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Front and behind. Up and down. I’ll get lost. Find. Find. Find. I’ll hide and you find me. I’ll hide and you find me. ‘Vishakhapatnam, where there is
one colony and two houses in it.’ ‘Monty stays in one
and Guddi in the other.’ ‘Monty really loves Guddi.
Even more than his life.’ ‘He has to meet Guddi daily,
play with her and talk to her.’ ‘He can do anything for Guddi.’ ‘Only Guddi resides in
his heart and on his mind.’ “Radhika dances in Madhuban.” “Radhika dances in Madhuban.” Hey, Monty.
– Yes? Throw a stone at that man. Should I throw it openly
or stealthily? – Stealthily. “And your flute plays.” “Radhika dances in Madhuban.” Oh, my God. Blood.. I’m doomed. Why are you crying?
Who has hit you? What do I know who hit me? I was passing by
humming a song to myself. When I was singing a
solo number, a stone hit me. I wonder what would have happened
if I was singing a group song. Blood is already oozing
like the river Ganges. It’s ‘O’ negative, a rare
blood group.. Oh, my God. Listen, Monty.
– Yes? Now tell him and hit him. Who has hit me with the stone? Brother.
– Yes? Do you know who hit
you with the stone? Who hit me? Who was
it that hit me? – Me. Let’s go, Guddi. – Hey, Monty.
Monty, stop. Monty, stop. Stop. Will you pelt stones at others?
You have become such a nuisance. Tell me, will you hit again? Father, I didn’t hit
him intentionally. Then? Tell me, will
you hit him again? Tell me, why did you hit him? Guddi had told me to
hit him, Daddy. What? – Guddi told
you to throw the stone? Yes. – Mr. Dhanraj, your Guddi
asked him to throw the stone. Why, Guddi? Why did you
ask him to throw the stone? This uncle drinks liquor
daily and beats up his wife. Even yesterday he
had thrashed her badly. So? Who is Guddi to serve justice? Let him drink or thrash
his wife, it’s his wish. But why did you hit him? – Stop.
Don’t hit him. Don’t hit him. Dear Monty, you hit my
husband for my sake, right? – Yes. Oh, God, he is such a cute child. If you see him doing
any misdeed again.. ..then hit him harder, okay?
– I will. Come home, I’ll show you. Come on. Hey, wait. But, listen to me.
Listen to me. – Come on. Why are you hitting me? ‘One day, these lovers had
a fight. A very big fight.’ ‘Monty tried his best to
placate her, but in vain.’ ‘Guddi was very angry.’ Guddi, have a guava.
– I don’t want it. Please talk to me, Guddi. I won’t speak to you.
I have sworn by it. Guddi, Guddi. Please stop. Don’t talk to me. – Don’t
say this, Guddi. Please, Guddi. I said, don’t talk.
Then why are you rambling? For how many days?
– What? For how many days
you won’t talk to me? Not for days, but years. For how many years?
– Ten to twelve years. Ten or twelve? Tell me precisely. 12 years. All right. Even I
won’t talk until then. Then what will you give me? I will marry you. All right. This is final. Guddi, won’t you bid goodbye once? I wonder at which unlucky
moment I left my village.. ..and came to Vizag. I’m doomed. Thinking that my son
Monty will become.. ..Mukesh Ambani
(Indian industrialist).. ..I got settled here
with my second wife. I had to become Dhirubhai
Ambani to make him Mukesh Ambani. He sold his shares worth Rs.
10 and became a millionaire. Now I don’t even know where
my Monty is and.. ..what condition he is in. Hey, don’t complicate the fight. Today, my superstar
Rajinikanth’s film release. I’ll come out after watching the show, We can fight later, okay? Okay? After coming to
Gopal Swami’s area.. ..this scoundrel is
flirting with my sister? Brother Monty. Have you come to
watch the morning show? Now watch the climax. Take this one. Hey, you. – You. You are dead meat now. Brother, we’ll miss half the film
if you keep on fighting like this. I won’t even miss the titles. Whether I throw one punch
or a hundred..’ll give the same feeling. “You steal the heart of every child.” “They like your every style.” “You steal the heart of every child.” “They like your every style.” “You are settled
in our heart and mind.” “You create a storm in our life.” “We watch your steps intently,
you have spread on our heart.” “Your story is amazing.” “Well done, Brother. Well done.” “Well done, Brother. Well done.” “Well done, Brother. Well done.” Well done, Brother. “Your wonderful stunts
win our hearts.” “Your enchanting panache
makes us dumbfounded.” “Brother, you are outstanding.” “Brother, you are outstanding.” “As soon you make the entry,
the people say.. ..the enemies are doomed now.” “You have become the Godfather,
angel, messiah.. have become worldwide famous.” “Well done, Brother. Well done.” “Well done, Brother. Well done.” “Well done, Brother. Well done.” “Well done, Brother.” ‘English Rap Song’ ‘English Rap Song’ ‘English Rap Song’ ‘English Rap Song’ ‘English Rap Song’ ‘English Rap Song’ ‘English Rap Song’ ‘English Rap Song’ “Moths is roaming
around the lamp” “Lot’s of lovers are live in lane” “Brother, you are outstanding.” “Brother, you are outstanding.” “May you always be
successful in life.. ..may you always be famous.” “We have valued you from our hearts.. ..may you always steal the show.” “Well done, Brother. Well done.” “Well done, Brother. Well done.” “Well done, Brother. Well done.” “Well done, Brother.” “You steal the heart of every child.” “They like your every style.” “You steal the heart of every child.” “They like your every style.” “Well done, Brother. Well done.” “Well done, Brother. Well done.” Well done, Brother.” Hey, what’s wrong now?
Why are you crying? You are going to Vizag.
I’ll get lonely here, Brother. Darling, you don’t understand. Guddi is waiting for me
there since the last 12 years. If you are so upset,
how sad must she be? Don’t forget that you have
spent more days with me than Guddi. I have been with you, but away
from Guddi. Don’t you understand? Will you return
after meeting Guddi? I will. What other
work do I have there? I’ll be here at the 50
days function of the film. Okay? Come on, go home. Brother.
– Hey, don’t over-act. Come on, get lost. You have an organ named brain in
your body, right? Use it, use it. If you have it, then use it. Sir.
– Yes? When will Godavari come?
– What? Godavari.
– Godavari? – Yes. Go straight and turn to right. There is an enquiry counter.
It is made for you. Go and ask there. So
what I was saying.. So when will Bukaroj Bus arrive? Do you have any idea? I don’t know. I won’t
tell you even if I know. What will you do? What will you do? Why are you glaring at me?
Will you hit me? Will you hit me? Look at the face and then talk. Look at the face and then talk. Hey, Monty. It’s Monty. Monty. You had run away from your
house during childhood. – Yes. Have you just returned?
– Yes, buddy. Did you go home?
– No. You are meeting me first as
soon you have returned? – Yes. Your life will be even better now.
– Not really, it’s going haywire. Okay, what are you
doing nowadays, Satya? My name is not Satya anymore,
it is Tokyo Sanai. Why did you change your name? Not only my name. My
range has changed, too. Now I have my
business in China, Japan.. ..Malaysia and Singapore .
– I see. I’m doing an
international business. Come on, we’ll talk
over a cup of tea. Let it be. Guddi will serve me
hot tea as soon as I reach home. Come on, buddy.
– No. You’ll have to drink it.
– Let it be. You will have to drink. Look, there he is. Come on,
catch him quickly. Thrash him. Buddy, let’s flee from here.
– Why? Forget it, I’ll tell
you later. Come on. Hey, come on. Don’t spare him.
Catch the scoundrel. Come with me.
– Catch him. Don’t let him escape. Come on, buddy, run.
– Catch him. Don’t spare him. If we are caught,
they will beat us up. Hey, wait. Catch him.
He shouldn’t escape. Monty, this way.
– Catch him. Come on.
– Buddy, run. – Come on, catch him. Why don’t we thrash them
instead of running away? No, it’s better to run. You don’t know about them. Oh, my God. He is
creating a big problem. Hey, where are you running?
Come here. Stop. Such a fool. Hey, come down. Come on. Take this belt and go. Hey, come down. Climb down. Hey red shirt.. Hey, don’t challenge them.
– What is it? I beg of you. Leave them.
You don’t know them. Whoever they are, what
difference does it make to me? I don’t see who and what the person
is like while breaking his bones. Only if it’s a leg or hand. Hello? Hello, control room.
Police control room? We need more force. Send
the force immediately. We are at the dock yard. Brother, who are you?
– They are the policemen. I was trying to tell you
since a while, but you kept on.. ..thrashing them
without listening to me. But why were they chasing you? Tell me, what did you do after all? What does he do? Smuggling. Deceit. Is it your Tokyo business?
– Well.. yes. Hey, how dare you raise
your hand on the police! Come on. Come on. I see. How did you get
the mobile phone in prison? I’m asking you how you
got it. Speak up. Speak up. Are you a politician or a goon?
Speak up. Speak up. Everything is fine, buddy, but
there is no shine on the plates. There is no shine on the plates?
– Yes. I needlessly spoke to
you at the railway station. You trapped me into
having tea with you.. ..and look, now I’ve to
eat food here in the prison. Sir. Sir. Sir.
– Yes? I want to tell you something.
