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[Music] one of the early masterpieces of science and horror is Robert Louis Stevenson’s immortal dr. Jekyll and mr. Hyde the thought-provoking story of how a strange experiment transforms a benevolent doctor into mr. Hyde a human werewolf when the news of the death of this monster came there was a nationwide sigh of relief no longer with the sound of every strange footstep mean terror the evil thing would never proud Ark again [Music] [Laughter] [Music] my I have no idea my guardian lived in such style now right cosy I’ll get the luggage [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] this is dr. Louis isn’t it I’m Janet Smith I’m sure the doctor is expecting me you’re Janet the doctor has talked about you so much welcome home my dear this is mr. Hastings I’m afraid the doctor didn’t expect him but I took the liberty ago why don’t tell me why what a surprises will be for the doctor come in come in I’m mrs. merchant the housekeeper Jacob bring the bags in [Music] you know where Miss Smith goes can put mr. Hastings in the Blue Room [Music] Randi’s looking little fella now hurry up dear I’m hungry all right darling I’m just taking up your things miss is that Alright thank you you’re mad aren’t you yes miss what do you want to change the bath is that door oh yes thank you Maggie will you help me [Music] oh thank you I’ll finish what happened I’m so sorry that’s all right may he take your time unpacking what doesn’t that miss it’s just very late the moon will be rising any minute now the moon will be rising but does the moon have to do with anything before I came to work in the manor house I promised mother I would always be home before the moon rose do you mean you walk home to the village every night yes miss why don’t you sleep here oh I would dare sleep here nobody in the village would why not well now Maggie why on earth do you object to sleeping here I’m sorry is Janet mrs. merchant said she didn’t want any more foolish gossip I’m coming Oh Maggie we can straighten this up in the morning you may go now oh thank you miss [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] mrs. merchant I can’t get over the behavior of that girl you mean your maid Maggie yes there’s no understanding these Village People they’re shockingly backward she was absolutely terrified I’ve never seen anything like it before that’s what is this business about the moon rising Oh a lot of local nonsense really I must apologize for that silly girl you’d be shocked if you knew some of the superstitions of our little village and the doctor what’s he have to say about all this none of this he’s too busy working night and day with his patients why he wouldn’t listen to silly stories what are these stories oh they go back a long way now mind you I’m not a local woman I come from near Liverpool oh my there’s the doctor well I guess it’s near midnight so I better go and take care of the champagne Janet my dear doctor this is George Hastings who came along to celebrate my 21st birthday with me and this is my guardian dr. Lomas glad to meet you sir how do you do I know you two would like one another you have two you see George and I are going to be married married I imagined that comes as quite a surprise to you sir surprise yes rather come we’re going to the city children one more with their little girls playing with dolls and the next are introducing strangers as a future husbands we didn’t ourselves know until last week Janet my dear your life was planned with so much loving care I can’t help feeling I should be consulted before this decision oh we kept our engagement a secret from everyone until we could tell you young man I consider you in this instance as rash and he’ll advises Miss Smith she’s lawful that’s just it sir dr. Newman I owe you so much and I don’t want to sound ungrateful but even if you don’t approve of George what Janet is trying to say is we didn’t come here just to celebrate her birthday nor for that matter to tell you we’re getting married there’s another reason such as after Janet and I are married we’re not going to accept one penny from you is that a fact yes and George and I hope you will always allow us to consider you our good friend but we have agreed never to use any of your money my money that’s what I can scrape together from my medical practice now it’s my turn to spring a surprise on you to you Janet were never living lavishly on my money but on your own you my dear are an heiress to an estate and a sizable fortune this house in the land around it for miles belongs to you although your father’s will provides that I may live here for the rest of my days are you serious Oh money is never a joking matter my dear that’s a point rich and poor agree on what about you mr. Hastings well I must admit I have no objections to money I’ll try to work custom myself to it I suppose you wonder why I haven’t told you this before well I’ve seen money spoiled so many young lives and I wanted to make sure that your future husband would be interested in you and not your money I’m very happy for you both Oh almost midnight Paul