle. Get in. What is it? This waterfall is inspiring me too much.
– Even me too. We will bath here and then
go to our sister’s house. What a dress is it? l want to swim, but that driver
is disturbing me talking too much. Let’s go to the room
and then take bath. What is it? What? Especially ladies should take bath,
will l deny in doing it. lf they take bath with their diamond,
their soul will saffice. You go and take bath till evening. Where are you going?
– To help my baby. What has happened to it?
– Have postponed it. lf you stop gas is formed, this gas leads
to heart attack. Where is the place?
– These are the facilities for it. Baby, l will look after her,
go and unload. l have got it. Did the fish trouble you a lot. Grandpa, it was as big as a man. Even the fish has developed
the craze for gold. The foolish fish has thought that
it is an original diamond necklace. lt is a duplicate necklace
bought in an exhibition. A Duplicate one? Something bad is happening
since we have started. l must show my finishing touch. lsn’t it a bad planet,
a very horrible planet. Trained in a good school. A graduate of a university,
Gajjela Babu Rao. We thieves have sentiments. We are interested only in property. But you smart people bring
this dangerous situations. l would have taken the necklace
and sent your baggage by courier. But now what has happened?
Trouble to your life. Why are you making me a murderer. What is this? A driver changing
into a bandit. What is your background?
How are you? Let us discuss afterwards. First open the suitcase and
give me what l require. Open the suitcase, Mr.Fredrikson. Who is he?
My name is Pedda Gathala Peraiah. What? – Yes, Pedda Gathala Peraiah. ls she Victoria Samitha?
– Her name is Victoria. What Victoria? Her name is Sathyavathi,
alias Sathya. This is Sathya.
Then who are you. Why didn’t you tell it
to me before itself. Why didn’t you tell your name
in the airport itself. A thief is following you.
You should have told your details to him. Hiding your names, you want
a pilgrimage trip to Dwaraka. You should have told me. Got in to the van, drank well,
swam and danced well. Who are you to ask? We are not those people.
Please leave us. What to leave? Since two days
l have wasted a lot. You give me something
from your suitcase. l suspected you from the beginning. l have shot ten big robbers
like you on the highway. Look, how foolish you are. Do you know that,
why l behaved like this. l just trained how to defend
the robbers when they attack. l tested you today and
you have passed in it. You go and sit. Ladies should hold fruits
and adore flowers. They must not have a
pistol like this. l can train you people
if l have a pistol. Carry on. l don’t mind. That lady threatened me
with a pistol. l have wasted two days here. Today back to Bombay. lsn’t it beautiful. lt is as good as her heart,
very beautiful. Why have they sealed the house. How can they do it?
Come let us see. They will only question us,
we will have to answer. They will not answer because it is
not found in that law and order. You’ve come in search of your people.
These people are after the crime. They don’t worry, they have to interrogate,
close the case and blame someone. All these officers know about Balaram. His capacity, sincerity
and his capability. We both worked in the same department. The questions were not cared by the
department even when l asked. They will blame on somebody
to prove they are clean. What is that you are talking? You must not talk like that. They will stay with me. lf you want
any information l will bring them. You are the best friend of them.
Don’t you know where they are. lf l know will l keep quiet?
l have made several enquiries. They are thinking in their view,
but no one is thinking about him. Shall we contact the collector
or the concerned officer. We must not be in a hurry.
We must solve it slowly. This is our guest house.
You can stay here comfortably. Lots of hubbub about Balaram
and your sister. Don’t leave this house
in any case. lf any one pressures you,
tell them to call me. This is my phone number. What are these temples and
bells. Where have l come to. Where shall we go? l am hungry. Are you blind. What? Everyone fine. Why is he here? What do you want? What is there inside?
– We are having everything. You bring one in everything.
– Ok. – Bring two. – Two. Bring three of everything
and one big Pepsi. l will bring everything in the hotel. Bring one more plate. You first pay the money?
– What money? What money?
– Money for which you ate. Who will give it?
– Look he is not giving the money. Take this money. Thank you.