– What is it? I have been arrested
without any reason. I have not committed any crime. Yes, yes, not only you,
none of the criminals here.. ..have committed any crime. We have gone crazy to
have arrested you all.. ..and bringing you here. It is not like that,
sir. – Yes, yes. If you give me the permission,
I’ll go home, meet Guddi.. ..and return back here. So shall I go?
– Guddi? Who is she? Who is Guddi?
She is my sweetheart, sir. I have several such
sweethearts here.. ..and I don’t have the time
to even spare them a glance. Get lost. Come on. These are the talks
of love. Sir, please. Whatever the matter is, don’t
dream about getting released. Hello? I’m going out tomorrow. I’m a decent man, that’s why
I’m informing you beforehand. What do you mean?
That You will abscond. You will abscond from prison? In the presence of a jailor
like me, you are informing me.. ..that you will
abscond from the prison? Hey?
– How dare you! Sadru, who is he? He has sent 10-15
policemen to the hospital. You think everyone will sit idle? I will skin you alive. Why? So you will
abscond from the prison? Hey.
– What? Who are you? So you have returned after an exile
of 12 years for a girl, right? Not an exile, I resided in Chennai. Listen, dear, go and
play there. Let us talk. He is asking me to play?
Am I a kid? He is our man. Speak up. What did you earn after living
in Chennai for so many years? What did I earn? Nothing. Don’t you need money
to stay with Guddi? I do, but what should I do? How much do you want? Around Rs. 5 lakhs,
Rs. 10 lakhs or we’ll manage.. ..with Rs. 12 lakhs, too. Why? Are you going to give me some? We will give you Rs. 1 crore. Will you commit a murder? You and Guddi can
lead a luxurious life. Look, darling, it is wrong to
kill someone for the sake of money. But if you are talking about Rs.
1 crore, it is definitely tempting. Is he a good
fellow or a bad fellow? He is a goon like us.
– Then it’s fine. You don’t need any
feelings to kill such people. Where is he? We’ll tell you all that later. If you are successful in
absconding from the prison.. ..then this contract is yours. That is your qualification. Our advocate will
come to meet you.. the motel Sher-e-Punjab
situated at Vijaywada highway. Monty, if you are scared,
then tell me. I’ll do it. We’ll give you some
extra money, shoot him, too. Why do you have to pay me to
kill him? I can kill him for free. Buddy.
– Shut up, scoundrel. I was going home quietly. He got
me trapped in a smuggling case. Now I’m going to be
trapped in a murder case. Tomorrow when I
abscond from the prison.. ..I’ll be alleged
for that case, too. Meanwhile, who
knows where Guddi is? Where are you going? I’m going to Visakapatnam today.
– Why? To meet Monty.
– Hey? He must have come by now. If your daddy comes to know
about it, he’ll break your legs. Mummy, please manage daddy somehow. It is very important for me
to go, Mummy. Please, Mummy. Why don’t you try to understand?
– Where are you going, dear? To find that Monty? Do you even know if he
has returned or not? That idiot who ran away from home. He had run away that day
and now you want to run away? Why, dear? Have I ever
behaved like a father with you? I have behaved like a friend. You want to take
advantage of my feelings.. ..and go look for that Monty? Don’t think that I don’t know
anything other than real estate. She just thought that.. Don’t give her
more chance to think.. ..otherwise she will
spoil your thinking. – Okay. Buddy, shall we escape
in the vegetable van? No, it will look very cheap.
– Are we expensive? If not, then let’s go.
– All right. No one can escape. Look, if he is carrying
the empty can so carefully.. ..then think how much
this coward is scared of me. My sixth sense is
giving me a warning. Hey. What are you whispering here? Are you planning to abscond
from the prison? – No, sir. Tell me the truth or
I’ll skin you alive. Tell me. Speak up. Why aren’t you telling me?
– Please leave me, sir. I’ll kill you. Come on, search. I think he has absconded.
– Yes. If it’s him, our
selection is perfect. Hello, Aunt.
– Hello. You are Ms. Hemlata, right?
– Yes, dear. Has Monty returned?
– Monty? Who is Monty? Your son, Aunt. The one who ran away in childhood.
– But who are you? Didn’t you recognize me, Aunty?
– No. I used to stay in your
neighborhood. I’m Guddi. Oh, you are Guddi?
– Yes. Listen here. Guddi..
Guddi.. Guddi has come. You are the girl next door, Guddi,
right? – Yes, Aunty. Which Guddi? The one who used
to stay next door? – Yes, Uncle. I see. Yes, why have you come? I have come to meet Monty. We have settled in
Hyderabad nowadays. Daddy runs a big
real estate business. Have you made a deal
of my house as well? When do you plan on selling it? You have separated
my only son from me. Now I don’t know
where and how he is. You have come looking
for him? Get out of here. Hey, get out. Get out. Aunty, I have come from so far. Go farther than where
you have come from. If Monty comes, then.. There is no Monty here.
Get out. Out. Go away from here. I beg of you. Please, Aunty.
– Don’t say a word.. You have ruined my life.
You’ve separated my son from me. What have you come
to take now? Go away. Guddi has come.
Guddi. To meet her Monty. ‘Two prisoners have absconded
from Visakapatnam..’ ‘..Central jail this morning.’ ‘And today, one..’ Do you have a TV at your eatery?
– I don’t. Very good. Otherwise you’d have
to see the face of every rogue. Are you the advocate?
– Yes. Please come. Have a seat. Open it. Rs. 10 lakhs in all.
And a cell-phone. My name is advocate Rajesh. My phone number is also in this. When are you coming to Hyderabad?
– Why? You have to do the work there. I’ll come after two days.
– Call me when you reach there. Why? Won’t you call?
I’ll have to call you? I liked your character. But still, you will call, not me. I didn’t like your sun-glasses. It will create a problem
if the clothes are not attractive. Let it be. “Radhika dances in Madhuban.” Hello, Brother.
– Hello. He has not given up
singing even after so many years. Hey, this is not your house. It is Guddi’s house, buddy. Not only Guddi, you
won’t spare her house either? Guddi. Hey, Guddi. Look, she will come just now. Who are you? What do you want? Guddi, so you have
become like this? Guddi? Who is Guddi? It’s me, Guddi. Your Monty. Mother, some Monty has come. No Guddi lives here. We have
been staying here since years. She is not Guddi.
What should we do now? Why are you talking to them?
Let’s go to your father. Hey, no. He will thrash me. Nothing will happen to you
in my presence. Come on. Come on. Come on. Mr. Prabhakar. Mr. Prabhakar. Yes? Prabhakar here. Did you recognize me?
– No. Who are you? You know Monty..
– Monty? I’m Monty’s classmate. I used to play
here during childhood. Sometimes, you used to
give me chocolates, too. If I’ve never given any
chocolates to my son.. ..then how would I have given you?
– What are you saying, Uncle? You used to drink and lie
here and aunt used to bring.. ..the rolling pin from the
kitchen and bang it on your head. Correct. I’ve been thrashed a lot. Uncle, one Guddi
used to stay next door. Where have they shifted nowadays? Shut up. Don’t take her name. My son ran away because of her. I’d have banged their heads
together if they lived here. They have been saved
because they moved. Then do you know
where they have gone? Let them go anywhere. I
don’t have any concern. Then come to heaven with us.
– What’s that? Take it. Thanks a lot. If my Monty
had been with me today.. ..he would not have
been handsome like you.. ..but he definitely
would be as big as you. I wonder where he has gone.
I’m left alone. If he had been with me,
I’d have repaid my loan. Mr. Prabhakar, how much
loan do you have to pay off? Around Rs. 4-5 lakhs. Why?
– Yes, I’ve understood. Uncle, keep this 10 right now.
– Okay. You are saying 10. How
much does ten mean, son? Ten, as in Rs. 10 lakhs.
– What? Never mind. Keep it. Think that
your Monty has given it to you. If you both are so good, imagine
how nice my son Monty must be. Children, you both will have
to stay with me tonight. – Yes. Come on. Come to my house, Son. I’ll come, Uncle. But I
want some information. Ask me, Son.
– The Guddi who lived next door.. Why are you mentioning her
name on this happy occasion? Come home with me, Son. I like this music of
the mosquitoes. – Yes. Listen, someone has come.
Go and see who it is. At least take my phone number. Don’t you feel ashamed?
Get lost. Run from here. Look, don’t even come
near my house again. Tell your parents that
if I see them around.. ..I’ll slit their throats. Please, Uncle. – Get lost from
here. – Why are you pleading? Listen, you snatched our son from
us when you used to wear shorts. Now she has come wearing pants. I wonder what plans she must
have made. I’ll slit her to pieces. She has brought her phone number.
Her phone number. What’s wrong, Uncle? Why are you
so angry early in the morning? That same witch had come.. early in the morning.
You were asking about Guddi.. ..from the next door,
right? – Guddi? Where is she? Why are you shocked, Son?
She had come to meet my Monty.. ..that’s why I
shoved her away. – Uncle. Guddi. Guddi. Guddi. Guddi. Monty? You are Monty, right?