Masson this was laid away my dear the day you were born I don’t expect a speech from me happy birthday John dear may life be sweet and happy for you and for those you love thank you happy birthday darling oh it’s nothing my dear here take mine broken glass means good luck of course so it does so it did didn’t it and you know it’s odd doctor I was a little frightened of what you were going to tell her I’m afraid my dear there’s something more that I must tell you what do you mean well I’m duty bound by an old promise to reveal to you certain facts on your 21st birthday I’ll explain in a more in the morning yes why can’t you tell us now I’d rather leave it on til tomorrow see it’s an old story and another couple of hours can’t make any difference besides I I’m very tired and and I have to go over some more documents just to refresh my memory now my dear a new young man you finish the champagne if you permit me I’ll go too [Music] [Music] now my beautiful bride-to-be all this money – before breakfast say how about am I getting some bacon and eggs for you mrs. merchant went to town to do her marketing sounds fine that bacon looks good you know George I can’t seem to get a bit of gossip out of Maggie every time I bring up the subject of a man in the moon or whatever was bothering her last night she just freezes up like a clam and seems faster I’ll bet I know the grim facts the doctor intended to tell you today she’s going to tell you about the taxes and the servant problems involved in this house and I bet they’re reelin facts do you wanna help me explore it you know this is the first house I’ve ever owned not on an empty stomach it’s forward the most important thing in your life Napoleon said a man travels on his stomach what’s good enough for Napoleon it’s good enough for Hastings [Music] I’ve already counted 36 rooms I found something curious I’ve been taking the dimensions of this room there’s a large space unaccounted for even allowing for the thickness of the walls a secret room Oh George really I wouldn’t be a bit surprised this is a very old house I wouldn’t be surprised that this house didn’t date back to medieval times at least of the Tudor period and in those days no self-respecting house was complete without a secret room and secret passages where do you think it might be well if I’m right it’s somewhere in this wall you know what I hope we find treasure no enough real hot water in it for a good shower I give up whatever the secret is room what did you do [Music] this looks as if it could have been used for some kind of chemical laboratory at one time look at the dust it hasn’t been used for years oh I’m afraid we allowed our curiosity to overcome our good manners this room is no great secret though it has a certain interest and it has been written up in several of the local chronicles tell us about it there’s not much to tell some old legends it’s supposed to have been used as a hiding place for Jesuits at the time that they were forbidden in England while this equipment janet’s your father used this room as his laboratory it hasn’t been used since his death my father I have to tell you why I insisted that you’d come here for your 21st birthday George I must speak to Janice alone doctor I want George to hear whatever you have to say I understand but trying to keep my word to your father a word which I gave him before you were born my dear you must hear this alone then if you still wish to tell George [Music] [Music] George I can’t marry you what on earth are you talking about you must go go and forget me why are you talking like this what have I done yes please don’t ask me anything just go no your love we’re going to be married I can’t marry you look darling there there must be a reason now tell me why don’t ask me Janet I want to help you but I can’t unless you trust me look dr. Lomas I’ve had enough mysteries now I want some answers what’s the matter with Janet this is your secret do you want me to tell perhaps it’s for the list you should come with me [Music] [Music] this is the interest of the family too Janet’s family it predates the house by centuries [Music] for centuries of the family of Jacob dr. Henry Jekyll he knew earth not what he did his tortured Soros Timmy’s not the dr. Jekyll he was my father you have to understand a finer man than dr. Jekyll never lived we were medical students together I was the doll plotter but Jekyll was brilliant with a mind approaching genius he was independently wealthy he did some really distinguished work in the world of science he was rated as one of the coming man then and he became completely absorbed strange experiments he practically was drew from the world gave up what practice he had and forgot his friends but janitor always remember this your father’s experiment in the early stages was intended as a blessing she his theory was that all men are hot he would his desire was to separate these personalities wasn’t that close to a man trying to be God certainly he developed certain drugs that had a most remarkable effect on the mind and body of a human being formulas which he destroyed before his death as a result