– Get in the jeep. Why is he telling me to
get in to this jeep? Who are these…? What is this? Who are these…? Camel. l am having knife. l will cut your nose, ears…. They are constructing Ram mandir in Ayodhya.
Why are you here? Why are you tickling me? Who are you? – Who are you? Stop it. Stop the vehicle. This vehicle is mine, not yours. Who are you and why did you
bring this vehicle here? Sir, why did you bring this
vehicle here? l didn’t bring your vehicle,
your vehicle has brought me here. Who is this fellow? Acting
smart, where is he from? From the sky. – What? Telugu! l am from Eluru. – l am from Nellore. We then both are from Nellore. l don’t have any belief that
they will come back. After seeing your efforts, l believe
that they will definitely come back. Who are you? Where are you from?
What do you want? You will be perturbed,
if l tell. Myself! Who are you? Dwaraka city is being polluted
by your rickshaw carts. They have formed a committee
to cancel the license. l am the inspector of
that committee. Do you have your card? lf l go to Delhi and inform
the transport minister… … that the city is being
polluted were public is suffering. All the license will be
cancelled in two days. Everything will be finished. l pity on you. Poor fellow.
l want to help you. Please help me in getting
out of this trouble. There isn’t any problem.
ln the airport l missed my bag. My cheque book, cash, credit card…
everything in the purse is missing. Now how can l go to Delhi
and talk about this? lf l don’t go, all your
licenses will get cancelled. For going to Delhi,
l want money. How much do you want? How much are you having?
– One minute. You go to Delhi and cancel
that report urgently. Stop it. l have seen whirl winds
carrying villages, people, trees… … this is the first time
l am seeing money blown away. You have taken all my money. Give me a
fist of diamonds so l can get settled. What diamonds? ln this sea there is
Krishna’s Dwaraka. There are diamonds, pearls, precious
stones… Samantakamani is also there. The Samanthakamani will give
100Kgs of gold daily. l want to snatch that one,
buy a good vehicle. l want to tour the entire world. That is why l am learning
swimming in ponds, pits etc. l am not able to learn
swimming properly. What is that you are seeing? Are you perturbed. This ocean is my elder mother. What? Elder mother! There is an old mother on the moon.
Likewise, an elder mother in the ocean. Grandmother will drown in bad people
and push ashore good people. What mother is this?
Why did you do it? Can you perturb good people? From now onwards don’t do it again. Don’t say anything. She did not lf l don’t say like that,
she will not listen to me. Are you speaking the truth. lf you trust, it is truth
or else lies. Who are you? Myself.
l am staying here. Are you alone.
Are you afraid staying lonely. l don’t have any fear. Ocean mother, tortoise
grandfather is with me. The prawn is my uncle and
small fish are aunties of mine. This not an ordinary place,
Lord Krishna has walked around. The Dwaraka region is sleeping
in the ocean. This is Krishna’s invaded Dwaraka. Dwaraka is where Sri Krishna walked. A golden chain of the baby. The chain in the legs of the child. Satyabama’s crying… Mending… ERukmini Devi’s tulasi garden… A melodious song from the flute. The dancing peacock been seen. The shell which Krishna blew. The chakra with which
the demon was killed. A series of stories are present. There is lot like this. Listening to your talks, l hope
that there is a big story in it. There is no school today.
Will you study well. Where is your house? Look there, the place were
the ocean and sky join. My house is there. Why have you settled here? Police will punish if we roam here. You are bringing problems to me. l made a mistake. There is nothing… There is nothing in the ocean.
Only rocks, ships etc are there. How is he here? Stop, this child told me
everything about this place. Which child? – The child is here. lf the police come, they will
throw us underground. Someone following us from the
day we entered Dwaraka. Someone aiming you after you
started interrogating the case. We are worried and they are
creating more problems to us. We will return only with
your sister and her husband. Someone will help us to find them out. Friend. Come. l’m thinking about you. How did you know that l am here? l will go in search
of people who love me. lt’s difficult to relate your
age with your talks. You are talking like an elder lady. l’ve grown fast when l was young. What is your name? My parents have not named me. How should l call you? How am l looking to you?