You are my son, aren’t you? When you ran after Guddi, I
realized that you are Monty. Yes, Daddy, I’m your Monty. Why didn’t you tell me until now? Where were you lost? Why did you leave your father? It was my mistake, Daddy. I had gone away because of Guddi,
not by getting angry with you. Oh, Monty. Please forgive me, Son. I
couldn’t understand you. I realized today that
you love Guddi so much. I abused that girl
and chased her away. Never mind, Father. It is enough for me that
Guddi came here to find me. She was saying that they
have settled in Hyderabad. Her father runs a real
estate business there. She was giving me her phone
number, but I didn’t take it. Never mind, Daddy. I’ll go to
Hyderabad to meet her and return. Don’t leave me again. I’ll return soon, Father.
But don’t tell step-mother. Come on, passengers going
to Hyderabad, board the bus. This bus is about to leave. If your father already
knew that you are Monty.. ..then you would
have met Guddi easily. Forget it, buddy. I’ll find
Dhanraj after reaching Hyderabad. Don’t worry. – I’m not worried,
I have a doubt. What? – On reaching there, if you
meet Guddi instead of her daddy.. ..then how will you recognize her? You don’t know.
– What? If I see my darling or
if she is around me.. ..won’t my heart throb wildly? Just like A.R. Rehman’s orchestra. Fantastic. – Excuse me. Please move
aside so that I can enter. We are talking about a
serious topic. Can’t you see? Wait. Hey, if I see that girl.. Here in this place,
crackers will start bursting. Hello. I need to go.
– Okay. Go. Go. Go. Country idiots. Buddy, I have another doubt.
– Yes? You are going to look
for Guddi, right? – Yes. If you find a girl more
beautiful than Guddi.. ..and if you like her,
too, then what will you do? I don’t want anyone
else except Guddi. What if suppose you find
some girl who defeats.. ..A.R. Rehman’s orchestra as well? Hello? – Listen, Aunt, I’m
going to Hyderabad right now. Please note down my number. Don’t you understand even
after telling you.. ..a thousand times, you wretch? If you call up again, I’ll
break your head. Hang up. Dambhi, when will the bus
reach Hyderabad? – At 6:00. If the bus doesn’t
reach Hyderabad at 6:00.. ..I’ll throw you out of the
bus from wherever it is at 6:00. Listen.
– Yes? It was you who got angry
with me while boarding.. ..the bus, right? – Yes. I’m sorry.
– It’s okay. Why are you looking there?
Look ahead. I think you have some depression.
It’s good. Some girls don’t look
good with a weeping face. They look terrible. But
it suits you. Continue it. Maintain it. Babulal, what are you doing? I’m going to play a film CD.
– Which film? A Hindi film. – Forget
about a Hindi or English film.. ..and play a Rajnikant
(Indian actor) film. I had played it yesterday.
‘Badshah’ (Indian film). I was not there in
the bus yesterday. So what? I have some rules, too. Babulal.
– Yes? From a Volvo bus running
at high speed.. – Yes? Have you ever felt what
it feels like to fly out.. breaking the window panes? Would you like to have
that feeling? You want me to play the film,
‘Badshah’, right? – Play it. Look there. Watch the film. Rajnikant’s film is
playing and you are sleeping? Hey, stop the bus. Remove the bags.. Hey, move from in front of me. Come on, take out your money.
– Why? Is it a robbery?
– Yes, it is a robbery. There is one Rajnikant
there and another here. How will you commit a
robbery in the presence.. ..of two Rajnikants
in the bus? Scoundrel. It is the same feeling
about which I had told you. Hey. Brother, you have done a
wonderful job. Thanks. You are welcome. – Brother, let’s
go and have food at the motel. Will it be good? – It will
be as splendid as your fight. Then let’s go. Changu, give two plates of
chicken masala and bread. Yes. Two plates of bread. Guddi. Brother, where is Guddi? Guddi. “Sway along.
Sway along. Sway along, baby.” “Come to me.
Come to me. Come on, darling.” “Come to me. Sway along.” “Sway along.
Sway along. Sway along, baby.” “Come to me.
Come to me. Come on, darling.” “Come to me. Sway along.” “Guddi has come. Guddi has come.” “She has brought love along.
She has brought love.” “Guddi has come. Guddi has come.” “She has brought love along.
She has brought love.” “Life is meaningless without love.” “There is no worship without love.” “Love resides in the
hearts of everybody.” “It creates a pandemonium.” “It is a burning sparkler.” “I am burned in its heat.” “I have lost my peace.” “It unites the hearts
with each other.” “Guddi has come. Guddi has come.” “She has brought love along.
She has brought love.” “Guddi has come. Guddi has come.” “She has brought love along.
She has brought love.” “Sway along.
Sway along. Sway along, baby.” ‘English Rap Song’ “Come to me.
Come to me. Come on, darling.” “Come to me. Sway along.” ‘English Rap Song’ ‘English Rap Song’ ‘English Rap Song’ ‘English Rap Song’ ‘English Rap Song’ ‘English Rap Song’ ‘English Rap Song’ ‘English Rap Song’ “Your destinations
are my destinations.” “Come on take me there.” “Come on fulfil my desires.” “Now this story has become real life.” “Take along the beautiful fairy.” “Let’s go for a party.” “You are the partridge,
you are the moon.” “You will keep me alive.” “You are my entire world.” “Guddi has come. Guddi has come.” “She has brought love along.
She has brought love.” “Guddi has come. Guddi has come.” “She has brought love along.
She has brought love.” ‘English Rap Song’ Alight, madam. Come here. Hello.
– Yes, hello. Thank you so much.
– Never mind. Never mind. What is your name?
– Rajnikant. Nice meeting you.
– Okay, bye. See you, Babulal.
– Bye, Brother. So you visited Vizag even though I
had forbidden you so many times. Let’s go. Did you have a good journey? If it wasn’t good, will
you do something about it? Forget it and come to the point. I see. Did you meet Monty?
– No. Look, you can buy
the wrong property. You can buy
litigation property, too. If you have the site,
but not the documents.. ..then you can pull off some scam. But if you have the documents,
but no site.. ..then what can anyone do? Your matter
regarding Monty is the same. Will you just hear our
conversation or drive the car, too? Hello? Really? Oh, God. Oh, no. I’m returning right now. Laxmi.
– Yes? Look, how do you find this boy?
– He is okay. Not very special. This boy is a software
engineer in America. – Really? Now tell me, how is this boy? The boy is fantastic.
– Isn’t he? – Yes. He is not only a
software engineer in America.. ..but he also does part
time real estate business. Really?
– Real estate business in America. That’s why I was tempted.
– Wow. The site and documents,
everything is clear in his matter. If Guddi agrees,
then the registration.. ..will be done immediately. But Guddi will never
agree until she doesn’t.. ..get any news about Monty. Oh, this Monty. Where is Guddi? I know how to get
rid of the person.. ..who seizes the site forcibly. Where is Guddi?
– Sister is in her bedroom. “Buddy, you’re a boy,
make a big noise.” “Playing in the street,
gonna be a big man some day.” “Singing.. We will,
we will rock you.” Baby rock you baby. “We will, we will rock you.” Baby rock you baby. Girls get spoiled by
seeing such useless dreams. So, dear, you had Monty
in your dreams, right? If he comes in your dream again,
then let me meet him.. ..I want to speak to him. But why? Why don’t you understand? You have studied in London for
years and completed your MBA. But you are still chanting
our neighbor Monty’s name? Where is he? Call him.
Tell him to come and meet me. That’s why I had sent
Sanju to find out his address. Did you find him? Has
he come? Where is he? He’ll come only if he is here. Look, dear, you need a good
foundation to set up a good family. The husband should love
his wife and be with her. He should promise her
that he will never.. ..betray her in joy and sorrow. Only then a good
family is maintained, dear. Exactly. You are right, Uncle. Till today, I didn’t
know why I loved him. Now I’ve realized
after you told me. He had given me such
trust and confidence.. ..since I was so young. They are like lions.
My children are like lions. But they are in prison. They have been in prison
since the last six years. My blood boils
when I think about it. When they both are not with me,
I feel as if I’m handicapped. All right. When will
you get them released? Tell me. When will
you get them released? This work is not as
easy as you think. The rules of the
prison are very strict. If your sons had
behaved well in prison.. ..I’d have got them
released on any 15th of August. But your darling sons
are breaking the heads.. ..of the prisoners in the prison. You don’t have to
fulfill your duty. I have made him the minister,
only then have you been appointed. Not only my children, even
I had broken many heads.. ..during the last elections. Perhaps you have forgotten. Don’t try to teach me law. I don’t know what
and how you do that. My children should be with
me on the next 15th of August. Sorry.
– Never mind. Do you think I’ve
apologized to you for slapping you? No. It is for killing you if
you don’t get my children.. ..released on 15th August. I know you are a family man. So I’m telling you
in advance. Sorry. Go and do your work. – I’m going. It’s all right.
– Goodbye. – Okay. You have to kill don Shiva. It is the aim of my life. I tried my best to kill him. But I regret that I
couldn’t kill him. I’m ready to pay any
price to see his dead body. Don’t worry, darling.
I’ll manage everything. Take it away. Take away your hand. You don’t know about Mangal Singh. Who is this Mangal Singh? Hey, have you brought him without
informing him about anything? He is Mr. Mangal Singh.
– Sorry, darling. Tell me, what enmity do
you have with don Shiva? I won’t tell you. We may have a lot of enmity,
but why are you concerned? Will you kill him or not?
– I will. Do you know don Shiva? Have you ever seen him? Hey, show him don Shiva once. Hey, catch the scoundrel.
– Hey, no. Come on.
