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My name is Jeff, and I am going to talk to
you a little bit about agitation. So I have my film in here that I loaded in the dark,
I’ve already done the pre-wet, I’ve got developer in there now and my timer is running.
The very first thing you want to do is rap the can a couple of times to jar all the bubbles
loose from between the films. So you don’t want to hold the can constantly, because you
are going to warm the developer up if you hold it all the time. But every 30 seconds
you want to invert it and twist it at the same time. I always do it 3 times. Basically
you want 5 seconds of agitation every 30 seconds, so you are going to watch the timer and here
I am at 30 seconds again, pick it up, twist it and invert it. I usually do it 3 times.
It is really important film and I am trying to be extra methodical about it, when I set
the can down, I’ll rotate it a third of a turn so that nothing is set up…one side
of the reel doesn’t get more agitation than the other side.

3 thoughts on “Developing Film in a Darkroom : Agitation of the Film During Development

  1. best video i have seen on this subject! some say more inversions but once a minute gives higher sharpness. maybe depends on film dev combination?

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