– Like a child. Then call me Papa. l heard that you are hungry. l have brought all this to eat. Come and eat. l’m hungry. Eat. lt’s fine. l prepared it especially for you. That’s why l felt that
my mother is feeding me. The birthmark on the forehead
is looking good to you. This is not a birthmark.
This is the mark by my mother. Did your mother prepare this food? What is your Father?. My Father. You have your food first, dear friend. We will go out and play. Am l your good friend. – Yes. Don’t you have a better
friend than me. You are the only friend l have. You are telling lies.
-lt’s true, l don’t have anyone. Someone in your mind.
You like her very much. She also likes you very much. lf you go to Lord Krishna’s temple.
You can see her there. Give it to her without hiding
be it a gift or your love. Sir, one girl has come here
and she is probing everything. What should l do sir?. Get her immediately. He is still here.
We must not leave. What is this fight and chase.
Tell me what the matter is? Other day they have come for me. What is all these?
Why should l care? Look, l have came here
to apologies you. l am a thief and came to
rob your diamond necklace. Later l came to know that
you are not concerned with it. l robbed one necklace
near the water falls. White dress is slipping
during the evenings. Asking me to do romance…
in the morning. lf the touches in the music
are my romantic… hero. Your body is fully
filled with music. Love teacher comes here to be
in a flower cradle. l will reach the shore with a song. Our fight is permanent
and struggle can be shared. lnvitation is very romantic
like the sweet music. Rainbow looking for a coat
giving the age as a bribe. The girl will ask me
some more to have. Asking me to do romance
till the morning. You age and youth attracts me. l am the King of your rose garden. Pleasure… What l get is
something wonderful. ln future will we have
such nights. These flowers and sandal
make me feel great. l did not get any information
about my sister’s family. There is one dog. lf anyone
steps in, it ferocious. The lonely house now has
a deserted look. We shall do one thing. – What? We will go to that house and
see. We may get some clue. Then we can understand,
what has happened to them. lt is impossible, they have
sealed the house. Security people are not
allowing anyone. Security will always hurdle
if we got permission. lf we go without permission… Who can go like that? l will go. lt’s me you friend, ”Papa”. What friend? Are you surprised
to see me. You asked me about my house.
This is my house. This is my Father’s chair. My mother will cook in this room. ln that room father draws
paintings of Dwaraka. My Father has drawn
my picture also. You have come in search of
Sathya’s sister Karuna. She is my Mother… You wanted to know,
what has happened? You will not believe it,
if l tell you… Come l will show you, my friend… Come l will take you to the stars… Also to the orbit. Come my friend… What is all these? Why did you bring me here? lt is here were many epics and
disasters are there. Myths and fights all are
here like dolls. World wars are also there. My father’s story is also here. Look, he is like an incarnation. My father working on Mathura
project in Archeological Department. There were good people like my
father, bad people were also there. Since many years,
one magician fellow… … Wanted to grab the supernatural powers
which are under the sea… e this reign, he gives
human sacrifice of young c. You are not chanting them properly. Now my hard work is going to get
the results. l have got the power. The results after thirty years… Start, the sacrifice. How did he get here? Spoiling everything. This is the result of 30 years work.
Spoiled it. l’ll kill you. Don’t think that you are sincere. We are also sincere. What is that, you are sincere. Don’t just look here, look around
and see what is happening. Who are you to question me? You may be a security officer and
l may be from Archeological Department… Providing security is our duty. lf human sacrifices are being done,
how can we neglect it. Are you encouraging
such things here. You don’t know about this department. Minister knows my sincerity. lf this happens again. Why do you get tensed? l can understand your feeling,
but how can he… Archeological Department
should be blamed. – Why? They have given the responsibility of God.
But you are atheist. l don’t know whether you
believe in God. My duty is important. Why is the yellow cloth flying? The yellow cloth flew from here. l have been observing this many days. Who is performing this? He will not do it openly.
There is something fishy. Who are you ? She is from our Region…
– ”Hyderabad”. You keep quite. No one should come here.
