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In a short period of time more than 40 people dissappeared on this train! We sent a number of swordsman here, but none of them reported back so good! It’s so fast I’am gonna get out and run! I’am gonna have a race to see which one of us faster! What’s is this? I smell something bad… No! It’s no true! There is a demon on this train? Infinite Train so that’s why i’m here as a hashira The red flame sword of Rengoku! Will burn you down to the bone! Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba THE MOVIE “Infinite Train” Will be released on 2020 !

100 thoughts on “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie: Infinity Train Official Trailer

  1. Imagine, when a 3 pages fight of Rui and Tanjiro made an almost movie like aesthetics…. was only a percent of this arc and its going to be animated in a movie format… Get ready guys… even manga readers will be mind blown on how UFOtable will do this movie for sure

  2. Why does everything with Kyojurou in it seems to be tearing me in pieces?! It's probably because I'm in the Philippines….

  3. cries in manga reader the fact that one of my favorite characters sadly passes away in this arc, makes me think whether i want to watch the film or not.

  4. Spoiler Alert :

    I like how they defeated Enmu so easily in the manga but then Upper moon 3 shows up and kills Rengoku. Sad but still amazing on the writer's behalf.

  5. Haha the Flame Pillar was so fascinating that they had to make a movie for what he accomplished in the story. Nice.

  6. After the 2nd time watching this I realize there's no subtitle and I can understand what they're saying. I'm scared of my own potential

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