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I Figured you’d turn up There mr. Count your reward I’ll trust you, you know, they never found the gold didn’t he have it within? Just one poor man sound of bull suomi suomi Boy there’s nothing like taking a client’s measurements to make a fella mighty thirsty Anything makes you here. Give me a swig. Come on for me Help yourself hey you suomi Thank you He gets a bullet in my head I gotta measly five dollars for the coffin and that Baldy killer gets a whole reward Oh, man Yeah, why don’t you have a drink to his health Hey look $40 sorry does Don’t let him get away I’ll be right back Even you are another one of them bounty killers you got here too late My best games already been took and I just finished talking him into bed for a nice long sleep They were small fry worth risking your skin Just kidding brother go ahead whiskey What can I do for you son I like to work here. I’d hire a man, but I can’t afford to why hardly earn enough to keep myself But down at the far end of town. There’s a big store where they’re looking for a strong youngster like you. No. Thanks I want to work right here, but But I can’t be another How about a bowl of soup Yeah, if a bullet soups enough. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Hi, and I can always use another hand around the place Murdock Lazar don’t kill me. No, no Listen Lazar No, don’t kill me. Don’t kill me. I’ll give you all the gold. The gold is mine already And there’s your reward the food Hey Stanley, it’s me Lazar Come on give me a hand Come on try to hurry move How much longer you gonna keep me here Later you know the truth you always promised. Did you help me prove my innocence? But you never do it it’s worse than being in prison Don’t be impatient with me. I need you you need me as for proving your innocence. We’ll do that soon Living like this I might as well be dead my life don’t matter no more But before I go I Gotta prove my innocence Make it wiggle. Give me you see guy Keep your honor Holy mackerel, and there was a five-cent seeker. Did you smoke too much? Anyhow? One more notch in his pistol ain’t ever seen anyone could beat Lazar those this prize finishes in Boot Hill Howdy Sheriff, I just brought in Murdoch Yes your report already I see I notice You have a mister trick Even predicted that’s shooting through the forehead We know your methods pretty well by now Lazar You forgot one thing the date He left it out. You’re right. It’s the only thing I wasn’t sure of friend And the goal of Murdock we’re carrying what happened to it You don’t know nothing do you And dead men don’t tell tales Somebody you’ll make a mistake Lazar What you doing are you leaving If it’s money you want I guess I could manage to give you a little not much. Of course But maybe we could try to share the take–let’s Well, there’s always a bowl of soup for you here and just you remember it So long young fella, wherever your road takes you you can always think of my place as your Take me with the others My family starving. I must work. I’m the only one you’ve left out We have not eaten for days, please Medina for my wife my babies. You must let me work get away. We don’t need you I already said no I Promise to work hard. I’m such strength left more than any young boy. I Work better than any muchacho, please. You must take me please Medina hmm Is it such a pleasure to have him beg you you all know? What are the orders of Senor ferret get away? He wants men who are young and strong? It’s the only way he can make profit from the mine I’m only doing what’s in your power has instructed me to carry out always better than his gold mine the Man, who stole our land that all you do is call it a sweep like a puppy, but this man has to work All right, just this once Sign them up Thank You. Monica bless you Well now get it done. Are you satisfied? You see how good I am with you But you have to be good to me too. Well, what do you say? No nose All this work for 3 pesos 3 pesos can buy bread Down without your pecs you Lack You’re ready to drop such as where do you get all that energy? I don’t how you do it I have a family I think of my family of my wife and my babies who has started. I Too will soon become a father. The baby is due any day now, who knows today? Hey, what are you two mumbling about? Stop wasting time? Get back to work. There’s no my eye yet to protect you get moving and then this What are those two do it? Is nobody Medina They just needed a little bit of encouragement Well, yes signora Barrett, I See that you let Maya have a way again That man’s too old for this kind of work. You should know better Medina He’s the best man we’ve got he works like a muchacho better even Believe me you’re wrong. It has nothing to do with Maya this time. Maya doesn’t even know this man Maya’s a very remarkable girl. I wish I could get to know her perhaps I can I don’t think so send your Barrett. Mm-hmm. I Mean her people would resent it Don’t worry I’m not gonna make trouble over Maya Provided she keeps out of my affairs You better tell her that Medina Tell her she ought to stick to her stupid magic and fortune-telling and don’t forget it Oh Don’t move, you know ladies they call him Azhar the famous bounty killer Before you’d had time to draw put a bullet through your forehead somebody oughta warn, Medina Wait till he’s gone inside You a Drink and I want a room What The room afraid I can’t do it do you have one freak Sure, I have but I must have permission from Adina I Senor Barrett Baby get out of my way No business of your stranger if I need anyone to help me I’ll ask them What’s going on here one of your gang had the nerve to beat me Hey guys. Get back to the mine. I’ll deal with you later What’s you’re looking for on here stranger Place to spend the night ain’t no place for strangers Medina There’s no reason why you have to treat the stranger like that Don’t you think you ought to thank you if he helped you he’s a friend of mine tried to be nice this time I’m sure he means well Then I will look after Amaya Okay stranger. I’ll let you stay here today tomorrow or as long as you want Hey, that’s some gun mister, I guess you know how to use it First time I’ve seen a gun like this one she’s made for hitting the target, you know how to pull a trigger So you don’t frighten easier do you I Said you was welcome here Ain’t you even gonna thank me Buenas Dias Medina gringo at that table is bizarre the Bounty Killer So You asked me for a room without your permission, that’s all right I’ll tell bad Come and help hi this horse a lie-down I Mean He knows DSN. You’re good. What do you want at this hour? There’s a bounty killer staying down at the hotel Oh Gars, I doubt if he waste his energy Gunny or any of you This man’s dangerous in your Verity, what’s our in-person Tsar himself Is it mighty important person we ought to feel honored Why do you think I’ve been paying you You know what you’re supposed to do with strangers like we couldn’t he never gave us a chance in your Barrett We got a room at the hotel Without your permission My permission is what counts it’s actions that count and I think Lazar deserves a little visit from the welcoming committee Did you know what I mean? What do you want Who are you? Tell me your name Why