You must be knowing it. This is the place were
”Lord Krishna” walked. Anyone can come here. – You
must not come like this. – Why? You first remove your shoes.
– What? You can shout at me afterwards.
First remove your shoes. You also do it. – Yes. Look here… Don’t say that no one should come here.
Tell them to maintain sanctity. Don’t think that you are
excavating Dwaraka City. lt is your fortune to look at it. All these machinery are not required. You brake a coconut, lit a camphor
and offer butter to Lord Krishna. He will bring the Dwaraka here. lf we do this our department need not
spend any money on this project. You should not come here. Go… l don’t understand, why he shouts… l need two days Leave. When Striky sees you, it is
greeting you with a laugh. l am your friend, it is neither
greeting me nor barking at me. lt is only because of jealousy. A friend or dog is the symbol
of faithfulness. Today is a no moon day. We will have Bermuda triangle,
cyclones, volcanoes etc. We should not try to stop them. lf one thinks like that,
would a man have gone to the space. ln that underwater, because of it, the calamity occurs.
We should know that. l know that.
Lord Krishna’s ”Vishnu Chakra” is there. Without the devotion on God
if you are disturbing the sanctity. Lord Krishna got angry and
is creating calamity like this. Oh God! Save the innocents. Come… Wait. What is this nonsense? l have not come here to
take your property. Today, Lord Krishna’s Birthday.
l’ve brought food for you. Don’t stop me. All prepared with Ghee only, brother.
Oh! excellent. You have brought the food, he
is eating it, now you go. What a person are you. Can’t you say this politely
with a smile. lf you just shout… Brother, you eat everything.
l will wash the vessels tomorrow. Get me breakfast tomorrow morning. Sure…. find out what
your Officer needs. Some people are there to eat food
and some will be there to look at it. Go…. Yes. l am leaving. Why are you
shouting like that? Why are you eating
the entire food? You don’t want to have it.
– You should ask me. l asked you know.
Till l take it, you should ask me. That girl has brought this for me. She has prepared it wonderfully. What are you doing here? Why you have come again? l came here to explain
about these items. Do you know how we got independence
because of this Sweet… He could not understand,
how this sweet was kept inside… We though that it was
because of Gandhiji. A cook offered this sweet
to a Britsh man. He thought that the cook was
very clever to make this sweet. He thought that lndian’s were
clever and may hide him, like the sweet. Thinking that he declared
lndependence to our country. That is why it was sweet…
lndependence. Eat slowly. lt seems you have excavated the
temple where Rukmani worshiped… lt’s that no one will permit
to see this temple. l am around you because
l want to see the temple. lf you show it to me.
l will see and go to my place. lt seems you are going there
at 6 o’clock. What are you talking and why
have you come here? How told you that he is going
at 6 o’clock. He will go at 5. lf you give me a permission letter.
l will see that Temple. What are talKing? ls it an
ordinary place. A heavy security. Except him, no one
will be allowed. lf you want to go with him.
– Ok. – What Ok? What did she ask? She is asking
you to take her to the temple. Ok. You go.
– l will come at 4 o’clock. l will speak to him, You don’t argue with me. Who’ll bring all these things?
You should have faith. Why did she ask to show
the temple. Take her. Have not seen the sea so closely. l feel like walking on it. Show it to me once.
l will return it back. Temple has come… You resemble the sea. lt frightens people
with its waves. lt’s like you. How pleasant it is. This is the
temple were Rukmani has worshiped. l wanted to see this
since very long. l owe a lot to you. What is all these? Come. Which God is it? – What do l know? A great god. You also pray. Bell… What a big bell? lt is very high. ln those days people must be very tall. Bell. – Yes it is a bell. l am not able to reach it.
jump and ring the bell. Even then l am not
able to touch it. Come here… for a moment. You are being doing something
or other since we have come. Let me come. – Come. What? Strike the bell once.
l told you to do it. lt’s very high – Let’s go. l’ll not come. – What? l won’t come till l ring the bell. lf you want you leave me here. What should l do? You must lift me. lf you lift me, l will ring the bell. You will ring the bell.
