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Death race is for sociopathic killers Gotta have gravel in your guts You have to live for the smell of motor oil and hot octane fuel You gotta love the sound of rubber on asphalt The taste of blood in your mouth And the sound of bullets whizzing past your head You made of that stuff? If I’m not then I die, right? *Chuckles* The containment zone warehouses Two hundred thousand of the worst There are two options: die or survive Death race gives anyone the opportunity to become king Do you think you can handle being king of this mountain? I’m just here to race Driving is more important than killing Think slow Drive fast Come on, kid! Don’t let me down! You’ve gotta win this race Targeted killing is his forte And I am his mark Got something for you, baby Gotta love race day! Death Race: Beyond Anarchy. Unrated and unhinged January 30th On Blu-Ray and Digital

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