– Surround him. Hey, bring a cup of tea. You are involved with Mangal
Singh and are putting up.. ..a charade, right? I had told you not
to harass my boys. I had told you not to interfere
in my real estate business. But you didn’t give up. Go and tell Mangal Singh
that his sons will be killed.. ..the day they are
released from prison. They are safe as long
as they are in prison. Hey, return his service revolver. I like the policemen. That’s why I’m
sparing you. Come on, go. Hey, why did you shoot him? I had spared him because
he is a police inspector. This scoundrel was
aiming at you, boss. So what? Will you shoot him?
Will you shoot him? Hey, take him away.
Take him to the hospital. Hey, wait. Wait. Wait, wait. Wait Hospital? Inquiry? Problem. Shoot him. Kill the rascal.. No. No. No. Oh, my God. I have to kill him?
– Yes. You all have fooled me by giving a
killing contract of Rs. 1 crore. I need Rs. 5 lakhs immediately. I have just given you Rs. 10 lakhs. I had not seen him before. I’d have demanded Rs. 50
lakhs if I had seen him. Did you see what
type of a man he is? Give me Rs. 5 lakhs, Brother.
Only then will my mind work. What did you say? He is
asking for more money? Why? He says his mind won’t work
if he doesn’t get the money. All right. Tell him to come to
Savera Plaza. Give him my number. Go and wait at Savera Plaza.
– Okay. Brother Vijay will
come there with the money. Who is Vijay?
– Mangal Singh’s son. Wait. Wait. I want a small clarity. Two sons are in prison and he
is the third one. Only this much, right? – Yes. Okay. Do you know real
estate agent Dhanraj? I don’t. Why? – Nothing.
Nothing, nothing. Let’s go. Is any real estate office here?
– I don’t know. Do you know real estate Dhanraj? I don’t.
– All right. Hi, baby. How are you? When did you return from London? Yesterday. You were
supposed to come to London. Tell me, why you didn’t turn up? I didn’t get a chance to come.
– I see. Some lover boy is staring at me.
Just a minute. – Okay. Yes? He has gone away. I
thought he is coming to meet me. He is looking at the mannequin.
You tell me. So tell me, what’s happening? My darling must have
definitely grown this big by now. It’s fine if her
height is this much. I’ll hug her as soon I meet her. My darling. My sweetheart. I think he is mad. How are you, my sweetheart? He is hugging and
romancing the statue. I’ll make my love
wear this dress, too. Where is the rate?
Here? Yes, it’s here. Hey, what are you doing? I’m raising the
skirt and taking a look. That’s why I’m asking. I didn’t raise your skirt, did I? What? What do you mean? I didn’t do anything to you. Why are you getting
tense unnecessarily? You are addressing me so casually? What rubbish are you talking? Don’t you have any
respect for women? Hello, madam. I’m not a
convent baby like you. I belong to the slum areas
in Chennai. I must be stinking. I
eat stale food, after all. What stale? All
double meaning dialogues. Sir.
– Yes? – Look at him. He is talking so much of rubbish. Who allows such people
to enter the complex? Please go. I’ll handle him. Please go. I’ll see to it. Why? So you are teasing the girls? Fantastic, Brother. You’re
as hefty as the Volvo bus. Have you seen this vehicle? Do you know my vehicle number? Shall I show you?
There are four cylinders. Isuzu engine. Zoom. There is extra horse-power. Not extra power, in fact, you
are over-smart, you scoundrel. Oh, Mother. – Your vein
will come out if I hit here. I can hold it tightly. If I pull this vein
and uproot it from here.. will become a 100 metre rope. Tell me, shall I uproot it?
– Leave me. Leave me. Hey, stop whining. What’s this? I’m waiting
here since half an hour.. ..and Vijay has not turned up yet. Hey, I’m Vijay. Leave me.
– Sorry, darling. I’m sorry. I was uprooting
your vein without recognizing you. Take the money.
– Thanks, darling. Please have coffee, darling. But, darling, do you know
real estate Dhanraj? No. Hey, Sanju.
– Yes? You had been to
Monty’s house, right? – Yes. Did his parents treat you nicely? His parents abused me so much.. ..that I felt like
strangling myself to death. But I took it lightly thinking
all the abuses are for you. Forget it, Sanju. They must have abused
you because they are sad. Okay, Sanju.
– Yes? Monty must have turned
very handsome by now. I don’t know all that. But I had met a real hero in
the bus. Rajnikant. – What? He fought so superbly in the bus,
Sister. Just fantastic. Hey, keep quiet. I’m asking about Monty and who
knows who you are talking about? Monty, my darling. Where
are you, my sweetheart? Where are you? At
least call me up, my king. “Whom my heart sings.” “Whom my heart sways.” “It asks for the same thing.” “Love me. Love me one more time.” “What intoxication is spread!” “It fiddles with the dreams.” “These are the waves of happiness.” “Love me. Love me one more time.” “He is my lover. What to do?” “He is crazy. What should I do?” “Whom my heart sings.” “Whom my heart sways.” “It asks for the same thing.” “Love me. Love me one more time.” “What intoxication is spread!” “It fiddles with the dreams.” “These are the waves of happiness.” “Love me. Love me one more time.” “The one who feels the pangs of love.” “She gets all the
happiness of the world.” “His lover has come down from heaven.” “Open up slowly.” “You will fall in love while walking.” “Listen, beloved,
don’t care for the consequences.” “He has made my sleep vanish.
What to do?” “He has stolen my peace.
What should I do?” “Whom my heart sings.” “Whom my heart sways.” “It asks for the same thing.” “Love me. Love me one more time.” “What intoxication is spread!” “It fiddles with the dreams.” “These are the waves of happiness.” “Love me. Love me one more time.” Sir, do you know real
estate Dhanraj? – Who is that? Do you know real estate Dhanraj? Dhanraj?
– Yes. No. I don’t.
– Oh, okay. Strange. No one here knows Dhanraj. “It sparks off from his body.” “It spreads and blends
whenever you like.” “His panache has stolen my heart.” “The entire world
stops the innocent eyes.” “But they steal her sleep at nights.” “Believe it or not. What to do?” “It is pang of love.
What should I do?” “Whom my heart sings.” “Whom my heart sways.” “It asks for the same thing.” “Love me. Love me one more time.” “What intoxication is spread!” “It fiddles with the dreams.” “These are the waves of happiness.” “Love me. Love me one more time.” “He is my lover. What to do?” “He is crazy. What should I do?” “Whom my heart sings.” “Whom my heart sways.” “It asks for the same thing.” “Love me. Love me one more time.” Come on, hurry up. Anna, you are Tamil, right?
– Yes. Superb. Give me one
Tamilnadu strong tea, Anna. – Okay. Give one strong tea to Anna. Anna, since when are you here? I’m here since last 10 years. I see. This house is splendid.
Whose house is it? It is don Shiva’s house.
He is a famous don. Does he stay here? No, no. He stays here during the
day and goes elsewhere at night. To his mistress. To his mistress?
– Yes. Fantastic, Anna.
– Yes. Okay, Anna.
– Yes? Do you know any real
estate Dhanraj? – I don’t. Sorry. Sorry. Carry on. Listen, boss.
– Yes, sir? – Bring one tea. Okay, sir. Chotu? Chotu, where are you? – Hey. Chotu? Chotu. Where is my Chihuahua?
– What? Chihuahua? – Yes. The one who is
wearing a red shirt. – Yes. He is short. He has a tail, too.
He is the one, right? Where is he? Don’t tell me that
he is inside the box. I’ll kill you if you say that.
– Will you kill me? He was jumping around,
so I shut him in the box. Chotu? He came and started licking me. And I don’t like lickers at all. He is a dog, so he will obviously
lick you. Give. – Wait. Wait, wait. It is of a different variety. I’ll check whether
it is a dog or a cat. What? What is wrong
with you after all? Sometimes, you check by raising a
skirt, sometimes by lifting a leg. I think you are some
kind of a pervert. Really? You called me a
‘Paratha’ (Flatbread)? I’ll kidnap you if you
call me a ‘Paratha’ again. Hey, wretched goon. Who are you? Will you kill me?
Have you seen my size? You are so tiny. I wonder if I should
kill you or spare you. Take this. Listen. If it licks me again,
I’ll pull off the tongue. Not his, but yours. “Let anyone call me rustic.” “Let them say whatever they like.” “I’m in the middle of the
storms of love, what should I do?” Pick up the phone, Daddy.
– “Let anyone call me a rustic.” If I keep on looking at her face,
the phone will never connect. Unlucky girl. “Let anyone call me rustic.”
– Look how he is drinking liquor. “Let them say whatever they like.”
– He is not even ready to.. ..answer the call. The entire world
knows that you are uncivilized. Don’t you have the
time to receive the call? It is your job to pick it up.
– How dare he explain my job to me! Hello? – Hello, Aunty, this is
Guddi speaking. Has Monty returned? Don’t you have any shame even
after being scolded so much? Hang up. – I’m sorry, Aunty. I wanted to find out whether
Monty has returned home or not.. Hey, didn’t I tell you to hang up? Hey, how many times
should I tell you.. Madam, I’m calling from ICICI bank. Yes, tell me. Tell me. Rs. 5 lakhs are
deposited in your name. Rs. 5 lakhs?
– Yes, madam. We have a cheque
ready by your name. I’ll explain everything to
you when you come to the bank. Note down the number first.