have you come here to our village? That pistolero has killed four of my men Send your barrack There incompetent idiots The only thing you’re good for is frightening the peasants You act like a pack of old ladies All it takes is a few gunshots Or a wing from your girl and you’re finished And I have to lose sleep trying to solve your problems for you I Should have known It was too much to expect you tinhorn gunslingers to use your brains, I would really be asking the impossible But how long is it going to take you to learn watch a brain – for now clear out Take care of Lazar by myself When I stierson your ferret Whoever you are stranger. I’d like to welcome you I don’t want you to get any wrong ideas Last night’s little disturbance was very unfortunate. You gave them a dose of their own medicine Nobody could handle them better. I figure they never knew what they were up against. However, I Am sorry, it happened That’s what I wanted to explain to you I believe in keeping the whole thing open and aboveboard in talking man-to-man You see you must have reminded them of the old days the days they’re trying to forget I guess they panicked This village is full of men who are trying to forget the past night of my best to help I always have and I always will You could do quite a lot to help too if you’re of a mind to I’ll make your proposition This here money is all yours. It’s more than enough to pay for any trouble we caused you just take it and go away That makes $5,000 Well, how about it It’s a nice round sum you can get it without even having to draw your gun Fair enough. Oh, come on. You can’t refuse to accept it being very generous See The years haven’t changed you Billy ring They’ve made you much richer and money buys respectability try to understand was our that was long ago and I’ve gone through a lot since then I Figure I paid for any crimes I committed I’ve dedicated myself to helping these men here and that makes up for the wrongs. I’ve done in the past. I swear I’ve changed if money what’s worrying you I’m willing to pay you more than that I’ll double it for you thirty thousand dollars I want fifty thousand dollars fifty dollars You have my offer not a penny less You’re Willa’s are but give me a little time Till tomorrow afternoon Okay tomorrow Well, that skunk is asking for is outlandish All of you put together with your horse is thrown in for good measure honor worth the sum total of while he wants $50,000 Naturally, all I can do is act as a go-between for you. I Hope it’s also very clear to you fellas Clear that I’m in no position to throw away such a large sum But of course, I wouldn’t think of leaving you up to your own methods at this point So I have no choice. I’ve got to pay up Would it be more exact? Vance the money for you Then I’ll have to take it out of your pay in proportion to the reward offered for each of you That is until I get it all back with interest, of course unless we get it all back at once get the idea Well now don’t want any bungling. I already told you that in these matters. We must use our heads What are you doing here have a look Nothing there, I guess you’re new around here in this town you have to work for a living end up by stealing Teach him a good lesson tomorrow take him down to the mine Who are you? What do you want stranger I’m looking for a man. There isn’t anybody here? Me alone This is my house, and you’re not welcome you stranger I Guess I ought to be honored by a visit from Lazar than notorious bounty killer. I’m the kind of admirer of yours Who are you and I seen you someplace before? Me no, what makes you think that something familiar about your face? Well, let’s get down to business Why Oh tell me what you want I figure you’re going to need a partner to help you with the goal at Barrett’s giving you tomorrow That’s right You there’s plenty for both of us and I couldn’t do it alone you must have a plan for getting out of the village Barrett’s men will be on the lookout Yeah, they’ll be looking You’re right I’ll explain everything to you tomorrow morning, but it had better be good. I Know how to handle it Don’t worry a Little sleight of hand Yosi There’s your money Lazar all in gold nuggets The bargain is that you’re gonna be out of here tomorrow Okay, that’s all right I Sundown I’ll be miles away Beep two men to watch Lazar and send four out to guard the trade. Oh if anything goes wrong, you’re all through Very well Senor Barrett, you’ll see we make no mistake this time You can bet on it There’s something about him. That’s terribly you don’t go That look on his face. He Means to hurt you. I must go Maya My destiny is tied to his the same way. His is tied to his victims It’s only the pork bellies today is the Feast of my patron There’s only one way out of this place through Raven Pass, like I already told you I’ve never make it alone You mean I have to cover you. No, I’m gonna cover you I’ve had more experience of this sort of thing. So easy, especially this way with you just like me and When you dressed like a Mexican If all goes well You’ll be a rich man Let’s suit me I Suppose we should tell me do you know yeah, let’s go Okay Here’s the tequila from setting up Eric And be sure to drink his help and you are to medina muchas gracias to send your Barrett Bear it Rocks just rocks Find a bastard Good shot Nicole It was Lazar that startled One take them away Where you hiding the gringo Medina That don’ts mine, that’s very good first, you killed Sonya Barrett and now you want to steal his gold well It’s me who killed your man Barrett He was cheating all of you. Now put away your gun. Not until a shot that been there. I Want him alive I lied I have an old score to settle. Did you go first? Don’t worry Maya Wherever he goes, I’ll follow him and get even do not go. I see a river of blood flowing between the two of you Left destiny run its course Sammy come here I’m gonna give me a hand They were packing up all the gold and heading for Mexico you don’t look too happy about it Well good, I didn’t expect to see you around here What are you looking for your hide You like your little jokes, don’t you? Go on Stanley I asked you to help me this man you’re keeping prisoner is my father So, he’s your father well you should be grateful to me for saving his life Grateful because you’ve made an outlaw of a man who was innocent I Didn’t know that I wasn’t sure You never even tried to find out the truth Sadly can’t help You son doesn’t understand that in this world. You’ve got to act first and quick and you’ll wind up being a loser Just look what happened to you Come on let’s divvy up this gold You’re a rotten skunk what are you trying to do pick a fight? Huh? It wouldn’t be worth it Stanley Why should we fight it with the money when there’s enough gold for all of us here think it over kid you might get hurt Sorry Lazar It’s no use you offering me gold. You’re no good. Killer. You may decide to take back all of it Can’t you see how much there is here? Without even counting the other reward money aim for the forehead Lazar because that’s what I’ll do Maybe you’ve lost your nerve All right, if that’s the way you want it kid And that’s the way to be Say your prayers kicked as this coffin is yours a coffin lined with money Stanley reward you’re free You