Then what about me. What is it?
lf anyone sees this… What is wrong in it? You will lift me and l will ring the bell.
What is there in it? Lift me. What a person are you? Oh my love, you are my life,
you be with me forever. l require you with flowers and
in the moonlight… Oh Dear, touch me fast…
Oh my love, you are my life. Why l mean ”Ambrosia”,
when you laugh with affection. lf you reach me with
a beautiful ambience… Your desire and your youth
speaks to me… …and if your look touches me… …our memories are like the honey. Oh my love, you are my life. Reach me with lights and music
and come to my home and touch me. l will have peace and love
when you are with me. Tune my romance and get me in. Let me have the happiness
that no one has. Come my dear, be with me forever. Speak. What are you going to do?
– Speak. l want to see all my family members. Without informing you,
l wrote a letter to my Grandfather. Even if you write,
they will not come…… Mother… Mother… When l was coming, l heard
someone calling me. Who can it be? A voice of a baby, who might it be?
– Mother. Mother… Fire! Fire… You should be careful. ln the morning, l heard someone
calling me… Stop… l am thinking about that voice. The same voice warned me
about this fire. Who is that? – A baby. Who’s Baby is it? – Our Baby. l can hear voice l am able to hear the voice
of my baby. lf you think about
the baby in the womb… Whatever noise you hear,
you will feel it like that. You go and take rest… l heard it. – Ok. Take rest. l have to go to Delhi. Can we find out that natural
calamity with this formula. You will find it out. lncase
lf you don’t succeed. Minister is telling the same thing
as what l told you. lncase if you fail in the mission. Aeroplane invented to fly,
if they fear, how’ll they invent it. We could not have reached
this place so fast. lt will be great, if we find
some valuable energy sources. … lncase if this project fails. Come on. Speak. What responsibility? lt can be uranium,
it will be some atomic energy. lf we find it out, it will be
useful to the country. Kindly listen to me sir. l cannot provide all these immediately. We’ve to discuss in the Cabinet meeting,
Finance Minister and Prime Minister. Till such time don’t take
any decisions. Madam. Greeting, Swamiji. lt’s only the fate that’s
preventing your husband’s research. l don’t understand. You will understand only when
your husband achieves it. When he brings out that
Mahashakthi Goddess ”POwER”. You will see the Universal
Disaster in your dream. Don’t panic, You send it back
to the same place. This is the turmeric used by
Rukmini to worship Dwaraka Kali Goddess. When situation is going out of
hands, it will come to your rescue. lt will help you, take it. Karuna…. Where are the files? ln your room. Karuna… have you taken the tablets… Yes… Have you taken the juice. – Yes. Why are you answering me
from inside? l am in the kitchen. Why are you answering me
sitting here? That is… – What? Our baby has answered. l told you the other day
but you didn’t believe me. The Baby is speaking. That was a different voice. Baby voice is very sweet. At least for her sake, You have heard only her voice
but l have seen her. You have seen her. How is she?
Beautiful…? She is very cute. l will show her. A mark on her face.
– Leave this. l will draw it again. No. You may not draw. Let the scar be there. This was the tear of her mother. Even the scar is beautiful to
the baby, like a moon. Oh moon in the sky.
Come here, as our baby… This fun welcomes the happiness… My love is the reflection in your house. l will give you the ring
and show it to all. With the waves l will make a dress to it. l will keep my daughter
on a white elephant. l will bring many birds for you… This rainbow and needle are together. Stars will be her toys and
will play all over. Beauty in the baby is so wonderful. Follow the mother’s love
and father’s dignity. Your sweet love will
spread through the lights. You call will make mother happy. lf you start walking it will
be great to watch. With your laugh it will be much adamant. See your wife,
you’re going to become a father. just think of your responsibility. My aim is important. At this time you don’t know,
what will you do? Tell me what are you
going to do? Let him go. Our Govt. Will save
Rs.25,000… his salary every month. Our department will not have
a proud fellow like him. How will he come? This turmeric was used by
Goddess Rukmimi who worshipped Kali. This will save when your
situation goes out of your hand. lt’s funny. Even a fisherman
can bring this in his boat. He gave a plan to buy equipment
costing crores to get this. He demanded a lot and. You acted too smart for
getting this. The whirlpool is formed
because of its vibration. lt is enough, if you think like that.