– Yes, one minute, madam. Yes, tell me now.
– 9989957299. – 57299. What should I do with this number? A boy named Monty has
deposited it in your name. If he will call on this number,
then you will get the cheque. Hey, witch, do you
think I’m a fool? I will break your head.
Shameless girl. Hang up. She said she is calling from
ICICI. – Whose call was it? Who else? The girl from
next door. Guddi. – I see. She gave me the phone number.. ..and told me to
make Monty call her up. I wonder what she thinks of me.
As if I’m a telephone operator. I only have a Rs. 500 bill on me.
I will give you the change tomorrow. Hey, Satya. – Who is it?
– Do you have Monty’s number? I know he is in Hyderabad. But I don’t have his number. I just got his Guddi’s number. We have to give it to him
under any circumstances. She gave her number?
– Yes. Don’t you worry, Uncle. I will go to Hyderabad and
give him this number. – Okay. Listen, Uncle.
We always call him Monty. But what is his real name? Banwari. Banwari? This is so unjust.
– Why? Your father gave you a
really royal name like Prabhakar. Why did you give your son
such a silly name like Banwari? Because my father gave
me such a brilliant name.. ..I gave my son my
father’s name, Banwari. Make sure the number
reaches him. Go. – Okay. Hello? Hello, may I speak to Guddi,
please? – Guddi? Hold on. Go, look for Guddi. Brother Shiva. Guddi is sleeping. Okay. She is sleeping. I know all of you are lying.
Ask her to call me. Okay. What’s happening?
Where has it reached? When are you going to kill him? Tonight. Tonight?
– Yes. Father, he is going
to kill him tonight. Whom? Whom is he going
to kill? Ask him again. Brother Shiva is on the other side. He is not just any Tom,
Dick or Harry. This boy is still a
newbie in the business. Hey, did you show him
properly as to who Shiva is? Yes, I did. Who knows if you really have it? Whom is he going to
kill assuming he is Shiva? Ask him again. Hey, whom are you going to kill? Who else? Brother Shiva. Where?
– Near Maulali. Brother Shiva near Maulali? He will definitely come there. His woman stays there. He has a kept woman?
What am I hearing? We didn’t even know. If he said that, it must
be true. Don’t stop him. Just tell him one thing.
Not to make any mistake. If you want to kill brother Shiva.. should bring a gun. This kitchen knife won’t do, silly. Do you think I won’t know
if you come in my area.. ..and ask about me? On hearing that I
have a woman here.. accepted it as the
truth without a question.. ..and came here to
kill me? Silly fellow. I haven’t kept a woman here. But you have found
yourself in my trap now. Should I kill you right here? Should I? What happened? I have found brother Shiva. But it is very crowded here. It will take me about half an hour. I will call you
after finishing the work. Are you blind? You are
surrounded by 25 people. So? And brother Shiva is
standing in front of you. Yes. So? Aren’t you scared? What’s that?
– Hey, have you lost it? I have not lost anything. All connections are working fine. I’m here to kill you. I have killed a lot of people. But never a retard. I hope you are not
mentally retarded. Yes. Hey, kill him. Hey, no bullet. This
is quite interesting. Kill him without the gun. Hey, order me a tea. Make it strong. Hey! Hey, open your eyes. Open your eyes. Can you hear me? You are brilliant, man. I love you, dude. What’s the matter? How
did all this happen? There was an
attack last night, sir. Where is brother Shiva? – Hey,
Shiva, are you alright? Yes, I am. The
boys are hurt though. Guddi? Have you come
to meet your brother? I’m alright now. But will you come only
when something happens to me? It’s been 10 days that you
have returned from London. You still didn’t come
to meet me even once. I was also alone in
London for four years. Nobody came to meet me. Didn’t uncle come?
– That’s why I stay with him. Why don’t you ask her to stay here? She is here now. She will stay. Come on. Tell him
that you will stay here. Madanpal, do one thing.. Why are you angry? I don’t like to keep him at home. Whom are you talking about? Last night,
somebody attacked brother. He has kept him at home and is
giving him medical treatment. Where? Where is he?
– In the bedroom. See. He is sleeping so peacefully. This guy? I know him.
– How do you know him? We have argued a couple of times. He is extremely arrogant. I’m furious. Sister, didn’t I tell you about
the Rajnikant I met in the bus? This is the same guy. Him? How can he be Rajnikant? He looks like a villain.
– Sister, can we keep him? Hey, what rubbish are you talking? I mean, we’ll let him stay here.
Isn’t it, Sister? Quiet!- Madanpal, why has he
been brought home.. ..without been killed? How would I know? Last night, brother was
telling him “I love you”. What? – Is it? Wow! Madanpal, whatever you say.. ..if he has been brought home.. ..I’m sure it’s
profitable in some way. Look how peacefully he is sleeping. Dadu, brother Shiva must
have died by now, right? No, brother Shiva is not dead yet. How can you say that? If Shiva brother had died, the
prison wouldn’t be so quiet. There would be
“Breaking News” on television. And the whole country
would be talking about it. The police wouldn’t
have been so peaceful. He isn’t dead as yet. – Brother. These brothers stay in
prison and talk big. But they can’t do anything. If brother Shiva wanted.. ..he could have had them
killed inside the prison. You know, not even a child is
scared of them in Hyderabad. Their days are over. As soon as they go
out of the prison.. ..they will be killed. So? At least you are
scared of us, right? Yes. I’m tired of looking for Monty.
I should shout. Monty? Monty. Monty. Where are you? Monty.
– Excuse me, you want Monty? Yes, do you know him? Monty, what a wonderful feeling! Feeling, my foot. I’m tired. Monty is enthusiasm.
Monty is a feeling. Monty is fire. Monty is a storm. Monty is a Tsunami.
Monty is a pebble. Pebble?
– Monty is a stone. – Stone? Over all, Monty is a rock on fire.. ..that will never calm down.
– What? You didn’t understand, did you?
– No. Give me Rs. 500. I will explain. Rs. 500 is nothing for Monty.
Here are Rs. 1000. Very good. Come to
Ravindra Bharti at 6pm. You will see Monty there. What is he doing there?
– Not he. Monty. Feeling.
– Oh, I love you. If you come to
Ravindra Bharti at 6pm today.. ..I will show you
a play named Monty. What? – I myself have
created the character of Monty. Sir, my Rs. 1000? You will only get two
tickets with this money. With one free soft drink. Come to the counter
and tell them my name. Sarparaja Kaatre. What is the name? Sarparaja Kaatre. Yes, Kaatre. Thank you. One second, who’s
calling at this time? Hello? Yes. The audience won’t come to us. We will have to go to them. Chase them. Catch them. Okay? Thank you. Sarparaja Kaatre. I have been trying to
call since last night. It’s switched off. That Monty looks like a child. But if he injured so many people.. ..he must have
something special in him. It was my fault. If we had supported him a bit.. ..then brother Shiva would
have been killed by now. Lawyer. – Yes. Do you think
they must have killed Monty? Hey, what’s your name, dude? Rajnikant.
– What? Rajnikant. Where have you come from?
– Chennai. Hindi or Madrasi?
– Hindi. Then why did you
pronounce it “Chen-nei”? I eloped from my home
because of a love affair.. my childhood and
spent 12 years there. Love affair?
– At what age? I must have been about 11. Love affair at the
age of 11, stupid boy! Tell us who has sent you. Can’t you make out from his face? Mangal Singh has sent him. Have a look.
– Hey, give it to me here. Brother, it’s Mangal Singh’s
son calling. – Let him talk. Let’s see what he says. Hey, switch on the
speaker and talk to him. If you try to act smart,
we’ll shoot you. Yes, tell me.
– What happened? I couldn’t kill
brother Shiva. He got away. When will you kill him? As soon as I get a chance. Okay, come home and meet us. Not possible. I’m in hiding. Hiding? What do you mean? Hiding means hiding.
Even I have been hit. The rascals have broken my leg. Hang up now. I will call you later. The dude has lost it. Brother Shiva, If you want.. ..I will empty the gun
contents in his mouth. Kill me if you want to, dude. Don’t torture me
mentally like this. How much is Mangal Singh
paying you to kill me? Rs. 1 crore. That means you are
doing all this for money. Apart from that, we have
no enmity with each other. You are not a professional killer.. ..but you have a lot of courage. Somebody like you shouldn’t die. You should stay alive. That’s why, Son,
once you are better.. can leave if you want to.. ..or else, join my gang. I need someone who is
as courageous as you. Thanks, darling. Whom are you
calling ‘darling’? Silly. Send him away from this
house as soon as possible. Who knows when
someone will kill you? It is because of your hooliganism.. ..that our parents died.
That my sister-in-law died. Hey, catch them. There. No.. Lakshmi. No.. Lakshmi. That’s why I’m
scared of living with you. I haven’t come here from
London to stay with you. I have come to look for Monty. As soon as I find him.. ..we will go
somewhere far away from you. Hey, what are you doing here? This is my house, dude. You had set out to kill my brother? Dare to rest. I will
stab you at night. You will stab me? Wait,
I’ll show you what I will do. Hi, Rajni. How did this twist come along? Who is that witch? She is my elder sister.