of using himself as a guinea pig in this experiment the black was in his own body and soul which to climax and hide one out his mind would blank out when the vicious hide took over then when he reverted to the respectable dr. Jekyll his recollection of her hide had done was nothing but a vague distorted nightmare he he wasn’t even aware that physically he’d become a monster oh I still shudder when I recall that face like some perverted mask of evil out of a legend of horror then then you saw him as high once at the very last just before the mob caught him I swear to you Janet he never was aware of what he had done you are hardly more than a child at the time she were too young to remember no I I remember there there was something in the papers about it mmm the press press had a Roman holiday you know when the mob finally caught up with him almost tore him to pieces the villagers broke into this tomb and drove a stake through his heart the only safeguard according to ancient tales of witchcraft that keeps a werewolf from rising out of the grave and the moon is for to hunt for human blood now you know why I can’t marry I’m its daughter why you little idiot if you think I’m gonna let her know wives tale that happened 20 years pass it on to my children why should it be hereditary doctor what should I do I absolutely no proof to this madness is hereditary on the other hand trying to be honest I have no proof that it isn’t that’s good enough for me let’s get out of here [Music] [Music] I must keep this gate locked around here they still believe that dr. Jekyll in the form of a werewolf growls thirsting for blood every time the full moon rises every chance accident every unexplained disappearance of mana beast is rumored to be his doing [Music] [Music] I’m fed up with these old wives tales their utter nonsense I understand I know how you feel the atmosphere this place it get anybody down after what the doctors say forget the doctor well the old boy means well but the sooner we’re out of here and married the better George I know you’re right but I can’t make it not disturbing anything um I owe you lady what you need is a good night’s rest I think you must let the doctor prescribe Maggie I want you to go downstairs and heat up a glass of milk for miss Janet yes no you say good night but make it quick first thing in the morning we pack second the minister [Music] they’re not taking that bitter duty upon myself you’d have stumbled on the truth sooner or later the shock might have been worse I don’t know maybe I was wrong what does it matter oh my dear you mustn’t try to fight this so hard okay look into my eyes I’m gonna check your girl reflexes [Music] watch coming [Music] I’m sorry to take so long sir but the fire got out in the stove and I had to get it started is she all right she’s just tired she’ll be fine in the morning won’t you I are going to have a nice lounge drink your milk they’re going to feel much better tomorrow much better [Music] [Music] what’s rising now late then we’ll be up before I’m home only 24 hours before home moon full moon that’s when the monster Jekyll rises from his tomb [Music] [Music] [Music] it’s alright quiet darling I’ve been having a nightmare Maggie alright she’s home home yes she left hours ago he’s in bed asleep by now how are you sure why do you keep asking about Maggie my father being in a nightmare that’s all right get some sleep this is going to put you to sleep gone you’re alright now [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I want to get chanted out of here today do you think she will really be in condition to travel it’ll be rough on her but not half as rough as staying here every time she looks out of her bedroom window she’s loudly going to another set of hysterics not on blame her the only thing I can think of us to get her out of here in a hurry I suppose you’re right I blame myself for telling her about her father but at the time good morning dear you’ve been keeping a nice hot breakfast waiting for Miss Jana day yes indeed I have sir sausage even eggs now they always hit the spot don’t they now my prescription is eat hearty and after breakfast we’ll drive up to London F you’ve packed I have an aunt we’ll put you up until we can arrange for the wedding I promise to be on hand to throw rice how does that suit you well sorry George I can’t make a decision I’m not capable of it I’m sorry to be late but the first batch of toast got burnt just seems to be one of those mornings when nothing goes right first Jacob didn’t show up and I had to start the stove all by myself and then Maggie is late oh this is going to be one of those days I just know it is Maggie isn’t here oh no but what can you expect of maids these days why in my first place would I have cordoned if I were 10 seconds late but now they come bouncing in if they like so much as a by-your-leave [Music] what kind of an animal could make wounds like that no but I know beasts of prey in this part of the country not for centuries is there a circus or a zoo around here wouldn’t you’ve been in The Times there’s no beast that did this leastwise no natural beasts