45 thoughts on “Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows | WESTERN MOVIE | English | Free Film | Full Length Spaghetti Western

  1. Nothing like Italians playing Mexican badasses – badly – and the grand finale gunslinger showdown with a man shot in the forehead by a 45 cal pistol who not talks afterward but there is no blood when in reality his head would be blown in half. NOW THAT IS REALLY BAD DIRECTING! The WHIFF-O-METER reading for this whopping stinker is – PEW!

  2. Always like these B Spaghetti westerns .
    From the campy acting to the set and background mistakes .
    In this one you can see a lot of it is filmed in a working quarry with truck and tractor tire marks in the soil still.
    But one of the works errors was them leaving the excavator teeth marks in the soil where it has been digging away at the ledge . On top of the ledge its clear it was smoothed with a bulldozer . lol
    In the western town scene near the end all the windows are covered over so you cant see the interiors ( that don't exist as its a movie set.
    In some westerns you can see modern electrical lines way in the background 🙂
    Lots of fun to watch

  3. 👨‍💻ive watched so many spaghetti westerns😳 i can now understand italian – wait fool its been Dubbed in ENG 😼damit

  4. Somehow I feel, when one wants to just relax and be entertained, Spaghetti Western movies does the job. Graccie, Prego, Bravo & ariva dercci 👍

  5. en español por favor!!!! tan bien los países de habla hispana queremos verla, porque nos discriminan,cuando en español……

  6. I coulda sworn that it was Clint on the promo but I will continue to watch because these type movies have the best sounding gunfire out of them all!!

  7. please in spanish picture!!!! soy del salvador saludos a todos alguien podría bajar esta película al español por favor!!!

  8. I just made three double loop Mexican holsters and I used the same hammer tie down that the kid used for sure. One of my holsters is left hand like the kids and two are right handed.

  9. Good movie and Stanley and his son are rich. Those bags of gold don't look heavy enough to hold $50k in gold especially at that late 1870's prices. Plus there was more rock than gold vein in those nuggets!

  10. Didn't water his horse first?
    those Italians with their fiats & ferraris, and towns built in unwarranted places! Painted Hill has no hills.
    Bruja with white pillows needs to wash her face.


  12. Good grief! What an extremely bad done "movie"! I simply had to stop after 25.30min! I wouldn't even give 1 noodle for this spaghetti Western. 🙂 ;-). And I wouldn't even call it a "C"- movie (the alphabet contains not enough letters to rate this ridiculously lame and bad film).
    Nevertheless I thank you for the effort you put in to upload movies.
    Best regards luck and health.

  13. The eyes on that girl at 35:45 are unbelievable, I'm not crazy about that color but with her dark hair the contrast makes them freaking awesome.

  14. I really love those classic western.where guns and coffee are their loyal companion during their adventures…sitting by the fire side..really cool…

  15. One of the worst western movie i have ever watched. Super slow and no blood. Even the worst Indian movies are better than this. Disgrace to western movies.
    Thanks though, Great HD Quality.

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