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100 thoughts on “Deep Impact (8/10) Movie CLIP – The Comet Hits Earth (1998) HD

  1. They should realize that running won’t save them because the waves are way faster but maybe running will help for a few maybe

  2. Guys DO NOT WORRY

    Our God Jesus our creator protected us from many meteors that were to hit earths surface, but many of the planets (Jupiter, Saturn) helped stop the meteors from hitting earth. That’s why God put those planets surrounding earth. The only end that will come, is the second coming of Jesus.
    But again, it’s just a movie you know

  3. True cause of death from most tidal waves and tsunamis is blunt force from being crashed into objects rather than drowning.

  4. Qoran kamer 1-2
    The Hour (of Judgment)(5127) is nigh, and the moon is cleft asunder.(5128)*
    But if they see a Sign, they turn away, and say, "This is (but) transient magic."

  5. In Feng Shui , this world will change from 8th era to 9th era at 2023-2024.
    2024 is the end of the world !!!!
    One day has 24 hrs , so we countdown from 2000 to 2024 to the end of the last day.
    We now are living in 8th era.
    8th era is the era of greedy and sinful.
    9th era is the era of holy thing.
    There will be huge changing on earth or maybe 2024 is the end of the world.
    We are so close to the end.

  6. 1:36 cmon u really have to do that to a child? o and i did feel bad for the teddy. yea put me on strange addictions

  7. Nice special effects but in reality depending where it hits it will take hours to go from the point of impact to the other side of the world,now the waves will be as tall as mountains but running is futile we are talking sound speed and in this particular movie we never saw fire rain all that debris from the impact falls back to earth and entire countries will be on fire,still is better than "Armageddon"scientifically speaking😊

  8. My friend : how to survive If it happened on this earth
    Me: choose one only
    My friend :what ? I don't understand
    Me : Be the cameraman Or waves choose one
    My friend : cameraman

  9. The wave that hit N.Y. would have been considerably smaller than the wave hitting virginia beach, only about 15-30 meters tall. Even a 100 meter tall wave like that wouldn't reach that far in shore. The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs only produced waves of 30 or so meters by the time it the bottom U.S. coast. About 200 meters near impact, even bigger waves than in this movie.

  10. They depicted the Mega Tsunami like a freak wave almost. It came in and then hovers over them before breaking. Even had white water coming down it like a breaking rogue wave.

  11. I can’t believe people knew for months and still stayed by the ocean lol it almost makes you wonder if they deserved to die for being so stupid doesn’t it?

  12. What got me about this movie is the sheer number of stupid people who stayed near the coast or headed towards it.

    Pretty much sums up modern society… :-/

  13. That makes no sense..

    How the waves hit the twin towers but 4 years later the planes hit it?

    Wouldn't the towers already be destroyed by the waves???

  14. If I've learned something from these movies, it's two-fold: 1). The cameraman always survives. 2). There's really no point blindly panicking about a rapidly approaching mega-tsunami; like, where can you go to that the wave cannot?

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