– Elder sister? Tell me something. Who is this Monty that
Guddi was talking about? Him? When we were in Vizag.. ..he used to stay
in the neighborhood. Guddi and he used to play together. Then he eloped from
home 12 years ago.. Monty? Monty? ‘Don’t go away from my heart.
Heart doesn’t know..’ You know Monty?
– Yes, I know him. Does he live in this area? Maybe. That’s why I’m
looking here for him. If you know Monty, you
must know Guddi as well. Why not? It is my goal
to bring them together. Why are you hitting
me for this, dude? Don’t scream. People
are watching the film. Then why did you hit me? What do you know
about Monty and Guddi? They are both eternal lovers, sir. So are you their broker in between? Maybe I look like one.
But I’m not a broker, sir. Very good. Monty was my neighbor. Do you know who I am?
Guddi’s husband. Oh, my God! Guddi is married? Yes, she was married. Before anything was accomplished.. ..that Monty came
and kidnapped my Guddi. Tell me, where is my Guddi? Tell me, tell me, where is my Guddi?
– I don’t know. Hi. Do you want tea,
coffee or milk? Ask for whatever you want.
I will give you. Really? You have
all these facilities? Wait, I’ll be back. My phone.. Give me a phone,
I’ve to call my people. Darling, please give me my phone. I want to call home. Whom do you want to call? I want to call my father,
dude. Give, please. Tell me the number. 0891.. Hello? Hello, Prabhakar speaking here. Father, it’s me, Monty. Son, Guddi had called. Really? When? She has given me
her number as well. Son, she is so impatient
to meet you, do you know? Yes, Father. Wait.
First give me her number. Yes, write it down. Hey, pen? Paper? Give
me something, please. Come on, dude. Give me something. Hold on, Father. Hey, give me a pen
and some paper, dude. Son, you are noting down
the number, aren’t you? Yes, wait, wait. I found it. Son?
– Yes, tell me, Father. 99899.
– Yes? 57299. Have you noted it down? I love you, Father. I also love you, my son. Thank you, Father. Hang up now.
I’ll call you later. Hey, whom are you calling? Do you know how it feels
to run into a scooter? That’s how you’ll
feel when I hit you. Give it. You are coming tomorrow, right? Yes, of course I’m coming. Yes, you are right. Hey, someone give me a car, please. Car, bike, anything will do. Why are you guys staring
at my face standing here? Disgusting. Which idiot broke my leg? Hello, can you give me
an address from a number? You’ll get it from
the opposite counter. Hello. I have the number.
I need the address. Tell me the number. 9989957299. 57299. K. Meghana? So Guddi’s real name is Meghana? Listen, I can always
take the address.. ..but you also take a photo
while giving out the number, right? Yes. – Can you show
me that photo, please? You are my Guddi? I’m staying at your place? “My heart is dancing pitter patter,
pitter patter.” “There is this strange temptation.
Baby. Baby” “The love is firing pitter patter,
pitter patter..” “..and I am in great tension.” “Baby. Baby.” “This heart has now opened up..” “..and it is asking
your heart’s company.” “I am alive only because
of your beauty..” “..My heart has been
saying this for so long.” “My heart is dancing pitter patter,
pitter patter.” “There is this strange temptation.
Baby. Baby” “You will then call
me the stealer of hearts..” “..and ask me to keep
you a prisoner in my heart.” “And then, rub off some
of the sheen of my face..” “..and blush of my lips on you.” “The chaos that will happen..” “..Our love won’t be spared.” “Two people will become one creation.” “Will this dream come true?” “Even when the ocean stops” “My love won’t stop.” “Then I’ll come to fetch you.” “And only rest when
I become your groom.” “My heart is dancing pitter patter,
pitter patter.” “There is this strange temptation.
Baby. Baby” “It’s just once that..” “..who knows when it’ll stop?” “Now that you found a partner
why will you care about me?” “When you stay in my heart..” “..and love me so much..” “..and stay my lover..” “..the love will flow softly”. “Darling, you are the light if night.” “We will come together
got the destination.” “My heart is dancing pitter patter,
pitter patter.” “There is this strange temptation.
Baby. Baby” “My heart is dancing pitter patter,
pitter patter.” “There is this strange temptation.
Baby. Baby” Guddi? Guddi? Guddi. Guddi? Guddi?
– Hey, have you gone mad? Hey, come here. Darling! Why are you calling
my sister as Guddi? Darling, I have to talk to you
about something. Come with me. Hey, what happened?
At least tell me. Listen, darling. Do
you know who my Guddi is? My Guddi, darling. She used to stay
near my house in Vizag. I’m Monty, darling. Monty. Monty? I have stayed away from my
house for 12 years only for Guddi. I didn’t know that your
sister herself is Guddi, darling. I came here to kill you.. ..and you kept me here,
in your house. I love you, darling. I seriously love you, darling. Where is Guddi? Where is my Guddi? Hey.
– Yes, darling? Do you love me? You are very nice, darling. Then will you listen to one thing?
– Tell me, darling. Then don’t tell the fact.. ..that you are Monty to Guddi. But why, darling? Monty, since childhood,
Guddi hated me.. ..and so she stayed with uncle. She never stayed with me. After finishing her studies here.. ..she went to London
for further studies. Now she has come to me
with a lot of difficulty. If she comes to know
that you are Monty.. ..then she will go away with you. If she stays for a
bit longer with me.. ..then maybe her
hatred will get wiped off. I don’t have any near and
dear ones except for Guddi. You are asking me to do
the impossible, darling. After seeing Guddi.. ..I won’t be able to
hide this fact, darling. Why don’t you understand my pain? After you left, the way
your dad must have suffered.. ..I can empathize with him. You left him without even thinking. Have you ever
thought of your father.. ..without thinking of
your Guddi even for one moment? Why did you leave
your father and go away? Just like that, Guddi
never thought of this brother. She is passing in front of me.. ..and I’m watching mutely. It’s only for you, darling. I can’t bear it. Okay. I waited for
Guddi for 12 years. Now, I will wait
for you for 12 days. It’s difficult after that, darling. I won’t tell her that I’m Monty. But, sometimes, I
will flirt with her. What kind of flirting? I’ll show you right now. Hello, who is this? Listen, your voice is very nice. Please say something. Hey, who are you? Listen, please sing a song for me. I’ll punch your face,
stupid. Hang up. That’s it, darling. I
won’t do anything else. But, darling. Guddi’s voice
sounds awesome over the phone. Sanju, you also don’t tell Guddi. No. I have completed the
task that I was told to do. Tell Mangal Singh that his
sons have been released. Come, come. Come, my tigers. I now have the courage and strength
to fight and tolerate everyone.. ..because of your return. Whether you are in
prison or out of it.. ..never forget one name.
Brother Shiva. Brother Shiva. Brother Shiva. I have looked all over Hyderabad.
It’s of no use. Monty? Monty. Where are you? I’m so tired. Excuse me.
– Yes? Are you looking for some Monty? Monty is my friend’s name. I have come here to look for him. By the way, are you from Vizag? Yes. How do you know? Monty as in Monty from MBB colony?
– Yes. Prabhakar uncle’s son?
– Yes. And you, Satya? Yes. That’s me. It’s me. Guddi. Guddi? Oh, my God! What kind of a miracle is this? I was looking for
him and I found you. Do you know one thing? Monty is also in Hyderabad.
– Really? On hearing that you
are in Hyderabad.. ..he came here to look for you. And I came here to look for him. You gave his father
your number, didn’t you? I’m roaming around
to give him that. Guddi, you love Monty a lot, right? By the way, you have
met him, haven’t you? Met him? I myself
had seen him off.. ..on a bus to Hyderabad. How does he look? What can I say about him? He is as fine as a brand new
car just out of a showroom. What has Monty studied?
Computers or MBA? You are expecting a bit too much. What is Monty’s height? He is even taller
than me. He’s awesome. Satya, you know me, right? I remember bits and pieces. Because the teacher who used
to stay in the next lane.. ..had four daughters. That’s why I used to
play there all the time. Thank you, Satya. You are
here to bring us together. What’s the big deal in that? I will make sure that
you two meet each other. Monty? Monty. Hey, shut up. Give me your number. Today onwards, we
both will look for him. Okay?
– Done. – Yes. Done.
‘Where will both of you look?’ ‘Monty is in our own house.’ “There is a reason to live..” My dear, Guddi. Where are you? What are you doing? “There is a reason..” Hello, miss, please say something. Please say that you love me. I will punch your face,
stupid. Hang up. Stupid fellow. Sister? I have a doubt. That Rajnikant who
stays in our house.. ..I think he’s
giving you these calls. Hey.
– Hey. You are the one who makes
these prank calls, right? Prank calls? What prank calls? I will show you. This is not mine.
– Shameless thief. Hello, miss. Please
say something, miss. I love you, miss. I have heard it somewhere. Please sing a song, miss. Shameless. You are staying in my house
and trying to flirt with me? Sister. Come on. What will happen now? Madanpal, you know the
Madrasi in the room? I want to kill him, too. I also wanted the same thing. Now that you have told me.. ..I will finish him as
soon as brother leaves. Sister, please don’t.. Hey.
– Hey, brother’s here. Hey, Madanpal,
everybody come with me. You go ahead,
Brother. We will follow you. Hey, all of you, go. Hey, bring out the weapons. Shut all the doors. Yes.