We must trust it. How must we open it? There’s nothing to open it. lt’s like a dust bin. lf we kick it,
it will break into pieces. The satellite readings say that the power
is equalant to 2000 crores of Suns. l didn’t tell you, about me. l didn’t ask your bio-data. l didn’t tell you that matter. We camped in lndia to take
that ”power” from the sea. Your husband alone has taken out
the power box, computer also couldn’t. Why have you come? You wait. l’ll speak. Who are you? Why are you here? Wait… please… l want the power box which
he has taken from the sea. There is a huge demand l will offer you more. You can demand any amount.
You have to handover the powerbox tonight. Being an ordinary Officer
in Archeological Department. l have powerful Guns than yours. What is the chance. Many groups are having. This will not stop. This incident
might be repeated by others. lf you say ”No”, they will go
to the superiors for help. They look like a powerfull
lnternational Mafia gang. They might take out the box
kept underground. Let us leave them. You want to drop the box in the sea. Yes… lmmediately. lt must not be delayed. You have fought with the Government
and our Archeological Dept. for this box. Why do you want it to be
put back into the sea? Are you trying to show. Not about me. After l… l have presumed
so many things about it. No. lt is a ”Super Natural Power”. Did you have a dream.
– l have seen it with my own eyes. lt is a great thing to see. Kindly believe me. We shall keep it in its
original place. lf we don’t do that… …everything will be
destroyed in a calamity. Calamity. – Yes. After Dwaraka being
buried in the ocean. Knowing that there would be
a calamity from the ocean. The power of which is
the heart of the sea. To prevent the destruction
of the universe. The Ammoru Shakthi were Sri Krishna
preys in safe guarding the same. The power which is obstructing
the Calamity. lt will become furious
every no moon day. That’s the reason for… At that time, the birds of Lord Krishna
will cool the power of the Goddess. Without knowing that, lf we don’t put it back… …by the next new moon day the entire Earth
will be destroyed. Everything will be blank. l will be responsible for all that.
lt must not happen. Give permission to retain it
and help me out. Experts are coming from Delhi to confirm
whether there is a ”power” in that box. They will decide. Sir, please listen to me. lf we don’t take the decision quickly, You never used to believe God,
now what is all these. What has happened to you? l didn’t beleive. After seeing it,
l am able to see the Goddess. A furious power, to destroy. That calamity is coming. Volcano has erupted, Ocean is rising
and the universe is sinking. The sea with high tides,
the universe is sinking. lt doesn’t matter if anything happens to us,
but we must save our child. There’s nothing happened. Everything is peacefull and normal. That swamiji told us that God will tell us
what is going to happen soon. lf that power box is still on
Earth it’ll lead to heavy destruction. lt will be the total end. We should not be the. You replace the power box. Place it in the same place or
else the universe will be destroyed. Why are you calling me? How are you there in our house? You must be in your house
with the power box. You cannot blackmail me. lf you don’t come immediately you will not
even get the dead body of your wife. l’ll not leave you. Do you want your wife? l don’t care if you… Where is Karuna? Karuna called me that somebody
had come. They were torchuring her
to know about you. When l retort, they shot one
and took Karuna. They asked us to come within half an hour,
otherwise they will shoot Karuna. Who are they? Where are they?
l will tell you. They said that we should not
tell others. l have come here for my wife. We have brought your wife… … to make you to come here
and know where the box is. l came here not to surrender
to you. l came to tell you that
l don’t care for anything. You don’t care for your wife’s death? What is that you are thinking?
