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BB, Don’t worry. It’s okay. I’ll always be with you. ♪ See the sunset ♪ ♪ The day is ending ♪ ♪ Let that yawn out ♪ ♪ There’s no pretending ♪ Together you
can help us reconnect. You can make America whole. No, America’s finished. Sam, if we don’t all
come together again, humanity will not survive. We don’t need a country. Not anymore. We do. Alone, we have no future. Bridget, you’re the
president of jack shit. It’s all to safeguard
the continued independence of Edge Knot City. They want the UCA
to leave them be. Who’re these assholes again? Homo Demens. Militant separatist group. I’ve heard of ’em. Buncha terrorists who
go around towns killing people and leaving craters. Right. Nothing’s off-limits for them. Not even engineering voidouts. There are extremists
like the Demens everywhere, plotting in the shadows. Good thing it was raining. Even they know better
than to mess with BTs. I can’t spot BTs, just sense ’em. That’s why we came prepared. A Bridge baby, huh. Makes me feel
like shit every time. Well, you are
plugging into the other side. Freaks me out too. Sam, we want you to go west and finish what Amelie started. Rebuilding America isn’t
gonna get rid of the BTs. Long as they’re still
around, there’s no escaping it. But at least we’ll have hope. You see, I’ve
come to understand the truth of the Death Stranding. It’s so hard to form connections
when you can’t shake hands. Fortunately, I’ve got a good
connection to the other side. Covering the world in cable didn’t bring an
end to war and suffering. Don’t act surprised
when it all comes apart if you try to do it again. Humans aren’t
made for living alone. They’re supposed to come
together — to help one another. And if we as a people can’t do
that — if we can’t reconnect… That’s what we need right now — not to stand apart,
but to come together. I’ll show you
the real thing soon. I promise. The whole wide world
will be yours to explore. You’ll be able to go wherever
you want– even the moon.

100 thoughts on “Death Stranding – Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4

  1. The reference to Apocalypse Now when Mads Mikkelsen gets up from the mud is fantastic, it's beautiful how Kojima puts his love for movies in every work.❤

  2. Now, what if Madd's character is trying to get the babies back, all the while BB users or Ludens fans have placed BB dolls to throw off his search?? He does say "i will always be with you".

  3. I just finished the death stranding review. Great, the end is unbelievable. The whole gameplay, the world of the game is really crazy. And I was totally surprised when one of the 5 golden masks was Kojima

  4. There are some non-sense people out there that use to call their expensive pc as the best because of its performance.. 😄😄
    Ohh well pc masteracers 😂😂

    PlayStation has by very far the best exclusive games!
    It all began with the games like infamous 1-2, uncharted series.. And of course The Last of Us in 2013 broke everyone in tears and made it obvious that the best place to play is at PlayStation!

  5. Me: Games not only have to have wonderful graphics, they need to be fun!
    Hideo Kojima: Yes!
    Shigeru Miyamoto: Yes!
    Fortnite: Yes!
    Tomb Raider: Yes!
    Grand Theft Auto: Yes!
    Simcity: Yes!
    Subspace / Continuum: Yes! (a very old MMO still running)
    EVE Online: Yes and No!

  6. Is there anyone here who’s uncertain about whether they are interested in purchasing the game or not next month just because they need more specific details on what exactly is the story all about, because I don’t see nobody expressing their same opinions on The Outer Worlds which is scheduled to be released on the same date as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019?😐

  7. i still dont have any clue what this game is. is it open world? linear story? sandbox? rpg? survival? muliplayer? is it more towards no man sky? maybe like ark? or perhabs gta? a horror survival?…………. i really cant hype with you guys because i have no clue what it is.

  8. Love HK and all of his team's work, love the concept of Death Stranding and super jazzed to dive in, but I have to be honest, you had me at Apocalyptica (@apocalypticafi)

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  10. Русский Ставьте Лайки(Чтобы американцы подумали я что-то смешное написал)

  11. Yand here we saw the moment which Higgs forced Fragile to run under the time rain, naked but with a mask, that's why she always wear his suits, course she had the body of an old women and the face of a young girl

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