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Hi there. Is it me or am I fucking up my line? Yes. “Good evening, detective.” “Good evening, Detective.” “HI THERE.” Acting. Just, you want me to go from the top? Let’s just keep rolling! He has those soft man hands. Please never say that again. I have to be mad at you, shut up! Do you have access to porn? Yeah… Come on! We’re gonna have a good time. Okay, I don’t….think we’re…. Nah I got popcorn, come on. *phone ringing* Sorry guys….good God…. Come on director For fuck’s sake! Everybody I care about is here! Who would be texting me? I’m not certain whether that’s part of my programming or a…bleh. Or an adaptation to working with you, that’s the LINE. Crotch is lit well. Can you tell us your name and your character you’re playing? She’s gonna have so much fun with that. That came out weird. That was a weird…that came out like a strange thing. Getting in character. You annoyed yet? Do you have a port that could hook up to the TV? Where do you think a port would be, exactly? I can’t. You didn’t even give me a chance! I know! I tried. It was probably my reaction to seeing the cat. It was…it was! I don’t know, Connor. But you could always ask him like a normal person. …..Gavin. Because I Said it, and then even took a second of like, “that wasn’t right.” And people wonder why I hate fucking people. But you know what? I’m gonna keep going. What?! I fucking hate you. Hey, stop petting my asshole. That’s the cat’s name My? No, it’s just, that’s my ownership My cat…. ….named Asshole.

100 thoughts on “Detroit Awakening Gag Reel/Outtake Reel

  1. I love how Ty opened the door and went like "WhAT" Maximilian actually jumped HAHAH feels bad bro

    "Stop petting my asshole" I PHUKING LOST IT x'D

  2. That initial "Hi there.." is so incredibly sexy, it's sooooo wrong in soooo many levels.

  3. All humans hate humans in the future xD
    Not completely wrong in the bloopers, haha, Gavin. He's just really living as his character, lol.

  4. I thought I was going to have a bad day because I hurt myself while falling off my stairs and had to stay home, then I saw that this gem was released, so everything's better now.

  5. Hahahha omg these are so adoreble i mean. A cat guy standing there. Who wouldn’t Laught 😂❤️ so adoreble! Thankes octopunk Media!❤️

  6. “Everyone I care about is here!” I love Michelle and all of the actors with ALL of my heart. This production is phenomenal.

  7. Literally!!! AhhhhHHHHHH i loved this fan film aNd these bloopers are great!!! everyone did such an amazing job and couldnt stop laughing at this XD


  8. (I can't stop watching this)
    The very end where that guy comes out with his phone out had me dying idk why bless you🙏

  9. Laughed so much at this! You can really feel the dynamics between the members of the team, it's really sweet to watch and I literally love you guys so much!

  10. 0:35 i
    i always laugh too hard at this (its so well in character l mao)
    i have to animate it now
    time to toss it into my growing pile of wips!

  11. Everyone: is serious

    Director: action!

    Actors Gavin and Nines: existing in the acting

    Everyone: breaks character, laughs, then scare each other

    Me: noce 4th wall breaking their crew and cast

  12. Lol soft man hands Connor no try's Gavin and then nines where is the port and why you got spoiled by fav door are you going deviant

  13. hiiiiii there 🤣

    I love these guys, i dont think you could’ve found better actors for these characters

  14. fuckin maxes laugh reminded me of someone else’s laugh
    thomas sanders
    his laugh reminds me of thomas sanders laugh idk why

  15. Okay, just picture a moment like that in the game with Connor and tell me that Maximilian's reaction to the porn-question was not the most pure and in-charakter-reaction possible! 😀 You guys are all so awesome! Thank you for the good work! Keep it up! 🙂


  17. "He has those soft man hands"
    "Do you have access to porn?" "….Yeah.." "Hah cmon we're gonna have a good time"
    I love their smiles also "stop petting my asshole"

  18. 5/10, 900's collar isn't high enough

    this is a joke but seriously in the game he looks like he's wearing a neck brace

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