only one thing did that people around here know what it is it’s a werewolf we’ve seen it before no nonsense is it this isn’t the first time we’ve had a monster around here and people know what to do about werewolves there’s ways that’s enough get out that’s right we’ve had enough of this nonsense get back to your work good day miss Jacob [Music] fine thing how do you expect me to be getting dinner when you’re two hours late with my chicken who’s to care just a pint of often are fools to care do you expect me to believe that one well I’ll tell you one thing if dr. Lewis find you staggering about you dr. Loomis he’s got troubles enough of his own to take care of I’ll tell you one thing I’ve been talking to the boys down at the pub and they don’t intend to be putting up with no daughter a dr. Jacob roaming around you remind your business if you know what’s good for you it is my business it’s everybody’s business first Maggie last night whose blood would she get tonight wicked thing to say is it indeed well let me tell you something else do you know what the lads are saying they took care of the father and they know how to take care of the daughter you’re just trying to stir up trouble with your wicked nonsense so you think it’s nonsense well maybe but I wonder who will be next perhaps you [Music] now don’t worry I’ll be all right you most certainly will my dear here’s the hot milk I put some of our best brandy in and I’m good to add another ingredient how does that taste all right take it down that’s good now we’ll all you even let you get some rest Matty had a good night’s sleep feel like another girl sleep tight doctor you have the key don’t worry my dear I lock you in snug and tight be sure best not to upset her oh I wonder how much stronger mind herbs conducts tennis a nightcap no I don’t worry I leave my door ajar doctors you know always sleep with one eye open good night good night [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] are you all right what have you done cute killed like some beast in the night Janet you were locked in the doctor was watching the door every moment weren’t you doctor I must have dropped off for a few moments but nevertheless Jonathan tell us exactly what you think you did there I crept up like firm animal you have to be sensible this is all nerves my god this is ridiculous we’re living in the 20th century this is an age of reason not superstition no let’s look at this calmly everything you show me has a reasonable explanation look at your arm that’s where the blood came from you scratched yourself and tore your gun during your nightmare we went for a walk today that explains the mud on your shoes not Janet all that is left er a few bad dreams but I saw myself killer as clearly as I see you now could I have been sleepwalking impossible you were locked in the doctor locked the door and kept the key when you screamed the door was still locked I could have used the window quite impossible are you sure absolutely not even a trained Acrobat could call along that ledge or drop to the ground without injury see for yourself what are you doing here intruding at this hour we found Lucy what do you mean you know what I mean we found Lucy with the throat torn out turnout by her I’ve had enough of this some maniac has broken loose but I’ll not have Janet accused of these horrors yeah get out of this house and don’t let me see you in these grounds again we know you’re the doubter of dr. Jacob we know what you’re doing you heard him get out you tell you something it won’t be long till the daughter of dr. Jacob joins her father in the vault with a stake in her heart we know how to deal with werewolves what are you going to it ah I’m leaving now mrs. merchant right you leaving without notice after all these years I’m sorry but there isn’t an argument in the world that could get me to stay in this house another moment let alone another night there are some things that nobody should be expected to put up with now mrs. merchant this is silly real pardon me I was sent for the rest of my things later [Music] I shouldn’t be too long if anybody wants to start any mischief I intend to this question before it gets underway now what school and see if I can dig up another housekeeper can’t we get Janet out of here by tomorrow morning I told you she why not still they gave us should keep her asleep for another few hours she seems much better but don’t go up to our now we don’t want to give her the impression that she must be watched better get some rest yourself and remember in case Janet gets a bit out of hand give or not more than two of the pills I left with you know I don’t give them into war unless it’s necessary I don’t like to use too many drugs if it can be avoided well good [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] the werewolf is usually supposed to be the sole sometimes of a dead body sometimes of a human monster which quits either the dead or sleeping body by night to suck the blood of living persons hence when the world’s grave is opened his corpse is found to be fresh and rosy from the blood which is thus absorbed to put a stop to