– Today, we will kill that fellow. Yes. Hey. What are you doing? Why has everyone
come here with weapons? Such a big sword? You have all come
together to kill me? He was flirting with me. You were flirting
with madam, rascal. That was just a sample. Have a look at my shoe. If anyone dares to come forward.. ..I will shred them to pieces. You can kill me if you want to.. ..but when I go, I will
take at least a dozen others.. ..down with me. You will kill him?
You will kill him? You will kill him? You
will kill him, rascals? Won’t you leave him alone? Guddi? A sword in your hand? Go. Out. Get out. Hey, get lost from here. Hey, silly fellow. Rein in your tongue,
otherwise they can even kill you. It is because of you.. ..that my entire story
has changed, darling. My Guddi has set out to kill me. Have you ever killed anyone? No, darling.
– What? Then why did you
set out to kill me? Even I can’t
understand that, darling. You are stupid. Completely stupid. Correct, darling. It is this
stupidity that has saved me.. ..and left me at your doorstep. Relying on brother Shiva.. dogs started
barking a bit too much. I will silence each one of you. Just like this, we will
kill brother Shiva one day. Shred up brother Shiva’s
men wherever you see them. Plan carefully. Kill him such that he
never wakes up again. Where is that Monty at the moment? ln the land of pearls, she implants the sweetest
thoughts in us.. The golden girl came to me.. What? Come, let’s see. Gave me money & jewels.. Oh, so it’s him. The golden girl came to me..
Gave me money & jewels.. Honey drips from the stage
decorated with flowers.. Brother! Who is interfering here? Look at his antics. I am annoyed by his Madrasi songs. Ask this ‘Sambhar’ (South
Indian dish) guy to get out. That did you say? ‘Sambhar’? Or else, ask him to shut up. I am not ‘Sambhar.’
You are ‘Dal fry’. Get lost, Madrasi. You are calling me Madrasi.
You look like a Chinese. If you forget your status
and fool around too much.. ..I will kill you. How come things got
reversed today, darling? You guys, go in. Let it be, darling. I didn’t feel bad
when you slapped me. Don’t you worry. Do you know why I slapped you? Guddi called me
“brother” for the first time. Who knows for how many years.. ..I was dying to hear that. Let it be, darling. If you
are happy, I’m happy as well. Where are you? Didn’t I tell you
that I’m in hiding? Hang up, I can’t talk.
– What a nuisance! Tell me, darling. After your arrival..
– Who are you? What do you want? The atmosphere in
this house has changed. Is miss Guddi there?
– Wait here. Yes. You stay here for a few more days.
– Hi, Satya. Just like you said, I have
put an advert in the newspaper. Hey, Monty, come
back wherever you are. Guddi waiting.
– Thank you, Satya. I don’t know if I
will ever meet Monty. Don’t you have a photo of
the two of you together? Photo? We do have a photo,
but not in our camera. Okay, what should we do now? I have a lot of plans.
Come, I’ll tell you. Come. After getting
separated for 12 years.. ..realizing that Monty is
right here, in Hyderabad.. ..Guddi, who thinks of
Monty as her heartbeat.. ..but who doesn’t know
where and how to find him.. ..has come to our studio,
‘Radio Mirchi’. And with her, is
their friend, Satya. Hey, Monty, where are you? It’s me, Satya. Wherever you are, listen
to ‘Radio Mirchi’ once. Don’t worry about Guddi. Guddi is with me. Talk to Guddi. Monty, where are you? Today is our wedding anniversary. Five years ago, on this very day.. ..we had gone to the temple. It was because of me
that her sister-in-law.. ..was killed is
what Guddi believes.. ..and she started hating me. Brother, see that.. Monty. Yes, Brother. He has
joined brother Shiva. Hey, kill him first. It’s fine now. Useless. Why didn’t you tell me that.. ..they both have been
released from the prison? Why didn’t you tell me? Answer me.
– Leave him. Let him go, dude. Hey, get lost. That Monty is working under
brother Shiva? – Yes, Father. How did the story take this twist? If he wasn’t there.. ..we would have killed
brother Shiva today. Hey, first call him and ask
him why he joined brother Shiva. How will we ask him? Whenever we call him, he
keeps saying he is in hiding. How would I have known
that he was deceiving us? It seems as if we spent crores.. send brother
Shiva a bodyguard. Even I have deceived
countless people.. ..but never did anything like this. Such a dishonest
person should not be spared. We will have to kill
him before brother Shiva. Hey.
– Brother? Where is Mangal Singh? I don’t know, Brother.
– Wherever I see him.. ..I will cut the rascal. Tell him. Yes, Brother.
– Okay? Actually, I don’t like you. I know. So? But now I have started liking you. I heard that you saved my brother. Thank you so much. If you won’t hit me, I
would like to say something. Tell me.
– But, you won’t hit me? I won’t hit you. Tell me. I love you. I love you. Say something. Yes? No? Something. Say yes, Sister. Say yes. Because I’m in a good mood
I’m not doing anything today. He has been spared. Otherwise I would
have stabbed your eyes. Look at your face. You only deserve hooliganism. Hey, Romeo.
– What? Come here.
– Yes, darling? What were you doing there? Breaking down the wall
of differences between us. I was trying to make her
say “I love you” gradually. If my Guddi had
confessed her love for you.. ..what would you have done? Tell me.
– I would have killed her. What do you mean? You heard it right. Had
she said, “I love you”.. ..I would have killed
her the next moment. Hey.
– She has to wait for Monty. Only Monty is her husband. In the meanwhile, if
she says “I love you”.. a ruffian like me,
don’t I have to kill her? I’m fully convinced. Whatever you said is 100% correct. Try it. I appreciate your logic. Oh, my God! Help. Kill. Kill. Kill the rascal. Shoot him. Those Mangal Singh’s men. Wherever they are hiding,
find them.. ..and bring them to me one by one.
– Brother. What’s the matter, Guddi? Sanju and I are going to Chennai? Why? What happened? – It’s my
friend’s wedding. That’s why. Take someone with you. Hey, Ranga. Yes, Brother?
– I don’t want anyone. We will go alone. Listen to me, Guddi.
I have been threatened. Anything can happen anytime. You will have to be careful. You have to be careful, not us. Darling, I’m going to Chennai. Do
you have any work to be done there? Hey, ‘Sambhar’ (Lentil curry).
You don’t need to do this drama. We don’t need bodyguards.
We’ll go by ourselves. This sister of yours, darling.. Madam is the
high-end model in girls. It’s not easy to convince her. Sorry. Okay, is everything ready? Yes, everything is ready.
– Did you call her? No, I haven’t called. Quick, quick, call him. Silly.
– Yes, yes, I’m calling. I will only be able
to leave home by 10. Hey, stupid. Don’t miss it. Come what may, reach there on time. Yes. The auspicious time’s approaching. She’s here? Very good. Good, good. Come, come. Come fast. Come on, quick.
– Sit here. Come on, come here. Be quick.
– Come on, come. Hey, don’t leave him.
Don’t leave him. They have come.
– Be quick. Put it on. They will kill us. Really.
– Quick, just put it on. Quick, put it on. Hey.. hey.. Catch him. Hey.. hey.. Hey.. hey.. hey. Our brother has come. Now, everything is going to
turn upside down. Come on man! Do you want marriage at this age? Hey, who are you? Whoever I may be.
Let it go, darling. But this wedding will not stop. What? Coming from north
are you doing rowdyism here? What? What North? The north as well as
Tamil Nadu belong to me. I’m not an ignorant guy
from T Nagar or Annanagar. I’m a ruffian who has
roamed the streets of this city. “Madapetta, naidu pet, petta rap. Tamil Nadu is mine and Rajnikanth,
my crown. Being a north Indian.. ..are you
performing marriages here? Be it Hindi or Tamil, darling. The fight will remain the same.
Fight and see. Come. Tie the nuptial necklace!
– Put it on. Hey, don’t tie. Don’t tie. Hey, come here.
– Father, please. Father. Remove it. Father, please leave me, father.
– Remove it, Father, please. Father. Hey, idiot.. Get him.. What? Don’t create a barrier.. ..between people
who love each other. It’s not infatuation. They have been in love with
each other since childhood. It’s a friendship from childhood. Don’t separate them like this. I know how much they
must be suffering. How can you even want
to separate two lovers? Let them live, brother. Why are you
looking at me like this? Hey girl! For the past 12
years I’ve been circling you. I’m circling in front of
your eyes like a donkey. But you didn’t come to
know that I’m Monty. You just know to stare
keeping your mouth wide open. Mindless! Stupid. Hey, groom. Come here. What a fuss! He spoke to
the Tamil guy in Hindi.. ..and with me, in Tamil. Neither did that guy
understand what he said.. ..nor did I. But, Sanju, how did I
hear Monty in his speech? I didn’t hear that. You didn’t? Brother, you book the hotel
– Okay. I don’t know why.., suddenly,
I like him a lot. I think there is some
kind of love-feeling in him. You are very lucky, dude. You are already married and
now you are about to get lucky. It’s all thanks to you. Okay, okay. All the best. Sanjana? Will you
please call your sister? Sister is taking a bath,
Brother-in-law. Did you say brother-in-law,
my dear Sister-in-law? Don’t pinch me like that,
Brother-in-law. What if sister feels bad? And then, even I will start
feeling something. – What? Really? Yes.
