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Nothing seems to fit. Mamma, is this it? Are you receiving? I want something to believe in or I’m done. Take me where my soul can run. Or I’ll be in my bedroom. Wake me when I’m twenty-one. Daddy’s moving forward. Daddy didn’t lose a mom. Mamma won’t you send a sign? I’m running out of hope and time. A plague of mice, a lightning strike, or drop a nuclear bomb. No more playing Daddy’s game. I’ll go insane if things don’t change. Whatever it takes to make him say your name. Dead mom!

100 thoughts on ““Dead Mom” | Beetlejuice The Musical

  1. I said that before, I'll say it again. I'll gladly sell my soul to satan if that means they'll release a professional live recording of the whole musical:)

  2. I really wanna see it, but I can't since Beetlejuice is currently only showing in New York at the Winter Garden Theatre. It sucks that I have to wait for the musical to arrive at my state :/

  3. She sings how I've always wanted to.. idk how to explain it but it kinda sounds like you have a cold.. but in a good way

  4. when you live in indiana and tickets are 200 bucks a piece and you can’t drive so ur mom has to go therefore it’s too fucking expensive :,)

  5. Please don’t damage your voice to sing this in Sophia’s voice, she had training, I have had training too so I can belt as well as Sophia but at the start I lost my voice for a day after belting (before I had training)

  6. am i the only one doesn't really like her voice? i mean she's very good good, a million more times talented than i could ever be, but it just sounds so whiney at some times and it bothers me. don't get me wrong though, i love sophia and she does amazing and playing lydia. 🙂

  7. So who else thinks that Lydia and Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter would be good friends (and no I’m not just talking about the whole Dead Mom thing)

  8. It’s only on broadway and it goes till April 2020 in New York I think I am going to see it for my birthday i have always wanted to see it

  9. Please think of poor sad little people like me, who live in South America and have very little chances of ever seeing a single broadway musical live in my whole life… please release it all I've loved this movie for years, I'd DIE to see this (pun intended).
    Seriously, whose name do I have to say 3 times to get professionally recorded musicals for purchase?

  10. I would honestly pay to have a professionally recorded version of this, I’m not able to fly and see the show no matter how bad I want to and I would still spend money for the professional recording

  11. So they changed the mom from being the bad parent, to the good dead parent and the good dad to being the bad parent. That doesn't really sound like Beetlejuice anymore.

  12. 0:33
    “You won’t feel left out or unsure not pitiful children anymore”
    It sounds like that one part from BMC

  13. Nobody:

    Me: hitting them high notes just right without my voice cracking like crazy

    My parents: sits there acting like nothing happened

  14. I literally got chills, her voice is so powerful and I’m pretty sure she’s only 19 which is amazing to have such a powerhouse of a voice at that age

  15. It was really good until the ending where she says "DEAD MUM" and does the hand to the air thing like…its just kinda cheesy and ruins the mood and its like a musical cliche thing 0:55 especially the hand to the air thing…

  16. Is it just me or did y’all also here “say my name” on tick tock then realized how amazing it’s Broadway play actually is?

  17. Just so you know. Sophia is 18.
    Just let that sink in for a moment.

    Edit: just FYI, Sophia is the actor's name for Lydia

  18. The weird thing is that in the movie, Lydia doesn't like her mom all that much, while in the musical, she doesn't like her father. Still works, though. It would be too alliterate to do "dead dad", right?

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