its ravages a stake is driven through the corpse for the hit cut off or the heart torn out and the body burn you so you believe it of course not Janet I want you to take some pills doctor Lomas left for you it’s natural for you to be upset why don’t you say it I’m mad you’ve got to do something you’ve got to lock me up and put me in a madhouse no no Jacob is right he knows what to do you’ve got to get a stake and drive it through my heart and bury me beside my father stop it I’m sorry I had to do that I hope they kept your room give you those pills dr. Lamas laughs make you sleep I’ve got to get Janet out of here quick I’m afraid you can’t more trouble please I have hot trouble too and I’m afraid there’s going to be more in the village Jacob mm-hmm but surely nobody’s gonna listen to his superstitious gossip I’m afraid they already have I’ve taught that idiot of a village constable out of swearing out a warrant for Janus but tomorrow there’s going to be a coroner’s inquest and ridiculous as it is they intend to someone Janet as a witness but she’s no condition to face an inquisition as a physician that’s what I intend to tell the coroner if they want her as a witness they’ll have to postpone the inquest unfortunately it still means that she can’t leave well then there’s no reason to tell her about this now right I’m going back upstairs to her if you want me I’ll be in the dining room I need a drink she’s gone are you sure I looked all over the second floor third floor under and yeah I think I locked off she must have come downstairs you look upstairs again I think this form [Music] any luck no where’d arrogant you’ve got to she can’t have been out of your sight for more than three or four minutes I thought the pills put her to sleep Oh individual reactions differently we can’t waste any time she was talking about suicide lots of people do mostly it’s just talk come the next thing to do is to search the grounds [Music] [Music] dr. I father Oh Janet why did you come here nothing made me happy better off beside my father Janet you’ve promised yourself to become completely more but you mustn’t let these ridiculous superstitions get the best of you the doctors right I know you’re going through a nightmare but you have to fight it George directly the inquest is over tomorrow I wanted to take Janet away from here inquest oh I can do about that later George take German date to the house didn’t I order you off my grounds it’s no harm I’m doing now let me make this very clear if at any time in the future I find you on this land I’ll have the constable take you in charge for trespassing [Music] you’re sure this is strong very strong that young lady would put an elephant to sleep I want to be completely unconscious unable oh you will be I hope I’m not overdoing sedatives taking of a nasty effect I’ll take the risk well frankly I feel like an idiot but I’ve done what you’ve asked all the wonders are nailed shut no one can get out not even a mosquito know when you go be sure to lock the door from the outside and keep the key fine do even better than that to convince you of how silly your ideas I locked the door I spend the night on that chair no I’ll stay with it oh no you were up all last night two nights in a row on good besides I’ve got about 6 months back numbers of medical journals to read off Athena now you’re not gonna have any more nightmares get a good sleep tomorrow and be off night princess it’s almost asleep it’s very strong no money away and don’t waste any sleep [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] tonight you will dream again you are a werewolf you will steal through the woods to a lonely house and kill a woman then you will cut yourself clip your gown and cover your face and hands with blood with this cord you will hang yourself over your father’s grave in a torment how you will sleep when you wake you will obey [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] who is it the telephone exchange the comfortable disasters to warn all subscribers that the killer is still at large there is no need for panic as the village men will be patrolling the woods but it is thought advisable to borrow your windows and doors [Music] No [Music] don’t listen to me she didn’t do any of those killings it was a doctor doctor he’s mad worse than Maddie he changes into something it isn’t you I thought myself no no he hypnotized you put you in a trance he made you see those things the blood on my hand the doctor just as he gave you that cord to hang yourself and then aroused Jacob suspicions to stir up the village my father he used dr. Jekyll in his earlier killings to gain control of the estate he was trying the same thing with you for the same reason no man could possibly do we’re not dealing with a man we’re not dealing with anything human if we don’t get out of here quick we won’t be dealing with anything ever again [Music] we’ve got one chance find out you Hank like you’re still in a trance [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you will never grow a night again [Music] are you sure [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] you

