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My name is Jeff and I want to talk to you
a little bit about push processing black and white film. In general, you will take your
initial development time and for a one-stop push, you will add an additional 20 percent
to the time in the developer only. For a two-stop push in general, it is 50 percent. On the
other hand if you are pulling film and you are going to pull it one-stop, it is minus
10 percent of that development time or two-stop would be a minus 20 percent of that time,
so it is all based off of your initial development time which is going to be influenced by the
type of developer and developer temperature.

6 thoughts on “Developing Film in a Darkroom : The Push-Pull Process in a Film Development

  1. This is for black and white film.  Does the same apply to the C41 process – you'd increase the developer time by 20%?

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