Are you going to shoot him. He is the only man lf you kill him, how will
we know about the secret? We have not called him to kill. We must know where he has kept the box. l didn’t think like that. My dog Striker is very intelligent. l’m seeing your orginality now,
my dog did know you long before. l told you before that… Did you listen to me? They are going a to make an atomic weapon
with the power of the ”power box”. lt is not an atomic weapon. lt is a great power, you cannot
understand even if l explain. Whatever it is. You tell me
where did you put it? He will tell me. Daddy… Daddy… l am thirsty… thirsty. He will not stop unless
you shoot her. Karuna, please listen. l could not replace. As you were in danger l dropped
it in the Kalindi caves in a hurry. Karuna, you will have to replace it. Daddy… Daddy. l am not a human being,
as you are. l am an air with a small wish… … formed from the remenents
of the five elements. My sould created by Lord Brahma
has come to an end. l became a shapeless soul,
are you afraid of me. No Papa. What has happened? That day my father was dropped
in the valley. You know that secret.
When We did see… Mummy… Mummy… Anyhow we have to know the
facts from her today. Not only Gods are there in our
country, even demons are present. This is also something like that. A demon can destroy a devil. A little soul guarding. l will mesmerise her. That is why l was not… Because of the devil’s line,
l could not cross it. We will have to replace that
”power box” in to the sea. We have to stop the destruction. For that l need a man. That is why l have selected
you my friend. You don’t know about your birth. When all the nine planets
were in one line… …a very auspicious time… …when a great power… …a poor lady gave birth
to you in a temple and died. That is ”Brahmi Muhurtham”. He is an orphan. You were blessed by the sacred
God mother and became the ”God’s son”. That is why you can see me
even though l am a bodyless soul. Destiny has made in such a way where
you have the resemblance of my father. That is why l was known to you
by referring the drawing of my father. Grandpa told us that the power box
will be replaced by Mother’s hand. lt is the verdict of God. My mother should be saved.
Stop this disaster. You show me to my mother
like the ”God’s son”. You can do it my friend. l will show you definitely. Do you want your life? Tell me where it is. l am dieing, asking you this. Come lady. Oh! Come like a doll.
Come with a dancing troop. You can dance by doing magic with music
followed by the rythum and tune. Shall l change you
and create another. Shall l hold the time
and change your destiny. l can make you laugh
and make you mad. l will come as a thunder
and stop the destruction. My character is a golden one. My victory raises the
country’s prestige. l can solve any mystery. You will not have any histroy. Bye. Take out your hearts, settle
the scores to enjoy with friends. l will sacrifice my life. l will come slowly and
aim a thing by throwing an arrow. l can also defeat the King of planets.
l have only victory in my hand. l am a dear friend of the
Lord’s son wishing you all. No. No. lt is very difficult. l have to go to Dubai. Stop, why are you in anxiety. What, do you know Telugu? – Yes. You don’t know about them. They are not ordinary people.
They are very great. l can understand that they are
that type of people. Yes. Tell me, what is the matter? There was a person named Balaram.
He is exactly like you. That is why these people are
chasing me. Now l understand. Before dieing he revealed a secret
about a valuble box to his wife. You do resemble Balaram. You act like Balaram and gather
the information of the box. No. No. l don’t like this type of drama.
– l’ll give you 1 crore. Not interested. – 5 crores. That means l have to pretend
like her husband. lf l get the information and reveal
it to you. You’ll give me 5 crores. l will bring the box. We will have to start immediately. Only few hours remaining for
the total destruction. Where? l told you. You just can’t fool me. l know that all this is their game. They have sent you to make me
believe and get the information. l have come here to save you
and not to cheat you. l became inevitable to act
because l have to make them beleive. l am your man. You sister
told me everything. Look at this letter which you
wrote it to your grandfather. We will have to start immediately. Within hours the Earth is going
to be destructed. We have to stop it. We have to replace it from
where the power box is brought. This is the wish of your baby. ls my daughter still alive. Yes, to save her mother and to erase
all the allegation of her father. She’s struggling as a shapeless soul,
supposed to be a playful child. We will have to go immediately.
There is no time. There is some power stopping us. Hey you, look at it. Kill him. Grandfather. lt’s mine. l’ve been waiting for… l have got it today. lt is mine. l will not. lt is my own. Friend, stand near my mother
as you are a ”God’s son”… …and show me to her. Mummy… Mummy…

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