– See. You are no less in terms of beauty. Don’t feel bad that I
don’t pay any attention to you. It’s just because your
sister and I.. And that’s it. No one else between us. Okay? But where is she? Did you see how she is coming? I don’t know how it looks to you. But today Monty is dead. Hello! What? This. What is all this? Sometimes you go from here,
sometimes from there. I can see everything. Who knows if you have
forgotten to shut the door.. ..or want to hint at
something indirectly. And I’m sweating here. Going crazy. And the romantic atmosphere. What should I do?
Where should I go? I don’t understand anything. Hey, come, come. Come. Go. Go, please. Go now. Sister-in-law, look how
impatient he is getting. Have you thought anything about me? What do I have to think? What do you have to
do with me and all.. What do I have to do? You can do a lot. You have said once
that you like me. Today, you told Sanju
also that you like me. Then.. say “I love
you” to me as well. I love you. I love you. You want me to say
this to you, right? I will die but never say this. Not just you, but I won’t
say it to anyone in the world.. ..except for my Monty. Do
you know who my Monty is? He is my heartbeat.
He is my breath. You said those things.. ..about childhood friendship,
didn’t you? He is such a friend. Just because I told him to,
he ruined his life.. ..and left his home.
Left his parents. I have been waiting
for him since 12 years. He is my only love. He is more important than.. ..mother, father, brother,
even God. I have not slept even once
without thinking of him. I have not even
dreamt of anything.. ..except for him. I want to shout and let him know.. ..”I love you, Monty”. Yes! Everything smells good because of you. How can someone bring
fragrance like that? When the heart likes someone.. ..even cobwebs of problems smile then. We are meant to walk
on one road you should know. We are meant to be together
in the world you should know. I have brought my heart
full of companionship. My heart only has desires for you. Darling, you will come.. ..that’s what the love told me. Now that the blessings have have.. ..please cool down my heart. If a lover has said something.. will happen. I have no excuse.. ..ever since I have lost my heart. O love, ever since
I have learnt love.. I have seen to come.. Everything smells good because of you. How can someone bring
fragrance like that? When the heart likes someone.. ..even cobwebs of problems smile then. We are meant to walk
on one road you should know. We are meant to be together
in the world you should know. I am so innocent,
that it’s all a play for him. My darling is like my peace.. ..but I shook up on meeting him. Neither are you innocent nor so crazy. Such stories are made
up by everyone together. I started walking around gracefully. It seems that I have
gone completely crazy. Everything smells good because of you. How can someone bring
fragrance like that? When the heart likes someone.. ..even cobwebs of problems smile then. We are meant to walk
on one road you should know. We are meant to be together
in the world you should know. So, Guddi, how was the wedding? Brother is asking something.
Why don’t you answer? It went very well.
– Then you should have said so. Why do you behave like this? Hey. She is my sister.
Don’t talk like that. But where is he? Hey, who are all of you?
What do you want? You ran away from the prison.. ..and you are asking who we are? Come on. Come with us. Did you get scared that you
were caught by the police? They were our men. Come, sit. I have to talk. Why did you switch sides? Did brother Shiva
give you more money.. ..or did you get scared of him? Sorry. I can’t kill
brother Shiva, darling. If you want, I can
return the money. If you return the money,
will we spare you? You stay in brother Shiva’s house. Only you will kill him. You won’t even get
the rest of your money. If you refuse, you won’t be spared. You are not getting it. Do you know who brother Shiva is? He is Guddi’s brother. Love?
– What else? Hey, keep an eye on Guddi. If you don’t kill
brother Shiva, forget Guddi. Guddi. Don’t take Guddi’s name. The men from the gang
will pounce on her.. hungry wolves. Darling? Darling? Oh, my God! He is dead. Why did you say about Guddi? I’m illiterate.
But you were sensible. Now look what has happened. I have taken care of the matter.
I shall leave now. Escaped. Why did he suddenly run away? Is there some problem? Listen! I have never come upstairs.
It’s really a spacious house. Satya, please sit.
I’ll be right back. – Okay. Darling. Darling. – Why?
What happened? I have killed that advocate,
darling. – Which advocate? Mangal Singh’s advocate. You killed only him? Why did you
spare the others alive, idiot? Where are they right now? Cowards. They are unable to
do any harm to me.. they are attacking indirectly. Hey, Monty. You are here? Stay there,
I’m coming. Do you know where Guddi and
I have wandered to find you? This is Guddi’s house. It’s good that I found you. Guddi, he is Monty. – Shut up. Yes, she is..
– Keep your mouth shut. Come with me. Come on, hurry up.
– But listen to me, Monty.. I heard someone
mention my Monty’s name here. Is Monty here? Where is Satya? I heard Satya
mentioning Monty’s name. Satya. Satya. You are hiding something. Satya had called Monty. Who is Monty here? Satya. Monty. Madanpal, who is Monty here? The one who lives in our house? Why don’t you tell me? Monty. Monty. I know Monty is here. Monty is here, Guddi. Your Monty is with me. I had kept it a secret from
you in the fear of losing you. You know my Monty? You know my Monty? – Come with me. Have you gone crazy? – Shut up. Why are you hiding the truth
for the sake of her brother? It is not so, Brother. Hey, Monty. He is your Monty. Monty? Guddi. Oh, Guddi. Look who is it. Guddi. Guddi.
Guddi. Look who is it. Guddi. Guddi. Hey, cover boss. Guddi. Guddi. Hey. Guddi. Oh, Monty. – Guddi. Guddi. Leave me. No. No. Monty. – Guddi. Guddi. Guddi. Guddi. Hey, hurry up. Go and
call the doctor. Go. Doctor. Doctor. Brother. – Yes, Guddi.
– I want to say something to Monty. Monty. Hey, Sanjana is in our custody. Hand over brother
Shiva and take her. Monty. Monty, save Sanju from them. After that save my brother. Please save my brother. And bring my brother back. I want my brother. I want my.. Hey, Mangal Singh, where are you? I have come to your hideout. Where are you hiding
with your sons? Come out. Cowards. I am your enemy. Fight
with me if you want. You want to take
the help of a girl? I have come to your
hideout to behead you.. ..but not with the
help of your wife, coward. Our time was bad that I
couldn’t kill you till today. That’s why we had to
carry out this plan. Everything is fair in war. It’s six years since my
children and I have taken the.. ..oath to behead you and offer
your head to Mother Goddess. Our oath will be fulfilled today. Why, Monty? Have you come
to protect brother Shiva? Scoundrel. Leave brother Shiva
here and take her away. I am not concerned with what
you will do to brother Shiva. I’ll go away if I get one person. Who was the one who
shot Guddi? I want him. Hand him over to me and I’ll go. Otherwise I will never hand
over brother Shiva to you. Brother. Brother. Who had shot Guddi?
Tell me who had shot her. Shiva, killing you I
feel I’m meditating. Silly fellow. Don’t
underestimate brother Shiva. Darling. Darling. Darling. Open your eyes. Open your eyes. Darn it. Does anyone survive after
being shot so many bullets? – No. But my brother-in-law has survived. Do you see that smile? Sir, it is not good to take
us to prison at the time.. ..of a happy ending. But both of you had absconded
from the prison that day.. is bad, too. Consider it the
robber and police game. Come on, I’ll teach you
a lesson of the game.. Please don’t abuse him. Let’s go to him. We’ll placate him. We’ll have to butter him up.
– Don’t pull harder. Darling Brother-in-law. – Yes? They are going to take us to
central prison again, darling. If you won’t get our bail
granted and release me.. ..then Guddi will be here and I
there, it won’t seem good, darling. I know it. I’ll do something. You are my brother-in-law
after all. – Fantastic. Okay, I have a small doubt.
– Ask me, darling. Thanks. Both of you had a fight
during childhood, right? – Yes. And you left your house. – Yes. On which topic did
you have the fight? I’ll tell you. – I’ll tell you. No, I’ll tell him. – No,
I’ll tell brother. I’ve said that
I’ll tell him. – Hey? Hold it. Any one of you speak. Actually one day she was.. – Hey. Yes. Sorry. She
was playing, darling. Where? – On the beach. I see. – There she made
a temple like Somnath. ‘Guddi, your birthday gift.’ ‘Do you know what you have done?’ ‘You have demolished my temple.’ ‘Oh, sorry, Guddi.
Today is your birthday..’ ‘ I have come to
gift you this guava.’ ‘I don’t want anything.
Today is my birthday..’ ‘ I was thinking that
I’ll take a bath and visit..’ ‘..the temple to pay homage.’ ‘But you have ruined everything.’ ‘It’s just a temple,
Guddi. I’ll make it again.’ ‘Shift your leg.’ ‘Do you know what this is? – No.’ ‘My God.’ ‘You have insulted my Lord.’ ‘I swear by this God, I
will not talk to you.’ ‘Guddi. Don’t say this, Guddi.
Please, Guddi.’ ‘I hate you. – Guddi, wait.
Don’t be angry.’ ‘I have sworn by God.’ ‘Please wait. – Go away.
Don’t come to me.’ ‘Listen to me, Guddi. Guddi.’ This had happened, darling. It seems very foolish. Whatever we do
during childhood.. bound to be foolish
and not intelligent, darling. Hey? – Sorry. “My heart is dancing pitter patter,
pitter patter.” “There is this strange temptation.
Baby. Baby” “The love is firing pitter patter,
pitter patter..” “..and I am in great tension.” “Baby. Baby.”

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