38 thoughts on “Daughter of Dr. Jekyll (1957)

  1. I kept thinking is the doctor bad or not. I don’t like him coming back in the end. He should have stayed dead. They need to get out of there.

  2. Not a great film, and certainly not Ulmer's best–that would either be Bluebeard or The Black Cat, at least in terms of style–but this flick had a few good moments, and Gloria Talbott is pretty and acts well.

  3. Dr Jekyll's daughter (Gloria Talbott) and the girl in the lingerie should have had a dress up and prance around party at the town pub for the locals.

  4. A bit better than most of the junk that was coming out at the time, but whoever wrote this one sure didn't do their homework–or maybe didn't see enough horror movies–mixing up scientifically induced dual personality with werewolves and vampires.

  5. This is one of my favorite movies for the time period. I bought the DVD about 10-years ago. Thank you for posting so that others can enjoy.

  6. Doc couldn't just leave well enough alone…had to keep shit started wit them Hyde killings!!! and will her fiance get up out of them PJ's 😂😂😂

  7. Where has this little gem been hiding or where have i been hiding not to have seen this one before u just got another subscriber thanks for posting this for us to enjoy

  8. HAPPY
    HOUSEHOLDS: Eluded each existing evilly evolved European Ethnic
    emigrant, enemy entity. Holistic health and humane happiness, did not
    ever happen. Hybrid-human hatemongers, who wanna wish we were
    whitewashed; “whites”; invidiously invaded and insidiously
    intruded, into Indigenous Inhabitants, islands and inland. Commonly
    called Caucasians and co-conspirators as “citizens of color” and
    as “copper colored” comrades, complying and working in cahoots
    collusion and combined coalitions, conquering continental countries.
    Baring nobody involved, aiding and abetting, foreign fighting forces,
    overpower or overtake our origination organisms, motherlands and
    holistically healthy humane homelands. Will remain always
    unhealthy, unsatisfied and unhappy!!!

  9. Wow! Just when I thought I'd seen every John Agar movie ever made, along comes this gem to show me how wrong I was. I also thought, because of the title, it would be stupid, but, no, it's actually a well made low budget horror flick that will keep you guessing right up to the end who the monster is.

    The film alters the original Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde plot a bit. Turns out that the kindly doctor, besides becoming the homicidal maniac Mr. Hyde after taking his potion, also experienced an additional undesirable side effect which caused him to become a werewolf during the nights of the full moon! Dr. Jekyll in this film was eventually killed by the villagers living on the land surrounding his mansion (another change from the original where he is killed after falling off a roof in London while being chased), but now his beautiful 21 year old daughter is back, along with financee Agar in tow, to claim the estate. That's when the murders start up again and the villagers are afraid that they have another werewolf, his daughter this time, to have to deal with.

    I recommend this flick.

  10. I remember reading the listing in TV Guide: Daughter of Dr. Jekyll. Didn't even know the old doc was married.

  11. Worst adaptation of the Stevenson classic I ever saw. Can't believe Edgar Ulmer is responsible for this.

  12. "If you love me, please kill me!" I can't tell you how many times my wife has said those very words. 49:50 Almost a parody: Could've been the inspiration for Young Frankenstein. Love Arthur Shields, but never saw him play the bad guy before.  BTW I learned that a "Roman holiday" has a meaning.

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