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[MUSIC PLAYING] Ideas are everything. We’re nothing without an idea. So I go where the ideas lead. When we get an
idea that we love, you see it and feel it
and know it all at once. A desire for an idea is like
putting a little piece of bait on a hook and lowering
it into the water. You don’t know when
they’re going to come or what will trigger them. Lo and behold, on a
lucky day, bingo– you’ll catch an idea, and party time. If you want to make a feature
length film, all you need to do is get 70 ideas. And you write these scenes
on three-by-five cards. Then when you have 70 of them,
you’ve got a feature film. Find your own voice. Never give up final cut
and total creative freedom. Everything is connected
in some way or another. You could be working
on a painting, and suddenly, something in that
gives you an idea for a film. Music, painting, cinema–
this is the art life. In cinema, I don’t like rules. In “Mulholland Drive,” we
only had one shot left to get. WOMAN: How did you get it? By breaking the rules. [CHUCKLES] My name
is David Lynch, and this is my MasterClass.

100 thoughts on “David Lynch Teaches Creativity and Film | Official Trailer | MasterClass

  1. Guys you are doing amazing, can you guys get Steven Spielberg onboard to teach his Masterclass on Film Making. Will be a great favour from you guys. Thanks

  2. Holy shit, it's out. You gave us TWO in a month? Masterclass, you just prove your value each day I use you.
    As Sorkin would say: "Dammit, I'm happy."

  3. I'm waiting for the part where he'd say something about "casting female leads." We need to hear more about it.

  4. Whoever edited this did a great job because it raises more goosebumps on my arms than any movie trailer in years. Does anyone know any of the music that was used in this trailer?

  5. David Lynch: all you need to do is get 70 ideas and you write these scenes on three-by-five cards. Then when you have 70 of them, you've got a feature film
    Also David Lynch: In Cinema, I don't like rules

  6. Mr Lynch is a master… Just wish he wasn't reading cue cards. You don't need Master Class either. There are hundreds of hours of David Lynch talking about filmmaking and speakings at film schools, behind the scenes and interviews that span over 30 years of material with him on youtube. That's the priceless stuff. You want to learn filmmaking, it's quite simple, pick up a camera and start making films, short ones, long ones, whatever you feel comfortable doing. Crappy as they may be at first, it's the only way to learn the process and overtime like everything else if you have a gift at it, you will get better and eventually shine.

  7. Does he cover what to do when George Lucas brings you in to a restaurant where they only serve salad and he talks about a thing called a Wookiee? If not, I’m buying this product.

  8. I so wish for him to make another movie even if it's his last but it might never happen because nobody today unfortunately has the patience for him and nobody is going to understand him and just call him weird.

  9. I love getting a good idea. Its an exciting feeling. Especially one that changes the whole base idea.

  10. Have I ever used MasterClass before? No. Am I an aspiring filmmaker? No. Do I admire David Lynch's work and by extension invest in anything with his name on it? Yes.

  11. How in the world are you able to get this bigger-than-life kind of man to make this class?


  12. I love David Lynch. Taking a class from David Lynch seems like the last thing David Lynch would ever do himself.

  13. This seams cheap and stupid to me. Some sort of "class" to teach people to be creative is ridiculous.

    Here's how you become creative:

    1. Listen
    2. Ask questions
    3. Don't be afraid
    4. Express yourself from a unique and personal perspective
    5. Don't listen to bullshit YouTube vids like this

    Lynch seems to be a fragile man who needs to be handled correctly. Whomever is handling him, and asking him to do this, should be ashamed of themselves.

    I'm pissed.

  14. I have no idea where this class will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.

  15. can we please get a technical masterclass on industrial design or product design from someone like Dieter rams, jon ivey or philippe starck

  16. David Lynch does not care about his fans unless it’s just blind adoration from a nice, safe, distance.

  17. I'm afraid David Lynch didn't have final cut on this one. Otherwise, how could the "cleared summer blockbuster Super Bowl teaser music" track be explained?

  18. Can anybody help me to not receive advertising videos from MasterClass? Honestly I love watching these videos, but not appearing on YouTube advert sections for several times until I get bored and eventually fed up with every single video provided by MasterClass and automatically displayed by YouTube.

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